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Broken Hearted And Cock Hungry

MPG HD | 43:05
Just out of a 9 year this gorgeous slut was surprised when her girlfriends got her a real man to satisfy her! Although things got out of hand way too fast and these girls just couldn’t contain themselves! Shirts, dresses and a whole lot of tits were flying that day……
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Tokyo-Hot n0141 – Become A Girlfriend – Hikari Hayakawa

Wonderful body shape slut appears ! HIKARI HAYAKAWA who has an ambition to become dancer fall a prey to TOKYO HOT in this time. If someone get girl friend, she will be the one of best. To wonder to go to a fashionable club together and wanted to boast of it to the friend, however, the delicate body strengthened by the dance is made confused by brute of TOKYO HOT. HIKARI should be the erotic and wonderful dancer, but she was bound, fucked and the end became a cruel appearance. This will bring much excitement that the many treatment that are extreme in brutality. HIKARU wish to become professional dancer who loves reggae will go to the dance school. However, TOKYO HOT dances school there famous for villainy. Anyway let’s see from lesson 1. HIKARI is made change of clothes to disagreeable clothes and dance being compelled at the start, she is made female ejaculation by hard finger fuck while bound to the hand in the back and hung from the ceiling. In addition, she is attacked with the thick vibs toy and the electric massage machine while being had hip meat in the spank. The love juice drips and drops from the vagina and hip meat swell up in red. In continues, she was fucked suddenly at the standing back posture. Her love juice that becomes cloudy drips from the vagina when the stiffening cock is violently put in and out many times. One foot is lifted and a man rots away at once in the pussy by a violent piston action. The place where a large amount of semen gushes at the same time as the cock’s being pulled out gets excited. HIKARI is mounted on the vibs toy that installed on the desk and masturbation is compelled at lesson 2. HIKARI is made the open leg pose in the sofa and the pussy is blamed with two electric massage machines. A transparent joy juice begins to blot in the vagina and made whole pussy wet and she reaches at acme. As for the last lesson, four vicious teachers made fuck to HIKARI with the cock in inculcating an ultimate dance. Four canon cocks inserted into her mouth deeply. It is deep impression to see HIKARI who made service while sobs. Teachers insert the cock in the pussy where got wet disagreeable in the cloudiness love juice and opened completely. The cloudiness joy juice that transmits and dripping from pussy in the anus is the evidence of how she got acme. Then, teachers who get excited begin to bully her body. As 3P&4P play, Teachers put the cock in the pussy and the mouth and are soaked as reaction of HIKARI is confirmed only in pleasure. Love juice is in the state of pouring away to a violent piston that changes the posture as missionary, back and woman on top. The labia pleat roll up violently, expression of HIKARI becomes hollow and the focus of the pupil is not stabilized. Saliva drips down from mouth as well as vagina and cock shines by it. Then, last is continuous fucking party of fear. A hollow expression a little while ago changes into a painful expression if the cock that stiffened hard is inserted. The pussy that received total five vaginal cum shots and two facial cum shot are in the state of slack. HIKARI seems tired out and not to be able to move by strong insult. When it is peeped in the vagina in Cuzco, it was astonished that a large amount of vaginal cum shot semen is remained and overlapped in inside, and to become pure-white. Be at the end of getting up in the state barely though HIKARI who showed active dance. It ends by the PISS SHOT scene of the extra that urinates while happily standing. The crotch is swelled much though it is sad that HIKARI became meat slave and her looks was changed. Though it was thought that it passed to the dance school and got close to the girl like HIKARI, it knew that training cock and make fuck is quicker. Thus, I submit the application to the TOKYO HOT dance school where make meat cock lesson that can make cock stiffen even country boy like me. And, I want to master the devil way by all means.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:54.685
File Size: 754.3 MiB
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Audio: Vorbis 75.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
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Lorikano Virtual Girl Friends

Year: 2007
Censored: yes
Genre: 3DCG, Flash, Animation, Straight
Studio: Shshinabeya
System requirements: CPU Celeron 2.0GB or more: Memory 256MB or more

Description: Virtual sex with two native sisters: Katsuragi Sayaka and Katsuragi Anna!

File size: 326.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Tokyo-Hot n0103 – Pregnant Or Not – Makoto Amano

The slut we present this time is MAKOTO AMANO who is a little amorous and slender beautiful woman. Her private sexy clothes will bring more excitement. To tell the truth, MAKOTO come from local area and was a woman who had had the of old-fashioned by contraries though her looks are showy. Favor of man of such MAKOTO is a little fat man like a bear. MAKOTO says that she dislikes handsome man and it can have the more good feeling. It is thought it is good when it is only a woman of such an in the world. MAKOTO such as high feeling level has been bullied by our devil brute. As usual, devil brute love to bully and beat. How does the end become to a brute who turn into the beast. Several men come near to her sudden in the train where MAKOTO goes to the office and they begin to grope her body. She cannot say anything to this sudden event and is groped by devil brute as they like. The hand is put from stockings by the panty while being rubbed tits and it plays with their own way. Even more, pussy is bared at the end and brute enjoy it as much as they would. However, the thing that is the delusion of MAKOTO where the frustration had collected recently is needless to say to it. She imagined such situation as she like because she was tired the life of simple work of every day of the office lady. Her boyfriend suddenly comes to the office and make a pass at MAKOTO when she working to wiping the desk as usual in the office. He comes to threaten MAKOTO because she tries deserting him in order to become girl friend for son of president. The attacking pussy is made without mercy though she apologizes to him and he calls the devil brute friend and rushes into the group compulsion fellatio. The cock is pushed into her mouth by force and piston movement is made. MAKOTO who makes ugly faces and supplicates pardon is made to irrumatio. MAKOTO is sobbed continuously brute make to do as they want. Next, it is recollection scene. President’s saucy son order for MAKOTO to make fellatio service and made cum shot on the tongue by the hand job service at the end. Afterwards, brute including him put various toys in her pussy and begin to play with. Please fully enjoy the scene that various things as stick, vibs toy, muddler, glasswork and etc inserted into her pussy while she sucks the cock and pants though she comes to fear. When attack the vagina and clitoris with pink rotor toy and the electric massage machine, MAKOTO ejaculates and got acme. When peeping the uterus that widely opened by the transparent cuzco, it is very impressive to see inside that wait to receive the semen. Then raw fuck is starts. The piston action with a violent cock and pussy knocks against each other, and lewd sounding sounds. The pant is seriously felt or it writhes in a lascivious voice every time pierced though it doesn’t know. Other brute participates when entering to Woman on Top posture and 4P gangbang play was started. Even if the pussy is pierced, lewdness as mouth is sucking cock makes overjoyed. The recommendation point here is 4P play at backward woman on top posture and the monkey backing posture, it is very lasciviously and wonderful. After satisfied pussy suitably, it is continuous vaginal cum shot and facial cum shot as usual. They made two mouthful cum shot after made two vaginal cum shot and the semen that entered the mouth is made sob up with the injection and MAKOTO is made to become lift hip up posture. Cruel play that pours the soup in the vagina is executed. Devil brute unabashedly really do a cruel thing. Nobody care about she got pregnant or not, and please walk on a mean road like that in the future.

Format: AVI
Video: XviD 1638 Kbps 640×480 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 160 Kbps Constant 2 channels 44.1 KHz
File size: 929 MiB
Duration: 1h 11mn

File size: 925.4 MB

Shadow Lane’s – Bed Bad and Beyond

Featuring hard spanking, embarrassing exposure, crackling dialog, strict caning, explicit anal dildoing, deep down affection, personality and endearingly feminine charm!

Dia bursts into her neighbor and friend Amber’s house demanding to know why her Honeybear’s cell phone is full of amorous texts from Amber referencing the exciting anal sex she had with Dia’s husband quite recently! Amber pretends that she was merely joking with Honeybear in sending those ill advised texts, but Dia knows better and threatening to tell Amber’s husband of his wife’s inexcusably slutty behavior, Dia forces Amber to submit to her will and begins to revenge herself on her adulterous best friend by turning Amber over her knee and spanking the brunette’s pert bottom rosy red.

The spanking of Amber and her attendant cries and sobs begin to disturb a neighbor, Susan Mills, who at that very moment has her bridge club over. Miss Mills calls to complain and is rudely told to “sit on a candy cane” by Dia.

Ignoring the distraction, Dia pulls Amber’s clothes off, instructs Amber to spread her cheeks, inspects her cheating friend’s charms minutely, punishes Amber’s bottom with a strap, including disciplining Amber’s anus, and then subjects Amber to deep dildo penetration in her small bottom, using a long, thick, ripply, glass phallus to vigorously possess the slim, dark haired, fast-talking husband stealer. This scene is rated X for explicit action beyond the anal enthusiast’s wildest dreams. Nor do the thrills stop there!

After she has been punished to the point of orgasm, Amber takes stock of the situation and realizes that she has reason to complain of her treatment at Dia’s probingly outrageous hands. Accusing Dia of violating her husband’s sacred rite of privacy by reading his text messages, Amber demands satisfaction on behalf of their shared stud. The fair-minded Dia instantly realizes that Amber has a point. Also, she’s become rather aroused topping Amber and taking her bottom. So she doesn’t really fight it when Amber aggressively turns the tables on her, dragging Dia over her lap.

Amber spanks the hell out of Dia and pulls out such implements as straps and paddles to assist her. Then she goes into Dia’s own toybox and pulls out a number of invasive butt toys to insert into the tight bottom of the voluptuous blonde. Dia’s clothes and shoes come off and her sex is fully exposed as her corporal punishment continues. Amber warms to her work, scolding, spanking and roughly seducing her best girl friend and finally taking Dia’s bottom with a thick rubber dildo.

Dia reacts with squeals, wails and yips as Amber belabors her luscious bare bottom with implements of correction and stimulatingly invasive punishment toys, to the growing dissatisfaction of their neighbor, Susan Mills, who again calls to ask them to please keep the noise level down. This time it is Amber who tells Miss Mills to go and have sex with herself before blithely hanging up on her highly irritated neighbor.

The sizzling scene concludes with Amber bringing Dia to a blissfully embarrassing anal climax that leaves both girls in a heap of erotic exhaustion, with all infidelities and privacy issues forgiven.

The next day, Amber and Dia are happily hanging out together when their neighbor Susan Mills enters without knocking and proceeds to lecture the rowdy neighborhood sluts as only an off duty police officer can. She tells the girls that she isn’t about to tolerate their disrespectfully lewd disturbing of the peace to the slightest degree and that they can either agree to take the discipline they have coming from her, then and there, or have her process them through the criminal system. Of course the girls agree to submit to an appropriate punishment from their offended neighbor, who turns out to be a cop, and go one by one over her skirted lap for an old fashioned spanking a piece.

Not satisfied that the neighborhood bad girls have been sufficiently punished for their amazing rudeness, Susan Mills takes up a cane and ordering them to kneel side by side with their bare bottoms uppermost, she lays into them in style, leaving both brats marked evenly with pink cane marks up and down their behinds. This is a spanking boiler maker in every sense of the phrase, unexpectedly polishing off an incredibly explicit hardcore scenario with a piquantly well behaved, crisply traditional finale.

Cram packed with sound spanking, stinging strapping, exciting exposure, punishment paddling and invasive insertion, Bed Bad and Beyond is perhaps our hottest all female spanking video ever.

Running time: 75 minutes.
File size: 960.5 MB

This video has been removed.