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Aaron James Collector’s Edition [Jet Set Men – 2010]

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Compilation, Oral/Anal Sex,Twinks (Young Meat), Double Oral Penetration, Group Sex,Rimming,Threesomes, Wrestling
Length: 02:40:08

Directed by: Chris Steele
Studio: Jet Set Men

Cast: Aaron James, Brent Steele,C.J. Madison, Dylan Wood, Guy Parker, Jason Reddick,Jesse Santana, Mason Ross, Max Schutler, Nathan Sommers,Riley Burke, Rod Daily, Sean Preston, Shawn Hunter, Wolf Hudson, Zackary Ryan

Aaron James Collector’s Edition celebrates this lustful Jet Set Men’s meteoric porn career, with seven of his hottest scenes from films and two bonus scenes shot for Jet Set Live – a total of nine sizzling performances. Aaron flashed onto the scene, first performing live on the web, and then shooting film after film – On Fire!, Hollywood Sex Club, Ass Cruisin’, and Jock Tease. With blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a muscular V-shaped torso, AJ – as he was frequently called – looked like a charismatic “boy next door”, but was also a wild and enthusiastic sex performer. He said he preferred to top, but he was never averse to using his perfect ass to bottom. It’s no wonder that MTV picked him for their True Life series or Tyra Banks for an episode of her show. At the 2009 GayVN Awards, Aaron was nominated as Best Actor, Best Newcomer, Best Web Performer and Performer of the Year.
Aaron’s out cruising around West Hollywood to find himself a hot ass. Riley Burke catches his eye, so the two head home. However, before they get there, he does a quick ass check to make sure Riley’s just what he wants. He more than passes the grope test. At home, they head to the kitchen, where Aaron quickly pulls down Riley’s jeans, so he can really check him out, rimming his ass for a while. With Riley up on the butcher block table, Aaron whips his shirt off and his dick out, so he can tongue Riley’s ass and stroke himself at the same time. He licks Riley’s butt hole, dick and balls all together. Then he sets Riley upright, so that he can really get at his dick to suck it. Aaron loses his pants and Riley his shirt, so that they are now both naked. Aaron pushes him back, so he can rim him and jack off at the same time. Riley then gets off the table to kneel down and suck on Aaron, who’s now standing over him. Riley climbs back on the table for more rimming, when suddenly Jesse appears in the kitchen wrapped in a towel and sharing Aaron’s interest in new-found butt. Aaron kisses and caresses him and Jesse gives him head. Aaron sucks on his ass as Jesse sucks on his dick. The two friends go back and forth, first on Riley’s dick and then his ass. At one point, Aaron’s sucking on both of his friends at the same time. Jesse, who’s known to be a hot bottom, slips a condom on his sizable cock, lubes it and gets ready to top. Riley’s legs go in the air, and Jesse pushes his dick in. From the look on Riley’s face, it isn’t a shoe-in. Then Jesse sits on Aaron and rides him, Riley spreading Jesse’s buns while he does so – a little more butt worship. Jesse is now bent over the block to take Aaron up his butt while he sucks on Riley. As Aaron continues to fuck him, Riley jacks off and cums on Jesse’s face. Then Jesse, on his back getting fucked by Aaron, shoots his load. And finally, Aaron jacks off and cums. They all end in a three-way kiss.
After the firemen’s training workout, we see three guys back at the firehouse, naked in a group shower with their hot muscular asses to the camera and totally exposed to one another. Aaron, Nathan and Max are rinsing off the sweat and grime of the day, giving special attention to their great butts and their growing erections. Some three-way action begins, but it’s interrupted by the entrance of the young “Captain” Guy Parker. A quick glance at the situation, and he joins the action as well. He falls to his knees to suck Max’s dick. This foursome is soon joined by another officer, C.J. Madison, who has the biggest dick of all. The five go eagerly at it with no thought of getting “caught”; it’s not even a consideration. The five suck, rim, indulge in ass play and fuck – a dazzling display of manhood. It comes to an end, with everyone shooting on Aaron, who is stretched out on the floor. When he finally lets his load go, the scene is definitely over.
The teammates are in the locker room after playing football, grappling with each other and horsing around. Arguing about who’s going to fuck whom, and who’s going to be whose bitch. Kidding around, Aaron offers his ass saying, “I’ll be the bitch! Fuck me, Brent!” Taking him seriously, Dylan and Brent struggle with Aaron and pull his pants off. Almost at once, the three are naked, and Aaron’s ass is the object of their lust. Aaron is on his back, so that Brent and Dylan can take turns sucking on him, with Brent kissing him when he isn’t sucking. The two pull Aaron’s legs back frog-like, so Brent can rim his ass. Dylan and Brent go back and forth, working his ass and sucking his cock, occasionally licking and sucking it together. Aaron wants Dylan to fuck him first, to really open him up for the larger Brent. Aaron is on his back now getting fucked by Dylan while sucking on Brent. Then Aaron gets up on his knees to eat out Dylan’s smooth-shaved hole, while Brent pushes his head deep into it. Dylan is now on his back, so that Aaron and Brent can suck his cock, while Aaron is sucking on Brent’s big dick as well. But now it’s time for Aaron to be the bitch for Brent that he said he’d be. Brent fucks him on his back, legs in the air, while Dylan holds his legs aloft for a long, hot session. Aaron finally gets up on his knees to jack off and cum. Brent cums on the table kneeling next to him, and finally, Dylan shoots his load as well.
Aaron and Jason, as professed “straight guys” wandering around a gay sex club, manage to avoid the all-male action and settle on a couch in a sitting area to check out some porn magazines. Well, so much for escaping. Aaron has passed out on the sofa when sex club regular Sean Preston joins them. Looking for some action, he suggests going down on Aaron and giving him a blow job. Jason and Sean manage to get Aaron’s dick out, and Sean goes for it. Aaron may be out of it, but he still seems to be getting off on it. Jason wants proof that this is really happening, so he takes some quick cell phone pictures. Sean asks Jason if his friend Aaron would like his ass licked and rimmed. They manage to turn him over and get his pants off. As Sean works on him, Aaron, mistaking Sean for his wife, ecstatically moans, “Oh baby, you’ve never done that before. I like it.” Well, there’s a first time for everything. Sean comments on Aaron’s great ass and then turns to Jason and asks, “How about you? You want your dick sucked?” He sucks on Jason’s big dick, and suggests he might be more comfortable with his shirt off. In the very next shot Jason is totally naked and moaning how great it feels. Sean’s totally turned-on, his hard dick popping out of his jeans. He continues to suck Jason, jacking himself off at the same time. They then decide Aaron might like to get his ass fucked and settle him face down on the arm of the sofa, his legs spread wide. A condom goes on, and Sean pushes his way in. Aaron has a tight ass, and Sean is big. As he fucks, the half-awake Aaron moans, “Baby, I love you.” After a long session, Jason and Sean both jack off, and one by one, cum on Aaron’s back. He is still out of it, so they flip him over. Sean does the honors and jacks him off until he shoots his load. In the next scene, Aaron and Jason’s clothes are back on, and the two buddies are headed somewhat shakily for the door. “We sure had fun tonight,” Aaron says, but he must wonder what that strange feeling in his ass is and why he’s walking funny.
Wrestling is so close to sex, it probably shouldn’t even qualify as a sport. Four teammates, two in blue and two in red, are practicing. Aaron and Shawn (in blue) try out a few moves, wrestling with each other, trying to take the other down. Mason and Zackary (in red) are standing on the sidelines. Then Aaron switches to Mason for a serious match, but they no sooner hit the mat than Aaron’s tank top drops down below his waist, and Mason jumps right to sucking his hard dick. Shawn turns his attention to sucking on Zackary. The four guys are single-minded in their lust. Then Aaron goes down on Mason. From there it becomes an orgy, with Aaron fucking the more than willing Mason’s ass. He, in turn, licks and eats Shawn and Zachary’s holes as they kneel on a bench. This becomes a long fucking and rimming session. Then Mason flips over to get his butt pounded by Aaron, as Shawn and Zack jack off over him. The four all end up shooting their loads on Mason.
Aaron is out driving around again, searching for some butt to play with, when Jesse and Rocco come walking down the street. Rocco turns him down, but Jesse is all for it. Jumping in the car, the two head back to Aaron’s place. Walking toward the house, they stop just long enough for Aaron to pull Jesse’s jeans down to check out his butt. He’s excited about what he sees and grabs himself a quick lick or two. When they arrive at the apartment, Aaron’s roommate Rod Daily is there and quick to join the party. A little lube on their fingers, and the roommates work over Jesse’s hole, spreading his ass and inserting their fingers. A black butt plug comes into play to really open Jesse up. Aaron and Rod work back and forth sucking on Jesse from the rear, all the while leaving the butt plug inserted. Jesse sucks on Rod’s dick while Aaron concentrates on Jesse’s ass. Eventually, Aaron bows out to go find himself another piece, to let Rod go at Jesse full blast. Soon Rod’s fucking Jesse doggie-style. Rod finally takes his shirt off and Jesse gets naked. They go at it again with Rod pounding Jesse’s butt. Then they flip-flop, and Jesse rims Rod. He loves to lick ass as Rod jacks off. A little more lube in just the right place, and Jesse pushes his thick dick into Rod. He alternates jacking Rod with Rod jacking himself, while he fucks him missionary. Rod jacks off and cums. Jesse lubes up again, and Rod jacks him off until he shoots.
Insatiable, Aaron next picks up Wolf Hudson. He goes through the routine of checking out his new hottie’s hole, obviously craving what he sees. They stop off in a secluded garden back at Aaron’s place to get it on. Aaron pulls Wolf’s pants down and, as Wolf kneels on a chaise, rims him. He then goes down on his well-hung catch to give him a great blow job. Wolf then gets Aaron’s pants down to suck on him, followed by Aaron moving to suck on Wolf again. When it comes to going further, they disagree about who’s going to fuck whom. Wolf wins top honors (or Aaron does – depending on one’s point of view), and Wolf pounds Aaron’s ass with his exceptionally large dick. Aaron bites down on his neck chain to help him take Wolf’s big, thick dick. Eventually, Aaron gets used to Wolf’s pounding in and out, and even seems to like it. He moves to sit up on Wolf’s dick, with Wolf lying back on the chaise and driving it deep into his ass. Wolf jacks Aaron off as he bounces him up and down. Finally, Aaron can’t take it any more and shoots his load. Wolf slams his dick into him again and then juices it all over Aaron, who is busy jacking off again. A wink from Aaron to the camera says it all and ends the scene.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Xvid 688×384 29.97fps 1427Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

The Noob

Studio: GayWarGames

Description: Harry just arrived. One week ago he was still in Vienna finishing his basic training. He is a friendly, open guy with good manners and the youngest son of an old Austrian noble family.

When he was detached for the peacekeeping mission near Novo Sazky he met Maximilian who served in Tchukistan already for more than one year. Easy going as they both were it didn’t take long to befriend with each other and Max invited Harry for a bottle of finest Tchukistani Vodka. This stuff has true spirit and more than 80 per mill of alcohol. Harry was not really used to drinking but he didn’t want to show any weakness and joined the orgy. It only took about 20 minutes and 6 glasses of vodka to get liquored up. So he stumbled towards his bed and just a few seconds after he fell into a deep sleep.
Max looked at the passed out helpless guy laying on the bed. So vulnerable, so cute. He went over to him and sat right next to him. His hands started to touch the young soldier all over. Horny as he was he unzips the pants and fondles the cock. But Harry didn’t wake up. Overpowered from his lust he pulls down the pants and sucks his mate. That guy is a good fuck he thinks and decides to bind Harry using his cuffs and elastic ropes. Now he rips off the underwear. But he was too fast – Harry seems to slowly weak up But Max wont hesitate long as he takes off one of the soldier?s socks and gags him with it.
Harry struggles but his bonds are tight and he has no chance to escape. Maximilian starts to rim him and soon after he starts putting his finger up his ass. Harry?s face is contorted with pain but he has to submit to his mate. Then Max pushes hi fat cock towards his tiny hole. Harry is in terror guessing what is going to happen next.

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:53:46

File size: 1.9 GB

British Twink Slutz 1 [Load XXX] 2011

Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Twink, Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Cocks, Uncut Cocks
Length: 2:44:49
Directed by: Michael Burling
Studio: Load XXX
Starring: Dylan Dexter, Drake Jones, Evan Zero, Jay L’Amour, Finley Yves, Kyle Wilkinson, Anthony Adams, Lucas Harvey

Description: Check out these scenes of hot boy fucking in British Twink Slutz 1. Tight butts are royally deflowered and cocks are sucked dry as eight horny twinks indulge their gay side. Drake and Dylan try to outdo each other on the Wii, but then try to outdo each other in the cock sucking stakes. Dylan pushes Drake’s tee shirt up and tenderly kisses his small nipples and toned stomach. Drake then takes his turn at Dylan’s hairless chest before inching down to the young guy’s bulge. Stripping his pal, he is eager to get his mouth round his hardening cock. The lads are impatient to taste each other and Dylan deep throats Drake’s big cock with ease before pushing his pal’s legs back and hungrily eating his hole. Wet and ready, Drake eases his big cock up his pal’s tense hole – pulling his head back by the hair as he goes balls-deep into the tight chute. These lads bang in doggy and reverse cowboy before Dylan slides off Drake’s cock to receive a hefty wad of cum on his face and then jacks onto his own stomach. Evan is on the phone, but his flatmate wants some attention – so kisses Evan’s neck and rubs the bulge in his trousers as he talks. Evan can feel his juices rising and cuts short his call to embraces Jay. The two kiss long and deep whilst hands snake under shirts and delve down jeans to wake sleeping trouser snakes. Jay pushes Evan against the kitchen sink, pulls his jeans down and gorges himself on his fully awake monster. Savouring the hardness, Jay engulfs the rigid cock with his pretty-boy mouth. Evan takes as much as he can before he is impatient for cock, so he swaps places with Jay and makes a meal of his teen dick. Jay decides he wants more and, swapping again, he bends Evan over the counter, parts his ass cheeks and dives his tongue into the twitching butt hole. However it’s Evan who’s the dominant top and he slowly pushes his thick cock up the skinny lad’s twinky ass. He gives Jay some time to adjust to the stretching pole before he starts pistoning away and fucking that sweet rear. The lads to move to the kitchen floor before Evan pops a load onto Jay’s face and Jay’s brings himself off. Finley and Kyle are connecting in more ways than one. After playing a demanding game on the Xbox Connect, these two lads decide that a little strenuous one on one is in order and collapse on the sofa with lips locked and hands wandering. They strip down to reveal two skinny and hairless boy bodies, but each sports a hard-on that cries out for attention. Finley is the first to eat cock and he mouth-fucks his pal’s throbbing dick. It’s only a matter of time before red-headed Kyle gets his teeth into Finley’s erection. Finley is a master fucker and plows Kyle’s hole like a pro. Kyle climes on top and rides Finley and, with his cock in his ass, he jettisons his spunk over his mate’s chest then sucks Finley’s balls whilst Finley knocks one out. Lucas and Anthony have a kick-around outside the flat, but after declaring that he was bored, Lucas grabs his mate and leads him upstairs to the bedroom. He throws the football down to concentrate on his pal’s hard balls. The two kiss and caress as they slowly strip down, before Lucas goes straight for Anthony’s cock. He eats and plays with the meaty pole and then sits astride Anthony’s chest and pushes his cock into his mouth. The lads 69 before Lucas lets his pal fuck him up the ass. After a heavy session both lads lay back and jerk one out. British Twink Slutz 1 features eight horny British boy-slutz in non-stop hot twink couplings!
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio: MP3
Video: XviD 720×480 25.00fps 1500kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps
Size: 1.96 GB

File size: 1.9 GB

A Nightmare on Twink Street (2010)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks, Cumshot, Toys, Fetish, Group Sex, Bareback, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Parody/Spoof
Starring: Ryan Conners, Jordan Ashton, Dean Holland, Nathan Stratus, Roxy Red, Patrick Kennedy, Ashton Cody
Studio: Saggerz Skaterz, BoyLair

Get ready for A Nightmare on Twink Street! In the early 1900’s, a gay man named Freddy lived with his male lover near Elm Street in the American Southwest. After finding about this couple’s elopement, an unforgiving and radical community captured and tortured Freddy’s lover. Freddy was able to set him free but was hung in the woods after being captured himself. Years after his death, the children and grandchildren of the townspeople experience terrifying nightmares involving a man who takes his sexually driven revenge on his innocent and often virginal victims. Now, Dean Holland along with his friends, Jordan Ashton, Nathan Stratus, Roxy Red, and Ashton Cody are being haunted by the ghost of Freddy in their dreams. When each one begins to experience intense sexual nightmares that continue to increase violently, Dean and his friends realize they must find a way to stop the psychopath’s reign of terror – or never sleep safe again. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:18:05
Resolution: 848×480
Size: 1.33 GB

File size: 1.2 GB

CJ and Brett

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, we are pleased to introduce, Brett while bringing back Cj. I met Brett when he was fishing in the bay. Brett had lost his job at Subway four months previously and was fairly strapped for cash so I offered him $300 to jerk off with another guy. Brett wasn’t too sure about it all but since he needed the money, he was willing to give it a go.

Back at the studio, Brett quickly stripped off naked, revealing a slender but toned body with a well proportioned ass. Sitting back down on the futon, Brett watched the straight porn and started working on getting his dick hard. Just as Brett was starting to get half hard, Cj knocked on the studio door and walked in. Cj sat down next to Brett, clearly taken aback when he saw what Brett was doing. I explained to him what he was going to be doing and just like Brett, Cj wasn’t keen on the In the end, Cj decided to go for it, standing up and taking off his clothes. Cj sat down, one hand wrapped around his dick and putting in some hard wrist action as he chatted with Brett about fishing techniques and the red snapper that Brett had managed to land. As Brett picked up the snapper to show it off, I told him to slap Cj on the ass with the fish. Cj immediately protested the however, an offer of $40 quickly changed his mind. Both boys stood up. Cj turned around and Brett gave him a slap on the ass but I told him to do it again, but this time, harder. Ultimately, Brett gave him two more smacks on the ass, both boys laughing hard.

Cj and Brett sat down on the futon, both jerking themselves off as they started to get hard. Cj’s balls bounced up and down as he stroked his long dick while Brett massaged his own balls as he hardened. I told them, if they jerked each other off, I would give them an extra $200 each. Cj and Brett hated the however, they couldn’t deny the lure of easy money and despite their grumbling, each reached over and took the others dick in their hand, slowly sliding their hand up and down the shaft. Surprisingly, Cj, who had protested the most, admitted that Brett’s hand on his dick felt ‘kinda’ good. As they jerked each other off, I asked them if either of them had sucked dick before and offered them another $300 each to try it. Both boys instantly went back to fisting their own dicks, saying that no amount of money would get them to suck dick. However, Brett came up with a figure of $600 to do but accepted $550 while Cj was going to get $100. The deal done, Brett leaned over and wrapped his lips around the tip of Cj’s cock, sucking it softly as he got used to the taste of a dick in his mouth. Right away, Cj was moaning in pleasure as Brett went about performing his first blow job. Brett was doing so well, Cj wondered aloud if it really was Brett’s first time.

Placing his hand on the back of Brett’s head, Cj pushed down as Brett went deeper on his dick. For a cock sucking virgin, Brett was doing a great job and it looked like Brett was liking the feel of a dick in his mouth more than he had expected. Experimenting a little, Brett attempted a deep throat, making Cj moan all the more. Brett pulled off every now and again, pumping the long shaft as he rested his jaw. I asked Cj if he thought Brett could make him cum, Cj replying with a breathless ‘yes!’. Brett wasn’t too sure about the whole thing and sat back, playing with his half hard dick even as Cj started wanking off at a fast pace. Another $50 changed his mind so Brett got down on his knees while Cj stood in front of him. Sucking the hard cock back into his straight boy mouth, Brett went right back to work even as Cj couldn’t help but watch what Brett was doing. Alternately massaging his balls and thrusting into Brett’s mouth, Cj said he was close to cumming. Moments later, Cj took control of his cock again, jerking off furiously onto most of Brett’s torso.

Now that he had climaxed, all Cj wanted to do was grab his money and run. I could see that there would be no convincing him to stay so I let him go. As Cj got dressed, Brett sat on the futon and worked his cock into full hardness. It didn’t take Brett long to get rock hard, his hand flying up and down along his shaft. After a few minutes, Brett shot all over his chest, the cum dribbling down to his stomach.

Genres: oral sex, masturbation
File: wmv

File size: 349.9 MB