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Zoltan (1997)

Year: 1997
Genre: Gay Porn, Anal, oral, outdoors, threesome
Duration: 01:19:24
Director: Stephane Moussu
Studio: Clair Production
Cast: Ion Davidov, Zoltan Nemeth, Istvan (Tibor Dobo,)Akus (Sasha Borov), Robert (Pagoni), Szolt, Tibor (Adam Szendi)

In the tradition of Bel Ami and Falcon International comes this scrumptious dvd. While not as polished as those two studios, this one has some great scenes, and some great stuff to recommend it – namely the simply dee-licious looking cast of hotties on parade. All built, all buff, all drop-dead beautiful (especially Bel Ami and Falcon International alumnus Ion Davidov) and some powerful cumshots, these international beauties deliver. Filmed in Budapest, Zoltan revolves around the star of the show (Zoltan) and his hectic sex life. Zoltan is 19, six foot tall, with a defined body, smooth chest, dark hair, hairy legs, lovely bushy pubes, a big cock and large bouncy balls.The dvd follows a typical day in which Zoltan has sex with and comes across a variety of his hunky Hungarian friends. The boys are toned and smooth with fat stiff cocks who perform in duos and groups and all produce big loads of spurting thick cum.

Format: AVI
Video: Avi, DivX, 1327 Kbps, 640×480 (4/3) 30.000 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels
File size: 834 MB

File size: 834.1 MB

Treasure Island Media – Like Honey

Release Date: 6/18/2003
Production Year: 2001
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Studio Code: TIM016
Directed by: Paul Morris
Cast: Mike Nichols, Marc Hamilton, Eli Horst, Tom Shannon, Chris McKenzie
Genre: Real Men / Daddies, Eating One’s Partner’s Cum, Threeways, All Oral Sex, Bareback

It’s about fucking a young man’s silky sweet cumhole. It’s about lapping up tasty loads any way you can get them – straight from the cock, out of an ass, out of your buddy’s mouth… You get the first half of the video is about opening up a hungry bottom’s hole, working it until it’s a gaping cum-hole. The cecond half is a raw fuck-n-suck party featuring “CUMBOY”. And there’s more… Featuring MIKE NICHOLS, MARC HAMILTON, ELI HORST, TOM SHANNON, CHRIS MCKENZIE, hot newcomers and the crew of the Treasure Island barebones brigade.

This one is about fucking a young man’s silky sweet cumhole. It’s about lapping up tasty cumloads any way you can get them — straight from a cock, out of an ass, licked up off a … Well, you get the some hot and hungry newcomers and the regular crew of the Treasure Island barebones-brigade.

I get a lot of mail and a lot of suggestions for videos. You guys aren’t shy about telling me what you want to see. So I decided this was a good time to make a video that puts together a bunch of the most requested men, scenes, and action. The cast is a great mix of the kinds of men you’ve asked for: hairy men, smooth men, willing and hungry bottom-boys, older guys, regular guys, pornstars … Now, I couldn’t get all of your twisted in here: that’ll keep me busy for the next few years! ( I’ve got a great job! ). But just about everything you’ll see in “. . . LIKE HONEY” is in there because it was asked for over and over. YOU guys decided who’d be paired with whom and what they’d do. So here we go:
DVD covers

The first half of the video is about opening up a hungry bottom’s hole, working it until it’s a wide-open gaping cum-hole. You guys loved watching ultimate bottom-boy Mick getting pumped raw by a fat oversized cock in PLOWED! and asked if I couldn’t see to it that his hungry little hole got even more of a work-out. Well, if you saw what he got put through in PLOWED!, you know that out-doing that is a tall order!
But I did it, setting up a two-night fuck-fest to see just how open a young man’s cumhole can get.

Length: 893 MiB Duration: 1h 28mn 51s 626ms
Video: MPEG Video at 1 150 Kbps, Aspect: 352 x 240 (1.304) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 224 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 892.8 MB

This video has been removed.

Forbidden Thai Sticks 2 DVD 2010

Suzie is tall and very sexy with long hair and very long legs too. Her super model figure is stuffed into a tight white polka dot dress while her white fish net stockings stretch to cover the span of her very long legs. Her tits are large and plump, as is her plump Thai hot dog which puffs with excitement. It curves hard to the left as it stiffens while she sucks her customers significantly smaller wang. She uses her big boobs and cleavage to pleasure his cock, before the two connect and join forces at each others cock tip, swapping some pre-cum dribble around just for good measure. They use each others foreskin sheaths to swallow up the others shaft, before her customer is given a bareback stab at her soft anus. She sucks his cock in and out of her shit hole as her own fat rocket stands straight up and ready for launch. Her fleshy ball bag tightens as she gets a round at his skinny shitter. She long strokes him as he grunts like a pig, while every last inch of her solid right hook splits him in two. He lays her back down and works her blown out butt over a bit more, before pulling out and cum coating her hairless ball sack. She uses his cum as the lube she needs to whack off a slightly watery one on her flat abs. The two rub cocks and then shower to wash each others cum globs away.
Maya is dark skinned with dark hair and dark eyes too. She is tiny with a very tight body, featuring smaller all natural puffy hormonal boobs, a tiny yet perfectly shaped ass and a hairless Thai ding-dong that throbs as she sucks up the stiff wang we offer her. She strokes as she sucks and then rubs her cock against his to sharpen her sword. He stretches her foreskin out, before she takes a seat on his hog, working her butt cheeks loose and riding him like she is starring in a Thai rodeo. She splits his legs Thai turkey style and crams his bung with her skinny yet stiff stick. She strokes it hard while he plugs away, offloading a thick batch on her chocolate brown nut sack as she simultaneously sprays a watery one across her own mid-section. They rub their cum-glazed cocks together before showering and washing all the sticky icky away.
Nadia is a dark skinned Thai stick with a skinny body and a baby face. She has a full rack with perky nipple tips. She enters a room with 2 guys waiting for her. One strips her naked, sucking her tits and exposing her stiff, foreskin coated Thai sausage. She uses her pierced tongue to suck the cock of the other guy, while using her boobs to make nice to his penis too. He bends her over and proceeds to bareback poke her soft and slim bottom. Her ball bag stiffens and her skinny stick straightens, as he pounds away at her from behind. He flips her around and after sucking some pre-jizz from her cock tip, continues by peeling open her banana and using the skin to wrap his own cock up with. She hops on top of him in cowgirl and rides his meat, as her spit-shined stuffy bounces in rhythm with every pump he gives her. The bed shakes and rattles as he winds her up for the finale; a hand-tossed sticky one strewn across her flat abs, as he sprays a thick one that coats her cock and nuts too. The two jump in the shower and use a little warm water to flush away the goop.
Lisa has long hair, long legs and a big head. She also has a set of big tits and a long skinny shaft to match. Her long shaggy Thai pubes cover the base of her stiff stick, which her customer enjoys licking up and down. He uses his own cock to rub, tease and poke at hers, before exposing her tip from behind its thick foreskin curtains and cramming the head of his dong straight inside. He splits her shitter and long poles her asshole, while her meaty ball bag and Thai schwantz bounce around with erotic excitement. She works his ass chamber over well, before they switch back and she fills her own belly button full of thick white, sticky and very potent Thai tranny cum. Her ripe banana stays stiff as her man pulls out and coats her big balls and hairy satchel with a healthy load of cum juice. They hot tail it to the shower to clean things up fast…
Spit-Shined Hand Tossed Thai Sticks, Transsexual Titty Fucking, Bareback, Shower scenes at end of every scene, Puffy hormonal Ladyboy tits, Lots of Sword Fights and Foreskin Play. The Ladyboys Fuck Man Ass and Cum Hard Too!!! Sticky Sticks Start with Ladyboy Jizz!!!
Roll It, Lick It, Smoke It, Suck it!!!

File size: 1.0 GB

Boys of Buenos Aires / 2007 [ Jet Set Men , Latin Heat Productions ]

Year: 2007
Genre: Latin Men, Uncut Cocks, Latin Men, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Average Lookers, Hairy Crotches, Rimming
Length: 01:27:13
Starring: Max Schutler, Robinho DeSilva, Bruno Bordas, Andreas, Juan Pablo, Valentino, Daxel, Ulises Falcon
Studio: Jet Set Men , Latin Heat Productions
Directed by: Chad Donovan
Description: From below the equator come eight Argentineans playing below the equator in four scenes, all taking place in apartments in Buenos Aires. There’s no plot or set up here, some pairs meeting on the street and others already naked on the living room couch.
The opener features cute Max Schutler bottoming for Robinho DeSilva. Schutler does all the work here heating up his partner with his mouth then taking the big chorizo up his tight ass. Both squirt loads on Schutler’s torso. Cover boys Bruno Bordas and Andreas star in the second chapter with more mutual exchanges. Here we get to see Bruno’s smooth hole lavishly rimmed in preparation for Andreas’ nice pole. The fucker gets off a nice load but Bruno struggles to squeeze out two drops.
Scene three has the hair-dusted Juan Pablo topping the smoother, darker Valentino. Again, the bottom does all the heavy lifting here, sucking, rimming the hairy hole, then taking a ramming from his partner without reciprocation. While Juan Pablo’s cumshot is very weak, Valentino jerks out some nice cream on his abs. The closing act is a more mutual scene with Daxel and Ulises Falcon swapping blowjobs before Ulises gets his tongue busy on the hairy hole then getting well-poked before both blow wads on his torso.
The guys here are nicely built twenty-somethings with a variety of hairiness and dick sizes. The movie features a lot of good closeup shots of tight holes getting stretched open. There is no real dialogue and no subtitles, as the guys don’t speak much, just moaning and groaning and distant background music. There are some nice tourist office video of the pretty city but it’s the indoor action that we came to see.

File size: 1.3 GB

Unloaded / 2005 [ Raging Stallion Studios ]

Year: 2005
Country: USA
Genre: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Dildos – Toys, Deep Throating, Double Penetration, Hairy Men, Horsehung, Kissing, Latin Men, Rimming, Threeways, Uncut Cocks
Length: 01:39:09
Starring: Austin Wilde, Antonio Biaggi, Ryan Patrick, Christian Wilde, Cameron Adams, Dominic Pacifico, Brandon Lewis, Ethan Storm
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Directed by: Andrew Rosen
Description: Young redhead Ryan Patrick starts off the movie by jerking off and using the handle of a toilet plunger to fuck his own hole. As he’s jerking off his uncut prick, horsehung stud Antonio Biaggi enters the scene and soon Ryan has that outrageously-sized cock in his mouth, and then his tongue up Antonio’s hairy butt. With his legs in the air, Ryan gets his lily-white ass fucked by Antonio’s dark uncut plunger. When Ryan gets on all fours, there are some awesome shots of Ryan’s hole being spread open by that horsecock, with Antonio’s big pendulous balls swinging wildly! At one point, Antonio fucks Ryan with both his own cock and the plunger handle. The two men end the scene by reclining back and jerking off their loads.

Big-cocked stud Austin Wilde has a tear in his jeans in a most convenient spot, and he’s freeballin’ it! His bud Cameron Adams is right there to start sucking on that big knob. Austin returns the favor before probing Cameron’s ass with his tongue and fingers. Cameron the climbs on top of Austin’s cock and rides it with gusto, his rockhard prick revealing how much he’s enjoying it! When Austin stands up and starts pounding, he looks spectacular, his beefy chest and washboard abs on perfect display!

In the third scene, Latino Dominic Pacifico and blond Brandon Lewis are kickin’ back with some beers when Dominic decides to blow Brandon. Cameron soon joins the fun, and both boys are going down on Brandon. Dominic gets his ass fucked first, by Brandon, while he sucks on Cameron. But Cameron proves that he’s the star bottom, getting doublefucked by both his buds’ cocks! And then we’re shown a great shot underneath of a sandwich fuck, with Cameron bouncing in between Brandon’s cock in his ass, and his own cock fucking Dominic. Hot threesome!

Twinkie Ethan Storm is trapped in a bag, discovered by hottie -cocked stud Christian Wilde. The two start off with some very passionate kissing before Ethan goes down on Christian’s thick cock, a cocksucker’s dream! Ethan gets his cock sucked as well, but the highlight of the scene is clearly when gets his hairy boyhole split-open by Christian’s thick pecker. There are some great shots pistoning in and out of that hairy butt before Ethan gets his load fucked out of him and Christian pulls out to jerk off a big load!

File size: 1.7 GB