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Fit as Fuck / 2009

Year: 2009
Genre: Uncut Cocks, Muscle Men, Hunks, Anal Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Hairy Crotches, Hairy Men, Horsehung, Kissing, Oral Sex, Pierced Body Parts, Rugged Men, Threeways
Length: 01:24:31
Starring: Rocco Banks, Ross Hurston, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Diego Santos, Bruno Borda, Marco Blaze, Juan Blas
Studio: AlphaMaleMedia
Directed by: Ross Winters
Description: Fit As Fuck opens with Rocco watching Ross, Pedro and Daniel pawing each other while he watches through the lens of a camera. The three men are big, hairy, and inked. They kiss, grope and pull each others cocks. Twink lovers beware, these guys are all men, hairy men at that, and they have a need for man sex. After they get naked Ross hits his knees and begins to suck Pedro and Daniel. All three of them have uncut cocks and while Pedro and Daniel are being sucked off they devour each other with their tongues. The two guys decide to reward Ross for his oral expertise so they both squat and sandwich Ross’ cock between their tongues and lick him from nipple to crotch. After everyone gets their cock slobbered over they eventually lay Ross on his back and suck his cock and finger him while he’s sucking cock. Positions are changed and rimming and fucking ensue. Pedro can take a fuck and the load these three eventually squirt is a rewarding end to this hunky trio.
The fourth scene with Marco and Pedro is my favorite. Marco with his cleft chin and ability to take Pedro’s cock to his balls is hot. They trade blow jobs and then, as Pedro fingers Marco’s ass, his cock twitches and he moans his pleasure and smiles. Both these guys have gorgeous thick uncut cocks. Before Pedro fucks Marco he has him ass up on his knees where he can rim him and slap his ass. Marco stands up and bends over so Pedro can slide inside him as he pistons his cock. Marco then changes position and lies on his back while Pedro fucks him. His groans give way to him splattering himself with cum. Pedro withdraws and jerks himself to over Marco’s stomach and they kiss.
The film includes five scenes, two of which are threesomes. If you like your men large, pierced, inked with big cocks and balls you’ll enjoy Pedro Daniel and the guys.

File size: 896.4 MB

Cum Fuckers 2 / 2007

Year: 2007
Genre: Bareback Sex, Twinks – Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Average Lookers, Big Loads, Blonds, Cum eating, Dildos – Toys, Dirty Talk, Double Penetration, Facial Cumshots, Hairy Crotches, Kissing, Live Sound, Muscle Men, Older Men – Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Romance, Rough Sex, Rough Trade, Rugged Men, Shaved Pubes, Spitting, Tea-bagging, Threeways
Length: 01:59:00
Starring: Kyle Lucas, Sean McKenzie, Will Forbes, Dave Paris, Julien Jacobs, Nathan Douglas, Jesse Leighton, Jon James
Studio: Cum Fuckers
Directed by: Adam Bailey
Description: Two average looking boyfriends in their early 20s, Kyle Lucas and Sean McKenzie, jump into lusty kissing and cocksucking getting these moaners heated up to fuck. Hairy assed Kyle pounds away at Sean’s smooth ass, both dicks rock hard during this anal attack. These Brit fuckers are versatile, flip flopping back and forth numerous times before Kyle pops his load on Sean’s gaping hole and fucks it in, then Sean drops his seed in Kyle’s mouth.
The next pair say they just met prior to filming, 40ish Nathan Douglas has a muscular, kick ass body, but a rough looking face. Pale, blondish/redhead Jesse Leighton is in his 20s and not bad to look at. These two mesh well in bed, dirty talking while aggressively flip-flopping until they drench each other’s assholes with cum and drive their dicks back in.
The one threesome scene has versatile Will Forbes, topman Jon James, and bottomboy Julien Jacobs starting in a suck chain before tangling in a sandwich fuck, then a cowboy. Julien takes fucked-in cumshots to his wet hole one after another by the other two, then gives Will a facial to end.
Will is back, this time with David Paris. Will gets his ass well worked over with a vibrator and David’s raw cock for a double penetrating hole stretcher. Then, it’s time for David to get his hairy hole fucked and cum splashed to slick things up for Will who dives back in, then David gives Will the same cum lubed treatment.
These boys all clearly love to fuck; it’s just best if a few of the cast are viewed from the neck on down.

File size: 1.3 GB