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Andel in America DVDRip

Produced in: 2001
Country: USA
Genre: Cum Shots, Safe Sex, Rimming, Threesome, Twinks, Hunks, Muscle Men, Anal/Oral Sex
Duration: 01:28:13
Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: All Worlds Video

Andel, Brad Benton, Drew Larson, Derik Thorn, Parker Williams, Evan Taylor, Jason Hawke, Tino Lopez, Devon Barry

The Czech beauty that stole the hearts of many a blue blooded gay man is back! And he’s better then ever. And this time he’s getting not only a higher education in college, but a few stiff lesson’s in good old’ America sex! The boys gather in the dorm room and are kicking back. BRAD BENTON gets the hots for our foreign exchange student and stays back with him after the guys leave. He goes down on Andel before giving up his love canal for Andel to stick his stiff, uncut Czech meat into. AW exclusive, TINO LOPEZ gets to work his thick, Latin cock in both of German studs; JASON HAWKES hungry holes and plugs them up good. Hot newcomer, DEVON BARRY gets his rocks off by way of his ass with DERIK THORN. Then in a patriotic fantasy, two handsome, mature men, PARKER WILLIAMS and EVAN TALOR are the NYC cop and fireman who throw a steamy all out sex scene. Then back at Andel’s dorm room, he experiences the ultimate sexual pleasures as he flip-flops with DREW LARSON. All American, all Sex, and all hot!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: XviD
Audio codec: MP3
Video: Xvid, 640×480 (4:3), 29.97fps, 998kbps, 0.108bits/pixel
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 32000Hz, stereo, 96kbps

File size: 697.7 MB

This video has been removed.

Weekend Lockup / Falcon Studios / 1981

Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Al Parker, Michael, Phillip, Mandingo, Allen, Art Williams
Director: Bill Clayton
Genre: Vintage, Costumes/Uniforms, Daddies/Grown Men, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1981
Runtime: 62 min
Country: US
Description: An astonishing bit of gay porn history is packaged here. No dialogue, no faked cumshots, no plot. It’s just everything you want in a porn: from oral cumshots and facial glazings, to early 80s ‘staches and beards, this one simply rocked us. These are some of Falcon’s greatest pre-condom loops. From Al Parker getting rousted by two nasty cops, to Mandingo stroking his massive tree-trunk, these shorts are ones worth keeping.


File size: 693.2 MB

Closed Set / HIS Video / 1980

Studio: HIS Video
Cast: The Gage Men
Director: Joe Gage
Genre: Vintage, All Sex (No Plot or Theme), Behind-the-Scenes/Porn Shoot, Daddies/Grown Men, Pre-Condom Era
Year: 1980
Runtime: 55 min
Country: US
Description: One of the most copied gay porns ever, this essential Joe Gage (with the anonymous Gage Men) set the standard for how all group fucks and orgies are to be done. Featuring muscled mustachioed men with no hang-ups and massive loads dumped about, do yourself this favor – buy the flick immediately, don’t shave for a few days, break out the tight Levi’s, kick back and push “play.” In short, this pre-condom is a must-own.



File size: 205.5 MB

Folson Flesh (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Gay Porn, Fisting, Muscle, Hunks, Anal, BDSM, Toys, Oral, Rimming, Water Sports, Wrestling
Duration: 1:47:42
Director: Brian Mills
Studio: Titan Media
Cast: Tony Buff, Eduardo, Dean Flynn, Will Parker, Rick Van Sant, Geoffrey Paine, Korben, Colin Steele

Folsom Filth is a Titan masterpiece showcasing eight men who exude pure masculine sexuality in beautifully filmed extreme sex. This movie has more watersports than any Club Med and a surplus of muscular guys with huge dicks. A great set, dramatic lighting, top-notch camera work and perfect casting make this an instant />
Tony Buff and his mushroom-headed monster cock dominate Will Parker right from the start of a scene that makes interesting use of a large screen TV to provide multiple angles and close ups. Parker devours Buff’s meat and has spit and pre-cum overflowing his mouth. Once Buff starts tonguing Parker’s hole, his sphincter starts twitching in anxious anticipation – a spectacle he obviously enjoys watching in the big screen. After copious cum is deposited on Buff’s leather-clad chest, Will gets strapped into a swing for a serious ass-paddling followed by an ass fucking that involves Olympics-quality gymnastic by Will trying to take as much of Buff as he can. This scene involves two incredible watersports sequences and two generous rounds of cum shots.

Titan icon Dean Flynn pins Geoffrey Paine in a wrestling match that turns into some 69 action. Flynn is a remarkable specimen of masculinity, but Paine’s thick prick, beautiful balls and sexy tattooed back make a good match for him. Both guys have sweet asses that look exquisite when framed by the leather straps of their unique wrestling outfits. Flynn puts all of his athletic muscles into fucking Paine at various speeds in countless positions. The watersports ending is truly nasty.

Korben is clearly a grade-A cocksucker and Eduardo gives his a grade-A cock to suck. Eduardo’s rock-solid fur-covered torso and tribal tattoos make him a great top. Korben grinding his hungry ass into Eduardo’s crotch show him to be a consummate bottom. The perfect matching of these two guys makes for a really hot scene.

Finally, Rick Van Sant and Colin Steele finish off the movie with the most extreme scene. Van Sant jacking his trademark curved cock while sitting on his motorcycle tempts Steele into some serious deep throat action. Both guys play with Van Sant’s substantial foreskin and eventually shoot huge loads on Steele’s chest, only to wash it off with rivers of piss. Once the action moves to the sling things really heat up. Van Sant’s thorough rimming prepares Steele’s hole for a pummeling by his curved cock, but that is only the warm-up for a battering with a giant baton, which nearly causes Steele’s eyes to pop out of his head. This all seems extreme, but the fisting sequence raises the extreme-o-meter to a whole new level. Each time you think this is about to end, a new twist brings more filth.

At the end of nearly two and a half hours of non-stop action, you’ll need a rest. But once you’ve recovered, be sure to check out the extras, including a bonus scene with Eduardo shoving Titan Tools up Korben’s hairy hole. The visuals of Eduardo’s perfect bubble butt while he drills into Korben make the extras worthwhile. Titan has done it again!

Format: AVI
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 864 Kbps, 720 x 480 (1.500) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 64,0 Kbps, 2 ch, 48,0 KHz
File size: 573 MB

File size: 1.6 GB

Backflip (2002)

Year: 2002
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral,Anal Sex, Cumshots
Duration: 1:27:32
Director: Steve Kiraly
Studio: Falcon International
Cast: Danno Alecs, George Vidanov, Jose Ganatti, Joe Calderon, John Valko, Mihal Laszlo, Marko Balazs, Daniel Kriley, Martin Hubai, Lajos Anfort, Miklos Orosz, Peter Bodanszky, Robert Zsilak, Antal Reczi

In 1996, a memo went out to all NBC cameramen at the Barcelona Olympics ordering them to shoot male swimmers only from the waist up. It seems that during the Atlanta games, a lot of TV viewers were offended by the obvious sight of the athletes’ genitals straining against their Speedos.
Thankfully, Steve Kiraly doesn’t have such qualms. In Backflip he shows us fourteen glorious swimmers in the skimpiest of blue bikinis – for about five minutes. The rest of the time the briefs are off, so we can see exactly what had scared all those couch potatoes. Now this is “must-see” TV!
The intro is a crotch-stiffening fantasy set-up. Members of a swim team greet each other in a gym lobby and head to the locker room to change for practice – and yes, we do see them pack themselves into place. These guys are incredible – all lean muscled young males just entering into adulthood, dripping in uncut cockiness. They are also fresh off the tree – five guys make their debuts, and most of the rest have made at most three other videos.
After a good workout, most of the team heads to the showers, leaving behind Danno Alecs, Robert Zsilak, Lajos Anfort and Mihal Laszlo to fool around in the pool. Eventually cocks spring out of Speedos and into mouths – Anfort’s into Laszlo and Zsilak’s into Alecs. Danno may be the video’s cover man, but Laszlo is the star here, as he next lines up the other three and sucks them in turn.
Having gotten his fill in one end, Laszlo gets on all fours and takes them up the other end: Zsilak, then Alecs, then Anfort. As each guy takes his turn, the other two stand behind them kissing and jerking each other off. Laszlo takes this Hungarian gang-bang in stride, especially from Anfort who gives him the hardest pounding. The three tops shoot on the bottom’s chest, who adds his own jizm to theirs.
Back in the locker room, a beefy Miklos Orosz heads into the shower room, where he finds Jose Ganatti and Joe Calderon in serious make-out mode. All three are magnificently hung and as Orosz starts to jerk off, the other two suck face and fondle cocks. Ganatti then kneels down for some lengthy dick-worship. These two gents are experienced performers: Ganatti was in Out of Athens and Calderon is a Kiraly favorite, so we see a first-rate blowjob.
Joe pulls Jose up and shoves him against the wall for the most aggressive fuck of the film, as top and bottom push into each other. Calderon then gets on the floor so Ganatti can impale himself on that very juicy European Pole. All the time Orosz is furiously beating his meat, and all three shoot copious loads. As the voyeur walks away, the two sex-fiends do some final tongue-fucking.
The third scene is another duo, between the very sexy Martin Hubai and the swarthier John Valko. They begin with a sensuous 69 that is the only the only pairing in the video where both partners go oral. Valko’s frankly better at it than Hubai (see below), but it’s still gratifying to see two men service each other. Another standing fuck follows, followed by another squat fuck, but this one’s more deliberate, less frenzied than before. Valko doesn’t rock into Hubai, but he still lets Hubai get all the way in his naturally hairy ass (something we don’t normally see in Falcon models). All the while, both men work up a sweat, making their skins glisten in the light.
The final scene is by the pool with six guys in three pairs, so it isn’t exactly an orgy. What it is, is a fabulous documentation on the art of fucking, as each pair demonstrates a different position: Hubai bends over the very young-looking Daniel Kriley for a doggie-style fuck; hairy hunk George Vidanov (a true pro with over a dozen credits) straddles the cock of open-faced Antal Reczi; and darkman Marko Balazs lies on his side and raises his leg to give long-haired Peter Bodanszky a full-access fuck from behind.
The camerawork is superb, as it glides from one penetration to another, giving us both sizzling wide-shot panoramas and heart-stopping close-ups. There are no changes in position, but because the camerawork is so smooth, and the men are so enthusiastic, you never get bored. Vidanov plays to the camera the best, and at one time leans back so he can kiss Kriley. And in a deliciously naughty touch, behind all this free-wheeling sodomy is a giant banner for international sports timekeeper Peugot Fabian. I wonder how much they paid for that product placement!
As with so many European videos, the only real drawback of Backflip are the blow-jobs. For some reason Europeans simply are not good cocksuckers; they swallow just the head and stroke the shaft. Come on USA – we’ve taught the world how to play baseball, drive pick-ups and eat Big Macs. Isn’t it time we show them how to suck cock? Uncle Sam needs you!

Format: AVI
Video: MPEG-4 Visual XVID 1500 Kbps 640×480 29,970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 MP3 44,1 Hz 128Kbps
File size: 1 GB

File size: 1.0 GB

Time Cops (1998)

Year: 1998
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Hunks, Muscle, Uniforms, Cops
Duration: 01:50:00
Director: Chip Daniels
Studio: Centaur Films
Cast: Brock Masters, Zachary Scott, Brett Ford, Brian Roberts, Tony Scalia, Christian Wilder, Scott Davis, Kristian Brooks, Bruno De Marco, Sandy Sloane, Nick Chevalier

Starring Centaur’s newest exclusive top, 11″ Brock Masters, in his first video ever. Co-starring Centaur super-stud top, 10″ Zachary Scott, along with 9 of the hottest men on the planet. The action explodes in Time Cops with five explicit sex scenes, six revolvers, four horses, three shootouts, a cop car and a time machine. Time Cops is the most ambitious Gay adult video ever undertaken by Centaur Films, and most likely, any other company.
The action begins on April 2, 1998. LAPD officers Bob Ford (Brock Masters) and his brother Charly (Zachary Scott) are about to go on patrol together for the first time. Before departing Charly has a morning fuck with his lover Steve (French newcomer Nick Chevalier). They both devour Zachary’s 10″ hose simultaneously in the hottest auto-fellatio scene on video. Charly then pounds Steve’s butt in every position imaginable ending in copious loads of cum as brother Bob arrives to begin their patrol.
Later, the two Ford Brothers encounter the great-grandsons of the infamous James Brothers, Jesse (new hunk Brian Roberts) and his older brother Frank (studly Bret Ford), having just robbed a bank. There’s a shootout and when the dust clears two brothers are dead, LAPD officer Charley Ford, and outlaw Jesse James IV. Mourning the death of his younger brother, Bob Ford remembers hearing earlier in the day about the discovery of what might be the famous time machine of H.G. Wells, by his grandson, H.G. Wells IV (cameo appearances as both the younger and elder Wells by Director Chip Daniels.) Believing he might go back in time to change the future and keep his brother from dying, he visits the young Wells and soon finds himself traveling back in time. Intending only to go back one day, the time machine instead lands him in April 2, 1882, just as the original James Brothers (also played by Brian Roberts and Bret Ford) are robbing an Express Office.
The deputy of a local Missouri sheriff (newcomer Christian Wilder) is shot and hustled off to the doctor (stud man Scott Davis) for “treatment” which, finding it’s only a scratch, causes Davis to prod every hole in the deputy with his 10″ fuck pole. Meanwhile, Officer Ford (Brock Masters) dips his 11″ love stick into the willing mouth and butt of a 19th Century young man (Sandy Sloane), proving that Ford has what it takes to ride, fuck and shoot in any century.
Later, Officer Ford and the Sheriff trail the infamous James Brothers who have since captured two cowboys (handsome Kristian Brooks and Bruno Demarco) who they proceed to use as their love slaves in a four-way where both of them double-penetrate Kristian Brooks, fucking him into the night.
They are awakened the next morning from their satiated sex by the Sheriff and Officer Ford. A deadly shootout follows mirroring actual events from history in Kearney, Missouri on April 3, 1882, when Bob Ford encountered Jesse James. And before his quest is over, Bob Ford has added a notch for the Sheriff to his sex belt as he rams his 11 inches into the Sheriff’s mouth and butt. To find out if Bob Ford can not only change, but return to the future and experience the hottest sex in Gay male video along the way, buy this extraordinary video, now available exclusively through this special mail-order offer from Centaur Films. It’s a loin bursting, timeless story that you can’t be without!

Format: mpg
Video: 8976 kbps avg, 352 x 240 (1.304), at 29.970 fps
Audio: 44,1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~224.00 kbps avg

File size: 1.0 GB

This video has been removed.

The Visitor (2009)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Intergenerational, Back Alley Sex, Big Balls, Big Cock, Muscle Men, Beautiful/Model/Stunning, Dildos, Finger Fucking, Cumshot, Cum Eating, Deep Throating, Dirty Talk/Verbal Abuse, Fetish, Bondage, Leather, SM/BD, Kinky/Nasty Pig/Raunchy, Latino Men, Piercing, Rimming, Rough Sex, Sex in Public, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways
Starring: Logan McCree, Bruno Bond, David Taylor, Angelo Marconi, Junior Stellano, Austin Wilde, Cole Streets, Damian Rios, Lucky Daniels, Dominic Pacifico
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

This stunning two-disc major movie is the brainchild of GAYVN Award-winning Director Tony Dimarco. The Visitor is a voyeuristic journey of raw casual encounters and lust-filled sex – cocks have never been so hard and assholes have never begged for more! The Visitor stars GAYVN Performer of the year Logan McCree as Epoc, a scientific researcher from far away who comes to study the fucking and sucking of the male species. His research opens his eyes! Watching thrusting cock drive deep into male ass infuses Logan with a deep-seeded desire to penetrate and be penetrated. Logan begins preparations for his ultimate experiment!
Seeking out the vibrations in his research, Epoc combs through the streets of the city, invisible to the human eye. He is pulled by these unseen forces until he is ultimately pulled to the center of it all: the Castro in San Francisco. As day turns to night, Epoc comes upon two guys outside a local bar in the Castro. The two muscled men are heavily making out against the bar, and as their lust builds, they decide to take it a step further and head to a side alley. The two hot studs, Angelo Marconi and Junior Stellano, enter the alley unnoticed… or so they think. They kiss passionately as their hormones rage, with Epoc studying their every move. Shirts come off revealing Angelo’s large, smooth chest and Junior’s hairy, Italian body. Their kissing increases as belts are fumbled with and soon Angelo is on his knees sucking Junior’s fat cock. Angelo can’t get enough of Junior’s man meat in his hungry mouth. Angelo sucks this stud’s cock, sending heat waves up Junior’s entire body. Junior moans in ecstasy, enjoying the sensation, but that’s not enough. Junior pushes Angelo to the wall in this tight alley and unleashes Angelo’s uncut beauty. Junior works Angelo’s cock, the heat building with no sign of subsiding. Angelo becomes the aggressor and pushes Junior back to the other side of the narrow alley, fucking Junior’s mouth. Junior continues to suck Angelo’s meat then turns him over for what he’s really after, Angelo’s hot, smooth ass. Junior buries his face between Angelo’s ass cheeks and devours his hole, getting it worked up and ready for his engorged cock. Junior gets up and rubs his hard and ready cock against Angelo’s hot ass. Angelo grinds back in eager anticipation. Junior fumbles with a condom from his pocket, rolls it over his tool and, in no time, is deep inside the Latin stud’s tight hole. Angelo moans in pleasure as Junior fucks him against the brick wall. Junior fucks him deep and hard, fast and slow, and Angelo begs for more. Junior bends Angelo over a garbage can and continues his banging. Angelo takes it and only wants more. Junior turns Angelo onto his back and, with his legs lifted, enters him deeper. Junior picks up the pace and fucks Angelo till he cums all over his own sweaty, smooth stomach. Junior pulls out and his white spunk all over the Latin stud. Epoc, standing inches away, feels the intense vibration, almost cumming himself. The two men dress and hurry out. Angelo turns to look back at the alley. He sensed that he was being watched but no one was there…
Amidst the pumping music on a crowded dance floor of sweaty men, Epoc spots two young club goers, Dominic Pacifico and Austin Wilde, entranced in the groove. Oblivious to their surroundings, they are engrossed each other’s bodies. They grope and kiss as their bodies intertwine, the passion rising between them. A man appears in the crowd that can see Epoc, but how? His vibration is too high to be seen by the human eye. As quick as he appears, he is gone. Epoc turns his attention back to the dancing men. He follows as they move to another part of the dance floor then disappears behind the large speakers that pump the loud dance music. They kiss deeply and their bodies meld into one blur of sweat and lights. Dominic kisses down Austin’s wet body and unleashes his hard cock from his pants. Dominic takes Austin’s large, hard cock into his mouth and sucks in ecstasy. Austin then returns the favor and savors Dominic’s wet cock. The two swap blowjobs as Epoc observes. After some more passionate sucking and kissing, Austin bends Dominic over a speaker and begins to rub his cock against Dominic’s smooth ass. Dominic pushes back in anticipation. Austin enters and Dominic is flooded with a wave of lust. Austin pounds Dominic’s sweet hole, watching his cock go in and out. He then flips Dominic over and enters deeper into him, their bodies now one mass of vibrating ecstasy. Epoc feels the deep vibrations as Austin thrusts deeper and harder. Dominic shudders and explodes all over himself and Justin soon follows, shooting white gobs of semen all over Dominic’s sweat-soaked body. The two meld once more in an impassioned kiss… Epoc absorbs the energy, only wanting more.
Epoc returns to his laboratory for more experimentation. Reclining in his control chair, Epoc touches his tattooed body as he watches and controls the large screen displaying visions of men having sex. He selects and enlarges them one by one till he finds his choice viewing. As he watches the earlier scene of the two guys from the alley, Epoc strokes his fat, uncut cock. He plays with his nipples as he watches intently. He strokes his dick, then takes an electronic apparatus and impales it on his cock. The machine pulses and vibrates in syncopated rhythm to the action on screen and Epoc feels the sensation. As he watches the two in anal penetration, Epoc takes out a smooth probe and teases his hole with it. He wants to feel the depth of what a man feels like inside him, and he pushes the probe deep into his hole. Stroking his dick and probing his hole, Epoc experiences some of the sensations of man-on-man sex, but only from a distance. His probing and jerking intensifies while he remembers and feels the vibrations of lust through his memory recall. He increases his pace and cums for the first time all over himself.
Two stoners getting high in a back alley are oblivious to the close encounter they are about to have. They toke on their pot pipe as the static charges begin to crackle. Epoc is attempting to materialize down to Earth. His body becomes physical then quickly snaps back to his vibration. He tries again and is successful; leaving the stoners to wonder if what they had just witnessed was real. Epoc walks off and enters a leather bar. He walks to the back of the bar where the patrons notice him, but in his gear he does not seem out of place here. In the backroom, a slave tied to a St. Andrew’s cross is being dominated by his leather master, Bruno Bond. The master uses tit clamps and pulls on the chain, elongating the pain/pleasure. Epoc comes closer to watch. The Master, leading the scene, fondles and teases the slave under his control. Epoc comes closer and feels the slave’s human skin. The master allows this stranger to join into the role-play of pain and pleasure. Bruno kisses the slave, and then lets Epoc’s tongue enter the slave as well. Soon the slave is unshackled from the cross and the three continue their game. Epoc goes down on the slave’s cock, seeing what it feels and tastes like. The salty cock tastes good in his mouth and he eagerly sucks as the slave feels the new, warm mouth on his cock. Once the slave’s mask comes off, the three men enter into an ever-evolving fuckfest. Epoc and Bruno switch off topping the willing slave and eventually Epoc ends up in the middle, fucking the slave while being fucked by the master. He experiences it all while hidden in the anonymity of the dark backroom.
Heading back to the Castro, Epoc watches the throngs of people walking the street. Epoc is in search for more but what is it that he seeks? He seeks the vibrations of pure love. Epoc watches two lovers, David Taylor and Lucky Daniels, on the street as they look at each other deeply and kiss with a soulful connection. They hurry back to their apartment to continue their heartfelt reunion. Epoc perches above and observes. The men move their lovemaking over to the bed and Epoc transports them over to his lab for closer study. David kisses down Lucky’s body and takes his boyfriend’s growing cock into his mouth, getting it all wet. David continues sucking then goes back up to Lucky’s mouth to give him a taste. Lucky enjoys David’s beautiful, tattooed body and works his way down to David’s cock. Lucky loves his boyfriend’s big, hard cock in his mouth but he soon climbs on top and aims it at his waiting hole. Lucky sits atop David’s hard cock and rides it in pleasure, all while Epoc monitors their lovemaking. David then turns Lucky over to get at his beautifully formed round ass. David rubs the length of his cock between the cheeks of Lucky’s smooth ass. He points his flesh torpedo at Lucky’s hole and slowly pushes it in. David pumps his cock in and out of Lucky’s tight hole until his pace picks up and he is fucking him hard. Lucky loves the feel of his lover’s hard cock deep inside his ass, pulsating in and out. Lucky turns over so he can see David’s face as he is getting pounded. David looks into the pleasure of his boyfriend’s eyes as he pounds him to climax. David pulls out his cock and dumps his love stream all over Lucky. Exhausted, they collapse on top of one another, and Epoc’s desire grows deeper.
Back in his laboratory, Epoc remembers his journeys. He’s seen many of man sex, from the causal to the deep connection of lovers. He’s felt what it feels like to touch human skin but the sex-only vibration of the S&M scene was not what he was looking for. Epoc yearns to feel the connection and higher vibration of the lovers’ lovemaking. He then remembers the one who could see his vibration. The mysterious figure from the club! He travels back to Earth to find this mysterious being. Going back to the club, Epoc discovers him and they connect in an instant. The stranger, Damian Rios steals Epoc away to his apartment. They kiss deeply, joining their energies. Epoc sucks on Damian’s cock and savors the taste as he works his way up and down his shaft. Damian then works Epoc’s cock; Epoc allows the pleasure to seep through his veins. The two bodies entwine and Epoc allows Damian to put his dick inside him. Epoc feels instant waves of pleasure spread through his body. The two feed off of each other’s vibrations. Epoc then takes his cock and enters Damian’s body. Epoc works Damian’s hole as he pulsates in and out of him. Epoc, wanting more, moves onto his back and Damian again enters Epoc’s body. Damian thrusts his cock deeper inside, increasing his pace. Epoc strokes his engorged member feverishly. Damian thrusts harder now, fucking Epoc into ecstasy; Epoc lets out a loud groan as he spews large gobs of cum all over himself. Damian pulls out and cums all over Epoc. The two men collapse intertwined into a glowing mass of energies. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:37:55
Resolution: 688×384
Size: 1.91 GB

File size: 1.7 GB

BuckleRoos Part I (2004)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Straight Men, Muscle Men, Daddies, Intergenerational, Uniforms: Cops/Rangers/Security Guards, Beautiful/Model/Stunning, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cum Eating One’s Own, Cumshot, Double Oral Penetration, Uncut Cocks, Group Sex, Latino Men, Interracial, Outdoor Sex, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways, Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking, Theme: Drinking/Drug Taking/Partying, Theme: Romance, Theme: Cowboys/Farm Hands/Ranchers
Starring: Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Owen Hawk, Edu Boxer, Chris Wide, Mike Dasher, Diego De LaHoya, Todd Maxwell, Jake Andrews, Brad Benton, Sam Shadon, Ricky Martinez, Arpad Miklos, Josh Hardman
Studio: Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

It’s hard to know where to begin with BuckleRoos; it’s that good. But even more, it’s that much fun! That’s the secret of BuckleRoos: It’s a fabulous, fun fuck flick; a hard-core gay porn western fantasy romantic comedy. There’s nothing to compare it to. While so much gay porn takes itself too seriously, BuckleRoos is a hoot. Hell, it’s a hootenanny! Still, where do you start?
Do you start with the directors? Jerry Douglas has been making gay porn since the 1970s; he helped invent the thing. John Rutherford has practically turned it into an art form, first at Falcon and now as the head wrangler at Colt, where he has here revived its once-sizzling Buckshot production label. Imagine Robert Altman and Steven Spielberg working together and you get the />Or do you start with the cast? Every single man in BuckleRoos is at his absolute sexual peak. The diversity is astonishing: from lean, lithe and barely legal to mighty-muscled hard bodies who’ve seen it all. There are eager newcomers, seasoned veterans and at least one break-out star turn. Most are uncut, and the different ways they fool with their foreskins are worth the price of the video alone.
Or do you start with the production standards? Todd Montgomery’s videography, Andrew Rosen’s editing, plus the lighting, sets and music are impeccable, better than some mainstream videos. The opening scene is a crane shot of a pick-up truck driving into a ranch. A crane shot? Nobody does crane shots in porn!
Or you start with the story? Nobody, but nobody, does story porn better than Jerry Douglas, and this is his masterpiece. Here the sex and story are so thoroughly interwoven that you can’t have one without the other – and each makes the other more exciting.
So, come and listen to a story about a Man in Black. No, it’s not Johnny Cash, but Zak Spears in a non-sexual role – though this man is more sexual fully clothed than most men are buck-naked. He plays a mystical figure – ghost, spirit, fairy godfather? – who dispenses magical belt buckles. While most belt buckles keep pants on, these keep pulling them off. He stays to watch what happens and even helps things along.
Right now he’s looking after the owners of the “Beefland Ranch,” Kick (Dean Phoenix) and Jed (Marcus Iron). These two guys live by one rule: no sex a second time around; it’s “hello,” then “goodbye.” They had sex with each other once but vowed never to do it again. Luvin’ can trap a man, so now they’re just best buddies.
There have never been two more well-defined characters in gay porn than Kick and Jed – ever. They even do their sex in character! Kick is the head man, and an easy going kind of guy. Dean Phoenix came out of retirement just to make BuckleRoos. His body has a hardened maturity and his hair is now long and curly, making him irresistible in a whole new way.
Jed is the archetypal laconic cowboy best friend who hardly talks and never takes his hat off. And Marcus Iron plays him perfectly. Iron has never really been given his due, so BuckleRoos should make him the star he deserves to be. As good as Phoenix is (and he’s incredible), Iron has the 2005 GAYVN Best Actor award in a lock. You read it here first.
It’s evening, and both guys are horny. They go to the local bar, where Kick cruises a bleach-blond stud (Josh Hardman) he’s been after for months. The Man in Black magically appears, gives him the belt buckle, and Blond Stud suddenly goes after Kick like a wild stallion. At one point, Kick actually moves like the broncho-buster he once was while fucking the stud. That’s what I mean – Phoenix uses a fuck to define his role.
Next, while driving into town, Jed is pulled over by a state trooper, the dark, hairy and very beefy Todd Maxwell. The Man in Black suddenly appears and replaces Jed’s belt with his own – and bam, the cop is now a voracious bottom. Jed can’t even get all his clothes off before he’s fucking the pig like a pig, even using the billyclub as a dildo. And when the cop tries to take off Jed’s hat, the cowboy interrupts his cocksucking to yell, “Don’t ever touch my hat.” Shee-it, you just don’t see that kind of acting in gay porn.
Back together at the ranch, the doorbell rings, and it’s Kick’s teenaged nephew Jimmy Joe (Owen Hawk, another star in the making), whose parents have thrown him out for doing one too many football players. He talks about hitching to the ranch – and with that we have a flashback to a voracious threeway with Hawk, Brad Benton and Diego de La Hoya. The scene is done in a parked convertible in an open field, several hundred yards away from a busy freeway. You can see and hear the traffic as they’re screwing their brains out.
The highlight of the scene – and something that this reviewer has never seen before (and has always wanted to) – is a revolving daisy chain: The three line up to fuck each other, and in time the man on the receiving end pulls his ass off the middleman’s cock, puts on a condom given to him by the Man in Black, moves to the other end and plows into the end guy – who now becomes the middleman.
I dare you not to cum during this scene. I just dare you!
Now it’s time for a solo scene, BuckleRoos style. Ranch hands Ricky Martinez and Arpad Miklos are bored. There are two full-length mirrors in their barracks, so each guy starts making out – with his own reflection. This usually flops in porn, but here it’s pure perfection. Martinez and Miklos couldn’t be more different – a younger, taut, smooth-skinned Latino and an older, beefy, hairy Hungarian. Still not satisfied, they finish with the mirrors and start sucking themselves off. Yep – two guys self-sucking at the same time, ending in massive dual facial cumshots and scarfings.
I ain’t never seen nuthin’ like that before!
The only way to end this is an orgy. Kick and Jed head back to the bar. The Man in Black waves his hand – and everybody suddenly gets naked. Kick and Jed sit back and jerk off as they watch five guys go at it. As before, each guy has a different look: Jake Andrews just gets hotter as he gets older; Colt Exclusive Chris Wide’s chest is as wide as the Texas horizon; fellow Exclusive Mike Dasher is dark and mature with thick lips; Sam Shadon has a biker look; and Edu Boxer is compact, hairy, Latin and insatiable.
Everybody goes at each other, with Andrews and Shadon taking the bottoming duties, and it is a testament to the camerawork and editing that you always know exactly who is doing what to whom. Eventually the Man in Black lures Kick and Jed to stand up and press against each other as they jerk off. At the moment that they start to cum, they start to kiss – ravenously. They then pull back, stare at each other in astonishment, and… fade out. Enjoy!..

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Duration: 01:59:35
Resolution: 576×432
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The Missing Link

Description: We all know the conventional wisdom about sequels, especially later ones: their storylines are stale and hackneyed (a cloned Ripley in Alien: Resurrection); their casting is disastrous (Michael Caine in Jaws IV or Sofia Coppola in Godfather III); and they degenerate into crass commercialism (those damned teddy bears in Return of the Jedi).

So who said Chi Chi LaRue was ever conventional? Throw out the rulebook and pile up the superlatives! In The Missing Link, Chi Chi goes to the well for the fourth time and comes up with buckets of cum, sweat, spit and piss. This is harrowingly hard-core and utterly uninhibited gay male sex-sleaze at its basest and best.

Stale storylines?
Try 3? hours of wall-to-wall, stem-to-stern sex that never gets routine or repetitive. Nine sex scenes, each with a different focus: gangbangs, orgies, uniforms, inter-racials, watersports, penis pumps, and every kind of ass play you can think of – plus some you would never dream of. They’re tied together by introductions by Blake Harper, who describes his secret fantasies. The sets alternate between a derelict ship that reeks of testosterone and a deserted warehouse that echoes of sweaty muscle-bound workmen.

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Duration: 02:58:50

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The Intern (2007)

Year: 2007
Genre: Gay, Comedy, Anal/Oral, toys, dildo, muscles
Duration: 01:57:00
Director: Tony Dimarco
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Cast: Ben Andrews, Michael Lucas, Christian Cruz, Matt Cole, Jonathan Vargas, Ray Star, Derrick Hanson, Jason Ridge, Jimmy, Zack Randall

Going on coffee runs, copying documents, answering phones, typing emails… and stocking up on lube? When you’re an intern at a gay adult entertainment company, it’s all in a day’s work. Lucas Entertainment exclusive Ben Andrews stars in the sex comedy “The Intern,” where Botox-injecting bosses (Michael Lucas), sassy assistants (new Lucas exclusive Christian Cruz), and beefy delivery men (Matt Cole) abound. “Ugly” Benny maneuvers his way through the wacky, sexy offices of Trojan Studios, but his co-workers soon discover he may have a “bigger” talent in his pants. Also starring Lucas exclusives Jonathan Vargas and Ray Star, plus Derrick Hanson, Jason Ridge, Jimmy, and Zack Randall.

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Audio: 44,1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

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Deep Probe (2003)

Year: 2003
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Orgies, Muscles, Hunks
Duration: 01:31:45

Gorgeous, blond-streaked doctor Naphal checks twink Stewart’s vital signs with a stethoscope and his mouth, sucking the pretty joy stick. Technician Paxton drops trou so the doc can suck his cock too then sinks to his knees and takes over. Habko and sexy youth Agar hear the passionate sounds from the hallway and barge in. Paxton, Stewart and Habko engage in a three-way oral feast. Then the fucking free-for-all begins, with partners shifting and Stewart flip flopping. The temperature rises as Habko power pounds Stewart’s cute butt, forcing Stewart’s cock deep inside Naphal’s mouth while Agar furiously digs his cock into Naphal’s butt. Overall, another cork popper of a show from High Octane.

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Production year: 1997
Country: US
Genre: Muscle, Twinks, Uncut Cocks, Hunks, Anal, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Dildos – Toys, Hairy Men, Oral, Rimming
Length: 1:49:40
Director: Chip Daniels
Studio: Centaur Films
Cast: Matt Bradshaw, Steve O’Donnell, Tony Brandon, Max Grand, KC Hart, Chad Donovan, Adam Rom, Eric York, Kyle McKenna, Sweet William

Hot Cops # 3 features fine cops and bad boys with director Chip Daniels delivering a realism gay film that has rarely been seen. This time, officer O’Donnell goes undercover in search of drug dealers and in the process, learns that he and his new partner, officer Bradshaw, can manhandle their prey with their hot dicks and involve themselves in gay sex with some of the hottest studs on the planet. The men of the law fill every orifice of the young, bad guys, including cocks, dildos, fingers, billy clubs. You name it!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5 352×264 29.97fps 777Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps
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