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Tokyo-Hot n0209 – Tokyo Hot Clinic – Ayane Komatsubara

Ayane Komatsu who hangs pheromone in the air from the whole body has been sink. A young wife AYANE does not have a child though she works hard at sex with the husband every day. After they worried with sterility, they visit TOKYO HOT clinic together. However, it is waited a lot of an infertile inspection of bullying as fake. After she is suppressed by two or more men and the whole body is groped, AYANE is immediately before going mad for the obstinate inspection that stirred to the interior of the pussy. At the beginning, it is a sex scene with the husband. It is an image of which it takes a picture by husband’s line of vision. AYANE voluntarily extends over husband’s face and licks husband’s nipple positively, and it is so lascivious. The love juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the pussy to the husband’s finger fuck. Then it is fucking play at the woman on top posture after fellatio. AYANE violently shakes the hip and shifts to backward woman on top posture while inserted and a large amount of love juice that become cloudy gush from the uniting part. Then she got acme by the violent piston at the back posture. Cock is pulled out and the love juice that becomes cloudy is springing from the interior of the pussy and cock is inserting again at the side posture. A large amount of liquids that become cloudy are in the cock. After made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture, cock pulled out once is inserted again and all the semen of the remainder is injected. AYANE visits the hospital later with the husband for the fertility treatment. First of all, husband’s semen will be examined. Therefore, AYANE begins fellatio. AYANE keeps fellatio while groping and licking husband’s gem and made mouthful cum shot from hand job service. AYANE mixes semen with saliva in the mouth and vomits by the doctor’s instruction. The vomited semen is spent in the inspection. It is inspection of AYANE that was performed successively. The compulsion inspection by the doctor and the assistants starts to AYANE who became open leg pose at the consultation seat. First of all, Cuzco is inserted in the pussy. Then, ginger fuck is made after the insult inspection from which the vagina wall is all over seen. More over, it is vibs and rotor toy attack. AYANE screamed when the thick vibs toy is inserted. The amount of the joy juice increases further if the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy, and AYANE is got come compulsorily. In addition, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy that is still convulsion immediately after having acme. The clitoris is continuously stimulated with the electric massage machine. AYANE ejaculates and got acme again though it is immediately after having acme. The inspection result that husband’s semen is thin is told to AYANE who is made acme continuously and is exhausted. Based on the inspection result, compulsory insemination by the doctor and assistants is having been executed. The fucking is begun when they move to the bed. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes to the piston that violently pokes the vagina interior at the missionary and side posture. In addition, AYANE is made acme compulsorily while cock is inserting at the back posture. However, assistant’s piston turns up the heat further and made vaginal cu shot after piston at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture. When the cock is pulled out, semen flows backward to the ostium of the vagina slowly. Then, another cock made insertion at the missionary posture. The semen that flows backward mightily is pushed again in the vagina. The semen injected from the uniting part into the inside of the vagina springs. And, more a large amount of semen is injected in the vagina where already filled with semen. The inspection result that there is no live sperm in the semen of husband comes out. Thereupon the donors of sperm were gathered. Yes, it is the start of cum shower party. Donors ejaculate one after another to the face of AYANE who was suppressed the head. Total 17 cum shower is made to AYANE and her face becomes pure-white. Semen drips and drops even in the body. However, treatment doesn’t end. Beginning of insemination treatment by donors is informed to AYANE who keeps faint. After this, her pussy doesn’t close because of the heavy load in the inside of vagina. The joy juice of the ovum mixing gushes from the opening of uterus round the clock and she came to be able to get pregnant at any time. It is a result of the roughness treatment of the TOKYO HOT clinic.

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