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Gaywargames videos. Full collection (2012)

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You have arrived in Tchukistan… the war-torn country of the former East. Here we broadcast the uncensored coverage from GWG news. Watch our marauding soldiers simple take what they want while enjoying the pleasures of nearly unlimited power.
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GayWarGames – Proper Drill #2

Simon gets his chest shaved. Then the officer walks him like a dog. Tied again he gets his butt hairs removed. Finally his body betrays him when Hannibal starts to fondle the pitiful recruit.

With his body tied and his head taped Simon slowly starts to get sober again. Hannibal is still raging and calling him names. The officer starts to tear the soldier’s clothes into pieces. When he sees his hairy chest he almost freaks out. He grabs a razor and starts to shave the soldier. He moves the razor up and down and comes closer and closer to the recruit’s private parts.

After a while he starts to untie the soldier. “Get down on your knees!” Simon’s head is still taped to a rope. “You are a dog. Nothing more but a dirty dog! Come on – move!” The officer is walking Simon like a dog over the whole compound. He leads him to a remote building and ties him again to the wall. Now he starts to remove the hair from the humiliated soldier’s ass. But he doesn’t use a razor. He puts a lot of tape on the ass and tears out the hair by removing it fast. Once the butt is smooth he turns the soldier around and starts to fondle the dick. He plays with the soldier’s nipples and gives him several face slabs.

To his own surprise Simon gets a hardon. “So this is turning you on? You little Fag! I can’t believe it.” With his own body betraying him Simon is totally degraded now. The officer continues with his evil game. And for every sign of arousal Simon gets another face slab. Other soldiers pass by and make jokes about the poor recruit. What a humiliation.

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GayWarGames – Proper Drill #1

Simon came to the barracks totally drunk. Time for some proper drill, humiliation and breath control. The well tied conscript gets a new haircut and a complete body shave.

Simon was happy when he was called up for military service. He was unemployed for 3 years and now he saw his chance to re-integrate. On this very afternoon he was in the nearby pub. His girlfriend left him and he wanted to drink. He wanted to forget. Obviously he forgot how much he has been drinking. When he came back to the barracks he hardly could walk.

Hannibal, the officer on duty, was quite pissed that day. His request for a week off was rejected. On his way back to his office he saw the drunk conscript. He immediately started to shout at him. This little piece of shit was exactly what he needed now. He kicked the guys ass and he decided that it was time for some proper drill. The frightened Simon didn’t dare to protest even when the officer started to fix his head to a metal bar. He taped his head so tight that the soldier almost had problems breathing. “What kind of haircut is this? You look like a fag!” And Hannibal didn’t hesitate and gave the conscript a new haircut.

But the officer isn’t yet finished with his work. He rips off the soldier’s shirt and when his sees his hairy chest he decides that it is time for a complete body shave. Slowly Simon starts to worry. Is this just a punishment or has Hannibal other interests? His body still might be drunk but his brain starts to get sober sooner than intended.

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Duration: 20:26
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3436kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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GayWarGames – The Agent #03

Brent gets his ass and butt-hole shaved. Already frightened and submissive he is now ready to give a good blow job. But first he gets fucked before they torture his balls and deep throat him.

Brent is still tied with his legs spread widely. The soldiers put foam on his hairy ass. They fondle his butt hole which is already widened by the previous fuck. Then they start to shave his ass. They want it clean and smooth. Suddenly Franks brings a canister with some inflammable liquid. He puts it all over the guy’s body and even into his cherry. Brent is crying from humiliation, fear and pain. His ass burns like hell and the soldiers even sill play with it.

Now Frank wants to continue the fuck. His prisoner is now well prepared and his helpless and vulnerable position makes him even more horny. He pushes his dick inside and enjoys every single moan of the arrogant dealer. The martyrdom goes on for a whole while till they finally release the broken guy from this terrible position. Now Brent is frightened and submissive enough to give a good blow job. “Suck, little bastard, suck!” In the beginning he was still struggling and the soldiers had to use some breath control to open his mouth.

Finally Brent sucks. He sucks like a bitch. But Frank wants more. He wants the guy to choke and starts to really deep throat him. Spit is running out of the dealer’s mouth. A lot of spit. Then they torture his cock and balls. The arrogant cunt is now nothing more but a humble piece of submissive boy meat. And the soldiers still want much more.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 18:29
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 690.0 MB

GayWarGames – The Agent #02

Brent gets stripped and tied, spanked and caned, humiliated and degraded. He gets fucked into his hairy virgin ass. The soldiers tie his legs behind a buttress. Time to shave this monkey.

The soldiers strip and tie the sportive guy. They know who he is and why he entered the compound. But they still treat him like a prisoner of war. Brent now gets spanked and gagged with a piece of wood. They keep beating him. This little arrogant cunt has to learn what it means to mess with them. They torture him in several ways. One soldiers puts a helmet on the guy´s head and starts to use it like a drum.

But the soldier want more. They want to humiliate the guy. Brent is told to kneel down and bend over. He feels greedy hands inspecting his anus. Then they start to spank him again. This time with a rope. “A good time to fuck your dirty virgin ass”. Brent cries and begs for mercy. But Frank, the soldier who owes him the money, already opened his pants and took out his hard dick. And he didn’t hesitate to push it deep inside the prisoner’s hole. What a pain. What a disgrace. The second guy holds Brent’s head while his comrade fucks the poor dealer.

And as Brent keeps crying he gets several face-slaps.”Shut up, bitch! I wont’ tell you a second time!” After a hard and long fuck they finally tie the guy again to the buttress. With his legs bound behind it. His ass is now on full display. “Watch this. What a hairy bastard!. It’s time to give this monkey’s ass a good shave.”

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 20:41
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 772.1 MB