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Falcon – Betrayed

Kevin Williams’ return to the small screen is also one of Falcon’s best videos, ever. The production quality and photography are at the peak of Falcon’s consistently high standards, and the content is more interesting and less formulaic than a number of their more recent Much of the credit is due to Williams, himself. Appearing in three of the four scenes, Kevin reminds us why we loved him a decade ago, and then takes us a little higher. His face is more mature, which is better from my point of view, but he still has an impish grin and all-american boy look that should appeal to all but the most narrow of twink lovers. Kevin’s body is more muscular, but still with a swimmers build more than a ‘roided up muscle boy, and with the same flawless skin and even tan his fans from the past will remember.

As the story begins, Jeff Palmer is using binoculars to spy on Williams who is lounging in a swimming pool. Williams is joined by Virgil Sinclair, a well-endowed, dark haired top stud with a French accent. The expected oral and anal activities are enlivened by the use of a pump action water cannon like the ones used in the orgy scene of Falcon’s “Heatwave”. Virgil is an enthusiastic top who seems to get Kevin’s motor revved for the action to come.

Virgil has to rush away after the passion to catch a plane to Paris, but before leaving for the airport he gets in a quick call to ask his friend Jeff Palmer to watch over Virgil’s boy Kevin while Virgil is away. Jeff bravely accepts this responsibility – he’s definitly “Up” to the task, as we learn later.

But first Jeff’s binoculars move on to the coupling of Kyle Becker and Luc Jarrett. In most videos this would be a hot scene, but it never rises to the temperature of the rest of this exceptional video pack. It seems sort of stuck in to add a forth scene, but it is good enough NOT to just FFWD past it to get to more of Williams.

The third scene opens with Williams pleasuring himself with one of Falcon’s larger Signature Series dildos. I think it’s the Brad Stone, but it might be the Ken Ryker. Jeff Palmer, keeping his promise to Virgil, is looking through a window with growing interest. When his “interest” has been freed from Jeff’s pants and grown to its typical magnificent rigidity, Jeff enters through a sliding glass door and startles poor Kevin mid stroke. But our man Jeff knows how to put a boy at ease!

The electricity between Kevin and Jeff is lightning like in its intensity. Their hot looks and sexy mutterings to each other fire one of the most intense fuck scenes ever recorded. In this uncensored version, the ass play includes dildo and dick together in Kevins eager hole. Jeff also puts on a glove for a little hand work, although it is unclear to this careful viewer if the knuckles make it all the way in. This is not a heavy duty fisting scene, but it is clear that both participants are really enjoying themselves and each other.

The scene ends with Jeff using his favorite toy, his own iron hard pole, to pound the insatiable Williams to a gushing climax, immediately followed by Jeff’s own. How either of them can stand up after this is a wonder to me, but Jeff gives Kevin a quick kiss and takes off.

Jeff, being exhausted, but understanding that Kevin still needs some “watching over,” calls his buddies, who are gathered at some watering hole. Thom Barron, Kevin Miles, Carlos Morales, and the furry Sebastian Gronoff eagerly rise to the occasion. Disguised with nylon masks, the four kidnapp Williams and take him out into the woods. Throughout this gang rape fantasy, Williams’ inability to keep from occasionaly expressing pleasure on his face, and his nearly continuous raging hardon, make it clear that the activities are completely consensual; this could not be confused with the serious crime of male on male rape.

The gang scene has two sections. In the first section, after a few preliminaries, the four guys strap on a variety of Signature dildos and use them to screw the blissful Williams to a fare-thee-well. Then they leave him strung up by his hands out in the woods. Returning later, the lads use their own massive meat to satisfy Kevin and themselves.

The video ends with Kevin and Virgil romantically snuggling on the sofa while Virgil calls Jeff to thank him for taking such good care of Kevin while he was away! Clearly Kevin and Virgil have an OPEN />
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