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Pleasure Beach / HIS Video / 1984

Studio: HIS Video
Cast: Beau Matthews, Billy Miller, Chris Burns, Dale Stephens, Johnny Dawes, Leigh Daniels, Michael Christopher, Scott Sedgewick
Director: Arthur Bressan, Jr.
Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1984
Runtime: 74 min
Country: US
Description: A massive hit and acclaimed by just about every critic and viewer out there, Pleasure Beach. is a near-perfect example of how to make gay erotic film that will stand the test of time. (If you dig bathroom trysts, oh Lordy does this one hit the spot.) Essential viewing for any collector of not only pre-condom porn, but just damned hot stuff as well.



File size: 1.5 GB

In the Name of Leather / P.M. Productions / 1985

Studio: P.M. Productions
Cast: Daniel Holt, Darren Davis, Roy Garrett, Greg Dale, Jeff Stone, Keith Anthoni
Director: Mac Larson
Genre: Vintage, Fetish/Kink, No Condom
Year: 1985
Runtime: 60 min
Country: US
Description: Part of the “20th Century Icons” pre-condom series from the 70s and early 80s, and an award winner from the Gay Film Institute. A pre-condom fetish directed by Mac Larson, also known as the amazing Joe Gage. Read the press notes below for more…


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Kip Noll & the Westside Boys (1979)

Year: 1979
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, Classic Porn, Anal, Mastrubation
Duration: 01:00:59
Director: William Higgins
Studio: Catalina
Cast: Kip Noll, Ben Barker, Rob Stevens, Jim Taylor, Rick Brennan, Mark Brennan, Chris Henderson

A pre-condom William Higgins/Kip Noll essential. Highlights are the bountiful facial cumshots, and the “Westside Boy” orgy is a chicken-lover’s dream. Tech credits are pretty much blah (even when giving points for when this was made), and it’s a little on the short side running-time-wise, but the sex scenes make up for any “badness.” Be prepared to turn the volume up, too, as the sound sucked.

Then again so does most of the cast – but in a very, very good way!

“When Kip Noll’s folks are away, there isn’t an inch of the family’s West L.A. estate that doesn’t see action, from the pool to the jacuzzi, from the rose garden to the rug in front of the living room fireplace. During the course of one day, an insurance salesman, a poolboy, two look-alike cousins and the blond superstud himself all do their part to help L.A.’s westside district earn its 90069 zip code!”

Format: AVI
Video: 720×480 (1.50:1), 23.976 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~805 kbps avg, 0.10 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~192.00 kbps avg
File size: 439 MB

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The Biggest One I Ever Saw / 1984

Year: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Horsehung, Facial Cumshots, Military – Uniform, Oral, Anal Sex, Big Balls, Big Dicks, Big Loads, Threeways, Uncut Cocks, Boots, Beefcake
Length: 01:12:14
Starring: Rod Phillips, Lee Ryder, Dave Connors, Gavin Burke , Jon King, Steve Collins, Cole Taylor, Rick Donovan, Scott Rowe
Studio: Sierra Pacific
Directed by: Bill Harrison
Description: There were three military-themed, early 80s films that forever raised the standard for this particular gay porn genre: William Higgins’ ; Steve Scott’s A , and Bill Harrison’s The Biggest One I Ever Saw.
The film’s scenario is deceptively simple: service buddies Lee Ryder (Navy) and Rod Phillips (Army) are stretched out in the middle of a hot j/o session, helping each other out in that “special” way that only Armed Forces compatriots can. Though they never “speak,” we hear their conversation between manly moans and groans, as they stories about their escapades with their other buddies, trading stories of “the biggest one” they ever saw.
Rod’s story takes place in the quarters of his horny D.I. (well-hung legend Dave Connors.) Connors is amazingly capable of pile-driving a deliriously orgasmic Gavin Burke as he is simultaneously plowed Rod’s hefty cock. It isn’t long before thick, creamy man sauce is being generously slathered “between the slices,” of this hot fuck sandwich.
Lee is a swabbie on weekend leave at the Y. Peeking through a keyhole, he sees a hot oral show between Jon King, Steve Collins and Cole Taylor. The hot facial that Collins gives King from his huge, uncut beauty will have you cumming all over yourself, so keep your towel handy.
Lee brings Scott Rowe to his room. With Rowe’s buff, beautiful body an fuckable ass layed before him, it isn’t long before Ryder gets into some deep-dicking action of his own, plowing young Rowe so hard and deep that you’ll feel it in your own hole.
Ryder tells the story of “Unknown Sailor” who King sucks off with piggish abandon, who has “the biggest dick I ever laid eyes on.” That dick belongs to Rick Donovan. He allows Ryder and King to share in the bounty to found between his legs. A tireless bottom and insatiable size-queen, King takes a slamming at both ends from both Donovan and Ryder.
Both stories are interwoven with an electric j/o sequence, in which Ryder and Phillips are obviously into each other. What a scene it is!
If you already own “A Few Good Men” and “Big Guns,” then is the perfect entry to round out your pre-condom, military man collection; or it’s the best way to start it.

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Rascal Video – The Back Row (remake)

Country: US
Studio : Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Video
Cast: Casey Donovan, George Payne, Robin Anderson, David Knox, Warren Carlton, Chris Villette, Arthur Graham, Robert Tristan, Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Zane, Chad Hunt, Mark Slade, Ethan Richards, Dante Foxx, Thomas Bond, Tanner Reeves, Danny Lopez
Director: Jerry Douglas, Chi Chi LaRue
Screenwriter: Jerry Douglas

2002 GayVN Award Winner: Best Gay DVD Extras
2001 GayVN Award Winner: Best Music,Best Overall Marketing Campaign, and Best Packaging
A must-own set, featuring both Jerry Douglas’ original as well as Chi Chi LaRue’s stunningly sleazy remake.

Jerry Douglas’ The Back Row (1972):
As millions flocked to theatres to see The Godfather back in 1972, another landmark film was unspooling in theatres as well. (Sure, they were decidedly smaller and seedier theatres, and had a tendency to reek of bodily fluids, but they were theatres nonetheless.) Garnering nowhere the same amount of press, it was a milestone in its own right. That film is The Back Row. Seen here for the first time in nearly 30 years, this hilarious (and sexy as hell) pre-condom-era rub-your-chub flick is a must for porn fans.

Casey Donovan (Boys in the Sand; The Other Side of Aspen – Falcon Pac 001) is featured as a dude cruising NYC’s all-male smut theatres looking for love (or at least a good hummer); George Payne is the young “guy from Montana” who catches his eye.

Shot on location (wait until you see the vintage subway scene), this fabulously sleazy flick offers some of the most terrifyingly dated clothes you’ll ever see, a veritable travelogue of now-defunct Times Square porn theatres, truly raunchy tearoom scenarios, a plot-propelling original musical score (whose vocals make Maureen McGovern’s sappy ballad “The Morning After” from the same year’s The Poseidon Adventure seem like punk rock), poppers galore (right here, thank-you-very-much) and enough facials to make any cosmetologist wince.

Amazingly well shot for the time, this first feature from award-winning director Jerry Douglas stands as a textbook example of gay erotic filmmaking. Watch it alone or with friends; it’s loads of fun – pun definitely intended.

DVD covers

Chi Chi LaRue’s The Back Row (2001):
Drag directress extraordinaire Chi Chi LaRue was so bowled over by the original The Back Row (it was one of the first gay porns he ever saw) that he decided to remake it. With Jerry Douglas’ blessing (and following the same dialogue-less storyline) Chi Chi’s version is an homage to gay porn – with a decidedly nastier twist. 8 GayVN nominations, too.

Featuring an updated music score by Sharon Kane and Koo Koo Boy, psychedelically-swirled box art from the always-amazing Jefferson, and starring Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Zane, and horse-cocked Chad Hunt, see how Chi Chi dirties up a and makes it his own. (The bathroom blowout near the end is one of the best group scenes Chi Chi has ever done.) Films like this are rare, and the very notion of remaking a porn and doing it so damned well are even rarer.

Length: 976 MiB Duration: 1h 35mn 31s 593ms
Video: MPEG Video at 1 150 Kbps, Aspect: 352 x 240 (1.467) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 224 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 976.4 MB