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Banged Up Hard (2009)

Year: 2009
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Gay Porn, United Kingdom, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Lockerroom, Interracial, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes
Duration: 02:02:43
Director: Jonno
Studio: UK Naked Men
Cast: Matt Hughes, Dom De Marco, Fred Faurtin, Giovanne, Jacob, Jake Ryder, Ludovic Canot, Thierry Lamasse, Tony Thorn, Tyson Mac

Banged Up Hard features five scenes, two hours with 10 big cocked, uncut studs, as prisoners, wardens and borstal inmates get it on, sucking, fucking and spraying each other down with hot jets of thick cum. From massive tooled Matt (11 inch) Hughes, in a rough prison three way to Fred Faurtin in a brutal, intimate police strip search, these hot guys are hungry for man on man fucking and sucking and will stop at nothing to get it.

Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 8 720×404 29.970fps 1800kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 64kbps
File size: 1.66 GB

File size: 1.6 GB

OTB – Innocents

Young David Contreras finds out the hard way that being in a South American prison is dangerous to life and limb. It’s a and bitterly fierce battle for power and control. In addition, the air is filled with sexual tension, between the young inmates as well as between the prisoners and their all-powerful and corrupt guards.

But David has an ace up his sleeve: his money is safely stashed away with his brother Vidal. However, just when he thinks he can buy his freedom, his brother gets picked up by the police. Matters become increasingly complicated for David and Vidal who now have to find a way to trick the corrupt prison warden and his imprisoned accomplice Cuchilla into letting them go!

Touching human drama and flaming hot bareback gay hardcore go hand in hand in this amazing adult feature production. Production values and the young actors’ performances are at Hollywood levels. Featuring 2.5 hours running time, 5 mouth-watering bareback sex scenes and a storyline that will grab you by the balls and it won’t let go! A jewel of a movie that takes twink porn to the next level! Watch the trailer to feel the tension (not only in your pants)!
Starring: David Contreras, Vidal Contreras, Alfonso Rodriguez, Linares, Cuchilla, Damian Fuentes, Mendoza, Aristizabel

Genres: twinks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 1.6 GB

Sarava Productions – Bone Island. 2003

Year: 2003
Genre: Feature, Gay, Anal Sex, Cum shots, DAP, Doggystyle, Facial, Group sex, Gonzo, Latin, Oral Sex, Uniforms
Length: 2:44:58
Director: Kristen Bjorn Video
Studio: Sarava Productions
Starring: Ivan Andros, Juan Jimenez (aka Antonio Marquez), Miguel Leonn, Diego Pastores, Guillermo Pastores, Arpad Miklos (aka Francois Kagylo), Craig Decker, Dirk Amsterdam, Max Veneziano, Khieu Samphan, Sam Sun, Cesar Moreno, Sergei Jordanov (aka Tom of Hunland), Matthieu Costa, Scott Duran, Butch Blackmoore, Pietro Rosselli, Antton Harri, Filippo Romano, Edwin Frank and Fernando Neron

Description: Men of different nationalities and skin colors – one on the island – the island of bones, which is not on the map, but whose name is already known to thousands of fans high-quality gay porn. Group scenes of the film out of competition – and here the double invasion, and deep blowjobs, and “leather” episodes, but simple to remove porn in a prime location would be too easy! In the first episode of the two guys hiding in the house from rain, but when their catches boss, they agree on everything, but he had not called the police … No prizes for guessing which desires arise in the head, Miguel, when in front of him two handsome young men who are ready to fulfill any wish of his attire … the police will soon appear in the frame, and the second group sex is no less energetic than the first – uniforms, handcuffs and leather boots. Just look at the cast – already feel like your filled
Quality: DVDRip
Size: 1.31 GB

File size: 1.3 GB

Cleaning Boy Gets Bi Ultimatum (Jan 28, 2011)

Studio: Eromaxx
Series: Bimaxx
Duration: 0:21:00 (scenes: 1)
Director: Jiri Homolka, Tomas Hyka

Starring: Anabel
Sategories: Amateur, Anal, Bisexual, Gay, Teen
After getting caught rifling through this couples’ belongings, Juri the cleaning boy, is given an ultimatum: He can either face the prospect of spending time in the pokey or get poked right there on the spot. Like my mom always used to say: An MMF encounter is way better than a police encounter — or an encounter with a surly guy named Bubba. Words to live by, and words this young buck fortunately finds himself following.

348.63 MB

File size: 348.6 MB

Police Frontieres (2001)

Year: 2001
Genre: anal, oral, couples, group, uniforms
Duration: 00:02:34
Director: Herve Bodilis
Cast: Attila K., Zsolt K., Zoltan C., Peter T., Karoly H., Elemer R.

The cast of actors (all of whom go by first names and last initials), are the cream of the crop when it comes to masculine, European studs. Sculpted muscles, huge uncut cocks and delicious bubble butts…need I say more?

If you’re not sold yet, keep on reading…

The premise of “Border Patrol” is pretty simple. If you’ve ever had a Coast Guard fantasy, you’ll like the setup. A bunch of gorgeous hunks romp around their boats, docks, and airplanes, giving eachother a hand (and then some) when the mood is right. The film starts off with a promising pairing of two burly crewmen on a small boat. The husky Attila B. pairs up with his Latin buddy, Miklos O. The men mess around slowly at first, then dive into hot oral and anal sex, and the sole rimming sequence in “Border Patrol.” The tight, scuba diver-esque shorts that the guys are wearing is a hell of a turn-on, not to mention their defined bodies and thick, uncut poles. After a very vocal anal probing, the Latin guy dumps his thick load on his buddy’s back.

The next scene finds two gorgeous lifeguards patroling the coastline with binoculars. One of them is horny and can’t keep his hands off his buddy’s junk. Before you know it, the two guys are undressed and sucking eachother off like pros. Atilla K. gives new meaning to the term “bubble butt,” and watching his ass get plowed by the attractive, young Akos G. is a sight for sore eyes.

After those two are finished fooling around, Scene Three brings some voyeurism into play. Zsolt K. wanders into an airplane hangar and finds two of his co-workers sucking eachother off. Before long, he joins them for a hot threesome that you’re not likely to forget.

The standout scene in the video comes when five of the hot Border Patrol officers dock their ship in a small cove and get involved in a high-octane, partner-swapping fuck-fest that will leave a lump in your throat, among other places. It’s worth mentioning that Attila F.’s oral treatment on Istvan S. is one of the hottest blowjobs I have seen on film. Attila looks like a seasoned gay actor whereas Istvan looks gay-for-pay. For this reason, his very sincere enjoyment of Attila’s skills spices up the action. Before long, Attila’s ankles are flipped over the shoulders of a couple of his buddies and the scene ends in a hot cum-bath all over his body.

The final scene takes place in an open field where Zoltan C. and Zaroly H. get to know one another better, the old-fashioned way. They fuck in the grass, against a small airplane that’s sitting in the field, and even on the wing of the plane! What makes the scene even hotter is the fact that Ferenc U. is jerking off nearby – a voyeuristic participant in the action.

As for extra features, the DVD contains chapter selections, a photo gallery of images from the video, and a nine-minute “Making Of” featurette. Unfortunately, this consists of nothing more than a look at the photo-shoots for the DVD artwork and some brief footage of the actors joshing around on the set. Still, it’s a nice supplement for the DVD.

The location shots in “Border Patrol” are some of the hottest ones you will see in any mainstream gay porn video. If you get off on public sex, you’ll be pleased to know that all five scenes on this video take place in outdoor settings. The sex is hot, the actors all seem to have great chemistry, and their bodies are to die for. All in all, “Border Patrol” is definitely worth the price of admission!

File size: 688 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: DIVX 480×320 29.97fps 691Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 96Kbps

File size: 688.9 MB

Freak Police

Production year: 1999
Country: USA
Genre: gay, vintage, bdsm, bondage fetish, studs / hunks, spanking, toys, electro, blowjob, shaving
Duration: 01:13:10

Directed by: Tom Ropes McGurk
Studio: Grapik Art Productions
Starring: Master, Victim(see in poster)

Hunky Jordan Austin is the jail escappee who breaks into Brad Chapman’s house. After hiding, Jordan is trapped and captured. When given the choice of going back to jail or private slavery, Jordan submits to Brad. The hunk’s punishments include fucking in a bondage sling, inversion on a St. Andrew’s cross, and whipping while tied to a pole. To complete his humiliation, Brad finishes by shaving his slave bare.
Video Quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640×480 29.97fps 1206 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps
Sizes:729 mb

File size: 729.9 MB

This video has been removed.

Forced Entry Club 3 ( 2004 , Puppy Productions )

Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Oral/Anal/Group Sex, Rimming, Bareback, Uniform, Fetish, Bdsm, Amateur.
Length: 02:17:50
Director: Thomas Bjorn
Studio: Puppy Productions
Starring: Thomas Bjorn, Kirk Nadir, Gabe, Devin Moon, Ty Smith, Jed Pisston, Drew Taylor, Devon Auston, Riddick James
Description: Thomas Bjorn has yet again created a fantasy guaranteed to make ALL Wet and Hard!
Forced Entry Club II: The UnMasking ended in a knock Forced Entry Club III will begin with a stiff cock up Kirk Nadir’s ass, attached to Gabe. Kirk fails to escape Gabe’s control and gives his ass up the hard way. Thomas Bjorn and his two buddies, Jed Pisston and Devon Auston kidnap three ripe young boys, Devin Moon, Ty Smith, and Drew Taylor. Jed teaches Drew Taylor how a submissive bottom should serve his master while Devon Auston uses Devin Moon as his subservient bitch.
Thomas Bjorn stuffs every hole that Ty Smith has to offer and some that he doesn’t want to offer. After the boys have been used and abused they are dumped off in a parking lot in the park. Don’t worry about touching your cock it will explode with a pounding of cum shooting all over yourself or your trick. Riddick James comes home from the gym with his muscles aching only to have Thomas jump him, blindfold and tie him up. Riddick chokes down Thomas’ monster cock only to beg for it to be shoved deeper into another hole. Thomas then uses his 8″ Monster Cock on Riddick’s muscle ass with only his personal pleasure in mind. Riddick’s body becomes Thomas’ jungle gym with his cock growing larger and harder with every stroke and plunge. Thomas continues to report the news regarding the police hunt for the local gay rapist only to remain one step ahead of them. But is he really? Take a dive into a fantasy that will stiffen your cock and make you have wet dreams for days! Who’s your Bitch?

File size: 0.9 GB

Top Cops

Directed by: Alex Schnegr
Studio: U.S. Male
Cast: Lukas Arthur, Vilem Cage, Ivan Rohan, Robert Wild, Ruddy Rohn, Petr Tomas, Marcel Mantic, Pablo Slavik and Robert Honisek
Description: Czech gay porn jumps on the uniform fetish bandwagon with Man’s World and US Male’s Top Cops, complete with subtitles for your reading pleasure. Oh, who are we fooling … you want to know about the sex and if these are the kind of cops you want to get your cherry ass busted for. The answer is a resounding yes!
First scene: Hunky cop busts a drug dealer for “pervitin.” (What the hell is that?) Pretty soon, our officer in uniform is demanding a saucy blow job and gets one with no complaints. The cop strips down to some very European underwear, gets a wicked knob licking and finally presents himself for some ass licking. Soon our pushy cop is sucking our drug dealer, who by the way, can’t seem to stay hard. The anal interrogation begins and our drug dealer is bent over the desk to pay for his crime. Several sweaty minutes later, our cop is slamming his meat missionary style to our hairy chested offender. The duo both cum and I wonder if our drug dealer will learn his lesson. (He’ll probably break the law again just to get boned.)
Second scene: Two cops are questioning another drug dealer. They begin a full body search and what do they find? That our criminal is keeping a wad of money in a condom up his ass. (Talk about dirty money). Cop # 1 can’t resist being tactile and soon he is orally playing with the bad boy’s wand while Cop # 2 starts a steady jerk off. Cop # 1 sucks both cocks before fucking his cop pal doggie style, who by the way is still partially dressed in his uniform. Criminal inserts some flexible butt plug up his butt so he doesn’t get bored. Not to ignore our non-cop friend since he is the one who commited the crime, Cop # 1 screws Criminal on his back while Cop # 2 looks on. Cop # 2 wants in on some criminal butt action and slams away at Criminal. Cop # 2 gets back to fucking Criminal, dick is pulled out and all three shoot loads.
Third scene: A drunk is picked up for speeding and placed in a jail. A cop (what a surprise) starts to belittle our hostage and figures out a way to make his job more interesting. Another strip search, the guys get turned on and soon the cop is getting serviced by our prisoner. But the cop is not merely satisfied on the receiving end and decides to give our hapless alcoholic a blow job in return. Fucking begins with our prisoner being speared by this huge dick. A butt plug appears and our cop alternates between using his cock and butt plug to play with the law breaking citizen’s hole. Cop pulls his cock trigger and shoots on our drunk lad’s chest, who finally shoots on the cop’s chest. In a cruel twist of fate, he is placed back behind bars – a strong cautionary reminder that if you make an agreement with someone, you should get it in writing.
Final scene: A burglar breaks into an apartment where a cop lives. Not a good … or is it? Soon our helpless robber is getting strip searched. (Note to myself: Wear clean underwear when visiting overseas, you never know when you’ll get strip searched.) They both begin to kiss passionately and our cop wants to get to know our burglar better by sucking dick. Sixty-nining is in the cards followed by the sumptious cop’s ass being chewed on for a bit.
The cop tops our burglar with his nightstick (gee, that isn’t a tired metaphor for dick). Burglar shoots a load on his tummy and cop drops a luscious one on burglar. Of course a cop’s work is never done and he quickly handcuffs our burglar. Looking at the cop’s apartment, the burglar got a bum rap because there is nothing in that apartment anyone would ever want to steal.
Top Cops features hot European men boinking their brains out. They aren’t too convincing as policemen and the uniforms don’t strike me as being very authentic. And not to sound backwoods or country (I have traveled to Spain but haven’t had sex overseas – yet) but its reassuring to know that no matter where you are in the world, that sex, in any language can still be hot.
Size: 1.01 GB

File size: 1.0 GB

British Piss Gang

Year: 2006
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: XXX Gay
Length: 75 min.
Studio: Triga Films
Description: Skinheads builders are satisfied with downhole group sex. Hard male sex, golden rain and bonded slap in the face, makes this film worthy of the studio Triga.
This is Triga’s hardest and rawest film to date. If you like your action wet and raw this is the film for you. Set in a derelict house 5 builders start work on the required renovation. After drinking too much on the job things get out of hand when Mickey the foreman spits his beer over one of the younger lads for being a cheeky cunt! All hell breaks loose with the other lads who force Mickey the foreman to take his own medicine ….. wet and raw. Due to the disturbance they are causing to the neighbours a young policeman comes to investigate and is soon caught up in the action.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: Windows Media
Video: 484×370 25.00fps 1128Kbps
Audio: 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
File size: 644.2 MB

This video has been removed.

Dirty Overalls

Year: 2005
Country: Germany
Genre: Amateur Europ. Twinks
Duration: 1 hour 33 min.
Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt / Patrik Stone
Studio: Hammer Entertainment

Starring: Istvan Noel Frank Walk Martin Policek Miguel Streeta Mark Oven David Owen
Description: These guys are getting down to business of cocksucking and butt fucking! This film has hot and horny scenes of guys having gay sex and hot facial cumshots! Don’t miss this hot action!
Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: DivX 5 544×400 25.00fps 1369Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 120Kbps
Size: 1008 MB

File size: 0.9 GB


Release Date: 2010

Will Jamieson, star of OfficeBoy and BorstalBoy returns as a bent copper who can’t wait to use his nightstick on the dirty bastards he arrests. Bad boys beware, as you’re about to get fucked by the long cock of the law. Packed with uniformed studs ramming their truncheons up criminally cute twinks tight asses, watch these dirty cops splashing cum across their suspects cheeky faces and smooth, firm bodies, delivering their own hot, wet brand of justice. This is one movie it would really be a crime to miss.

Country: USA
Genre: Gay, Oral, Anal, Muscle Men, Handsome, Gagging, Tattoos , Big Balls, Big Cocks, Twinks, Group Sex, Tattos
Studio: DreamBoy, Eurocreme
Director: Simon Booth
Duration: 01:51:10
Starring: Will Jamieson, Eddy Smith, Dylan Parker, Seth, Cameron Wilson, Matt Hughes, Alex Stevens, Damion Harrison, Tyler Martin

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720*400, 1486 kbps – 1496 kbps, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps
Size of archive: 1,36 Gb

File size: 1.3 GB

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Year: 2009
Country: Niederlande
Genre: Bareback Sex, Cops / Firemen, Cum Eating, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, ThreeWays / Orgies, Uncut Cocks, Young Men
Length: 2:26:50
Studio: OTB Video
David Contreras, Vidal Contreras, Alfonso Rodriguez, Linares, Cuchilla, Damian Fuentes, Mendoza, Aristizabel
Young David Contreras finds out the hard way that being in a South American prison is dangerous to life and limb. It’s a and bitterly fierce battle for power and control. In addition, the air is filled with sexual tension, between the young inmates as well as between the prisoners and their all-powerful and corrupt guards. But David has an ace up his sleeve: his money is safely stashed away with his brother Vidal. However, just when he thinks he can buy his freedom, his brother gets picked up by the police. Matters become increasingly complicated for David and Vidal who now have to find a way to trick the corrupt prison warden and his imprisoned accomplice Cuchilla into letting them go!
Touching human drama and flaming hot bareback gay hardcore go hand in hand in this amazing adult feature production. Production values and the young actors’ performances are at Hollywood levels. Featuring 2.5 hours running time, 5 mouth-watering bareback sex scenes and a storyline that will grab you by the balls and it won’t let go! A jewel of a movie that takes twink porn to the next level! Watch the trailer to feel the tension (not only in your pants)!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 720×404 (1.78:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 4.x ~ 1022 kbps avg
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 128.00 kbps avg
File size: 1.1 GB

Vintage Hidden Camera: Tearoom (1962)

Year: 1962
Genre: Hidden Camera, Voyeurism, Amateur, Documentary, Cottaging, tea-room, oral, anal, public toilet, vintage
Duration: 00:56:03

Using two-way mirror, police in the city Mainsfild secretly filmed taking place in a public men’s room. Observation of recording gave many men who have gay sex, each of which then prosecuted for homosexuality.

File size: 409 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: XviD Final 1.0.3 (build 37) 1016 kbps avg 0.22 bit/pixel 512×384 (1.33:1) 23.976 fps
Audio: NO

File size: 409.2 MB

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Entrapment (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Cumshot, Big Dick, Rimming, Hunks, Glory Holes
Duration: 02:23:26
Director: Michael Lucas/Mr. Pam
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Cast: Dimitri Romanov, Andrew James, Isaiah Foxx, Kayl O’Riley, Lars Svenson, Murphy Maxwell, Ryan Raz, Trae Angle, Vin Costes

In a story ripped from today’s headlines, Entrapment highlights the ongoing struggle between New York City’s gay community and the police department. Dimitri Romanov stars as an innocent bystander, roped into a sick game of cat and mouse. Only through sheer force of sexual will can he survive his imprisonment and sexual manipulation.
Muscular Vin Costes licks his way up Russian stud Dimitri Romanov’s smooth, toned body, and then works his way back down to engulf Dimitri’s uncut boner. Dimitri slobbers all over Vin’s meaty pole and flips his partner over to rim his pert ass. After opening his tight fuckhole with his tongue, Vin slides his fuck stick into Dimitri and gives him the pounding he’s been looking for. Once he’s had his ass filled with dick, Dimitri opens his mouth to swallow all of his partner’s hot jizz.
Ebony Isaiah Foxx and slender Andrew James roll around the bed and quickly strip off their clothes. They deep throat each other’s fat cocks, moaning in delight with each downward stroke. A 69 position ensues, with Andrew fingering Isaiah’s firm butthole. Isaiah then bends over as Andrew sticks his entire massive dick into Isaiah’s ass. They fuck in numerous positions, until they shoot all over each other’s face and mouths.
Officer Lars Svenson is annoyed at fellow twink jailer Kayl O’Riley, so Lars quickly forces Kayl to his knees, then makes Kayl deep throat his entire uncut dick. The smooth twink is then bent over and Lars quickly fills his ass with cock. They take a break and Kayl fills his mouth with Lars’ pits, followed by Kayl getting on his back and taking more of Lars’ manmeat. The hot ass pounding concludes with Lars spraying his load all over Kayl’s face.
The kitchen is cooking when tattooed Murphy Maxwell goes down on mocha-skinned Trae Angle, who then flips Murphy around to taste is sweet ass and dick. Trae then climbs to the counter to feed Murphy his cock, and follows this up with a fierce ass pounding, making his partner moan in delight. Murphy continues to ride the thick pole, taking every inch up his love chute. The scene ends with an explosion of semen across Murphy’s lips.
Undercover cop Ryan Raz unleashes his thick dick and Dimitri Romanov quickly gobbles it up. Ryan spews dirty talk at his Russian captive, degrading him while getting his cock sucked. Ryan then sticks his feet in Dimitri’s face, and Dimitri swallows each and every toe. Hot fucking ensues, with Dimitri taking a hefty pounding from Ryan. The action concludes when Ryan spews his load all over Dimitri’s firm chest.

File size: 1,5 Gb
Format: AVI
Video: XVID 688×384 23.98fps 1342Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

This video has been removed.

Bull’s Eye

Year: 1995
Country: US
Genre: anal, oral, couple, uniform
Length: 1:23:17
Directed by: Michael Zen
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: J.T. Sloan, Chad Conners, Chad Knight, Cutter West, Danny Orlis, Eric York, Rusty Samuels, Tim Catch

“Will you be able to put the pieces of this hit erotic thriller together? You have 87 minutes to solve the puzzle. The pieces are passion … and murder! Michael Zen’s award-winning Bull’s Eye is an intriguing and spellbinding tale of the most twisted kind of brotherly love.
John (JT Sloan) is on the run and hiding in a garage. Rusty Samuels brings Cutter West into the garage telling him that his parents won’t bother them because they are busy watching a baseball game. Rusty worships Cutter’s smooth muscular body from head to toe. Cutter bends Rusty over the car and fucks his smooth ass hard. Rusty ends up on his back blowing a load all over himself and then Cutter jerks off on to him. Before he leaves Cutter looks down at Rusty, who is covered in cum, and asks, “What would your dad say if he knew you were fucking guys in the garage?”
Rusty lies still on the garage floor spent from the sex. A rustling in the corner of the room tips him off that he’s not alone. John comes out of the dark corner of the garage where he’s been hiding and admits he’s watched the whole thing. Rusty is nervous at first but John explains that he’s on the run and someone is trying kill him. Rusty agrees to give John a ride to his friend Frank’s house to warn him about the danger. On the way to see Frank, John passes out, exhausted from being on the run all day. When he wakes up, the car is parked on a dead end street and there is a bull’s eye drawn on the car window. John gets out of the car and finds Rusty’s dead body hidden in the trunk. John takes off on the run.
That night he finds himself outside of Frank’s (Chad Knight) house. Frank’s been out at the bar and he picked up a sailor, Danny Orlis. Frank goes down on Danny, sucking his cock to the base and then Danny returns of favor deep throating Frank’s big dick. After fucking his face, Frank buries his cock deep inside Danny’s tight hole. Danny grunts and groans taking every inch he can until Frank blows a creamy load all over his tan skin.
Frank tells John that he looks like a mess and that Don has been calling all day looking for him. John quickly checks to make sure that Frank didn’t say anything to Don. After assuring him that he hasn’t said anything, Frank goes to check out the can John told him about and John goes to clean himself up in the shower.
While he’s in the shower John has a flashback to taking Chad Conners down to his basement where they can fool around. Chad finds a police uniform down there and asks John who it belongs to. John says it was his “friend” Don’s, but Don got kicked off the police force after he beat up a gay guy. Chad’s not sure this is the best place for them to be hooking up, but John assures him it’s safe and the two muscular smooth hunks start to undress one another. Little do they know that they are being watched.
Chad returns from checking out the car and is about to call the police for help. Before he can make the call a mysterious stranger arrives and shoots him. When John gets out of the shower he finds the mysterious bull’s eye message again written on the mirror in lipstick.
The murderer is revealed – it’s Don who is behind the killings. He pins John against a wall and reminds him what it was like to catch John friend having sex with Chad. Back in John’s flashback from the shower, John fingers Chad’s ass and fucks his tight hole. After John and Chad finished fucking Don barged in. Don and John began to fight and when Don drops his gun and they wrestle for it. In the end the gun goes off and Chad is killed.
Back in the present Don takes John back to his house and forces him to put on lipstick. Don tells John that he looks like a slut, and then begins to make out with him. Don forces John to suck him off. Don fucks John’s face and then holds John down on a bed so that he can suck John’s cock. Don fingers John’s hole until he’s begging to be fucked. Don finally slides his thick cock into John’s ass and fucks him without mercy. Don unloads his cock on John’s chest and then John squirts his own load.
Afterwards, Don is laying on the bed passed out and John breaks a bottle over his head. John calls the police to report the accident to 911 and says that his brother has been killed.
A few days later, Warren Scott, a police officer checks on John to see if he’s doing okay in the aftermath of his brother’s death. John explains that his brother was teased a lot when he was younger and that he must have finally snapped. Warren begins to flirt with John and he invites Warren to come over later that night, on the condition that he wears his uniform.
When Warren arrives he finds an unexpected surprise waiting for him. John lures him into the house and seduces him in the living room. They suck each other off and then John fucks Warren on the couch and on the floor until both of them spray their loads.
In the twisted end it’s John who is saying the catchphrase Bull’s Eye. “
File size: 1.2 GB

This video has been removed.

Policemen who do Anal (2004)

Year: 2004
Genre: Twinks, Uniform, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Uncut Cocks, Big Cocks
Duration: 01:31:03
Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: AVI Production, Man’s Best, Load
Cast: Franko Salivieri,Johny Careo,Marco Salmer,Richard Maills,Rocco Szabo,Samuel Lee,Tomas Gaines

The scene being screened in the porn theater at the beginning of scene 2 is from the Iresch fim “Watch With Me”. The location is Heaven, a popular gay sex location in Prague, on several floors, sex shop on the ground floor with a theater and various rooms that serve as a sex club. Many films have been partially or entirely shot there over the years.

Format: AVI
Video: 720×552 (1.30:1),25 fps,XviD build 50,1980 kbps avg,0.20 bit/pixel
Audio: 8 kHz,AC3 Dolby Digital,2/0 (L,R) ch,256 kbps
File size: 1.43 GB

File size: 1.4 GB

Raw Cops [Staxus Raw]

Year: 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Europeans, Czechs, Twinks / Young Meat, Barebacking, Horsehung, Uniforms, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Facial Cumshots, Oral Cumshots, Cum Eating, Kissing, Live Sound, Subtitles, Tattoos, Piercings, 1969 , Oral Sex, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Shaved Pubes, Spit-Roasting, Threesomes, Group Sex, Outdoors Sex
Length: 1:56:10
Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: Staxus / Raw Studio
Cast: Daniel Wood Andre Lopes Zack Hood Jeff Sterne Pablo Tutti Jesse Shaw Jacob Bishop Rico Armin Hal Stubs Neil Cross Ian Dolman John Kelland Sam Brooks
Age of actors: 18 – 30 years

Description: This gritty, cum-soaked portrayal of police work in the Czech Republic concentrates solely on the long cock (rather than the arm!) Of the law.
No-one likes night duty – least of all a hot young man like Ian Dolman, who would otherwise be spending his time trawling clubs for other cock-obsessed dudes. If it’s quiet, however, it does at least present the opportunity to fantasise about your work-colleagues and what you’d like to get up to them given half the chance. Cue the imaginary entrance of Hal Stubbs, who’s clearly as devoid of work as Dolman – not to mention as horny. Needless to say, the appearance of this toned-up sex-god soon has the young fantasist savouring every inch of hard cock in his mouth, which (not surprisingly) promptly results in Dolman taking a generous load of fresh spunk in his gob. In comparison to many of Vlado Iresch’s scenes it’s short and definitely to the point, but as an opening salvo it’s the perfect mood-setter.
Anything with Zack Hood in is always hot. But put the guy into a police uniform, add three other stunners into the sweaty, claustrophobic backdrop of a shower-room and make sure there isn’ta condom in sight and you’ve got the makings of a Indeed, we defy anyone not to have their cock out even before Hood has pushed new-boy, Ian Dolman, into the showers and is encouraging his colleagues, Jacob Bishop and Jeff Stern, to assist him in the ritualised abuse of the fresh-faced rookie. The narration is at pains to tell us that this is the first time that Dolman’s hole has seen any action, but if that’s really the case then the kid’s very much a natural, with his crack brutally pounded by a succession of thick, uncut cocks ( Hood’s included) and his face ultimately whitewashed by the pent-up contents of three heavy sacs of cream. If you can hold off from wanking to the sight of this boy’s mouth awash with sperm then maybe watching gay porn isn’t quite as much your thing as you might think!
The so-called “Police Bull” in question is Neil Cross – and if you’ve already seen his previous performances in the likes of BAREBACK PISS SCHOOL and MASSIVE MONSTERS you’ll know he’s the perfect choice for the role. For this smooth, dark-haired wonder has the kind of thick, uncut shaft that pretty much all of us would just love to get to know much, much better; though on this particular occasion we must be content in watching compatriots, John Kelland and Rico Armin, enjoy the pleasure of his greedy, swollen rod. Blond haired bottom, Kelland, is particularly accommodating – riding Cross and Armin in turns, and in the process shooting out two generous loads of spunk for his efforts. His ultimate satisfaction is achieved, however, when Cross’ vein-filled knob-end spurts its contents all over his face with a succession of heavy, creamy bolts; whilst Armin dollops a generous wad of fresh jizz across his vest-top.
Held in an interrogation room, long-haired rogue, Pablo Tuty, faces the sort of probing investigation that would have even the most hardened criminal begging for mercy, as a succession of horny cops quite literally try to fuck the truth out of the guy. Beginning with Zack Hood, who has already shown his uncompromising nature in the earlier scene with Ian Dolman, and who on this occasion shows no hesitation in forcing his meaty truncheon down Tuty’s somewhat throat. It’s a line of questioning that the likes of Jacob Bishop, Hal Stubbes and Jeff Stern are only too willing and able to copy, resulting in Tuty getting the fucking of his life. The sight of his ass dripping with cum, as the officers enter the room (and his butt!) One-by-one, is naturally the highlight of the scene; though we are left to wonder whether such methods eventually secure a confession. Given the character of most gay porn lovers, however, we suspect that’s not really going to spoil your viewing …
Andre Lopes and Jesse Shaw are called to the scene of a crime, where they discover what appears to be a vital piece of evidence – namely, a gay porn mag, which no doubt some young twink has been tossing off to just a few minutes before they arrived. It’s a discovery that soon gets both officers into a somewhat predictable lather, as they strip away their uniforms, unleash their aching manhoods and start sucking and rimming with the sort of unrivalled gusto that one would surely expect from a couple of lads their age. It’s not quite the sort of behaviour that’s detailed in the Police Officer’s Training Manual, we feel quite sure, but something tells us that the reality of the situation is not exactly a matter that’s gonna concern you much. Indeed, our bets are on a whole cascade of spunk being milked from you guys long before the scene reaches its sticky, jizz-laden climax, which includes arguably the best cum-shot of the whole production.
Warning – if ever you find yourself in police custody and decide to take the opportunity to have a wank in the toilets, then make sure you don’t get rustled by someone of Neil Cross’ calibre. For this is one officer who doesn’t seem to take too kindly to folk their sexual frustrations in the cubicles, as horny youth, Sam Brooks, promptly discovers! That said, previous demonstrations of Brooks’ art in MASSIVE MONSTERS suggests that he’s one young sex-fiend who wouldn’t mind being disturbed by a bounty-hunter such as Cross. For the fact is that this bright-eyed, bushy-tailed beauty is the kind of youngster who lives for cock and loves nothing better than riding any thick, pounding ramrod that comes his way – as he very ably demonstrates by parting his legs and allowing the officer to fuck him every which way you can imagine. What’s more, it’s with a distinct smile on his lips that he takes Cross’ load – proving, once again, that he’s never happier than when he’s acting the total slut!
The film concludes with a wistful dose of nostalgia, as rookie cop, Ian Dolman, reminisces about the time he spent at police college with Daniel Wood. Like most students, both lads need a little time to as much as they need time to study, and what better way than to toss their books aside and engage in a little intense study of the male anatomy? Not that either boy seems to need very much coaching in this respect, it must be said, stripping away their clothes and gorging on each other’s rampant, uncut shafts almost as if their final results depended on it! Then again, why the surprise? These guys are at the peak of their sexual game – a point that Dolman is quick to underline as he slurps Wood almost to the point of ecstasy, before clambering on his mate and riding his fellow student-cop like a bitch on heat. No wonder neither lad can hold back from giving a deliriously generous spurt of nad-juice at the scene’s conclusion – a predicament that you the viewer are almost destined to emulate!
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Length: 1.37 GiB Duration: 1h 56mn 10s 671ms
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File size: 1.3 GB

A Few Good Men (1983)

Year: 1983
Genre: Vintage, Military, Uniforms, Orgy, Rimming, Group Sex, Pre-Condom
Duration: 01:12:12
Director: Steve Scott
Studio: Bijou Classics, Surge Studios
Cast: Peter Barrie, Michael Chistopher, Greg Johnson, Mike Mueller, Lee Ryder

Produced by Al Parker and directed by Steve Scott, “this film wins the prize for best treatment of two common gay porn themes: the repressed sexuality of an all-male military setting [including authentic costumes and underwear] and the thin line between fantasy and reality. Scott’s style is at its most poetic, in both image and sound.” – Philadelphia Gay News.

The first scene, in which an unhappy-looking young recruit gets his head shaved and his mouth filled with dick, sets the tone for this seven-vignette film, as various soldiers, captains and military police fuck and suck to the tune of discipline and obedience. Also, this themed video is a delight for the cock connoisseur, featuring good cocks with good cock-suckers. Recruit Lee Ryder shoves his big, 10″ dick up his drill sergeant. In an episode called Taps, a pretty blond recruit is saying goodbye to his buddy at the bus station when he imagines a roll in the hay, and literally ends up in the hay, sucking his hometown buddy off before detailed coverage of anal sex and they ending in simultaneous orgasms. At first silly, another segment has a probing doctor checking out testicles, cocks and asses of five men. The scene gets better once the doctor ends up leading a horny six-man orgy.

Highlightsinclude a fat, skinned cock stuck through a bunk bed (in Scott’s infamous glory hole style) and Michael Christopher as a gun-totting M.P. Crisp photography, realistic undergarments and uniforms, huge and hard meat with foreskin, and hard-bodies in action abound! Professional sets and handsome men who look like they really could be recruits also make this video worth seeing. Monotonous progression and such things as fog effects are easily overlooked once the dicks pop out of boxer shorts! A BIJOU VIDEO exclusive also featuring Mike Mueller, Peter Wade, Peter Barrie and Greg Johnson. 1983, 80 min. No Condoms

One of the more popular fetishes within the gay community, the military theme has rarely been handled better in hardcore pornography than by the late great Steve Scott, who passed away from an AIDS-related illness in 1987. Among the all male side of the industry’s pioneers, kicking off with 1974’s groundbreaking TRACK MEET (a 16mm gem long believed lost until resurrected on video some 15 years down the line) starring poet Gavin Dillard, Scott has crafted several of the genre’s most universally acknowledged like the labyrinthine love story SCREEN PLAY and the ironically subversive I DO ! Though slightly hampered by minor production shortcomings, the narratively pared down A FEW GOOD MEN most definitely belongs in that illustrious line-up. Most of porn’s army-based sagas tend to lose points through sheer sloppiness, casting performers who could never pass muster as new recruits because of hairstyle or inappropriate behavior. With the possible exception of a fortunately “straight acting” bleach blond, Scott’s casting choices prove spot on. Right away, I will admit that I’m at a loss to most of them. Al Parker’s then fledgling – and presumably therefore rather cost-conscious – production company Surge Studios, which would go on to cater to a whole range of frequently mind-boggling fetishes, merely provides a single title card listing performers. Picture credits would have helped no end, as most of them were never to resurface in anything else. Two exceptions thankfully. Lanky Lee Ryder made quite a splash around that time, mainly due to the size of his toy, landing him a part in Ronnie Shark’s appropriately named THE BIGGEST ONE I EVER SAW. He’s the guy in the bunk bed fantasy (you’ll know what I mean if you have seen it) who later gets to stick it to his Hispanic superior in the “Get Down and Give Me Ten” episode. Superstar Michael Christopher (unforgettable in Tom De Simone’s scorching SKIN DEEP and Arthur Bressan’s masterpiece PLEASURE BEACH) plays the MP who captures the soldier who went AWOL. In seven segments, Scott explores just about every possible permutation of the military fantasy, from forced head-shaving to medical exams turned orgies. The sex is in his typical down ‘n’ dirty style, with serviced performers not always reciprocating the bestowed favor. Every realistic set-up segues into fantasy. Awkwardly, this transition is accomplished through the use of a smoke machine which gets silly quite fast. Hilarious highlight is the romantic parting roll in a hayloft between two lovers when one is about to enlist, with the billowing smoke giving the impression the barn’s burning down ! Luckily, this is just about the single drawback to an otherwise exceptional piece of pornography that boasts strong sexual performances, believably grungy settings (in actuality a San Francisco bath house) and crisp photography by Tom Howard who shot several of Scott’s mid-’80s ventures.

File size: 666 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: XVID 512×384 29.97fps 1149Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 665.8 MB

Prisoners of sex (2006)

Year: 2006
Genre: Anal, Oral, Prison, Threesomes, Big Dicks, Muscles, International, Cops, Safe Sex
Duration: 01:44:44
Director: Conny Haller
Studio: Ikarus Entertainment
Cast: Giorgio, Shawn, Bruno Karrer, Manesco, Nico Blade, Sergio Soldi, Adam Gosett, Didier LeNorman, Daniel Paxton, Roberto Strano and Lorenzo.

Cops and thieves in an action and cum-packed drama! After the theft of a car radio young and cute Giorgio’s escape ends in front of a police car. Before the two cops bring Giorgio into jail they enjoy every inch of this young lad. Behind the iron bars most prisoners and wards are gay, including Lorenzo, the director of the jail. In his office, in the shower, at the doctor cabinet, everywhere they suck and fuck and nobody’s ass will be missed. All 10 actors are true sex-maniacs!

Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 640×480 25.00fp 960 kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
File size: 840 MB

File size: 839.5 MB