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RandyBlue: Victor Cage (Solo)

One night when our members tuned in to Randy Blue Live they were treated to a handsome straight amateur from Italy named Victor Cage. He was charming, charismatic and above all, incredibly sexy. One of Victor’s favorite thing to do is work out so we put this hairy muscular jock in our own private gym and let him have at it. He’s got a nice lean yet muscular build, thick fur on his arms and legs with a nicely trimmed torso that perfectly frames his hard pecs. We wanted his debut video to be somewhat minimal, as if he was working out alone one night and with nobody around and decided to indulge himself. He very quietly runs his hands all over his body. Every once in a while he peeks around to see if anyone is watching. He furtively gives his nipple a tug with one hand as the other finds it’s way down his treasure trail to his hard cock. He gives it a few strokes then reaches around to give his firm ass a bit of a grope. His virgin hole sits quietly, while he gives his round ass cheek a good slap. Then he goes back to working that stiff rod of his. He shoots a nice thick load all over the gym floor in complete silence. It’s as if he’s dedicated to not giving anything away in case another gym patron was preparing for his evening workout, yet making sure to give a good show to any voyeur who might be watching from nearby. In this case, you get the be the voyeur and Victor has just gotten off knowing that his show has pleased you.

Length: 292 MiB Duration: 19mn 41s 888ms
Video: VC-1 at 2 024 Kbps, Aspect: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 23.976 fps
Audio: WMA at 32.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 32.0 KHz

File size: 291.7 MB

DirtyTony – Justin Master

In my line of work I have seen a lot of dicks, I mean A LOT of dicks. Short ones, fat ones, long ones, skinny ones, some that point north, south, east, or west. And well, some were just not memorable at all. This is NOT the case for Justin. Standing tall at five foot seven inches and not even weighing in at a buck fifty, I would not have taken a second look at Justin walking down the street. Well maybe a second look, he is pretty cute and has a hairy chest. But Justin has a secret. A big ten inch secret hiding under that dark denim of his.

Genres: solo
File: wmv

File size: 149.0 MB

Latino Fan Club – New York’s Hottest Top Model

Starring: Ace Rockwood, Paris, Adonis, Aquarius, Charger, Nubius, Smokey.

Scene 1 – Smokey is folding laundry as hunky new potential model Ace arrives for his modeling audition. Smokey shows Ace to the Shower, where he lathers up and strokes his muscular tattooed body and thick dark meat. (Lots of up close shots of his cock and balls). After towel drying off, Smokey lets him know he has noticed a spot where he hasn’t dried off. After helping Ace dry off his crotch area, Ace suggests that he “put his mouth out it to make it grow up”. Smokey immediately inhales Ace’s chocolate bar. Ace proceeds to fuck Smokey’s face, ordering him to “Suck it the way he likes.” and Smokey obliges by slurping and stroking Ace’s cock and balls. Ace helps Smokey strip off all his clothes before he throat and face fucks him so more before laying him on his belly on the bed and fucking him from behind. All the while Smokey moans with delight. Next he fucks him on his side and from behind, then deeply dicking him on his back again. As Smoke climaxes, he shoots a massive load onto his own abs. Next Ace announces that he is about to come, so he pulls out removes the rubber and shoots a small load onto Smokey’s mouth and waiting tongue.

Scene 2 – Nubius is lounging on the bed while Adonis is at the desk taking orders. He goes to awaken Nubius for his modeling shoot. But Nubius awakes and states : He isn’t going anywhere until he gets a nut.” Adonis helps him by first, mouthing his cock through his blue briefs, then he removes Nubius’ big trouser snake from his briefs and begins to slowly inhale and stroke it down to the balls. Next he removes Nubius’ briefs and really gets busy tonguing and worshiping Nubius’ whole sculpted physique. They make out for awhile then Nubius strips Adonis, flips him on his belly and tongues Adonis’ ass.He then preps Adonis’ asshole by smacking his dick against it then mutually jerking his and Adonis’ dicks mutually. They make out for awhile before Nubius raises Adonis’ legs and inserts his giant dick into Adonis’ ass from behind and begins to pump. Nubius climbs all over Adonis as he bangs him with his big rod. Next he lays him on his back and deeply plunges him some more. Adonis announces that he is “About to come” as he shoots a huge load from his cock to his face. Next Nubius creams his load into Adonis waiting mouth and tongue.

Scene 3 – We are taken to still photo shot scenes from Shy-eyed Rican looking Charger. We see shots of him raising his shirt, grabbing his crotch etc. Next live shots are of him posing, removing his shirt and rubbing oil onto his upper torso, stripping down to reveal an impressive butterscotch-colored cock. He strokes his cock and balls and fingers his hole. He even grinds a little on the prop box that he is laying on. He jerks his cock and fingers his hole until he pops his load onto his abs.

Scene 4 – Gorgeous Paris is sitting in his room ordering up a masseuse to come and him before his photo shoot. Aquarius arrives to the door and after a brief introduction Paris lands on the bed, with Aquarius straddling him as he massages away. Paris wails with delight. As Aquarius works out the kinks, Aquarius instructs Paris to remove his pants and underwear and to roll over. Aquarius states that he needs to get more comfortable and quickly removes his clothing. He rubs Paris down and proceeds to suck on his mocha-colored cock. He rubs Paris’ body with his tongue then they 69 with Paris eating Aquarius’ ass. Paris slips his cock up Aquarius’ ass and pumps him as Aquarius moans with delight. They then fuck and switch positions with Aquarius riding Paris cowboy style, then getting fucked missionary style. Paris then pulls out, removes condom and busts his load all on AQ’s ass. AQ lays on his jack lacks a load onto his own abs as Paris licks his nips.

Genres: Black Men, Blatino Men, Mutual Masturbation, Anal Sex, Auditions, Average Lookers, Ball Slapping, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Deep Throating, Hairy Crotches, Latin Men, Nipple Play, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Trade, Solos, Spitting, Tea-bagging, Thugs, Urban Types.
File: avi

File size: 1.2 GB

This video has been removed.

George-1222 [

Production year: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Solo, Cumshots, Masturbate, Muscle men, Big dick
Length: 00:08:29

Description: George is 27 years old and he’s a hard-bodied beach boy. He’s actually a fan of the site and on a dare, he sent in a few photos. We were very impressed with his body and nice, hairy chest and his courage to take his friends up on the dare!
He was extremely friendly from the first moment we met him, and he was a little nervous but excited about showing off.
“Let’s have you stand up …” we asked him right off the bat.
“Okay,” he said as he looked around a bit.
“And now that you’re standing up, let’s have you take off your clothes.”
“Yeah … okay, it’s my first time,” he laughed.
From there, what remained of his inhibitions disappeared!
He ended up being quite talkative – after all, anyone who is willing to run around in bright pink underwear has to be a fun guy!
He was very excited to show off his body. He snow boards, rock climbs, free dives and is game for anything on or in water. His shoulder definition is amazing!
He’s also an admitted exhibitionist who likes walking around naked in his apartment with the windows open. His playfulness was matched by his intensity when he started stroking his cock-and his asshole got some attention as well!
Video Quality: SiteRip
Size: 129 MB

File size: 129.4 MB

Butch Dixon – Bruno & Cawe HD

During Butch Dixon’s first year, hairy gay bear Bruno did some filming with me: Hairy Leather Bear and Fuck Me, Daddy!; and two videos, a solo jerk-off video called Gay Bear Cum shot and hot sex scene called Hairy Bear Sex. A few weeks back, Bruno contacted me and wondered if he could do a video with Hairy Leather Man Cawe. Bruno was really turned on by this hairy gay bear and he liked the prospects of getting into some cigar play with Cawe. It had been a long time since I filmed Cawe, so I called him to see if he was interested in doing some more filming; I showed him Bruno’s pictures. He was very interested.

As the scene opens hairy bear Bruno is wearing a red jockstrap and a chain harness; Cawe is wearing leather chaps, vest, harness, and cap. These two bears start kissing and fondling one another. When Cawe unbuttons his cod piece, Bruno falls to his knees and starts blowing his newfound buddy. Before sucking Bruno’s big-nobbed cock, Cawe lights his big, fat cigar. Then kneeling in front of Bruno, Cawe blows smoke all over Bruno’s cock. Cawe teases Bruno by running the hot end of the cigar up and down Bruno’s cock; Cawe even lines up his cigar along the underside of Cawe’s cock and jerks the two of them together as if he were pumping two cocks in his fist, the hot embers coming perilously close to Bruno’s sensitive cock head.

Bruno bends over and presents his ass to this hot, leather bear, Cawe uses his still-lit cigar and a play toy for Bruno’s ass. Cawe blows smoke between Bruno’s butt cheeks, he teases his fuck hole with the hot cigar embers, and Cawe even sticks the unlit end of the cigar into Bruno’s tight butt hole. After fucking Bruno’s hole, Cawe removes the cigar and drags on it. Woof! Eventually Cawe shoves his hard cock up Bruno’s ass and fucks him for a long time. The two men fuck quietly, just grunting almost imperceptibly. The two bears end up side by side and jerking their cocks. Cawe shoots first. He’s loud and first splatters pearls of cum all over Bruno, then a couple of thing string of cum follow. Bruno isn’t far behind. With Cawe cupping Bruno’s balls, Bruno shoots a massive load of spunk — thick, creamy spunk oozes out of Bruno’s cock and slides all down his fist.

Length: 635 MiB Duration: 21mn 6s 944ms
Video: VC-1 at 4 002 Kbps, Aspect: 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 25.000 fps
Audio: WMA at 192 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 635.0 MB

Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: Spain (2007)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Daddies, Intergenerational, Bathhouse/Sauna/Shower, Muscle Men, Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Finger Fucking, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cumshot, Deep Throating, Deep/Manly Kissing, Uncut Cocks, Latino Men, Men of Spain, Interracial, Masturbation – Solo, Outdoor Sex, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoo, Rough Sex, Threesomes/Threeways
Starring: Aitor Crash, Igor Bad, Collin O’Neal, Daniel, Dennis D’Nello, Fabio, Leo Rocca, Lucas Andrades, Pablo Santana, Robert Brankov, Tito
Studio: Collin O’Neal Productions

A steamy triple action scene starts off with Aitor and Dennis surfing the Internet in their Madrid apartment for a third to come over a quick fuck session. It is obvious that they are happy with their find; a smooth, ripped, bubble butt, dark skinned Brazilian named Igor who walks in the door and is immediately attacked by Aitor and Dennis. The action starts quickly as the three take off their clothes and attack little Igor’s huge bubble butt and his tight dark hole. As Aitor and Dennis take turns licking, fingering, slapping and finger fucking Igor’s ass, Igor happily services the others doing his best to take their meaty dicks into his mouth while the other explores his wet, dark, perfectly rounded, smooth butt.
After the three are sufficiently worked up, they switch locations to the bedroom where more blowjobs are given and finally the fucking begins. Igor proves his worth as a definite repeat fuck buddy as he gladly cedes to every position that Aitor and Dennis can think of to fuck him in. Then, after Aitor has had his share of Igor’s ass, he switches his attention to Dennis who gets pounded until climaxes. But super hot bald and tattooed Aitor is hard to please and switches his attention to Igor’s already worked over ass where the pounding ensues until both shoot out massive loads to the delight of all who will be lucky enough to see this, one of Collin’s longest, rawest and sexiest scenes to date.
Daniel and Fabio are real life boyfriends who agreed to do their scene under the strict condition that only Collin and the cameraman would be present during filming. These two sexy dudes take their sex seriously and it is obvious in the way they suck and flip flop fuck. It is clear they are boyfriends and this outdoor fucking session stands out in a way that only boyfriends do when they fuck on film. This sweaty rooftop terrace midday romp takes place in Madrid in the middle of the summer and these boys were clearly ready, and more than just heated up, as they begin French kissing in a way that only couples do. Fabio finally gets hungry for a taste of Daniel’s sweaty cock and quickly removes his underwear and goes to town.
After Fabio gives his boyfriend a very thorough blowjob, Daniel turns Fabio around on all fours, and forcefully removes Fabio’s underwear to reveal a completely furry ass. From the small of his back, over the vast expanse of his cheeks, running the length of his crack and down to his very tight hole, he is completely covered in thick Iberian fur while his upper body remains naturally smooth. Daniel then pries open his boyfriend’s hairy butt and begins to loosen it up by running his tongue up and down his sweaty crack and hitting his rock hard cock up against Fabio’s fuzzy little hole.
But after getting his ass licked and all spit-lubed up, Fabio seems to change his mind and the fucking begins with Fabio as the top as he uses his huge hairy ass with all of its thrusting power to thoroughly work over Daniel’s smooth, perfectly rounded ass. These guys both give and take with gusto as they flip fuck and suck all the way to the end. They take turns cumming, the first being Daniel who milks out his cock while still getting pounded from behind and then Daniel pulls out and spills a very wet, dripping load all over his boyfriend’s tight, smooth stomach.
Leo and Pablo never met before they had sex together on film for the first time. Leo leads Pablo, who is a construction worker by trade and still dressed in his construction clothes, into his bedroom. The sexual attraction that these two share in this hot sex session is a must see. Leo and Pablo immediately start to attack each other with passion, tearing each other’s clothes off while slipping a sloppy kiss in when they can. These rough men are there only to make the other get off and they have a great time trying. The sex is sweaty, playful and downright erotic at times, making the sex all that more hot by these two rough, freshly plucked from the street machos.
Leo and Pablo take turns sucking each other almost to the point of climax but stop short since they both want to have a piece of each other’s ass. Leo takes a turn at Pablo’s big meaty construction worker ass, working from behind and flipping him over. Then Pablo wants a turn at Leo fucking his hairy daddy ass with rough strokes. Finally the two are ready to cum and explode for each other, making sure the other is just as happy as when they first walked in the room an hour before.
Collin stars in the next scene with Robert Brankov, a blond, smooth, ripped muscle boy with an ass that was built to be fucked and fucked and fucked and that is exactly what Collin does. Collin cruises Robert then eventually leads him up onto a forested public biking trail for some hot outdoors sex. Robert’s ass and body are not the only thing that he has going for him, but rather he is also the proud owner of a massive, thick, veined and bulbous headed uncut cock that is a site to behold. Collin and Robert are old fuck buddies and each one knows what makes the other tick. The sucking action in this scene with both Collin’s and Robert’s huge dicks getting serviced is stunning, but you can tell Collin loves big uncut cock to devour completely.
Collin then moves on to do what he does best when he starts to work over Robert’s tight perfect blond hole with his tongue, loosening it for what’s to come. Robert prepares for a long hard fucking that only Collin can give, riding his long superstar shaft and ramming it deep inside his more than willing ass, pulling it out and sticking it back in again. Collin then turns Robert over to pound him from behind until Robert finally shoots all over the ground. Collin follows up with a huge load shot all over Robert’s back to dribble down over his muscular white butt.
Collin is lost on the streets of Madrid looking for his way back to his apartment when big, muscular shaved headed Lucas pops around the corner on his way to the gym. Collin’s quizzing of Lucas quickly turns into flirting and Lucas is quickly convinced to go back to Collin’s apartment rather than the gym. Once Collin gets Lucas into the living room he doesn’t waste any time to start worshipping Lucas’ perfectly chiseled body and passionately kissing Lucas’ gorgeous thick lips. Lucas then lifts Collin’s shirt off to find a thick hairy chest that Lucas was happy to find in contrast to his smooth dark chest. Lucas and Collin lick each other’s chests and nipples until they wander down to each others’ shorts which they quickly tear off to find something they both want: Collin finds Lucas’ thick muscular smooth perfectly round ass and Lucas finds Collin’s fat thick hairy cock.
Lucas slurps and worships Collin’s cock for a bit, but Collin can’t wait to turn Lucas over and play with his perfect ass and that is just what Collin does after he becomes impatient and selfish. After licking and slapping Lucas’ ass Collin puts his rock hard shaft right into his tight greedy ass. Collin pounds Lucas from behind and then turns him over so they can look into each others’ eyes, but Collin’s consistent pounding and direct eye contact makes Lucas explode very quickly. Collin pulls out his cock and shoots all over Lucas’ gorgeous chest and chiseled abs, then leans down to kiss his sexy random find off the streets of Madrid.
Bonus scene: Tito is a hot Cuban with a huge cock, rock hard body, one sexy pierced nipple and is ready for action. Tito finds Collin in the shower and starts jerking his huge dark uncut cock and playing with his pierced nipple until Collin sees him and playing starts jerking his big cock too. Finally Collin beckons Tito over for some fun in the shower and immediately attacks Tito’s pierced nipple like he has never played with one before. Even though the shower is such a tight squeeze both Collin and Tito find a way to enjoy each other thoroughly. Collin forces Tito down on his knees and shoves his big thick cock in Tito’s awaiting mouth. Then Collin kneels down and does his best to take in the full length of Tito’s massive uncut Cuban cock.
Collin stands up to let Tito play with his furry chest a bit before Collin turns Tito around to play with his tight bubble butt. Collin first licks his finger then gently plays with Tito’s tight hole, but Tito isn’t ready for Collin’s massive cock just yet, so he goes back to service Collin’s cock a bit more. Finally Tito gives permission for Collin to put his massive shaft in his tight hole. Once Tito has Collin’s cock completely in he lets Collin fuck him hard while his big uncut cock flops around. Collin’s cock is so white compared to Tito’s tight dark ass that the fucking is perfectly illuminated by the amazing contrast. Collin then sits down to allow Tito to ride his cock – first towards Collin and then he turns around to continue the ride until he blows his big load. Collin pulls out and shoots all over Tito’s meaty chest. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:58:07
Resolution: 640×480
Size: 1.53 GB

File size: 1.4 GB

Sportlads – Steve

Release Date: 2010

Steve from the Midlands appears in this solo in Leeds kit and shinpads. Great performer. Love his hairy chest and legs.

Country: UK
Genre: Gay, Oral, Anal, Orgies, Twinks, Solo, Interracial, Big Dicks, Uniform, Sport Fetish
Studio: Sportlads
Duration: 00:11:27
Starring: Steve

Quality: SiteRip
Format: WMV
Video: 856*480, 1486 kbps – 1496 kbps, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 1515 kbps
Size of archive: 122 Mb

File size: 122.6 MB

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Brutal Part 2 (Raging Stallion Studios) 2010

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Rusty Stevens, Trent Diesel, Tommy Defendi, Angelo Marconi, Brandon Bangs, Brenn Wyson, Gavin Sovet, Hugo Milano, Phenix Saint, Ricky Sinz, Race Cooper
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Hairy, Uncut Cocks, Interracial, Masturbation Solo, Tattoos, Theme: Jocks, Wrestling
Director: Tony DiMarco
Screenwriter: Tony DiMarco
Editor: Tony DiMarco, Andrew Rosen
Composer/Score: J.D. Slater, The Minor9
Videographer: Tony DiMarco, Andrew Rosen

A man’s world is world of aggression. He wants to conquer and take what he wants, in life and in sex. That struggle makes a man decide who he’s going to be. Thrust in the face of total domination some men submit, some fight back, some champion, some get Brutal.
DVD covers

Fighting and fucking, fucking and fighting! Angelo Marconi slinks back to the gym with his tail between his legs and apologies to owner and trainer Ricky Sinz. The two have been though some bouts but now are ready to get down to business. “Are you ready to take this fucker down?” ask Sinz. “I’m ready,” Marconi replies. The saga concludes in Brutal Part 2.

Length: 1.41 GiB Duration: 1h 35mn 3s 270ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 981 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

Total size 0 Byte in files

RAGING STALLION – Sounding 5 – Hardcore Fetish Series

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Hairy, Handsome, Fetish: Sounding, Toys, Watersports, Masturbation Solo, Piercings, Tattoos
Length: 1:33:31
Directed by: Chris Ward
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Fetish Force
Starring: Wilfried Knight, Derrick Hanson, Brendan Davies, Luke Davies, Colin Steele, Element Eclipse

Description: Here is a secret recipe for a massive explosion of cum: Take six stunning beautiful men, add six rock hard throbbing cocks, then take a massive steel rod and fuck their piss holes like a savage fanatic! The end result is a torrent of raging semen that sprays out like a firehouse under pressure! All of you guys who are into sounding know what I am talking about – it’s a love/hate, pleasure/pain kind of erotic stimulation that creates the most intense orgasms known to man!

Element Eclipse: This young stud is a pain pig in training – and he happens to have an 11 inch super-cock that is one of the nicest penises in porn. In fact, its perfect with low hanging balls that bounce like eggs in purse and a thick, veiny tool that stays hard no matter how you torture it… you get the drift. What is amazing is that Element can take so much steel inside his dick! He’s not using just a little sound or a tiny toy – we are talking about long, rough, severe dick toys that make you wince when you see him plunging them rapid-fire down his open piss hole. Watch as he takes a long, ribbed rod and shoves it all the way down his dick – all 12 inches deep! This is one of the best solo sounding scenes we have ever filmed.

Next we have a two way between superstar Wilfried Knight and massive man Colin Steele. When you think of fetish movies, you don’t normally think of world porn superstars with the kind of good looks that Wilfried has. So this scene is a treat if only for the quality of the men! But hot guys can be twisted, and Wilfried is one twisted fucker. Colin, on the other hand, has never really done sounding before – so this is his first time! Watch as he discovers over-the-top ecstasy for the first time! It’s a wonder to behold – a sounding virgin taking his first rod. His dick will never be the same!

Cover man Derrick Hanson – another superstar good looking GQ stud, loves sounding – and catheter play! That’s right! He lays back to let us enjoy his muscled body, stroking his meant and rubbing his nipples – a fine man He looks at the camera – after all, Derrick is first and foremost an exhibitionist. He knows you are watching and his dick is rock hard. He grabs a toy or two for some deep, aggressive sounding. The amazing action is more than enough to qualify as a Grade A sounding scene…But wait! There’s more! Derrick takes out a piss bag hooked up to a catheter! He pulls the sound out of his dick and then inserts the catheter all the way up into his gut – piss streams thru the clear tube and fills the bag! It’s so intense that this finally wears Derrick out – his throbbing cock aching from the inside out! But Derrick loves it – that joyful warm sensation all the way up his piss tube. He grabs his dick and strokes like a crazed exhibitionist – looking at the camera as well as his own throbbing cock! Finally he lets go with the biggest orgasm you will ever see!

This show stopper of a movie ends with real life boyfriends Brendan Davies and Luke Davies trying out sounding for the first time. Real life bodybuilders, these guys worship each other’s bodies – they have made a life of giving each other physical pleasure. They are into fisting, pissing, bondage… you name it. But they have never tried sounding. Watch as both studs shove thick, massive rods down their cocks in a display of mutual enjoyment that will leave you exhausted!
DVD covers

Length: 1.04 GiB Duration: 1h 33mn 31s 545ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 446 Kbps, Aspect: 688 x 384 (1.792) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

Total size 0 Byte in files

Soldiers Commando.avi

Country: France
Genre: oral, anal, uniform, hairy, amateur
Length: 2:01:25
Directed by: Jean Noël René Clair
Studio: JNRC
Description: Heres a bunch of horny soldiers. No boys here, just hard men. A compilation of the Best of Militaire Series. When out in the field though the testosterone runs high and these guys have to get it on with each other. See full hard sex and solo action in this treat from JNRC

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 640×480 29.97fps 1500Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 32000Hz stereo 96Kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

Matt’s Big Uncut Meat – Englishlads

One of our popular str8 hunks, Matt is back for a new shoot this time in the warm spring sunshine. He does a little teasing stripping to his boxers and his big meat is soon bulging out his boxers, he pulls them down and its hard against his abs! You cant miss noticing how hard he is this shoot and he is both long and thick always enjoying showing it off for a crowd. There is not part of him “unfilmed” and the video includes some nice close up shots of his hairy hole. After a load of teasy wanking he lies back in the sun and delivers a huge wad that splatters all over his abs and chest.

Country: UK
Genre: Gay, Twinks, Solo, Handjob, Cumshots
Studio: Englishlads
Duration: 00:28:34
Starring: Matt Mills

Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV
Video: 512*272, 1486 kbps – 1496 kbps, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 1370 kbps
Size of archive: 178 Mb

File size: 178.2 MB


Production year: 2007
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Cum shots, Solo, Masturbation
Length: 2:21:49
Director: Chris Ward
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Matthieu Paris, Huessein, Tamas Eszterhazy, Marcos Pirelli, JD Kollin, Justin Christopher, Rafael Alencar, Francois Sagat, Dominic Pacifico, Derrick Hanson, Joey Russo

Raging Stallion has a formula for success. They take hot men, hook them up, and what usually results is incredible sex, Boners is a great example. It’s a short and simple title, an understatement almost, of the big-dicked and hungry men that star.
In the first scene, Derrick Hanson and Joey Russo cool off after their morning run by getting down and dirty with each other. Joey blows Derrick’s hard cock before Derrick returns the favor on Joey, who keeps on his jockstrap. In a nice surprise, the usually (but not always top) Derrick takes it up the ass in an aggressive pounding in the back of a pickup truck. Joey then gets on his back, legs in the air, so that Derrick can plow his hole while Derrick jerks off Joey’s cock to orgasm, then adds his own load to the mix.
In the next scene, muscular Marcos Pirelli undresses and strokes his uncut cock to erection. He flashes some sultry looks towards the camera as he jerks himself to climax, coating his pubes with fresh-from-the-tap cream.
Housepainters Dominic Pacifico and Justin Christopher get distracted by their cocks in the next scene. Justin’s HUGELY hung, and Dominic struggles with its size as he blows Justin. Bent over the workbench, Dominic gets his hole pounded by that manrammer. There are some great shots of Justin’s thick cock pistoning in and out of Dominic’s lightly hairy hole. Dominic rides Justin in a reverse cowboy position, his own hard cock flailing with every thrust, before each man jerks off his load.
Beefy muscular Francois Sagat plays with himself in the next scene, jerking off his THICK uncut cock to orgasm on his hairy washboard abs.
The next scene opens on the wrestling mat, with studs Tamas Eszterhazy and J.D. Kollin wrestling around. Soon enough, these two men are naked, and after they’ve sucked each other’s cocks, Tamas gets on all fours and receives a merciless pounding from J.D. Both men are inked, and it’s quite a sight to watch these two hot studs fuck! J.D. fucks Tamas to orgasm, and J.D. dumps his load onto Tamas’ washboard abs.
Horsehung stud Rafael Alencar has a solo next. Even though I’ve seen his cock many times, each time I see it I’m taken aback but its length and thickness. His cock is a bottom’s dream!
The final scene starts off with beefy hairy stud Huessein in an outdoor shower, where he’s already rock hard. Nearby, Matthieu Paris and Tamas are making out in the spa. Huessein soon joins them, and Matthieu and Tamas go to work orally worshipping Huessein’s rockhard cock. After some more oral fun, Matthieu starts fucking Tamas’ hungry hole, while Tamas gets his mouth fucked by Huessein. Huessein then takes his turn on Tamas’ ass and fucks Tamas to orgasm. Meanwhile, Matthieu and Huessein still haven’t gotten off, so they take care of business. Huessein eats out Matthieu’s hole in preparation for his cock, and he ends up fucking Matthieu to splashing climax!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1198 Kbps, 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: AC-3 at 224 Kbps, 2 channel (s), 48.0 kHz

File size: 1.5 GB

This video has been removed.