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Cruising Budapest 5 – The Mangiatti Twins (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral,Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Dildos, Feet, Facial Cumshots, Hairy, Rimming, Orgies, Uncut
Duration: 01:58:44
Director: Michael Lucas
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Cast: Fabrizio Mangiatti, Fernando Mangiatti, Enrico Belaggio, Flavio Valentino, Julian Vincenzo, Jack Laurel, Steve Hunt, Rick Bauer, Peter Shadow and Michael Lucas.

In Michael Lucas’ romp through Budapest, he’s taken very familiar Hungarian porn stars and woken a lot of them up. Usually a bit on the wan side, they have willingly grabbed at the challenges of a Lucas shoot, which demands full energy and full attention, so it’s only natural to go after the towering Mangiatti twins. The beautiful boys are often statues in their movies. Michael Lucas pushes them further (no, not that far, calm down) than they are used to in their scene here, and they react well, just as well as the other stellar performers put through luscious scenes in this wonderful addition to the series.

Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5 656×480 29.97fps 1100Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
File size: 1.02 GB

File size: 1.0 GB

Terms Of Endowment (2001)

Year: 2001
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral,Anal Sex, Muscles; Big Dicks; Cumshots, Hairy
Duration: 01:30:38
Director: Chris Ward JD Slater
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Michael Brandon, Michael Soldier, Sky Donovan, Tom Shannon, Jack Ryan, and Nate Summers

Terms Of Endowment brings a little romance to the regular take-no-prisoners sex that defines Raging Stallion movies. In this case, a group of hunky men decide to spend a weekend together in a San Francisco Victorian, right in the … Full Descriptionmiddle of the Castro district. As you might guess, it is not long before the sexual friction turns into overwhelming heat as scene after graphic scene of uncontrolled sex unfolds before your bulging eyes.

Format: AVI
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 800×600 29.97fps 2 343 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64kbps
File size: 1.55 GB

File size: 1.5 GB

BuckleRoos Part II (2004)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks – Young Meat, Freshmen, Daddies, Intergenerational, Biker Dudes, Muscle Men, Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Dildos/Toys, Beautiful/Model/Stunning, Big Cock, Cumshot, Deep Throating, Leather, Fetish, Uncut Cocks, Gym/Lockerroom, Outdoor Sex, Straight Men, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways, Theme: Athletes/Jocks/Sports/Working Out, Theme: Cowboys/Farm Hands/Ranchers, Theme: Garage Mechanic/Plumber/Repair Men, Theme: Men of the Cloth/Religion, Theme: Romance
Starring: Marcus Iron, Andrew Rubio, Dave Angelo, Dean Phoenix, Hank Locklear, Jason Kennedy, Owen Hawk, Sammy Case, Timmy Thomas, Ty Hudson
Studio: Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas wrap up one of the best and most ambitious “story” gay porn films ever – hell, it’s one of the best, period – with two more hours of intense sex, compelling characters and a story that will warm your heart as much as it heats your crotch. Part II features an especially mind-blowing scene that will make “top-ten” lists for years, and ends with a love scene so genuine that you hardly realize you’re seeing one of the favorite tops of all time bottom for the first time.
First and foremost, BuckleRoos Part II is not a sequel, it’s the second half of a four-hour long movie. Everything that makes BuckleRoos Part I so phenomenal applies here. So, if you haven’t already, read the review for part one now. Go ahead. We’ll wait.
So, when we last left the congenial Kick (Dean Phoenix, in a victorious comeback), the laconic Jed (Marcus Iron), and the mysterious, magical Man in Black (the fully dressed but totally hot Zak Spears), Kick and Jed were in profound embarrassment after kissing each other while jerking off watching a five-man orgy. Helluva plot line, ain’t it?
The camera opens on the ranch house. Kick and Jed are in their bedrooms jerking off again, but now they’re doing it behind closed doors, trying to keep out the feelings the Man in Black has let in. Down the hall, however, Kick’s nephew Jimmy Joe (Owen Hawk) is keeping the door as wide open as his legs. Eventually, Jed decides to face Kick and says those words we’ve all uttered – “About last night…” Kick insists it was just an accident because “we’re devil-dog handsome, donkey-hung irresistible, right?” He urges them to renew their vow: “Never fuck no one you know. Never.” (How often do you actually get to quote gay porn dialogue?)
Their pick-up truck breaks down, so they take it to a service station run by Lonnie (Hank Locklear; must be Heather’s black-sheep brother), a stunning blond who proves irresistible to Kick. He lies back on the truck’s hood and lets Lonnie chow down on his massive meat. This meat has not been “trimmed,” so the mechanic tools with Kick’s foreskin to the camera’s delight.
A tough biker (Dave Angelo) then pulls in and joins in the action. The three men suck each other off, and then the two men pound the grease monkey’s ass, before Angelo shoots an especially creamy load on Lonnie’s face and seals the deal by spitting in his face. Meanwhile Jed’s taking a nap in the cab, though he does periodically look up to catch his buddy in action.
Now, get ready to be blown away. Jed and Jimmy Joe are back home when two young – very young – Mormon missionaries (Timmy Thomas, Sammy Case) knock on the door to save some souls. Jimmy Joe bets Jed that with by wearing his magic belt buckle, he can seduce those two young innocents. Taking the bet, Jed takes the two cherubs by the hand – literally – and introduces them to the joys of gay sex.
Now be forewarned – these two couldn’t look less like Colt Men. (They don’t look old enough to be called “twinkies” for God’s sake!) But this scene is so brilliantly performed and utterly original that it will make Colt founder Jim French/Rip Colt proud! The whole scene is Iron softly, steadily coaching each boy first how to kiss, then suck cock, then finger ass. Thomas and Case act as if they’ve never seen a naked man before and respond with a mix of eagerness and apprehension. When it’s time to fuck, Iron first demonstrates by penetrating each of them. (For supposedly virginal asses, they take Irons’ huge cock with surprising ease. Sweet Jesus, it’s a miracle!) He then helps them do it themselves, showing the top how to wear a rubber and telling the bottom how to breathe. Every gay man who watches this scene will wish he had had someone like Jed for his first time; there’s a poignancy to it.
But don’t worry – BuckleRoos isn’t suddenly getting soft.
The next scene is raw, rough and raunchy as two meaty, masculine men torture each other’s buttholes. After his cousin’s bachelor party, Kick drives in with the groom (Andrew Rubio) and best man (newcomer Ty Hudson) sprawled in the back, stone-cold drunk. A bucket of water wakes them up, and they check to see that they still have their party favors in place – giant butt plugs stuffed up their asses. Hudson then gives his buddy his wedding present: a box of Colt Gear toys of all shapes and sizes (now that’s product placement!) and they get down to business.
Rubio is younger, leaner and smoother, while Hudson is covered in fur and wears his years real well – he’s vintage Colt. Both men try to “top” each other by anally inhaling bigger and badder dildos. They end up with a double-headed dildo and synchronized cum shots. All while, Kick and Jed jerk off to the show, but this time they give each other a hand.
The next scene is the most conventional of the whole video. Jimmy Joe, who had been thrown out by his parents for fucking too many high school quarterbacks, decides to try out for the team at his new school. In the locker room he meets Linc (Jason Kennedy, with a dark serious face and incredibly hairy legs) and goes for the quarterback sack – the sack in his jock, that is. Hawk sucks him down to the pubes like a pro, then Kennedy buries his face in Hawk’s butt before fucking him from several angles. In a turnover that will get lots of replay, Hawk then fucks Linc from the side. Both shoot loads worthy of their youth and follow up with some deep-throat kissing and declarations of new-found love.
Jimmy Joe brings his new boyfriend home, and their commitment terrifies Kick, so he storms out to the barn. Jed follows after him, and the two men finally face each other. With the Man in Black looking on, they take off their belts – with the magic buckles – and enter into a lip-lock that’s sure to “scare the horses.”
This is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s a remarkably tender love scene that doesn’t forget it’s also hard-core porn. The emotions are real, and the sex is hot. After some smoldering foreplay, the two men give each other hands-free, deep-throat blow-jobs, making intimate eye contact. Kick then lifts Jed’s legs over his shoulders for a slow, deliberate, and genuinely romantic fuck. Dean Phoenix was one of the 1990s’ greatest tops, and this scene shows us why.
But as the love is mutual for Kick and Jed, so too must the sex be mutual – which means Jed then fucks Kick, and that’s a sight to see! This is the first time Dean Phoenix has ever bottomed on screen, and he does it willingly. The camera records the initial penetration in glorious close-up, and Iron leans in to kiss Phoenix with each thrust of a long, luxurious fuck. Finally, they cum simultaneously while locked in a deep kiss. They fall asleep in each other’s arms as the Man in Black fades away, taking his belt buckles with him. These guys now have all the magic they’ll need.
If you were to take out all the sex, BuckleRoos would be a first-rate romance with top-notch acting and superb production values that would win awards at any gay film festival. But what makes BuckleRoos so magical is that it is also a first-rate fuck flick. It succeeds in being both without you even realizing it. BuckleRoos will give you a tender love story. It will also give you a chafed cock. And pardner, there aint’ nuthin’ better than that! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:11:50
Resolution: 576×432
Size: 1.56 GB

File size: 1.4 GB

The Visitor (Disc 2)

Description: Announcing The Visitor!! This stunning two-disc major movie is the brainchild of GAYVN Award-winning Director Tony Dimarco. The Visitor is a voyeuristic journey of raw casual encounters and lust-filled sex – cocks have never been so hard and assholes have never begged for more! The Visitor stars GAYVN Performer of the year Logan McCree as Epoc, a scientific researcher from far away who comes to study the fucking and sucking of the male species. His research opens his eyes! Watching thrusting cock drive deep into male ass infuses Logan with a deep-seeded desire to penetrate and be penetrated. Logan begins preparations for his ultimate experiment!

Cast: Angelo Marconi, Austin Wilde, Bruno Bond, Cole Streets, Damian Rios, David Taylor, Dominic Pacifico, Junior Stellano, Logan McCree, Lucky Daniels

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Big Dicks, Solo, Uncut, Daddy, Leather, Threeways, Slave, Master, Toys, Dildo, Beefcake, Rubber, Latin, Jocks
Length: 1:16:36
Directed by: Tony Dimarco
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio: MP3
Video: 688×384, 23.976 fps, 2216 Kbps, 0.350 bit / pixel
Audio: 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 Kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

Powertool + The Best of Jeff Stryker Movie DVD

Year: 1986
Country: USA
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Muscles, Solo, Masturbazion
Time: 1:49.41
Translation: Unavailable
Russian subtitles: none
Director: John Travis
Studio: Catalina Video
Cast: Jeff Converse, Tony Bravo, Jeff Stryker, John Davenport, Tony Marino, Tom Mitchell, Brian Estevez, Michael Gere, Gary Owen, Danny Russo
Description: Jeff Stryker gets sent to jail and the other inmates just can’t get enough of his ‘powertool’.
John Davenport fucks Michael Gere in their cell while Jeff Stryker watches and jacks off. Jeff Converse gets it good from Jeff Stryker in a store room. Gary Owen, Tom Mitchell and Tony Marino have a 3-Way in the shower. Jeff Stryker gets seduced by guard Tony Bravo. Danny Russo and Brian Estevez at home in a bed.
The one, the only, the Powertool himself – Jeff Stryker.
Having made a – forgive the pun – massive impact on the industry for over a decade, Catalina Video has put together a best of compilation. (To be honest, his duds are few and far between.) Here is Jeff in all his rough-talking, filthy-mouthed, ass-pounding, gag-inducing glory as the anaconda between his legs is let loose upon an unsuspecting world and legions of still-crazed fans.Gay porn (and more than a few unprepared bottoms) hasnt been the same since. Scenes included are from Powertool, In Hot Pursuit, and Portrait of Jeff Stryker. While Im no fan of compilations, all scenes here are good ones, and this is essential for Stryker-lovers.-Keeneye Reeves

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: DX50 480 x 360 (4:3) 29.970 Hz
Audio: 0x0055 (ISO MPEG-1 Layer3) 48 000 Hz, Stereo, 133 KBit / sec English
File size: 652.1 MB

Rear-Ended (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Gay Porn, Kissing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fucking, Anal Sex, Big Dick – Hung, Masturbation, Twinks, Blonds, Brunette, College Guys, Cum Shots, Hunks – Studs, Muscular, Interracial
Duration: 01:32:30
Director: Keith Miller
Studio: Helix, Fratboy
Cast: Paul Pratt, Micah Andrews, Steffen Van, Patrick Kennedy, Jayden Hart

Road rage turns into a raging hard-ons when both parties are hot and horny college studs. Rear ended features hung blond fratboys stephan van, patrick kennedy and the ultimate power top, paul pratt pounding our bubble butt bottoms hard from behind. Its a collision of huge cocks and tight holes with an all star fratboy cast crashing into your xxx movie collection.

Format: AVI
Video: XviD 960×540 29.97fps 2017Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz stereo 64Kbps
File size: 1.35 GB

File size: 1.3 GB

Gay porn in 2D and 3D

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, roleplay, oral, anal, muscles
Length: 00:18:58
Description: This is one hot video! In it, newcomer Parker London is schooled in the ways of bottoming by the huge cock of Zach Alexander. Parker practically begs for mercy, as Zach’s thick cock plunges its way into Parker. This is one hot video. And, if you haven’t tried 3D porn yet, now is the time. In the shower scene, the water jumps off the screen. In bed, Parker’s feet almost hit you in the face! This is a must see. HOT HOT HOT! ‘
Extras. Information: New! 3D – Technology made ​​it to the porn industry. Dominicford.com video is available in two formats (2D and 3D). This movie is presented in traditional form – 2D. Everyone enjoy!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: MOV
Video Codec: MPEG4
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 960×540 29.97fps 1177 Kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 1411kbps
File size: 177.6 MB

Pink Narcissus DVD

Year: 1971
Country: United States
Genre: Vintage, Erotic, Theme movie
Duration: 64 minutes
Translation: No (musical accompaniment)
Director: James Bidgud
Studio: Les Folies Des Hommes
Starring: Bob Kendale / Bobbie Kendall

Pink Narcissus is a 1971 drama film by James Bidgood visualizing the erotic fantasies of a gay man.
Between visits from his keeper, or john, a handsome male prostitute (Bobby Kendall), alone in his apartment, lounges, fantasizing about worlds where he is the central character. For example, he pictures himself as a matador, a Roman slave boy and the emperor who condemns him, and the keeper of a male harem for whom another male performs a belly dance.
The movie is mostly shot on 8 mm film with bright, otherworldly lighting. Aside from its last, climactic scene, which was shot in a downtown Manhattan loft, it was produced in its entirety (including outdoor scenes) in Bidgood’s small New York apartment over a seven year (from 1963 to 1970) period and ultimately without the director’s consent who therefore had himself credited as Anonymous.
It was not widely known who had created the movie, and there were rumors that Andy Warhol was behind it. In the mid-1990s, writer Bruce Benderson, who was obsessed with the film, began a search for its maker based on several leads and finally verified that it was James Bidgood, who was still living in Manhattan and was working on a film script. In 1999, a book researched and written by Benderson was published by Taschen about Bidgood’s body of photographic and filmic work.
Bidgood’s unmistakable kitschy style has later been imitated and refined by artists such as Pierre et Gilles.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: XVID 704×480 29.97fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 206Kbps
File size: 631.9 MB

Focus: The Story Begins (2009)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Freshmen, Daddies, Intergenerational, Muscle Men, Hairy, Beards, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cumshot, Cum Eating, Deep Throating, Double Anal Penetration, Group Sex, Rape/Forced into Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Sex in Public, Tattoos, Threesomes/Threeways, Interracial Sex
Starring: Cole Streets, David Taylor, Steve Cruz, Damien Crosse, Angelo Marconi, Tristan Jaxx, Francesco D’Macho, Wilfried Knight, Scott Tanner, Conner Habib, Frank Fatone
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Winner: Best Movie, Director, Actor (Cole Streets), Screenplay, Supporting Actor (David Taylor) and Group (Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Wilfred Knight, Steve Cruz and Angelo Marconi) — 2010 Grabby Awards.
Focus is the single most ambitious project ever filmed by a gay porn studio. Lavish sets, a massive cast of drop-dead gorgeous studs, a directing team that has accumulated more awards than any in history, innovative modern camera work, and a story as compelling as a Hollywood blockbuster – these are just some of the elements that make Raging Stallion’s movie the must-see sex film of the year. In an era of shrinking movies and scaled down projects, directors Ben Leon, Tony Dimarco, and Chris Ward created a triumph that has “instant written all over it. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:37:18
Resolution: 320×240
Size: 1.05 GB

File size: 0.9 GB

Exposed / 2011 [ TitanMen ]

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Muscle, Hairy, Rimming, Big Dick, Gloryhole, Group, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cumshot, Compilations
Length: 01:40:16
Starring: Aymeric DeVille, Amir, Shay Michaels, Enzo Rimenez, Junior Stellano, Jeremy Tyler, Roman Wright
Studio: TitanMen
Directed by: Brian Mills
Description: You think you are alone and no one is looking for you? But you are mistaken, for you are looking aggressively. And they want to do more than to see you. You have been exposed. But do not be shy. This involuntary exhibitionism bearing fruit. You get what you dream about. Download free gay porn DVD new gay porn movie “Exposed” from TitanMen.Aymeric DeVille is here, to enforce all of your wishes and dreams. Muscle men and their hair friends in awesome absolutly new gay porn movie from TitanMen.

File size: 1.8 GB

Office Affairs – DO and Roman Heart

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: gay. muscle guys, oral, anal, huge cumshot
Length: 00:28:04

Very hot scene from the newest movie studio Falcon Studio – Office Affairs. In an active role – DO – my new favorite. In the end you simply grand kamshot expects from this muscular guy!

Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: 720×576 968kbps
Audio: 2ch 158 Kbps 44 KHz

File size: 611.8 MB

Rio Gay Pride DVD5 2011

Year: 2011
Country: Brazil
Genre: oral / anal sex, latinos
Length: 1:49:13
Directed by: Alexander
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Starring: Gaspar Loronha, Renato Morales, Afonso Oliviera, Manoel Leitao, Dionisio Martins, Chico Gomez, Horacio Cruz, Jamie Rosa, Marcelo Sousa, Josue Oliviera, Jose Silva
Description: Rio Gay Pride is synonymous with debauchery and this new film by Alexander Pictures explores just how much fun it can be to indulge in the carnal pleasures of hung men, long foreskin and tight asses. Alexander has never let us down when it comes to JO urging action and this movie is no exception. Get it out. Lube it up. Enjoy the ride.
The moral of the story is, if you go to Rio Gay Pride, make sure you know where all the hotels are along the party route because you will find even more fun inside. Drag queens are fun, but accidentally walking into a shoot with Alexander might beat that. This film is just one more addition to a great series of Brasil’s hottest cocks in action.

Video Quality: DVD5
Video Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: MPEG2 Video 720×480 (4:3) 29.97fps 8000Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 224Kbps
File size: 4.2 GB

DO e Roman Heart

Very hot scene from the newest movie studio Falcon Studio – Office Affairs. In an active role – DO – my new favorite. In the end you simply grand kamshot expects from this muscular guy!

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: gay. muscle guys, oral, anal, huge cumshot
Length: 00:28:04
File size: 611.8 MB

Gay Cops DVD 2011

Starring: Alexandre Senna
Categories: Anal, Athletes, Oral, White
Studio: Code X

These boys in blue just got busted! A good new movie with good actors, I advise everyone to see!!
Total size 2.2 GB in 5 files

Smart young libertines (2011)

Nice guys are gay just look at the new movie “Smart Young Libertines.” New this year, the most beautiful and young guys in this movie will teach you the most beautiful gay porn with young guys in various poses. Nice guys are gay get together and represent the hottest young guys. Their members include deep hungry assholes, their soaked shirts and ties from the hot passions. This delightful film from director Mike Esser, where beautiful boys gays with his large sexual appetite can not wait and start to meet before beginning to undress.

Year: 2011
Country: England
Genre: Oral, Anal, Skinny, Uniform
Time: 117 minutes
Cast: Mckenzie Walker, Caleb Moreton, Alex Stevens
Quality: DVDRip
Video: Xvid 720×416, 29 fps, 1971 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 , 48000Hz stereo 128 kbps
Size: 1.76 Gb

File size: 1.7 GB

Promiscuous ass (2011)

Download gay porn movies for free, you can only have and only on our website. Here are the best movies for every taste, even for the most exclusive amateur gay porn. Promiscuous ass – it’s one of many films about sucking and fucking hard with the sexiest guys, where you can download gay porn movies for free. The film – an American novelty of this year where guys ublazhnyayut each other in various poses, sucking cock and licking ass. Do not miss this film, it will please any audience! And do not forget to download gay porn movies for free.

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Masturbation
Duration: 96 minutes
Cast: Brad Star, Angel Rock, Cliff Jensen, Hunter Vance
Quality: DVDRip
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 852×480, 30 fps , 1096 Kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo, 128 kbps
Size: 789 Mb

File size: 789.6 MB

Boys fox

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: Amateur, teens, russian, masturbation, oral, anal, cum shot, SiteRip
Duration: 00:30:16
In roles:Russian gays
What a great finish to a hot steamy movie as these five hot twinks hook up and take turns fucking and sucking raw, bare and uninhibited in a very hot way. These studs like cock and they love ass and when they put them together its a site to behold.

File size: 619.6 MB



Released: 1999
Section: Gay
Time: 97 minutes
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Group Sex, Twinks
Directed by: JD Cadinot / Kadino
Cast: Julien Champfray, Zachari Brovnik, Stephane Courcelles, Constantin Evister, Jerom Galfon, Fabian Nexman, Matt Richards, Julio Miguenez, Kim Sumi, Armand van Haas, Antoine de Mezeres, Ruan del Montes, Rodolphe Vernier, Nathanael Vedjian.

Description: In Paris, the Bois de Boulogne, a place that attracts to his employees, students and the aristocracy, the athletes and the bourgeoisie. Young guys get there on bikes, in cars, jeeps, run “trot” and on foot. And everyone is looking for there, “ambulance”. All hard look at each other, sending a signal through the eyes of the SOS! Help! What is this place? Watch a movie. At the end of the film is a synopsis of all films Kadino.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Size: 1.24 GB

File size: 1.2 GB

Sword Master DVDRip

Produced in: 2002
Country: Sweden
Genre: Oral, Anal, Group
Duration: 01:26:58
Director: Sebastiano Brogi
Studio: Private Media Group

Attila Joma (Jose Ganatti, Franco), Attila Koti, Charles (Janos Volt, Attila H., Rolf Kristen), Antony (Chris Omar, Adam Gosett, Attila Acel), Ferenc, Gyorgy (Lajos Czene, Andras Molnar, Akos Schiff, Garrett Felado), Krisztian, Richard Frank, Mihaly (George Vidanov, Michael Nyilas, Thor Brunov) and Richard Stamp.

Enter the fabulous world of Roman legions struggling to expand the Empire against barbarian German tribes when men were men and acted accordingly! To stop needless slaughter, Herman, a magnificent, undefeated tribal warlord, is forced into slavery to save his men. Dragged off to Rome, the Emperor himself takes charge of our hero’s education soon convincing him that when in Rome do as a Roman does! A new exciting world for our Germanic warrior with special Latin lessons, uniforms, bath house initiations and intrigues where jealous senators plot to overthrow the Emperor. Stunningly handsome men, unusual locations from field-tent to imperial palace and steam baths as well as visits to the Emperor’s couch make for non-stop action in surroundings to awaken your every fantasy. The first “PRIVATE MAN” gay movie Herman the Swordmaster would bi n every gay connoisseur’s home!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: XviD
Audio codec: AC3
Video: XVID 720×544 25.00fps 2052Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

OTB – Innocents

Young David Contreras finds out the hard way that being in a South American prison is dangerous to life and limb. It’s a and bitterly fierce battle for power and control. In addition, the air is filled with sexual tension, between the young inmates as well as between the prisoners and their all-powerful and corrupt guards.

But David has an ace up his sleeve: his money is safely stashed away with his brother Vidal. However, just when he thinks he can buy his freedom, his brother gets picked up by the police. Matters become increasingly complicated for David and Vidal who now have to find a way to trick the corrupt prison warden and his imprisoned accomplice Cuchilla into letting them go!

Touching human drama and flaming hot bareback gay hardcore go hand in hand in this amazing adult feature production. Production values and the young actors’ performances are at Hollywood levels. Featuring 2.5 hours running time, 5 mouth-watering bareback sex scenes and a storyline that will grab you by the balls and it won’t let go! A jewel of a movie that takes twink porn to the next level! Watch the trailer to feel the tension (not only in your pants)!
Starring: David Contreras, Vidal Contreras, Alfonso Rodriguez, Linares, Cuchilla, Damian Fuentes, Mendoza, Aristizabel

Genres: twinks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 1.6 GB

Falcon – Good As Gold

Matthew Rush goes for the gold at the Gay Games in Sydney
Good as Gold follows the sexual adventures of Falcon star Matthew Rush while he is in Sydney, Australia competing at the Gay Games. Shot MTV-documentary style, with one on one interviews of Rush talking about what he’s thinking and anticipating from the trip, the movie turns out great.

This is also helped by the bounty of Australian models, the interesting backdrop of Sydney locales, and the best ever performances of Matthew Rush. Rush fans will be pleased to see lots of him, both in and out of clothes.

He is in three of the movie’s sex scenes, and in each one he’s working at one hundred percent.

Competing in the bodybuilding competition, Rush explains his expectations at the movie’s beginning. After checking into his hotel, ho works out. Afterwards, he connects with veteran performer Jake Andrews, who has recently moved to the land Down Under.

Back in the hotel room, they slowly run their mouths over each other’s wide cocks. Rush spreads apart Andrews’ hole, opening it with his tongue and fingers. A hot buttbanging ensues with Rush in the driver’s seat.

Their sex is accented by the backdrop of the wide hotelroom window showing off a traffic-filled downtown Sydney below. Both guys blow their loads simultaneously.

Later Rush goes and meets his buddy Joe Foster, another Aussie, who takes him around the fun parties going on during the Games. At one party guest Dean Taylor spontaneously gives the attendees a stripshow finished by a money shot.

Rush goes home to rest up, and Foster adjourns to an after-hours orgy. This nine-man sextravaganza includes blond Tommy Brandt, who intently works over Brendon Falke’s meat. Around them, Jason Tyler slurps on Josh Weston’s log. Also present is Derek Cameron, Jack Ryan, Nino Bacci and Paul Johnson — a very hunky troop that would lift up any sex party!

Partier Cameron Fox scores the first piece of ass by sitting Brandt down on his telephone pole. Then, Cameron opens his legs for Bacci. By the point the rest of the guys start pairing up.

Josh Weston drills the adorable ass of Brendan Falke (Try Me On…for Size). Jack Ryan tops Paul Johnson.

The plug-a-thon finishes with the participants raining their money shots all over Joe Foster.
Matthew Rush’s Beach Side Three-Way
The high point of the film is a beachside threeway. Rush jogs along, and comes upon Aussie boyfriends Brandon Austin and Steve Hogan. They pull Rush over to a remote area for a full round of intense sex. Brandon Austin, who sports a head of close cropped hair, a toned body and pluggable ass, is one of the movie’s hot finds.

Austin soon bounces up and down on Hogan while sucking on Rush. Then the tops rearrange Austin so that Rush pumps him from behind, as Hogan gets sucked. Rush unloads big ropes of his seed all over himself, followed by Austin and Hogan dropping their love onto him from above. [Blog: Matthew Rush - Gay Olympian]

This warm up moves to the actual Games competition where Rush gives his all for the bodybuilding medal. Afterwards, Rush and Foster by walking around the impressive night sites of Sydney, which was recently voted as the gayest city of Earth.

The next day, the two head out into the countryside where they have a rollicking duet outdoors. They play out their sex on a blanket spread out on the grass. Rush works over Foster’s hole before sliding his meat inside. They finish by shooting creamy loads.

The documentary-style interview sequences before each scene are a nice touch. Matthew Rush fans will enjoy seeing him talk about his trip, and see his personality revealed. This so far is Rush’s best vehicle. And the Sydney locale looks so good, the viewer will want to see more.

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 629.7 MB

Parashooter / 2003

Year: 2003
Genre: Black Men, Europeans, Gang Bang, Horsehung, Interracial Sex, Latin Men, Muscle Men, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Facial Cumshots, Fantasies, Oral Sex, Orgy, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Rugged Men, Story – Plot, Threeways
Length: 02:23:38
Starring: Jed Willcox, David Barthory , Rafael Alencar, Luis Alonso, Jason Kingsley, Daniel Santos, Roberto Giorgio, Victor Cowboy, Edu Boxe, Ricky Martinez, Huessein, Bruno Carrosa, Tadeu Novais, Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes, Pietro Rosselli, Max Veneziano, Paul?o Do Pic?o, Henrik Toth, Sergio Del Castillo
Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Directed by: Kristen Bjorn
Description: In a controversial genre often justifiably called trash and smut, there are those few porn directors who genuinely strive to produce works or erotic art. Kristen Bjorn is the best of them all. As porn consistently elevates itself in the view of the public as an art form, the name of Bjorn seems destined to ranks with the great masters. Fellini, Bertolucci, Hitchcock, Bjorn. Just take one look at “ParaShooter” you will discover a lyrical, epic, erotic masterpiece of the grandest scale and most rhapsodic sexual heat.
You know Bjorn’s style instantly. He established his dream world of perfectly groomed, ethnically diverse, international musclemen in lush exotic locales in his earliest works in the 80’s, such as the Carnival in Rio and Call of the Wild. He originated the concept of the self-exploding cock, multiple cumshots and minimal, surrealistic story lines. His photography was always fluid and artistic and he pioneered the style of posed tableaux with choreographed sex. His action ranged from tender to fierce, but never without a sense of affection between his angelic, even godlike models.
“ParaShooter” shows that Bjorn has grown to levels of production and artistry that one doubted would ever happen in the gay medium. This is a mammoth, 2.5-hour epic with a huge cast of incredibly gorgeous, international studs. His fetishes have evolved. The cocks seldom seem to gush automatically in this film the hand action is now shown more often than not and Bjorn has grown fonder of partial nudity. His boys were often known to keep a hat on, or boot, but now they’ll sometimes fuck with in their pants, or wearing a cowboy hat and vest. He has also evolved his editing technique, switching fluidly between the lengthy scenes to perk up the interest in the long evening of pleasure. And the titling effects rival the best of Hollywood s.
The action takes place in one of Bjorn’s favored locales, a South American jungle, a landscape appropriate to explore mans most primal urges. The tale is of a drug war, both the cultivators and the soldiers endeavoring to thwart them. Viewers who like to see their porn from start to finish will enjoy the subtle plot, but if you’re like me you’ll stretch out your viewing pleasure a half hour at a time, and enjoy it for five days running, and then again and again from the beginning.
It is difficult to pick out the one best scene or actor, but I did especially enjoy hugely endowed Rafael Alencar and his facial blast onto scrumptious Luis Alonso, which Rafael then licks clean, kissing him. But then I also loved the 5-stud orgy among Edu Boxer, Huessein, Bruno Carrosa, Tadeu Novais, and Ricky Martinez that starts off in a hot tub, moves to an outdoor patio and seems to last forever. There’s also the sensational stunt 69, where powerful, brown skinned Tadeu lifts Edu up from a handstand and holds him up while they mutually suck and Bruno licks Edu’s ass, a conceptual masterstroke, brilliantly realized.
I must confess my favorite scene of all features delicious, interestingly inked cover boy Max Veneziano, whose parachute gets caught in a tree, dangling him at just the right height for his cock to be sucked by the fabulously gorgeous Black superstud, Paul?o Do Pic?o. A surrealistic tryst commences, with Max repeating the same few lines over and over, Help me! Get me down! I’m stuck! These two men are as close to perfect as is humanly possible, with beautiful faces, jewel-cut muscles and breathtaking cocks, as taken away with one another as we are watching them. (More of both these guys please, Mr. Bjorn! And please give Paul?o his own movie!!)
Bjorn shies away from fisting and S&M (thankfully!) but offers as much if not more fucking, rimming, sucking and fucking and kissing as you could possibly ask for. The extras, include a 20-minute, three man scene (Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes, Pietro Rosselli), a photo gallery and an illustrated index listing 20 amazing scenes.

File size: 695.0 MB

Endless Pursuit 1999

Production year: 1999
Country: United States
Length: 00:51:36
Genre: gay, vintage, softcore, erotic / porno, muscle, hunks
Directed by: KEVIN GLOVER.
Cast: Thomas Lloyd, Peter Wilder, Sal Roman, Jerry Jordan, Randy Williams, Andy Zee, Joe Porter.

Description: Shot on location in the beautiful Hollywood hills, this softcore yet highly erotic movie depicts a handsome and highly successful writer who is always trying to satisfy his sexual cravings and desires. He is faced with a new kind of challenge when he meets a beautiful, young photographer who does not fall under the screenwriter’s spell.A story filled with love, passion and sexual obsession, Endless Pursuit promises to leave you breathless – and satisfied.Filled with a cast of many up-and-coming adorable models, this will ignite your passions as well as touch your heart.

Video Quality: VHSRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Size: 338.5 MB

File size: 338.7 MB

Jun 16, 2011 – Interrogating Derek Pain – Live Shoot

Production year: 2011
Name movie: Interrogating Derek Pain – Live Shoot
The name of the actor: Van Darkholme, Derek Pain, Master Avery and Daddy Zeus
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore,oral,anal,gay
Length: 01:06:37

Description: Daddy Zeus is in the house and this session is streaming live over the internet. Our members are calling the shots through chat. Derek Pain is tied up and he has three doms interrogating him. Master Avery takes charge and works over the muscle captive. Derek Pain endures excruciating nipple clamps, cbt, electricity, heavy flogging, the water tank, bc and a hard fuck from Master Avery.

HD Video Type: 720p
Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1280×720 29.97fps 1500kbps September
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 798.3 MB

Jun 9, 2011 – Phenix Saint gets his ass violated for the first time on Bound Gods

Production year: 2011
Name movie: Phenix Saint gets his ass violated for the first time on Bound Gods.
The name of the actor: Phenix Saint and Trent Diesel
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore,oral,anal,gay
Length: 01:03:09

Description: Phenix Saint and Trent Diesel are working in a quiet warehouse. Trent finds a box of BDSM toys and he persuades Phenix to get tied up. Phenix is extremely hesitant but his curiosity gets the best of him. Trent goes overboard and beats his bound victim. Phenix is pissed and screams when Trent plows his hard cock into Phenix’s unwilling ass. But wait, there’s a surprise around the corner…

HD Video Type: 720p
Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1280×720 29.97fps 1500kbps September
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 756.7 MB

Raging Stallion Studios – Instinct (Full movie)

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Jake Deckard, Brett Matthews, Dean Monroe, Dirk Jager, François Sagat, Fred Faurtin, Ken Mack, Luc Bonay, Manuel Torres, Matt Cole, Matthieu Paris, Rafael Alencar, Tamas Eszterhazy
Director: Chris Ward
Producer: Chris Ward, Michael Brandon
Composer/Score: J.D. Slater
Videographer: Ben Leon

Men do nasty things by nature. They can’t help it. And we can’t help but watch. Their dicks grow erect and their asses beg for attention. They can’t help it. They watch each other for give-away signs… for that expected hint of invitation… they wait for it because they want it. They can’t help it. It is INSTINCT. Raging Stallion’s head honcho Chris Ward prides himself on making hot gay porn and this follow-up to Manifesto offers up some of the best yet. Starring five (yes, five) GAYVN Porn Star of the Year Nominees, Instinct returns to the dark sets and perfectly lit bodies of its award-winning predecessor. Focusing every second of film on sex without any pretense is the essence of this beautiful work. Once again, Raging Stallion rises to the occasion and brings you the best fucking the best. Chris Ward is arguably one of the nation’s top directors, and this stunning movie shows us why!

DVd covers

Length: 2.66 GiB Duration: 3h 11mn 38s 280ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 786 Kbps, Aspect: 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 160 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 2.6 GB

Horse: Fallen Angel 5 (2004)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Intergenerational, Muscle Men, Dildos/Toys, Finger Fucking, Beautiful/Model/Stunning, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cumshot, Cum Eating, Deep Throating, Deep/Manly Kissing, Dirty Talk/Verbal Abuse, Discipline/Punishment, Leather, BDSM, Fetish: Armpit Licking/Sniffing, Fetish: Blindfolds/Hoods/Masks/Sensory Deprivation, Fetish: Bondage/Restrained/Tied-Up, Fetish: Flame/Fire Play, Fetish: Flogging/Whipping, Fetish: Nipple Clamping/Tit Play, Fetish: Paddling/Spanking, Fetish: Spitting, Uncut Cocks, Group Sex, Kinky/Nasty Pig/Raunchy, Latino Men, Men of Various Countries, Interracial, Black Men, Outdoor Sex, Piercing, Rimming, Rough Sex, Tattoo
Starring: Joey Dino, Fredrick Ford, Ivan Andros, Jason Diaz, Joey Russo, Joshua Adams, Ken Mifune, Lars Decker, Matt Majors, Matthieu Costa, Nate Pierce, Pete Ross, Sebastian Tauza, Tim Rusty, Troy Punk, Ben Jakks, Ben Taylor, Hunt Parker, Marcos David, Spencer Quest
Studio: TitanMen

Horse: Fallen Angel 5 is the one we’ve been waiting for, and oh baby was the wait well worth it. Director Bruce Cam returns to the directing chair after nearly a two-year absence and delivers this peerless, vastly rewarding and absolutely stunning final entry in the iconic Fallen Angel series.
The look of the film is easily the best of director Cam and the Titan team’s career. Absolutely no expense was spared, yet the film has an intensely intimate feel to it that’s quite different from the series’ others. However, when the titles end and the opening interior night shots of a barn filled with smoke flash across your screen, and the shadowed back-lit image of a man in those iconic Fallen Angel wings emerges, shivers of excitement will run through your body’s every bone.
Suffice to say the film is simply spectacular. It’s very intense, but not mind-bogglingly so. Sea Men: Fallen Angel IV’s well-deserved notoriety may have pushed some viewer’s thresholds over the brink. Fear not here; while Horse does have its harder “moments,” the sex showcased is remarkably passionate and masculine, and is certain to enthrall you regardless of your persuasion. Basically, it’s fucking brilliant gay erotica and once experienced you’ll go back to it again and again. Guaranteed.
Bruce Cam and his stunningly talented cast and crew members have delivered – truly delivered. This is the movie of Cam’s career by which all others will be measured. It belongs on every gay man’s shelf; there’s no higher praise that can be given. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 04:26:47
Resolution: 432×288
Size: 1.55 GB

File size: 1.4 GB

Hand in Hand Films – Left-Handed (1972)

This film was the first Hand-in-Hand movie, the first scripted gay porn flic, and the first musically scored gay porn flic. It opened in the same 55th Street Playhouse as Wakefield Poole’s Boys in the Sand, just after Boys ended it’s 26 week run. The original version had a fisting scene that has been removed in more recent versions. Dialog is dubbed. 8 scenes listed here but it was sold in 6 200′ reels.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 742.8 MB

Jul 10, 2008 – The Spanish Patient

Production year: 2008
Name movie: The Spanish Patient
The name of the actor: Van Darkholme, TJ Young and Romario Faria
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore,gay,Anal, oral
Length: 00:42:57

Description: Muscle-god Romario visits the office of Dr. Van Darkholme and his assistant TJ Young. During the physical exam, the eager Doctor can’t resist Romario’s hard body. Van examines Romario’s muscled ass and puts him in tight bondage while Van and TJ have their way with him. It’s Romario’s first time in rope; he tolerates being muscle-worshipped and gut-punched, but yells for mercy when Dr. Darkholme pulls out a gigantic dildo. Being lenient on his handsome victim, Van allows Romario to keep his virgin hole, and instead makes the bound Romario fuck his assistant TJ. Perhaps next time…

HD Video Type: 720p
Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1280×720 29.97fps 1500kbps September
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 311.4 MB

Oct 9, 2008 – The Butcher and His Fresh Meat

Production year: 2008
Name movie: The Butcher and His Fresh Meat
The name of the actor: Brodie Newport and Jason Crew
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore,gay,Anal, oral
Length: 00:40:54

Description: Brodie Newport is the butcher who “finds” Jason Crew, a naive stud. Brodie ties up his victim, happy to play with new meat. Jason begs to be set free, and Brodie makes his captive suck cock for his freedom. But Jason gives terrible head, and receives a heavy flogging while still tied up. Brodie suspends Jason for a hanging fuck, a final dominant gesture to prove that Jason is truly Brodie’s bitch for the day.
Director’s note: I just want to let everyone know about the new Bound Gods Forum. Please use it for discussions or if you have any questions about the site. Thank you all for you support!

HD Video Type: 720p
Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1280×720 29.97fps 1500kbps September
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 296.7 MB