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Coups De Soleil

Coup de Soleil

Released: 1996
Section: Gay
Time: 77 min
Country: France
Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Group, Dildo
Directed by: Jean Daniel Cadinot
Studio: Gero Video
Starring: Luc Berry, Sebastien de Lost, Joe di Santiago, Anthony Baileys, Philippe Rey, Benjamin Burgit, Noel Couderc, Damien Carrey, Alexandre Parrys

Description:The Jean Daniel Cadinot film Coup De Soleil takes place on a barge, one of those “boats” that are common to use on canals in France. The barge is piloted, seemingly, my the Cadinot models who appear in the film.
I was just watching one scene from the film (and, I think all of Cadinot’s early works were filmed) and the scene shows two guys on the deck of the boat going at it. Exactly how do you “secure the set” for a porn shoot when the set is a boat moving down a canal in France?
There is also a point in the film where The Boys are shown moving the barge into a “lock” where, apparently, the lock is flooded so that the barge can move up (or down) to another level of the canal. So, for this film, not only were models needed who were attractive and could have sex on film but, the models had to also be able to pilot a barge through canals?
Btw, Cole Youngblood is shown in the vid wearing a “face guard” while mowing the lawn. Cole is being watched by a guy in the house and he eventually goes into the house to hookup with the guy. I’m not that familiar with Cole Youngblood and I would never have guessed that he was American from the way he is dressed in the Coup De Soleil.
Coup De Soleil in definitely an interesting Cadinot film. It is hard to imagine how Coup De Soleil could be “translated” to an American version. I suppose the best American approximation would just be guys doing it in a boat.

The first thing I want to say – a very beautiful movie! When you watch guys like rage at infinite sandy beach, kissing and cuddling in the surf – just want to find himself next! Simply indescribable sight! And then they go home, drink tea and do business ;-).
Prelude to the next scene, too, draws attention. Muscled guy mows the lawn mower and looks askance at parnyagu which either makes the lessons, or writes poetry. And looks askance not only eyes, but his term, which is increasingly swell in his pants and is about would get to the tops of his high boots. In short – a spectacle.
In sleduyuscheey skit great blowjob, more time spermoispuskaniya when a glass (well, almost glass) sperm joins the guy in the mouth, and then follows on display.
And the final scene – sex on a boat, walking on the channel, against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery … Guys naked sunbathing on the deck, waving to Grandma and Granddaddy handles on opposing boats, someone makes a blowjob navigator, etc.
In short, I recommend. Background – an excellent, filling – a worthy!
Quality: Other
Format: AVI
Size: 862.13 MB
File size: 862.1 MB

Ram Jet

Year: 1996
Genre: oral, anal, group, military
Length: 1:26:16

Description: Pilots Max Grand and Alec Powers can’t find a girl to hook up with so they go to an adult bookstore to get a pussy magazine. When they see Private Drew Andrews leaving the store with a gay magazine they decide they might as well take advantage of his craving for cock. They ambush Drew in the barracks and force him to suck them off. Max eats out Drew’s ass to get it ready for his cock and then pounds him while he is sucking on Alec. Once Max has had enough he turns things over to Alec who pounds Drew good and hard until they shoot.

File size: 888.5 MB