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Tokyo-Hot n0148 – Riko The Kinbaku – Riko Araki

Hello all the fun of TOKYO HOT. I love the lovely young girl much more than adult beauty that is popular in the adult video, therefore I have not interest for any adult video for my masturbation, but, only the video of RIKO ARAKI is different. I have super erected deeply to see her last video of Meat Urinal and have fallen into love with RIKO. And, such RIKO ARAKI appears again gladly this time. A lovely smile is alive and well. If you recall it, I have desired last time only in lisp way to talk. RIKO calls at the office of the TOKYO HOT though she received to the treatment as the meat urinal and said with feeling shy that she can not forget the matter what happen to her last time. What the matter with recent young girl ?? If it is it, our staff willing with great enthusiasm to bully her pussy more than last time by hard play. How immediately RIKO will ejaculated by tied play! My cock is forward, too by enthusiastic violently. Insulting to RIKO starts at the beginning. She looks like different from last time and appears with dress like adult. RIKO opens leg widely on the sofa after the hip was spanked. In addition, RIKO open her labia by her self and compelled masturbation with rotor toy. One of the charms of RIKO is a pant face that seems to cry. My pre spam drip down little to the scene that RIKO was said that she want cock with cry face. Three men tickle when thinking what is going to RIKO who bound in bed. Men emphatically attack the back of foot and the armpit. Though RIKO was laughing because it is ticklish at the first, it seems to cry and coughing by because of persistent play. Next, the pussy is stimulated with the finger and the electric massage machine and a white liquid with the viscosity gushes from the vagina. The cock swells further with the appearance of RIKO who seriously dislikes it. Then, it is tied bullying scene of RIKO who put up lascivious red lingerie. RIKO is hung and the SM apparatus to which the mouth is not shut is installed and also pussy is stimulated with the toy as well. RIKO is ejaculating while dripping a large amount of saliva. It is red congested the bound wrist ahead, and it is painful and the expression that seems to cry makes the movement of the cock active. RIKO who moved to the bed is tied to the hand in the back. Then, raw fucking beginning to insert cock to pussy that RIKO greatly opened. RIKO who loose freedom body due to tie cannot refuse any posture even it is abnormal. Cannon cock is inserted into RIKO who dislikes it and will destroy the pussy. Finish is a vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. The cock that too thick for young RIKO is pulled out and the appearance where the labia is convulsive is must see. The last scene is gangbang party by four brute. RIKO who has received considerable damage lie down on the bed and is in only the state of the insertion of cock. Mean while raw fucking is continue, other brute make facial cum shot. RIKO vomits the semen that was splashed into her mouth by facial cum shot in the glass. The whole body is covered by the semen that exceed the limit of the jar with continuousness three vaginal cum shot and several facial cum shot. The semen collected in the glass is poured in vagina of RIKO who became lift hip up posture by original weapon of TOKYO HOT. She dislikes it while fluttering hands and feet and crying. The scene that RIKO is suppressing will make much excitement. RIKO has no reaction for the question that men asked when she will come back. It seems to have lost the voice by sublime play. In order to achieve my dream that takes RIKO for the work with fixing the collar, I want RIKO to be going to become a female dog next time and to be exhibited in the shop of the pet shop. Dear TOKYO HOT, please make my dream come true.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:49.141
File Size: 752.6 MiB
Video: XviD 1 346 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 70.1 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 790.3 MB

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