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Big Bigger Biggest Part 1 (2008)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Hunks, Big Cocks, Big Balls, Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Big Loads, Leather, Bondage & Discipline, Glory Holes, Orgy, Group Sex, Rimming, Tattoos, Black Men, Latin Men, Interracial Sex
Starring: Ricky Sinz, Dominic Sol, Antonio Biaggi, Enrique Currero, Jay Black, Justin Christopher, Marcos David, Mason Garet, Roman Ragazzi, Tristan Phoenix, Luke Hass
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Monster Bang

Deep dickin’ is the name of the game. Included in these incredible scenes is Ricky Sinz taking a huge dick up his ass for the first time on film! Director Michael Brandon brings it to you up close and personal.
Antonio Biaggi starts us off with a wall-to-wall oral scene full of spit and cum. As the camera pulls out from Antonio’s 11-inch monster, the screen fills with a room full of horny studs. ‘Release the cocksucker,’ barks Antonio and everyone falls in line. Behind the glory-hole wall we have three of the biggest and best tops in the business, Ricky Sinz, Antonio, and Roman Ragazzi. On their knees, Mason Garet and Dominic Sol wait with eager mouths, hungry for dick. As the cocksucking starts there is not a soft dick in the building. Mason takes a turn sucking Antonio’s huge cock and then gives some attention to Ricky. Dominic has one dick in mind and he works Roman’s cock with his lips and throat eagerly. Jay Black joins in and swallows Antonio’s massive schlong without hesitation, wetting it with spit and saliva and swallowing it again. As the tops bark orders, the bottoms suck away, grabbing each other’s asses as they fill their mouths. Ricky shoots first, covering Mason’s face with white cum followed by Antonio and Roman who cover their bottoms. Jay turns around and strokes himself as Mason shoots all over Jay’s face and Dominic adds his load too. Jay, covered with cum, shoots his own load all over his chest.
At the beginning of scene two, Marcos David and Enrique Currero are already on their knees with Antonio’s massive cock dangling above them. Antonio stands at full attention on the St. Andrew’s cross as Marcos and Enrique pay homage to his dick with their mouths and hands. Enrique and Marcos take turns passing the huge log between them, swallowing as much of it as they can get down. Enrique stands and pushes his dick down Marcos’s throat as Marcos struggles handling both dicks with his hands, tongue, lips, and mouth. When Antonio moves out of the way, Enrique offers his ass up to Marcos first for some ass eating and then some deep dick fucking. Marcos warms him up with his tongue and then plows deep into Enrique with every inch of his fat cock. Once they start fucking the energy rises. Antonio watches as Marcos pounds away at Enrique’s pink hole. As Marcos pushes in and out, Enrique’s cock bounces up and down following the rhythm of Marcos’s strokes. Antonio watches until the jealousy gets out of control. He gets up and takes a turn fucking Enrique as he moans and screams with pleasure. Marcos takes a seat and strokes his dick while Antonio rides what’s left of Enrique. Antonio’s dick stretches Enrique to the limit, literally pumping the cum into his balls. Marcos shoots while watching the fucking, followed by Antonio who pulls out and covers Enrique’s chest as Enrique pops his load and spills it on the floor.
Jay Black and Justin Christopher are already naked at the opening of the third scene. Justin quickly dives for Jay’s big dick and works it eagerly with his throat. Jay goes down on Justin’s massive dick, working the head and the entire long shaft all the way down to the big balls. Justin pushes Jay down for a chance to eat his ass. Jay’s ass opens up easily for Justin’s tongue. Jay’s pink hole peaks out as Justin dives deep into it with hunger. But the butt eating is just a warm-up for Justin’s huge cock. Justin pushes deep into Jay’s ass and begins pounding. Justin’s huge rod bangs in and out of Jay’s hole as Jay moans and grinds up against Justin trying to get every inch. Justin lies back with his big dick sticking straight up and Jay jumps on top for a hard ride. Jay works Justin’s cock up and down in his asshole, riding him like a horse until he explodes, covering Justin with cum. Jay climbs off and kisses Justin as he pumps out a huge load.
Newbie Tristan Phoenix is making out with Luke Hass at the beginning of the fourth scene. Ricky Sinz is trapped behind a piece of fence watching as Tristan goes down on Luke’s big pole. With Ricky egging him on, Tristan works Luke’s dick as far down his throat as he can, choking on it, taking a breath, and going back for more. While sucking cock, Tristan pushes his ass up against the fence so Ricky can finger his hole. Ricky shoves a finger in and then a few more, stretching Tristan’s hole out. When Tristan’s hole is warm and ready, Luke fills it up with his enormous cock, riding him from behind. Tristan moans as Luke pumps his ass full of dick. Ricky orders them to fuck harder and Luke obliges, humping Tristan more forcibly with his massive dick. Tristan flips over so Luke can get into his ass from the front. After a round of intense fucking, Ricky offers his ass up for a fuck. As Ricky warms up to Luke’s huge cock, Tristan blows his load on Ricky’s chest, leaving Ricky and Luke alone for a long round of fucking. Ricky’s hairy ass accepts Luke’s long cock easily, and Luke quickly speeds up pumping in and out of Ricky as he moans. With Luke still inside him Ricky stands up and shoots a major load followed by Luke who covers Ricky’s ass in cum. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:58:12
Resolution: 720×480
Size: 3.32 GB

File size: 3.0 GB