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Japanese Girls Playing with Cum

The model wakes up and puts on her clothes and goes into another room to give a man a blowjob. She spits his cum into a glass and then she drinks it. Then on scene two, she makes a guy breakfast and then she opens up her fridge to find a bunch of cum-filled condoms hanging in there. She cuts one open and puts the cum all over her toast. So the man uses a vibrator on her while she cleans the house.

More men enter the house and use several other vibrators on her. Then she washes some guy’s dick and ass, then his hands. More men come in and she does the same to them. On scene five, she has sex and gives a group of men hand-jobs, blowjobs and let them cum all over her face. Finally on the last scene, someone wakes her up while she’s sleeping and then they have sex.

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