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Master Jon is going to fuck painpig…but that would be far too easy for the bottom. First he rips up the bottom’s shirt and blindfolds him with it. Then he plunges his rampant cock into painpig’s arse. He superfucks the squealing bottom ramming that massive tool into the wrecked arse with tremendous force powered by the top’s muscular buttocks and legs. But with the blindfold on anyone could be fucking him couldn’t they? Painpig would never know who.

This makes for lots of fun for his superiors. So 3 more rampant tops come in looking forward to emptying their nuts into some slutty bottom. They queue up grinning at the prospect of wrecking some whimpering bottom’s arse. Jon ploughs into the squealing pig’s arse, superfucking the retch until ready to pop. Picking up a coloured cup he fills it with hot fresh sperm. Then the other tops fuck painpig with the poor bottom pleading to know who is there. Without speaking the brutal tops fuck the bottom with ever more fury. Dave impales the crying bottom, balls deep, his face red with venom Dave doesn’t care a bit for the bottom’s comfort, only getting his cock off. Dave has a face like thunder fucking painpig into the middle of next week. The top is completely selfish, spanking painpig’s arse hard and red while stretching it’s hole to breaking point.

The hairy soldier selfishly rogers the tormented arse of painpig until he’s well and truly used and then dumps healthy dollops of spunk into another cup. Painpig doesn’t have long to worry about his plight, as an arsehole full of gob announces that another top is going to have him. Ex-cop Chris rams his hard tool deep into the bottom’s already wrecked arse. Master Jon and Dave hold down the crying bottom so Chris is not unhindered in his fun. The bottom’s pathetic pleading of “who’s that? who’s that” is answered by tops spitting in his whimpering mouth. The tops all smile at the immense fun they are having and Chris fills yet another cup with rampant ball juice. Next it’s ex-con Daryl and he is determined to ruin painpig, brutally slamming his erect cock as deep and as nasty as he can into the destroyed bottom’s arse. It takes the other 3 tops to hold the hollering bottom in place! For causing the tops extra work he is slapped and gobbed on while Daryl has his way and then deposits a 4th load into a cup.

Any single one of the 4 fuckings would ruin any bottom but painpig cannot rest as Jon removes the blindfold and feeds ALL the cum to him, one cup at a time. Having swallowed buckets of cum before painpig should know which top created which cup of sperm from the taste. Jon makes him take the taste test and he’d better be right, 4 out of 4.

If he is wrong, that wrecked hole of his isn’t going to have time to knit back together. Oh no. A little more spit is all the bottom will be allowed in way of lubrication and then one of the top’s FISTS will be pushing all the bottom’s internal organs up into the cum drinking slut’s throat. What a fitting surprise gift for a total bottom.

Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
Video: Windows Media Video 9 960×540 25.00fps 2557Kbps [Raw Video 1]

File size: 472.2 MB

RandyBlue – Chip Tanner & Cody Lake (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Oral, Anal, Muscles, Facials, Hairy
Duration: 00:22:05
Studio: RandyBlue
Cast: Chip Tanner & Cody Lake

Chip Tanner and Cody Lake couldn’t wait to make a hardcore gay porn together. Cody is still fairly new to the industry but with his lightly muscular frame and huge dick you can tell that he’s going to grow into a huge star. It seemed only natural to put him with someone as wild as Chip Tanner, who’s unrestrained public personality outside of Randy Blue, as well as his athletic prowess in our videos, make him one of the most interesting and sexually compelling models we have. If you’re new to porn and you can hold your own along side Chip Tanner, you can do anything. And Cody does more than hold his own. He swallow’s Chip’s cock all the way to the base without blinking an eye. And with his huge cock he gives Chip quite a challenge to do the same. Chip then fucks Cody’s ass, the various expressions that Cody makes as his hole is getting worked over. But the best part of this video comes when the two of them do a super hot 69 and spooge all over each other’s faces in a hot double facial finale.

Format: WMV
Video: 720×480 (1.50:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~1692 kbps avg, 0.16 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 327.1 MB

Wasserratten (2007) DVDRip

Starring: Felix Morris, Tommy Haine, Andreas Stich, Lars Freimann, Danilof, Marcel, Iron, Nikolas Baur, Brice Farmer, Florian Manns
Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Gang Bang, Toys, Daddies Men, Hairy, Uncut, Double Penetration, Rimming, Tattoos
Studio: Wurstfilm

A voyage at sea can splash it and squirt it all over you. Andreas wants to take a hot excursion on Berlin’s waterways with some of his mates. Felix unfortunately isn’t sea-worthy because he’s tied up at home, where a sailor’s big fat rope needs his attention. Meanwhile on board everyone’s got their trousers off, having a good time in the bunks. On deck those masts are given a good scrub and the only thing that is going to cool these hot pistons down in a dive in the lake. After all this hot summer action, Andreas isn’t allowed to take a break. He has to deal with a cheeky nocturnal burglar and give him a good hammering. Then the only thing that’s going to be stolen here is sperm – and plenty of it!

Format: avi
Video: 720×576 at 25.000 fps, MPEG-4 Visual@ DivX 5, 1398 Kbps
Runtime: 01:19:28

File size: 873.0 MB

Absolutely Fucked (2009) DVDRip

Starring: Patrick Ives, Ray Dalton, FiestyCub, Jayson Park, Dustin Roller, Chico Cabron
Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Rimming, Hairy
Studio: Hot Desert Knights

Your ass will be twitching when you see these fuck-aholics in action. The title says it all…the bottoms are Absolutely Fucked! These muscle stud tops were built to fuck. They were blessed with a primal, indiscriminate hunger to punish holes raw and into submission. Men who plant cum so deep in your ass, you’ll taste it when you clear your throat. Fortunately, the bottoms take it like champs as they get a serious ass pounding from these sure-shot tops, until their fucked-out asshole oozes freshly planted cum in glorious close-up. Anything less is not enough. Insatiable raw mansex is the great experience, and Absolutely Fucked presents it in all its fucking glory. You’ll find it all, power, muscle, insatiable punishing cocks, cumwhore bottoms and pure raw lust.

Format: wmv
Video: 640×480 at 29.970 fps, VC-1@ WMV3, 1975 Kbps
Runtime: 01:34:08

File size: 1.3 GB

This video has been removed.

BadPuppy – Radim and Maxim

Maxim Petrovic and Radim Wolf feature in this lovely shoot that we did for our friends at Badpuppy. Maxim is a photographer who has called Radim in for a photoshoot. Maxim has Radim open his shirt, as he takes some photos.
Then Maxim undoes the belt and top button on Radim’s jeans, and adjusts his shirt so he can see the nipples. After taking some more pics Maxim decides he is rather warm and removes his sweater, revealing a nice hairy chest, and Maxim takes his shirt off too. Before going much further Maxim opens Radim’s jeans and starts to pull on his cock, maybe to make it larger for the photos, or maybe he has other plans. A change of position lets us see Radim’s sexy ass, and then he removes his jeans completely exposing himself.
He looks great standing, naked, posing for Maxim. Maxim clearly thinks so too and puts down his camera and moves to Radim and starts to play with his cock,kissing him as he does so. Radim returns the kisses and his cock gets long and hard. Maxim quickly gets his camera to capture the hardness and has Radim lay down on the floor. Maxim sits next to him and starts to wank him again, and gets naked himself. Radim has a big fact cock that looks great as Maxim works it, and caresses Radim’s body.
A few more pics and Maxim makes the next move. Feeding his cock into Radim’s move and then moving into a 69. Enjoying it so much Maxim wants more and pulls Radim’s legs up and starts to rim his ass, quickly deciding to finger it as well. Spitting on the hole to give it some lube, so the finger slips in easier Maxim works the hole and suck on Radim’s dick some more. Maxim decides he can make the next move and moves round to fuck Radim in Missionary position.
Radim, who is such a sweet looking guy, takes it really well, feeling Maxim’s rock hard dick working his hole. A move into a sort of doggy position givves Maxim greate access and we see a great view from behind,two very sexy asses, one being plowed. A final position sees Radim riding Maxim’s dick, bouncing up and down on it. Then Maxim is ready and stands over Radim and dumps his cumshot over Radim’s chest. Radim loves it and takes Maxim’s dick in his mouth to suck it dry, and he carries on sucking it as he drops his own creamy load. Maxim reaches down and milks the rest of the cum out of Radim’s cock before pulling him up to his feet and kissing him, to bring a lovely scene to a very nice ending.

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 525.7 MB

My Israeli Platoon

Country: Germany, Israel
Studio: Wurstfilm
Cast: Adam Excell, Avi Gilad, Daniel, Ludovic Canot, Morr-Foxx, Nir Tal, Omer Mann, Roman L., Shahar Tom, Shlomit Levy, Yoni Vernom
Director: Roy Raz
Length: 864 MiB Duration: 58mn 11s 304ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 935 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 25.000 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

Description: Wurstfilm proudly presents the first “unofficial” look at the Israeli Defense Forces – the sucking and fucking military group that prides itself defending its homeland. Watch behind the scenes footage of the IDF Private barking orders at his subordinate warrant officers, commanding mandatory suck sessions, the gang rape of a hooded army corporal, and see hot Israeli assholes get drilled for the good of the Jewish state. All Special Units are ready at the Northern Command in this cum-dripping exposé. Based on a true story, this movie is full of hot and hairy Middle Eastern men showing you the bond that few people get to see. There is nothing like the brotherhood between army buddies. You risk your life for your platoon, you live with them 24-hours a day, eating, sleeping, showering together. So when you need to get off, your army buddies are there to help. These sexy, tan, horny, masculine men treat each other with as much savage lust as they do tenderness with one another. Watch as you get to see these military men man handle one another. With hot raunchy cum filled group scenes, your cock will be proudly giving this movie a full salute.

File size: 863.8 MB

Brandon Kent, Dallas Evans & Micah Brandt

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Hunks, Anal, Threesome, Rimming
Length: 00:29:36
Description: I love a good threeway. Especially when it goes way beyond what I was expecting. I knew I had to get Dallas Evans and Brandon Kent together because every time they’re near each other you can feel the sparks from across the room. Brandon has that adorable face and those puppy dog ​​eyes but his body is so manly, lightly hairy and so well built. And Dallas just gets more and more wild every time he comes in, so watching him fuck is more of a pleasure for us than work. I swear, you just wind him up and let him go and he never disappoints. So throwing Micah Brandt into the mix was a bit of a wild card. Don’t get me wrong, his solo was amazing and the way he fucked himself with the dildo was just a taste of what was to cum when he got banged by Dominic Brown. But some guys take to threeways and some don’t. Well, I didn’t even need to think about it because Micah not only brought his full game to the mix but he also got Brandon and Dallas so damn horny with his excellent cocksucking skills that they got even more into it, and I didn ‘t think that was possible. And since Micah loves having his ass eaten so much, Brandon was more than happy to dig in.
Extras. Information: Beautiful video from the well known studio

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Video: DivX 5 960×540 29.97fps 1500 Kbps [Stream 00]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [Stream 01]
File size: 361.3 MB

Brit Dads Brit Twinks (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral, Anal Sex, Twinks, Daddies Men, Muscle Men, Hairy, Intergenerational, Amateurs, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 02:28:57

They’re old enough to be their fathers, but that doesn’t stop these horny middle-aged guys from lusting after their cute twink charges. Indeed, these burly dads aren’t satisfied until their beefy fat cocks are stretching the mega-tight virgin asses on these willing young lads for all they’re worth! Breaking in the stars of tomorrow has never felt quite so good or looked so dirty and hot!

Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 848×480 29.97fps 2050Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps

File size: 2.3 GB

ChaosMen: Austin

Another hairy guy for your viewing pleasure!

Austin pretty much gave up on trying to keep his body hair at bay, and frankly it looks awesome on him.

He is a natural in front of the camera and loves to show off. He has an amazing dick, pierced for some of the photos for fans, but removed during the solo. He likes to have it tugged on so maybe a little play with it during a future video will be possible.

He is very gay-friendly and I think has a ton of gay friends and associates, so it was only natural for them to encourage this natural born exhibitionist to come do gay adult work.

He has had some very light “run ins” with guys, but prefers women, in fact the more females and males the merrier. I think he is fond of the craziness of an orgy.

So he doesn’t seem too afraid to get his dick sucked, but not quite ready to return the favor. Though he also seems ready to take on full-on work in the future.

As for his solo, he we get to watch him get hard “real time” and his nut shot is explosive. He shots himself right in the neck and ear!

I am pretty pleased to have this guy working for Team Chaos, and I hope you enjoy his intro solo!

Length: 259 MiB Duration: 18mn 4s 885ms
Video: AVC at 1 900 Kbps, Aspect: 1024 x 576 (1.778) at 29.970 fps
Audio: AAC at 96.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 258.6 MB

Welcome Home Daddy (1993)

Year: 1993
Genre: Classic, Daddiies, Mature, Rimming, Uniforms, Hairy
Duration: 01:06:14
Studio: Bijou Classics

This Bijou video compilation collects four scenes featuring older, beefy, mustachioed men wrangling and tangling with young bucks. The “daddies” dominate the proceedings with their size, strength, and need to penetrate. Whether paying the paperboy in cock or offering failing students a surefire way to pass these scorchin’ slices of masculinity give their all. The scenes are all from the Seventies and early Eighties so they are pre-condom and shot on film. The quality (and sometimes the music) isn’t exactly wonderful, but the sex is.
The first scene begins with some footage of a stereotypical teen delivering newspapers. He goes to the home of one of his customers to get paid. The customer is a sandy-haired, mustachioed businessman with a penetrating gaze. He takes out his checkbook; within a few seconds his hand stops writing and he squeezes the Paper Boy’s hand. The music kicks in full force (the flute is kickin’!) and Paper Boy drops his tight jeans to reveal a smooth, but slightly jiggly, rump. Daddy drops to his knees and swallows the boy’s impressive piece. Paperboy bends over the dining room table so Business Daddy can tongue his hairless hole and jack his big beef. Daddy forcefully fucks Paperboy, in three positions, while kneading and slapping his ass. While Paperboy is riding Daddy, he jerks off to orgasm; this doesn’t stop Daddy, though-he keeps on bangin’ away ’til he’s good and ready to shoot his shot. He does, but not until Paper Boy licks his balls and hole. The second segment is somewhat dark, not cinematographically, but in mood and tone. A swarthy middle-aged man in a maroon shirt and tie leads a lanky brunette into an office of sorts. Once there, the repetitive electronic music swells, adding an odd tension, and the clothes come off. The shots of their various sexual activities are very tight, almost abstract; it’s a teeny bit scary and a lot exciting. The older gentleman has got one hell of a hog between his legs–huge and inviting. The young man, like the teen in the first scene, also gets plowed on a desk. This time it’s even more dramatic, with the older guy scrunching up his face and lifting the boy into the air. Dramatic is an apt term to describe the third, and best, sequence. Two blondes, you guessed it, one young and lithe, the other older and mustachioed, make like super-powered sodomites when the young one discovers that he has to suck his teacher’s cock in order to receive a passing grade on an exam. Teacher commands Student to drop his drawers and show off his ass. Then he’s told to make like a vacuum and suck snake. Man oh man…these two have giant wieners! They jerk each other a little, share blowjob duties, and then go fuck wild. Teacher holds Student’s ankles and practically splits him in two! As an added bonus they cum simultaneously. It doesn’t get much better than that.

File size: 726 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 640 x 480 (4:3), 25.000 fp
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 726.9 MB

In Your Face

Cum eating! Facial cumshots! Flip Flop! Hans Ebson gets fucked! Hans Ebson and Thomas Bond suck cock. Thomas rims Hans? beautiful tight ass before he shoves his log jammer into his hot young hole. Thomas eats his own load and Hans shoots his load all over Thomas? face. Hairy Latin Sergio Real sucks and fucks hot stud Kyle Richards. Kyle and Sergio flip flop fuck. Sergio eats his own cum and takes a face full of Kyle?s jizz. Czech hunk David Nowak sucks Raul Tasco?s cock. Raul sucks David?s uncut cock before David rims and plows ass and blows his load all over Raul?s face! Raul eats his own juicy load. Hung duo Dom Sinclair and Richie both suck a mean cock. Dom shoves his dark meat into Richie?s begging ass. Hot ass plowing action. One of Hollywood Sales? employees is in the picture, can you figure out which one?

Starring: Hans Ebson, Kyle Richards, Raul Tasco, Sergio Real, Thomas Bond, Dominic Sinclair, David Nowak, Richie
Categories: Anal, Athletes, Oral, Outdoor/Public, Real Men, Rimming, White
Studio: Hollywood Sales
Total size 2.6 GB in 4 files

Jonathan Agassi, Harry Louis and Rio Silver – scene from "Passion"

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Muscles, Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Threesome, Cumshot
Length: 0:33:51

Description: Jonathan Agassi and Rio Silver couldn’t resist inviting English bombshell Harry Louis back to their new flat, after cruising the King’s Cross tube station. Soon the boys are snugly on a leather loveseat, indulging in a torrid three-way makeout. Harry and Rio devour every inch of Jonathan Agassi’s hairy armpits, chest, face, neck, and torso, before tugging off his shirt and jeans. Jonathan spanks Harry’s dick with his tongue while Rio chows down on Jonathan’s raging erection. Jonathan fucks Rio doggy style with maximum energy, and Harry jumps on top of Jonathan to fuck him at the same time! Giving and taking at once, Jonathan’s new fuck train definitely beats the metro! The boys finish with Jonathan cumming on the side of Rio’s head, Rio getting him back in the face, and Harry exploding across Jonathan’s torso.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: mp4
Video: H.264, 1280×720, 0:33:51, 5337 kbps, 29.971 fp
Audio: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps, 2 channel (s)
File size: 1.2 GB

Temptation on the Force CD1-2

Temptation on the Force CD1-2 Internal Affairs

Country: Hungary
Genre: Oral, Anal, Group Sex, masturbation, Uniform
Length: 1:48:29
Director: Csaba Borbely
Studio: Diamond Pictures
Starring: Gastone Pierce, Sergio Foster, Will Kronan, Ricardo Neston, Norberto Rollins, Jack Laurel, Renato Bellagio (aka Isidore Nadas, Zoltan Sapka), Robert Novy, John Kralovic, Lucio Maverick, Robby Stephens and Fred Goldsmith (aka Miklos O )

Description: Captain Ricardo Neston is upset that a priceless painting has been stolen, and three police officers apparently let it happen. He could discipline them, but he could also force them to give him head. The latter seems a fine punishment to Norberto Rollins, Renato Bellagio and Jack Laurel. So, Ricardo, an intense brunet with a smattering of chest hair, stands on the desk with dimpled Norberto blowing him, hairy Renato and the stunning physically Jack sharing his dick. The blows are lusty and the uncut head given quite a workout. Renato then sucks Norberto, Ricardo gets Jack, everyone proving an equal talent level. Then, as Ricardo and Norberto suck face, Jack and Renato blow them energetically. The fucking comes with Ricardo taking Renato, and Jack gets it from Norberto. Renato allows Ricardo an easy slide in-and-out of his dick as Norberto opts for something very simple and accessible with Jack. The tops switch for Norberto to fuck Renato, but the best fuck comes when Jack rides on Ricardo, who thrusts up into him from below. Everyone unloads onto Renato’s back and the discipline session over, Ricardo sends Jack and Renato on a mission out of the city and Norberto back to work.
Captain Ricardo also sends three more junior cops out onto foot patrol. The first is the muscularly compact Sergio Foster, along with the incredibly handsome Gastone Pierce and tall brunet Will Kronan. As they traipse around the city, allowing us postcard-perfect shots of it, they head back to the station for some sex. Sergio and Gastone share blowing Will together, his big dick more than enough for two guys. Will is then laid on a table where Gastone continues to blow him, Will and Sergio biting at each other’s nipples. Sergio is then flat on the table, sucked by Gastone, and sucking Will upside-down, an eager face-fuck that seems to work for both of the guys. Will, with Sergio blowing the bottom just inches away from the slicing dick, fucks Gastone. Will keeps the pace nice and friendly, slow with depth being his main Will then fucks Gastone from underneath as Sergio continues his loving oral assault on Gastone. When Sergio takes over for Will, sitting on a couch with Gastone on top of him, the energy suddenly explodes. Sergio is a spitfire, giving Gastone an almost angry fuck. Sergio fucks Gastone sideways in another furious topping before Sergio and Gastone get to cum.
Ricardo has an assignment for strapping Fred Goldsmith and longhaired hottie Lucio Maverick. Two guys have been impersonating cops in order to have their way with them. These two also walk the gorgeous Hungarian streets and have no problem collaring the perps. The first is black-haired, baby-faced John Kralovic, and the other is his equal in good looks, big-armed Robert Novy. They toss them in a rather well-appointed jail cell, where, within seconds, John is undressing for Robert to suck him. Robert’s blow is impressive; the camera seems fixated on John’s pulsing abs as he’s getting the blow. John helps himself to Robert next in a good hand-mouth combo. A third cop outside, the impossibly adorable Robby Stephens, has been listening at the door and decides to join in. He sits between the guys, giving their dicks attention alternately. Robby then is heartily fucked by Robert. Tirelessly, Robby takes this aggressive fuck as John sits by and jacks off until Robert has a blasting cum-shot, followed by good ones from John and Robby.
Now, as this is going on, Lucio and Fred have gotten hard hearing all the sounds. They decide to have some fun of their own. Fred blows the thick cock Lucio is sporting, doing great work on the balls. Lucio then sucks Fred and fingers him at the same time, nastily jabbing at Fred. Insatiable Robby exits the jail cell and helps Fred and Lucio. In a great oral display, he takes both of their dicks in his mouth at once. Lucio, looking and acting like a model, fucks Robby with a nice intensity as Robby sucks Fred, standing at Robby’s face with his phenomenally fat cock. Robby’s second good fuck, in as many, causes him to shoot in no time, which leaves Fred to play bottom, riding confidently on Lucio, getting a huge amount of the latter’s thickness up his ass as he bounces gleefully. Lucio then slices into him missionary, jacking off his cohort as he does so. Fred cums being fucked, then Robby creams on Fred’s balls. As reward for capturing the bad guys, Ricardo promotes Fred and Lucio to motorbike policemen, apparently their “lifelong dream,” and a “to be continued …” message appears on the screen.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MPEG
Video codec: MPEG1
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG1 Video 352×240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1150Kbps [Video]
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps [Audio]
File size: 1.0 GB

Late Night Hit (2011)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Hairy, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Tattoos
Starring: Colby Keller, Ben Stone, Trey Turner, Logan Scott, Valentin Petrov, Tony Douglas, A.J. Monroe, Shay Michaels
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Hard Friction

Night falls; color illuminates the sky before all goes black. That’s when the city comes alive. Reflected in headlights, streetlights and neon signs; everyone’s a stranger. Men become nocturnal animals seeking Porn-couple directors, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, take you coast to coast on a sexual tour of beautiful men and exciting places – from New York, to South Florida to California. The Late Night Hit is what you need when you need it now!
Miami - Trey Turner and Valentin Petrov
As colorful Metro Miami sparkles out on the horizon, Trey and Valentin kiss passionately. The multicultural sounds and flavors of Miami rise from below. In the heat of the night they retire to their room but no one will sleep. Trey kisses down Valentin’s hard lean muscled body, down to his extra large uncut cock. Trey feasts on it savoring the flavor of extra skin. Valentin reciprocates going down on Trey’s thick throbber, feeding on him voraciously; begging for it with his eyes like a dog on a bone. Both men are young and extra hung.
A true versatile exchange, first Trey flips Valentin on his back. Trey rims his perfect white ass just before the deep plunge. Valentin moans with his heavy Russian accent- “Fuck my ass,” he demands. When it’s Trey’s turn to get fucked, he takes that big stake like a pro! Such a meaty ass! Trey redefines the meaning of bounce. Once Trey is flipped on his back two lock into hypnotic passion and their hot loads onto sweaty jock muscle.
San Francisco - Shay Michaels with Logan Scott
Neon lights dance on the colorful sloping streets of nocturnal San Francisco. Lovers Shay and Logan kiss outside on their balcony as the noise of clanging Cable Cars and surging traffic rumbles below. He strips Shay naked and hungrily gulps down his hard cock. Next, Shay is down on his knees slurping and swallowing the hard cock in front of him.
Powerful Shay is ready to take a taste of his willing bottoms’ hole and bends him over a chair and spreads his cheeks. His tongue lubes up the hole in preparation for his throbbing cock. “Are you ready to get fucked?” he asks with deep confidence. Shay plows this meaty ass from behind with building momentum fucking him harder and harder. They move over to the bed as the intensity increases until Logan can’t take it anymore and shoots his load as Shay thrusts in and out of his hole. Shay pulls back and blasts a hot load all over the chest and stomach of his satisfied man.
The Keys - Tony Douglas and A.J. Monroe
The sun is setting over the water as night falls in the Keys. Tony is sitting outside in his towel after a long day in the sun. A.J. comes out to join him and bends over for a kiss. Tony opens A.J.’s towel and goes for his hardening dick. Tony looks up at his buddy’s ecstatic face as he sucks and slurps on his cock while his own big meat from the constraints of his towel. We spy on the two boys through the bushes as they take turns sucking each other’s cocks outside.
A.J. is ready to fuck and pulls Tony inside to the bed leaving the door open behind him. He roughly pulls Tony to the edge of the bed and slides his hard cock into his bottom’s willing hole. Tony moans and thrashes on the bed as A.J. pounds him hard. He flips him over for better traction and pounds him some more until he builds to an intense climax pulling out his cock and painting Tony’s shiny ass with his cum. Tony jerks his dick and shoots his load straight down the edge of the bed adding his own boy butter to the growing puddle on the tile floor.
New York - Colby Keller and Ben Stone
New York never sleeps, why should Colby and Ben? Ben’s loft is high above the midtown noise. Colby swings by for that Late Night Hit that always satisfies. They go right to it like they have many nights before. Passion is intense. Ben goes down on Colby who’s hard before his big white meat even bounces out of his jeans. Ben opens his throat wide the way men do, swallowing him whole. Colby responds by ordering him to suck his balls and face fucking him the way Ben likes. Then Colby flips Ben over the table so he can look at his wide muscular back and perfect round ass. He slides his tongue into the spot that has his back for more night after night.
When its time for fucking Colby has a powerful thrust and his own sense of rhythm, slow and deep then fast and The fuck like men, aggressive and driving! Furniture thrashes, walls shake! They fuck on the table, they fuck on the bed… but when he flips Ben to face him Colby raises the intensity! Locked into one another they both find an intense Colby holds it while he ejects white blasts of cream onto Ben’s chest, cock and balls… Ben whips it up and thrusts a few shots into the air before both collapses in a pool of their sweat. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:41:59
Resolution: 720×400
Size: 1.6 GB

File size: 1.4 GB

Twinker Toys (2011)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks – Young Meat, Dildos – Plugs & Toys, Uncut Cocks, Threesomes
Starring: Brock Richmond, Tyler Mansfield, Seth Jenkins, Shawn Lane, Jordan Long, Patrick O’Riley, Jake Steel, Mike Harbor
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Twinks com

Boys and their Twinker Toys… four sizzling scenes of twinks in action featuring a cast of eight with a bag of knickknacks and mischief on their minds.
While porn-surfing the internet, Brock Richmond settles down for some fun. He sits back and starts to jack off but none of that pud-pulling seems to be working good enough. He reaches for his RealTouch toy and slides his dick between the latex lips. The sensations he’s getting from this automatic blowjob are coursing through his entire body and when Tyler Mansfield walks in, Brock invites his buddy to join in the fun. Tyler wastes no time and pulls out his chubby eight-incher which Brock swallows down as the RealTouch continues its sensuous massage on his own cock. Tyler is curious about the device and Brock obliges his friend, slipping the toy onto his love muscle so he can get a taste of the mechanized man-handler. With the heavy-duty masturbator working its motorized mojo on his boner, Tyler goes down on Brock’s uncut tool. Then he begins rimming his host’s ass, occasionally jabbing a finger inside the hole to prime it for a more invasive assault. Tyler fucks Brock fast and hard, the two of them twisting into different positions until one after the other, they shoot their loads, dotting Brock’s belly with puddles of cum.
Jordan Long asks his buddy Seth Jenkins what’s the deal with all the new toys. Seth is quick to respond that he’s got this cache of latex gizmos on hand to intensify ass play; he also promises that another friend will soon join them. But neither guy can wait to get the ball rolling and they quickly sink into each other’s embrace, sucking face before they both jam a toy up their asses. Then they alternate some suck-n-fuck action on one another, knoshing on each other’s sausages while teasing their bungholes with the butt plugs. Craving more intense play, Seth begs his cohort to fuck him and Jordan is eager to indulge him doggie-style. Patrick O’Riley strolls in and the action grows even hotter when he strips down so both Seth and Jordan can take turns sucking his dick. Patrick then grabs the third toy and wedges it into his hole but admits a real cock up the ass would feel a lot better. They line up with Seth in the lead and Patrick porking him from behind while Jordan takes up the rear with his hot rod rammed up the middleman’s ass. They rock back and forth in a daisy-chain fuck-link until Jordan pulls out and cums. Seth and Patrick are left to finish themselves off and after more ass play with their toys, Patrick screws Seth until they each unload hefty shots of spooge.
Seth finds himself all alone admiring his new dildo. He lubes it up and gingerly stuffs it up his butt hole. Just as he’s surrendering to the tingling sensations of the latex pole churning into his hole, Shawn Lane moseys on in, eager to give his friend a hand. The two begin kissing, groping each other before Seth gets on his knees to open wide and feed on Shawn’s humongous horse dick. His efforts are soon rewarded as Shawn grabs the dildo and jams it up his ass, twisting it as far deep inside as he can. Seth confesses that his twitchin’ asshole is itchin’ for the real thing so Shawn gets in position and screws him hard and sweet. He thrusts in and out of Seth’s puckered manhole in a steady cadence, sending his buddy spiraling into ecstasy. The guys take a momentary break so Shawn can beat himself off while he’s hungrily fellating Seth who still has the dildo stuffed up his own ass. After that brief interlude, the two horn dogs fuck some more, this time in a more fevered and aggressive manner until both of them explode, shooting loads of gooey man cream.
With the Ice Jack stroker already in use on himself, studly Jake Steel luxuriates in the feelings of pleasure the sex toy’s creating. Mike Harbor catches him in action but Jake welcomes the intrusion and wastes no time luring his friend into action. He fishes Mike’s cock out of his pants and sucks it to hardness while still pleasuring himself with his toy. Mike soon gets his turn with the thick plastic sleeve and as he slides his cock in and out of the suction chamber, he feasts on Jake’s hose. The big man then takes his friend down onto all fours and diddles with his ass, licking the fuzzy cleft with his tongue and poking it with his finger. Then he rams his engorged romper-stomper into Mike’s furry hole, thrusting his hips to and fro and pumping hard and fast. They continue to fuck non-stop in every which way until Mike can no longer hold back and he shoots out a load of hot cum up across his chest. Jake continues porking his buddy, working himself into a lather until he finally pulls out and climaxes, splashing Mike’s chest with more creamy jizz. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:55:39
Resolution: 704×398
Size: 2.3 GB

File size: 2.1 GB

Inked Boyz 1 (2010)

Categories: Compilations (2000-2008), Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Daddies Men, Intergenerational, Muscle Men, Hairy, Dildos, Horsehung, Fetish, Pissing, SM/BD, Outdoor Sex, Piercings, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes
Starring: Logan McCree, Martin Mazza, Dak Ramsey, Nick Piston, Chuck DiRocco, Eddie Moreno, Bryce Pierce, Chris Ward, Titus Drumm, Simon Cox, Harley Mancuso, Roman Ragazzi, Michael Brandon, Justin Christopher, Billy Knight
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

The hottest tattooed studs from Raging Stallion movies, starring Logan McCree!
Sexpack Three: Lewd Developments: Bryce Pierce and Billy Knight
The scene takes us to Raging Stallion’s photography department. We see staff photographer and company co-owner Kent Taylor photographing muscle god Bryce Pierce and L.A. favorite Billy Knight. The photo shoot takes a twisted turn and cocks are soon thrusting into holes! These two men are Colt-quality studs who enjoy performing for the camera. A highpoint in Bryce’s fantastic career, this is a scene that cannot be overlooked!
Tailpipes: Justin Christopher, Martin Mazza, and Dak Ramsey
In the final scene at this free wheeling garage, Dak Ramsey is taking off a tire and heads to the back to get a new one. On his way he passes Justin Christopher and Martin Mazza who are working on the same car. But Justin and Martin quickly get distracted by each other. As they undress under the car, Justin’s dick pops out of his pants and Martin swallows the huge tool. Justin’s pole is massive and Martin gives it all the attention it deserves. After sucking and swallowing the big shaft, Martin wants it up his ass. Martin is a beautiful man with a heavy accent, tattoos, and a nice hairy chest, and he’s a voracious bottom. Justin’s huge cock is the perfect solution to Martin’s need. Justin bends Martin over and fucks him, pushing all 10 inches deep. Justin fucks like a pro, pounding away, pulling all the way out slowly and then all the way back in. As the fuck energy builds, Martin blows a load all over the floor and Justin quickly follows. Dak returns not with a tire, but with a big Francois Sagat dildo. “You want a piece of Francois?” asks Dak. Martin quickly throws his legs up in the air and his ass swallows the huge latex cock. Dak loves fucking Martin with the dildo but once he’s worked up, he wants to stick the real thing in there. Dak whips out his cock, suits up, and plows away at Martin’s loose hole. Martin’s cock is rock hard as Justin holds Martin’s legs up for easy access. Dak probes deep inside of Martin, filling his hole as Martin jerks himself off. Dak has a long fat cock and Martin loves feeling every inch as it pushes deep inside of him. The fuck energy builds and Martin can’t hold off any longer. He covers himself with cum. Justin and Dak climax together and Martin’s abs are covered in seed.
The 4th Floor: Logan McCree and Roman Ragazzi
Down a long dark hallway Roman Ragazzi is being followed by Logan McCree. A chase ensues, ending with a confrontation. Roman slams Logan against the wall and as they rough each other up all the tension melts away. These two stunning men kiss and the chemistry builds. The kiss leads to undressing and soon Logan is on his knees mouthing at Roman’s large erection through his Calvin Kleins. Logan peels back the underwear and reveals Roman’s hard dick. As soon as Logan gets a taste, Roman stands up to get his hands onto Logan’s belt and quickly strips him. Roman goes down with his mouth open and fills it with Logan’s large, tattooed cock. With pants around their ankles, both men’s massive hard-ons rub against each other as they kiss aggressively. Logan flips Roman around for a chance at his ass. With Roman’s cheeks spread he reaches in with his tongue and teases Roman’s asshole. But Roman wants more cock and returns to his knees to swallow as much of Logan as he can manage. These two men with raging erections take the action upstairs where they return to body worship, kissing and touching, and more cock sucking. But the main event is still to come. Roman bends over and allows a little more ass-eating before Logan suits up and starts to fuck him. When Roman’s ass is full of dick Logan really starts to pound away, splitting his hairy ass with his long dick. Once these two start fucking the energy builds. As the camera follows Logan’s tattooed and muscular body down his chest to his dick, we find Roman’s ass full of it. Roman’s massive chest and arms flex and bend while Logan tears apart his butt cheeks. In the end Roman and Logan lay down watch each other jerk off and shoot.
Sexpack Eight: Sky’s the Limit: Michael Brandon and Titus Drumm
Fucking in the Forest, and it’s true to its title. The imposing Titus Drumm, a hairy burly guy, lights his cigarette and begins to fondle himself. Soon enough, a mysterious partner has arrived to provide a dick to suck, but one look at the dick, before the face, shows us Michael Brandon is back. Without a second wasted, Michael grabs onto Titus’ head and forces all… all of his cock down the throat. We know how much that is. With sounds mercifully left in, we get to see Titus choke and gag, repeatedly, but never stop swallowing the whole cock. Once has deep-throated it successfully, he can spend the rest of the blowing time trying again and again. It certainly never gets boring. Michael stands over him to feed him that way, and Titus matches him in that position as well. I really couldn’t tell you who is in control, roaring cagey Michael or skillful Titus. Soon enough, Michael is making mincemeat out of Titus’ butt. From the first insertion, it’s a sublimely easy place to rest the monster, which means Michael can concentrate on giving the best fuck he can muster, rather than being nice to the poor ass. It’s a thrilling fuck, the jaw-dropping kind where you wonder how the hell someone is able to take that sort of punishment. The two of them yelling up a storm in the forest is enough to chase all the Bambis right out of their dens. Michael rewards Titus with a spectacular facial at the end.
Hard as Wood: Nick Piston and Chuck Dirocco
Chuck takes Nick (there is never any doubt about who is in charge with these two) and throws him over a horse feeder out on the backside of the ranch. It becomes a perfect fuck platform for two men in heat. It is a frenzy fuck. It is passionate. It is controversial (they eventually did get the condoms on), and it will make you reconsider what is your favorite outdoor scene. The best position of this pairing is when Chuck lies down and Nick squats on his firm cock, leaning back so you, the viewer, get to see two hard cocks, one bouncing wildly as the other drives deeper and deeper with each thrusting stroke! Cum shots like you have never seen end one of the hottest pairings we have ever filmed.
Punishment Chamber: Chris Ward, Simon Cox, and Harley Mancuso
We find leather daddy Chris Ward delivering a thorough lashing to beautiful black man-in-bondage Simon Cox (in his first film). Chris is a master at flogging (he even taught flogging at one time), and to see him at work is something you will never forget. This was the only time his skill at delivering uncompromised and direct hits was ever captured on film. After a thorough flogging, Cox gets his revenge by attaching a 25-pound iron pot to Ward’s balls and cock. And then, from the dark shadows of the room, man after man file out to piss in the pot until it is full – weighing a full 60 pounds! Ward takes it as well as he gives it. Shocking in the extreme, this scene is the fitting finale to Ward’s career as a porn star.
Sexpack Four: Porn Noir: Bryce Pierce and Eddie Moreno
Wild Ink stars Bryce Pierce and Eddie Moreno. It, too, has a harder edge. Both men prove to be ravenous cock-consumers, savoring each other’s oozing dicks. Each of the two gets his ass used as well. Moreno has a seat, a la Nate Summers, on a gigantic dildo and hoists his ass up and down, with assistance from Bryce. Soon after, Moreno plunges his manhood into sling-bound Pierce. Pierce’s dick, for those who don’t know, has about a dozen piercings, and he yanks it fiercely until he explodes with Eddie’s meat well up him. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:53:04
Resolution: 720×576
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My Sister’s Husband

Year: 1999
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Oral Sex
Duration: 87 minutes
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: All Worlds Video
Starring: Cory Evans, Jake Taylor, Adam Wilde, Daryl Brock, Mike Nichols, Dino DiMarco, Brian Kidd.

Adam Wilde, looking handsome with just a touch of hair on his chest, starts by making out with his brunet bombshell of a boyfriend, Daryl Brock. Kissing and groping, Daryl soon makes it down to the cock and chomps away. Holding onto it with a strong hand, he sucks every last inch of Adam’s dick, and excellent camerawork is there to capture it all. Adam then goes down on Daryl’s same-size cock with equally good results, not to mention the addition of some foreskin play. Daryl then rubs his dick around Adam’s butt a bit before shoving it in. Daryl squeezes upward and Adam bounces, the cock shooting up his ass fully. In one swooping motion, they flip over, still inserted, and Daryl begins to smack Adam hard, with manly encouraging mutterings from both guys to keep it humming. Adam’s wide-open ass helps the deep fuck. A sideways fuck, gorgeous to watch, is their final position, and Adam cums being fucked. After Daryl finishes, Adam’s sister calls, excited that he’s coming to visit and going to meet her new hubby.
Adam arrives at spunky sister Sharon’s pad, and in comes her hunk of a husband, the estimable Cory Evans, a thrillingly handsome full order of perfectly toned muscles. Just out of the shower, he’s wet and wearing nothing. Later, neighbor Brian Kidd comes over for coffee and to his pal Mike Nichols that he has a crush on Adam, just like the one Michael has on Cory. They decide to take out their lust on each other and the adorable Brian gets to go down on Mike’s massive meat. His gigantic cock is enough for Brian’s hardworking mouth and a hand or two, but Brian works to conquer it. There’s a great moment when he’s forced to share the dick with Mike himself, who bends in half to suck the tip of his cock and meet Brian’s mouth there. Mike then gulps up Brian’s more manageable dick, slowly sucking it all under twinkly music. Brian then speedily lowers himself down the entire length of Mike’s gargantuan shaft and rides facing away from him. Mike is able to swat his way upwards with lots of steam, and Brian handles every millimeter with great style. Mike actually does the bulk of the work, but once Brian, with the dick still in his ass, turns around on the dick, he takes over and his bouncing gets more authoritative. Big Mike, with Brian’s ripe un-tanned ass facing him, drops a load right there and then, fingered by his partner, Brian finishes next.
Cory goes to wash his car, thankfully shirtless. He makes the boring drudgery of washing a car seem like porn itself, wetting himself and stretching his whole body to show off all of his wowing musculature. Adam can’t help but watch, and gets an added bonus when he watches Cory pee on the driveway. Later, Adam walks in on Sharon and Cory making out and when Cory rolls off, he sports a boner that Adam has to pretend to ignore. But, when Cory goes to bathe later, Adam slips into the bathroom to watch, and what a sight it is! The solo is a celebration of a truly beautiful man, worshipped and adored by a smitten camera. With soap and water, he makes it sizzle and winds it up with a very impressive cum-shot.
Cory decides to take Adam to a titty bar, which doesn’t thrill Adam at all. As lithe Brook Waters goes about her gyrations to the delight of the audience (a great collection of favorite mid-90s talents), Adams slips off to the bathroom where hairy supremely handsome Jake Taylor is already taking a piss. Jake admits that at this point, he doesn’t care who sucks his dick, so Adam takes him on. Adam takes the hirsute Adonis in his mouth and delivers the goods again with another very good hand-helped blow. Adam seems to delivering this one, as he’s totally on fire. In swaggers swarthy Dino DiMarco, with one of porn’s greatest heads of hair ever, and Jake assures him that Adam is a great cocksucker. So, Dino takes off his shirt and lets Adam go down on them both. Adam doubles his pleasure by deep-throating them individually and then taking them far down together! He stretches mighty wide. Jake splashes a big blast on Adam’s chest, which nets one from the tireless sucker.
Adam asks Cory to take him to the airport, and Cory bluntly announces he’s noticed the attention Adam has been paying his cock. “If you wanna put my dick in your mouth, it’s okay,” Cory says, before adding, “it’s just like two friends getting each other off,” rather rationally. Adam doesn’t need further impetus to add this stud to his plethora of pleased partners and goes ape on Cory’s cock with his most wanton blow yet. He’s sucked four guys in three scenes here, and saves the best for last. The sucking is so good, it even gets Cory kissing that mouth. After sucking a cock as well as anyone should ever expect, Adam then turns his attention to the rest of Cory, licking his chest, armpit, back and even between Cory’s sensationally fluffy asscheeks. Cory slips on a condom and fucks a bent-over Adam. Cory fits in perfectly, though he seems a bit tentative at first. So, Adam shows him there’s nothing to be afraid of and backs up ferociously on Cory, starting the fuck with energetic zest. Soon enough, Cory joins the fun by engaging his abs to provide a series of strong jolts to his bottom. Once Cory gets started, he looks like a lion going in for the kill fucking the stuffing out of Adam, though there are moments of touching and kissing that are quite tender amidst the crashing carnality. To show off Cory’s body even more, they fuck missionary, and now that Cory is fully in control, the fuck gets positively fierce and rabid, with Adam egging him on hungrily. All those muscles sure provide one big fuck. After a well-deserved long-lasting fuck, Cory jacks off Adam while fucking him, and it’s a stunning shot. Cory then finishes. After, Adam gushes: “I know why my sister married you.”
Back at home, Adam tells Daryl the whole story and Daryl hopes that maybe one day they can have a three-way if they can coax him out again. Turned on, they head to the showers for more sex. Sharon calls again and suggests Adam bring Daryl to visit next time. Guess dreams do come true!
File size: 1.0 GB