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Harem / Sex Bazaar (1984)

Year: 1984
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, Oral, Anal, Group, Interracial, Pre-Condom
Duration: 00:56:23
Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot, Tony Dark
Studio: Avalon Int’l – YMAC Import – French Art – Cadinot
Cast: Abdel Aziz, Arnaud Monastier, Djai Kamara, Luigi di Como, Marek Rotsmann, Mickael Dickson, Mongo N’Gazza, Omar Salam, Oualid Djelal, Pierre-Yves Darget, Sydney MacKenna

This is CLASSIC Cadinot-even if it wasn’t directed by him. This 1984 effort from one of Cadinot’s proteges is simply one solid hour of some of the hottest sex you will EVER see. That is NOT an exaggeration. Pierre-Yves and Omar are friends visiting Casablanca in Morocco. Pierre-Yves wants to see if the rumors about rampant boy-sex in the bazaar is true-and he gets an assful! Ignore the lackluster first three-way in the hammam (sauna); the following two scenes (both featuring superbly hung black men-one young, one older-whoring Pierre senseless in shops in the bazaar) are SIZZLERS that will make you check the air conditioning! Check out Pierre’s session with the tailor-it’s STUNNING. It’s followed by Pierre’s rape by another tailor-and just as eye-popping! The film ends on a highly romantic, heartfelt note as Pierre-Yves and Omar finally find true love. But not until both men have fucked and sucked their brains out! The videography is sensational, although an orgy in a hammam (sauna) toward the end of the film is so darkly lit that you can barely make out what’s happening. The music is authentically ethnic and many of the Arab boys and men featured in the film are indeed from Casablanca, where this film was shot. This is one you will never tired of watching.

Format: AVI
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 2 835 Kbps, 640 x 464 (1.379) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, 2 CH, 48,0 KHz
File size: 1.17 GB

File size: 1.1 GB

Paramedics (2006)

Year: 2006
Genre: Gay Porn, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, muscles
Duration: 02:19:08
Director: Thor Stephans (a.k.a. Peter Goesinya)
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Chad Farrell, Park Wiley, Stetson Gable, Jonathan West, Justin Dragon, Jason Crew, Anthony Shaw, Justin Wells, Cameron Fox and Dillon Press. Also featuring Vince Harrington, Lana Luster, Jazmine, Dan Cross and Thor Stephans in non-sexual roles.

It’s bad news for a biker who is injured on a dirt road, but the paramedics arrive just in time for the credits. Cameron Fox decides they have to hurry, since the “guy is in bad shape.” CUT! Elfin director Vince Harrington is furious at Cameron for not knowing his lines and the central gimmick of “The Paramedics” is revealed. It’s a porn spoof of porn. With writer-director Thor Stephans at the helm, I would expect nothing less than non-stop hilarity, and that’s just what ensues. He fires venomous darts at everyone in the industry, but lovingly coats them with gobs of humorous honey. Using a cast of models beyond perfection, he doesn’t let the sex doesn’t get completely lost in the talky soapy spectacle. There’s room enough in this epic for everything.

Hassled Vince has other problems. Producer Dan Cross (playing himself) finds two of the models don’t have IDs and studio owner Dillon Press has the hots for Cameron Fox, which is getting in the way. Those models without ID are Park Wiley and Chad Farrell, who are found in an ambulance getting in on without cameras rolling. In his defense, Chad does have a “gym card,” and their coke-snorting agent (an unbilled and amusing Thor Stephans himself) is no help. Not caring for IDs or shooting schedules, the guys are bent on getting it on. “Can’t you cum twice?” Park baits Chad before going down on him. Park rattles off a deep-throat of tall brunet Chad’s dick with amazing simplicity. Chad then takes his turn, going for a head-twister blowjob. The dick that fits in Park’s mouth so well does just the same in his ass, with Chad, veins popping out all over, showing rabid attention to the fine plug. Park’s ride works just as well and doesn’t end until he cums. Chad then has a good shot all over his abs. There are two comical “interviews” with the guys after this scene where they remember it happening in two very different ways.

Dillon is not only worried about Cameron (and Vince chastises him that “it’s not very professional, sweetie, to fuck with the models”) but also the budget and the all-important master tapes. This leads into an “interview” with Vince, where he admits he “got sidetracked into making fuck films,” rather than using his theater degree. Vince, sporting a dressing gown and riding crop, shows two incredibly hunky real-life paramedics around the set while P.A. Kyle Lewis salivates over these two gods. Meanwhile, star Justin Dragon is complaining about having to do a dialogue scene with Lana Luster and the bottom hasn’t shown up! Oh, and Lana? Well, the Vince Harrington-look-a-like is busy in the dressing room trying on wigs (“too Barbara Stanwyck” is the blonde one, “too Susan Hayward” is the red one, but the dark Ava Gardner suits her). And producer Dan? All he can complain about is “long, long scripts.”

Format: AVI
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1), 23.976 fps, XviD 1.1 beta 1 (build 38) ~988 kbps avg, 0.13 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg
File size: 998 MB

File size: 998.4 MB

GayRoom – Gym Locker Room Group Fuck

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Group Sex,
Big Dicks, Dildo, Cumshots, Locker Room
Length: 00:45:38
Description: To tell you the truth, everyone is so friendly here. My family gym doesn’t even give out towels when I forget mine. It’s my fourth time coming here and I pretty much get most of my work outs done in the locker room!

File size: 848.0 MB

Score! Game 2 (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Gay Porn, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Freshmen, Uniforms: Sports Gear, Lockerroom, Muscle Men, Rimming, Rimming, Tattoos, Wrestling, Big Cock, Cumshot
Duration: 01:16:24
Director: Steven Scarborough
Studio: Hot House Video
Cast: Mason, Andre Bolla

Samuel O’Toole, Craig Reynolds, Gavin Waters, John Magnum, Johnny Torque, Kyle King, Trent Diesel, Tyler Ford

Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5 720×480 23.98fps 1483kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 160kbps
File size: 905 MB

File size: 904.7 MB

The Big Surprise (1980)

Year: 1980
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, pre-condom, studs, hunks, young men, big cocks, muscle, masturbation, oral, rimming, anal
Duration: 01:09:47
Director: Dan Allman, Mark Reynolds, William Higgins
Studio: Catalina Video, Laguna Pacific, California Choice Productions
Cast: Buster (80s), Chuck Niles (Tony on loop promo), Steve Grant (Steve Royce in loop promo), Steve York, Mike Dean, Rod Phillips, Shaun Peters

This Pre-condom Classic Feature from the early 80`s will take you back to the day when sex was free, wild, uninhibited and full of Big Surprises.
The action never ends in Buster’s incredible sex-filled world! It’s no surprise that this cast went on to become superstars. Steve York, Buster, Steve Grant, Chuck Niles and the others became overnight sensations upon this film’s Cute, young, and hung… what’s not to love?
The blond surfer’s day begins with a swim party for two when the folks are away and Buster’s straight pal Steve finds out what he’s been missing… once the swim trunks come off. Later that day, Buster’s in for a big surprise when he meets Steve “12 inch” York and gets everything he can handle – and more – at both ends. At day’s end, Buster’s still got the fire down below and turns a private photo session in a gym carnal when he aims his attentions at a sweating jock on the bench press.

Format: AVI
Video: XVID Bit rate : 1 079 Kbps 512×384 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 610 MB

File size: 609.9 MB

Gayroom – Trent’s Hard Ass Work Out (2011)

My best friend Trent and I have been busy working alot lately. We haven’t had time to hit the gym lately. One late night we decided to help each other stress…I pounded his asshole hard. It was definitely a work out for me to cum!
Format: mp4
Resolution: 950×536
Runtime: 34 min.
Filesize: 634 Mb

File size: 634.4 MB

Gayroom – Hot Buff Stud Oily Massage

My workout buddy from the gym hurt his back lifting heavy weights about 2 weeks ago. I went over his house to give him a few adjustments. We ended up fucking each other to some sexual tension!

Genres: massage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: mp4

File size: 989.4 MB

Jet Set Men – Straight Edge 3

Cast: Hayden Stephens, Tyler Saint, Kyle Turner, Josh Griffin, Dak Ramsey, Beau Marcus, Dean Phoenix, Cayden Banks, Josh Hart, Lance Howard, Ali Galani.

“Every gay man — whether they admit it or not — has fantasies about getting that one hot straight guy into bed, either to get his straight boy butt or have him slam yours (or both). Continuing the action from Volumes 1 and 2, Straight Edge: Volume Three features eight guys in five full action scenes and two solos of explosive action. Jet Set’s Hayden Stephens leads the way in this seven scene movie of all new action videos featuring guys who are on the Edge of your “nail the straight boy” fantasies and the guys that make them come true before your eyes!

Tyler and Kyle meet up in a deserted alley way. Before you know it Kyle is on his knees deep throating Tyler’s massive cock. Tyler bends Kyle over and licks his cherry butt hole before taking him downtown by plowing his ass hard!

Hayden’s got a hard-on that’s hardly possible to miss even through his underwear. But if you had doubts, they’re erased quickly as he whips it out and whacks it, taking time to build up the load, and then soaking and glistening in the shower with a handy dildo before blowing a hard-won load of cum all over himself.

Josh and Dak are the bored boys of Cell Block B who decide to turn in early and whack off loudly, only to quickly discover they both had the same dirty Boredom gone, they join forces in a muscleman con-fuck that gives a whole new meaning to the term “gen pop.”

Strikingly handsome, sky-blue eyed Hayden gives locker room mate Beau an unexpected blow job which Beau gives right back. Not content with a 15 minute blow job exchange, Hayden tells his “locker bitch” Beau that it’s time for him to put up his butt and shut the hell up. And that does, and then some. Hayden wastes no time ramming his thick, long tool in Beau’s tight ass over and over again. This time, the lockers are a shakin’ and so are their cocks, as they finally get to that long-awaited creamy climax.

Painter Cayden runs out of paint mid-job and it’s the best thing that’s happened to him in weeks. While he’s off to the local big box, owner Dean Phoenix comes in and starts digging into his own box, only to be caught by the returning Cayden, who doesn’t hesitate to brush against the darkly handsome stud and help him stroke. Both are soon dripping with excitement, leading to a hot sloppy mess at the end. Great way to pass the time waiting for the paint to dry, it turns out.

Sly stairway glances by Lance and Josh turn into a tongue exchange between these college students that escalates into to a bi-level blowjob and ends with a daring mid-stair fuck — and hall monitors be damned! Apparently, when these two are around, everyone rises up and goes down in this staircase!

Woodworking turns to working his wood as colossal muscleman Ali Galani trips off the saw to take a trip to cumshot town all the while showing off what nature and six days a week in the gym can get a guy. Dude’s bod is fuckin’ huge and seems to get bigger and more ripped the closer he gets to popping. A must watch for muscle worshippers!”.

Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 1.6 GB

ClubJeremyHall – A Fucking Good Workout (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal sex, Oral sex, Rimming, Cumshots, Safe sex
Duration: 00:22:00
Studio: ClubJeremyHall

I found this boy at the gym here in Ohio….he claimed to have a girl friend. He told me he had fucked around with other guys before and even did a little gay porn for some random websites. I asked him to come over that night, we would workout and he could make some cash. Well, as you can see we go a workout alright!

Format: WMV
Video: 640×480, 29.97fps, 795kbps
Audio: 44100Hz, stereo, 128kbps

File size: 146.8 MB

A Fucking Good Workout DVD

found this boy at the gym here in Ohio….he claimed to have a girl friend. He told me he had fucked around with other guys before and even did a little gay porn for some random websites. I asked him to come over that night, we would workout and he could make some cash. Well, as you can see we go a workout alright!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9, 640×480, 29.97fps, 795kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio, 44100Hz, stereo, 128kbps
File size: 146.8 MB

Backflip (2002)

Year: 2002
Genre: Gay Porn, Oral,Anal Sex, Cumshots
Duration: 1:27:32
Director: Steve Kiraly
Studio: Falcon International
Cast: Danno Alecs, George Vidanov, Jose Ganatti, Joe Calderon, John Valko, Mihal Laszlo, Marko Balazs, Daniel Kriley, Martin Hubai, Lajos Anfort, Miklos Orosz, Peter Bodanszky, Robert Zsilak, Antal Reczi

In 1996, a memo went out to all NBC cameramen at the Barcelona Olympics ordering them to shoot male swimmers only from the waist up. It seems that during the Atlanta games, a lot of TV viewers were offended by the obvious sight of the athletes’ genitals straining against their Speedos.
Thankfully, Steve Kiraly doesn’t have such qualms. In Backflip he shows us fourteen glorious swimmers in the skimpiest of blue bikinis – for about five minutes. The rest of the time the briefs are off, so we can see exactly what had scared all those couch potatoes. Now this is “must-see” TV!
The intro is a crotch-stiffening fantasy set-up. Members of a swim team greet each other in a gym lobby and head to the locker room to change for practice – and yes, we do see them pack themselves into place. These guys are incredible – all lean muscled young males just entering into adulthood, dripping in uncut cockiness. They are also fresh off the tree – five guys make their debuts, and most of the rest have made at most three other videos.
After a good workout, most of the team heads to the showers, leaving behind Danno Alecs, Robert Zsilak, Lajos Anfort and Mihal Laszlo to fool around in the pool. Eventually cocks spring out of Speedos and into mouths – Anfort’s into Laszlo and Zsilak’s into Alecs. Danno may be the video’s cover man, but Laszlo is the star here, as he next lines up the other three and sucks them in turn.
Having gotten his fill in one end, Laszlo gets on all fours and takes them up the other end: Zsilak, then Alecs, then Anfort. As each guy takes his turn, the other two stand behind them kissing and jerking each other off. Laszlo takes this Hungarian gang-bang in stride, especially from Anfort who gives him the hardest pounding. The three tops shoot on the bottom’s chest, who adds his own jizm to theirs.
Back in the locker room, a beefy Miklos Orosz heads into the shower room, where he finds Jose Ganatti and Joe Calderon in serious make-out mode. All three are magnificently hung and as Orosz starts to jerk off, the other two suck face and fondle cocks. Ganatti then kneels down for some lengthy dick-worship. These two gents are experienced performers: Ganatti was in Out of Athens and Calderon is a Kiraly favorite, so we see a first-rate blowjob.
Joe pulls Jose up and shoves him against the wall for the most aggressive fuck of the film, as top and bottom push into each other. Calderon then gets on the floor so Ganatti can impale himself on that very juicy European Pole. All the time Orosz is furiously beating his meat, and all three shoot copious loads. As the voyeur walks away, the two sex-fiends do some final tongue-fucking.
The third scene is another duo, between the very sexy Martin Hubai and the swarthier John Valko. They begin with a sensuous 69 that is the only the only pairing in the video where both partners go oral. Valko’s frankly better at it than Hubai (see below), but it’s still gratifying to see two men service each other. Another standing fuck follows, followed by another squat fuck, but this one’s more deliberate, less frenzied than before. Valko doesn’t rock into Hubai, but he still lets Hubai get all the way in his naturally hairy ass (something we don’t normally see in Falcon models). All the while, both men work up a sweat, making their skins glisten in the light.
The final scene is by the pool with six guys in three pairs, so it isn’t exactly an orgy. What it is, is a fabulous documentation on the art of fucking, as each pair demonstrates a different position: Hubai bends over the very young-looking Daniel Kriley for a doggie-style fuck; hairy hunk George Vidanov (a true pro with over a dozen credits) straddles the cock of open-faced Antal Reczi; and darkman Marko Balazs lies on his side and raises his leg to give long-haired Peter Bodanszky a full-access fuck from behind.
The camerawork is superb, as it glides from one penetration to another, giving us both sizzling wide-shot panoramas and heart-stopping close-ups. There are no changes in position, but because the camerawork is so smooth, and the men are so enthusiastic, you never get bored. Vidanov plays to the camera the best, and at one time leans back so he can kiss Kriley. And in a deliciously naughty touch, behind all this free-wheeling sodomy is a giant banner for international sports timekeeper Peugot Fabian. I wonder how much they paid for that product placement!
As with so many European videos, the only real drawback of Backflip are the blow-jobs. For some reason Europeans simply are not good cocksuckers; they swallow just the head and stroke the shaft. Come on USA – we’ve taught the world how to play baseball, drive pick-ups and eat Big Macs. Isn’t it time we show them how to suck cock? Uncle Sam needs you!

Format: AVI
Video: MPEG-4 Visual XVID 1500 Kbps 640×480 29,970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 MP3 44,1 Hz 128Kbps
File size: 1 GB

File size: 1.0 GB


Studio: GayWarGames

Description: His mission was not easy. His mission was even humanitarian.But when Carl first came to Tchukistan he just saw all the possibilities offered in this war torn country. As an official of a planned peace keeping mission he soon faced all the corruption and he easily got into contact with powerful men.
Carl comes from a Scandinavian country that doesn’t need tobe named. It is a rich country but still it was difficult to even get good hookers for good money there. As a young gay man he was always into cute twinks. But the boys from his town have mostly been straight. Well, here in Tchukistanhe has a chance to finally live his dream. No risk no fun.
Some when he met Nikolay – our officer of the regularTchukistani forces. And as we know Nikolay already he was capable of fulfilling any of Carl?s desires as long as good money is involved. In plain English: Carl orders sex slaves. But not just slaves. They were supposed to be blond and tall– like in Scandinavia. Well, as you can imagine, it is not so easy to find blond guys in Tchukistan; most guys here are black-haired – like our heroes. But still there are those descendants of ethnic Russian that once settled in this area during the communist times.
When Gorja and Franio walked through the forest they justwanted to meet some friends for skiing. Mecko, Becko and Nikolay spotted themhidden inside a building adjacent to a complex which is supposed to become thepeacekeeper?s headquarter in the near future. They catch them and bring them toCarl?s office.
And there he sits and waits already; Carl appears still shy but he has a sadistic view. The soldiers tie and undress their victims. And they scream out something Tchukistani that he doesn’t even understand.
Franio first tries to resist. But Gorja is terrified by the martial looks of his captors and obeys to their orders. They put him on the table and Carl starts to suck him. Then he fondles his cock and balls. Mecko and Becko meanwhile bring tamed Gorja to the camp bed in the office. They rudely strip him and torture his nipples. Becko is also into that cute guy.“Stand up” he orders the frightened guy and to complete his humiliation he kisses the poor helpless straight guy right onto his duct-taped mouth. “Stopwith that crap!” Carl orders. “And help me to bend over the tall guy”. Soon after Gorja finds himself in a most uncomfortable position with his ass exposed to the soldiers. “Now let the games begin!

Format: wmv
Duration: 01:08:59

File size: 2.4 GB

Wet Sex: Part 1

Year: 2005 Country: USA Length: 2:07:59
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Daddies / Men, Bodybuilders / Muscle Men, Gym / Lockerroom Sex,
Interracial Sex, Rimming (Ass Eating), Masturbation / Solo (Some), Tattoo
Directed by: Matthew Moore Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Rob Romoni, Ethan Marc, Gabriel Knight, Jason Ridge, Michael Soldier, Paolo Cortez, Ashton Sorenson, Brad Benton, Bret Wolfe, Chad Donovan, Cody Cash

Description: Wet Palms, the nine episode adult soap opera (sometimes referred to as a “Gaytime Drama”) was a challenging and occasionally overwhelming project. For the first time ever in the adult film business, Jet Set Men produced a video series with as much of a story as is found in main stream projects such as Queer as Folk, interspersed with hardcore sex scenes, unheard of in a series of any sort. But those craving just sex complained that there was too much story. As hot as the sex was, there just was not enough to satisfy them. Here now is Wet Sex – two amazing compilations of the nineteen sex scenes – featuring a phenomenal cast of twenty five men: 13 in Part One and 18 in Part Two. No drama this time, just more than five hours of hot sex!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 720×480 29.97fps 1999Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
Size: 1.91 GB

File size: 1.9 GB

Bare School Days (2009)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks, Big Dick, Cumshot, Uncut Cocks, Gym/Lockerroom, Men of the Czech Republic, Bareback, Outdoor Sex, Sex On/Around the Toilet, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways, Theme: Student/Teacher
Starring: Tom Kent, Marian de Sole, Aladin, Dario Dolce, Jerry Harris
Studio: Tainted TwinX, VimpeX Gay Media

Do you remember your school days? Don’t you wish they had been filled with hot sex with your fit smooth Well here you can live out these fantasies as the lads strip, suck and fuck bareback! 6 scenes of raw hardcore action in the toilets, in the and in the woods.
Smooth, young guys fucking raw and hardcore! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:56:21
Resolution: 640×352
Size: 0.911 GB

File size: 867.1 MB

Sep 25, 2008 – The Gym Stud

Production year: 2008
Name movie: The Gym Stud
The name of the actor: Wolf Hudson and Christian Owen
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore,gay,Anal, oral
Length: 00:41:22

Description: Wolf Hudson cruises the gym. He sees muscle-boy Christian Owen on the bench press and tries to get his attention. Christian, like some muscle boys, has attitude along with looks. Wolf teaches Christian manners by making him do a bondage workout. Wolf also works out his aggression by using Christian as a punching bag. He then takes the exhausted Christian to the shower, and finishes him off with a hard bondage fuck.

HD Video Type: 720p
Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 1280×720 29.97fps 1500kbps September
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 299.3 MB

RandyBlue – Ace DeCarlo & Brett Swanson

Date April 19, 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Anal / Oral sex, Blow Job, Cumshots, Muscles
Length: 00:18:27
Description: It’s hard to believe Ace DeCarlo has never had a piece of man ass before. He took to topping Brett Swanson as if he’s been doing it his entire life. And sure, when it comes to gay sex Ace may be a straight amateur, but he doesn’t suffer from lack of trying. When he lays Brett out on the bed and buries his throbbing hard cock deep into Brett’s hole, the look on Brett’s face tells all. And have you seen Brett lately? He’s been hitting the gym hard. He once was a cute little twink but now he’s a total smooth muscular jock, all muscle and sweat. And a whole lot of sexy. He goes down on Ace’s manhammer getting it all slick and ready to slap a condom on and go to town, and Ace just loves all the attention his cock is getting. And while Brett’s cumshot is short and sweet, Ace sprays a fountain of jizz all over Brett’s chest like he’s putting out a fire with his long, thick firehose.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 960×540 23,976 fps 2024 kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 9.2 32 kHz stereo 32 kbps[/b]
File size: 273.3 MB

Bryce Tucker & Travis James

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Anal, oral, muscle men, hunk
Length: 00:20:38

When you get a blond jock stud likeBryce Tucker its all you can do to just stare at the mountain of muscle before you. He practically lives at the gym and has the body of a greek god to prove it. Now throw in the adorable Travis James, with a sweet handsome face and a smooth muscular jock body and you have the makings for one of the hottest hardcore gay porn videos around. Travis totally worships Bryces muscles, running his hands all over them, licking and touching wherever he pleases. And Bryce is hard as a rock with this horny stud exploring his body. Travis works all of Bryces rock hard cock down his talented throat and gets him so worked up hell do almost anything to get off. He then goes down on Travis and gives him a taste of his own medicine. Bryce has gotten really good at sucking cock and by the way Travis is practically begging to get plowed its obvious how much hes getting into it. Bryce finally throws Travis legs up over his own head and rams his fuckstick deep inside. Travis cant get enough and flips over so he can take it doggie style, feeling every inch of Bryces enormous dick. Finally Bryce hits home stretch as he shoots his load while looking at the expression of pure pleasure on Travis face, which he covers in his own hot sticky jizz. Then Travis unleashes his load all over his own smooth chest.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 960×540 23.98fps 2024kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 32000Hz stereo 32kbps

File size: 305.7 MB

Backdoor Gym (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Gay Porn, Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Uncut Cocks, Muscle, Gym, Lockerroom, Rimming
Duration: 01:35:31

This movie features ten hot ripped hung gym rats. From big-dicked fuckers to cum hungry holes, this gym flick gives a bird’s eye view of what we all want to happen when we enter a Backdoor Gym! Sucking and fucking on every piece of equipment in every position imaginable. The intense non-stop ass action will make your cocks hard and your holes quiver. If you’re a seriously lover of ripped hot gym bodies and sharing each others hot creamy spunk then we have one thing to say… Backdoor Gym – Enter in the Rear!

Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 9 704×398 29.97fps 2400kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

Sancho’s Bareback Adventures (2010)

Year: 2010
Genre: Gay Porn, Bareback, Cum Shots, Facial, Threesome, Twinks, Latino, Anal, Oral Sex
Duration: 01:21:53

Sancho’s Bareback Adventures are a cherry popping countertop cum-stick event. Gym jocks… cock sucking, ass rimming, spit-slicked raw ass pumping. Hole rimmin’ and ass cheek… creamy treats… jizz lappin’ fun.

Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 9, 640×480 (4:3), 29.97fps, 1915kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio, 48000Hz, stereo, 128kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

How To Get A Man In Bed

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Genre: Gays, bondage,classic
Length: 1:17:07
Directed by: Sam Abdul
Studio: Forum Studios
Starring: Tom Katt, Marco Rossi, Joshua Sterling, Karl Thomas, Brian Maxx, Shawn Adams, Jackson Phillips, Joe Romero, Dino Phillips, Matt Raven

Description: “How to Get a Man in Bed is sure to become the ultimate pick-up movie of all time! Hosted by Rick Drake, How to Get a Man in Bed takes you from strip clubs and video stores to leather clubs, the park , The gym, and even the Internet! The explosive sexual heat is provided by Tom Katt, Marco Rossi, and a ton of other megastars. “
Ext. Information: The film consists of four parts
Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 480×360 29.97fps 700kbps [Raw Video 1]
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64kbps [Raw Audio 0]
Size: 430 MB

Total size 429.5 MB in 4 files

Ass Busting Twinks (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Gay Porn, Bareback, Cum Shots, Facial, Rimming, Threesome, Twinks, Big Cock, Anal, Oral Sex
Duration: 01:33:03

The cutest, sexiest twinks getting sweaty and spunk soaked in the gym, pumping their throbbing cocks as they get their tight young assholes filled with cum! Packed full of horny young boys that love raw, bareback fucking as their day’s workout! With non-stop breeding, seeding, raw bareback sex, dripping holes and massive monster cocks, don’t you wish these guys would help you with a little personal training?

Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5, 720×400 (16:9), 25.00fps, 1798kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3, 24000Hz, stereo, 56kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

Team Training

Year: 2007
Genre: Gay, Amateur Twinks, outdoor actions, oral, anal, facial cumshots
Duration: 2 h 01 min
Directed by: Robert Boggs
Studio: Ayor (At. Your. Own. Risk) Studios
Starring: Adam Kubick Chad Driver Devon Donis Ernesto Jordan Johan Volny
Joseph Ther Julian Benet Martin Nowotny

Description: At Your Own Risk have been producing twink films for other people for some time now out of the Czech republic. Having cut their teeth on other peoples productions, they are pleased to bring you the first in a series of their own work. Team Training features some of the cutest Czech twinks that money can find. Football – or rather training after football – is what’s going on here. All the lads are smooth, well toned and good looking, and great use is made of the gym and the showers. Lots of sexual encounters mean that there are so many cumshots you easily lose count. All the action is very horny all the way through and is voyeuristic in parts. Two hours of fine Euro boy action from Robert Boggs.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio Codec: Microsoft ADPCM
Video: 720×544 (1.32:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.03 ~ 1124 kbps avg, 0.10 bit / pixel
Audio: 44.100 kHz, Microsoft ADPCM, 2 ch, ~ 354.87 kbps avg

File size: 1.2 GB

Fucking On The Equipment (2011)

Starring: Jakob Price, Tristan Sterling, Johnny Torque
Genre: Oral Sex, Kissing, Fucking, Anal Sex, Tea Bags, Masturbation, Group Sex, Twinks

Johnny Torque is so pissed off! His brother gets everything and Johnny’s super jealous. That’s why he invited his friends, Jakob Price and Tristan Sterling over to his brother’s new gym. To alleviate some of Johnny’s anger, this trio is rubbing their asses all over the new equipment!
Seeing Tristan and Jakob’s luscious cheeks inspires Johnny to take things a step further. Ass on the weight equipment is one thing, but his brother would be furious if the guys had some GAY SEX on his stuff! Tristan likes the right away and wraps his lips around Johnny’s cock like a starving cum fiend. Then, after Jakob gets dicked down hard at both ends, Johnny pounds Tristan’s tight Twink asshole until they both shoot hot, thick loads all over the weight bench. Mission accomplished!
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720×400
Runtime: 22 min.
Filesize: 355 Mb

File size: 338.2 MB

Forced Entry Club 3 ( 2004 , Puppy Productions )

Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Oral/Anal/Group Sex, Rimming, Bareback, Uniform, Fetish, Bdsm, Amateur.
Length: 02:17:50
Director: Thomas Bjorn
Studio: Puppy Productions
Starring: Thomas Bjorn, Kirk Nadir, Gabe, Devin Moon, Ty Smith, Jed Pisston, Drew Taylor, Devon Auston, Riddick James
Description: Thomas Bjorn has yet again created a fantasy guaranteed to make ALL Wet and Hard!
Forced Entry Club II: The UnMasking ended in a knock Forced Entry Club III will begin with a stiff cock up Kirk Nadir’s ass, attached to Gabe. Kirk fails to escape Gabe’s control and gives his ass up the hard way. Thomas Bjorn and his two buddies, Jed Pisston and Devon Auston kidnap three ripe young boys, Devin Moon, Ty Smith, and Drew Taylor. Jed teaches Drew Taylor how a submissive bottom should serve his master while Devon Auston uses Devin Moon as his subservient bitch.
Thomas Bjorn stuffs every hole that Ty Smith has to offer and some that he doesn’t want to offer. After the boys have been used and abused they are dumped off in a parking lot in the park. Don’t worry about touching your cock it will explode with a pounding of cum shooting all over yourself or your trick. Riddick James comes home from the gym with his muscles aching only to have Thomas jump him, blindfold and tie him up. Riddick chokes down Thomas’ monster cock only to beg for it to be shoved deeper into another hole. Thomas then uses his 8″ Monster Cock on Riddick’s muscle ass with only his personal pleasure in mind. Riddick’s body becomes Thomas’ jungle gym with his cock growing larger and harder with every stroke and plunge. Thomas continues to report the news regarding the police hunt for the local gay rapist only to remain one step ahead of them. But is he really? Take a dive into a fantasy that will stiffen your cock and make you have wet dreams for days! Who’s your Bitch?

File size: 0.9 GB

BoundinPublic – Gym Rat and The Gay Mafia – Adam Knox

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Orgy, BDSM, Cumshot
Length: 00:53:42
Description: This week, Adam Knox is a straight boy who shows up at the local gym. He’s ripped as ever and he walks into the locker room with all eyes on him. Adam is pissed at all the gay stares and complains to the management. Ready to explode, he harasses a gym member. The gym member can no longer take his attitude and calls in the Gay Mafia. Within minutes, the GM shows up and takes control of the situation. They cuff Adam and strip him naked. The entire gym joins in and smacks the asshole down. The GM makes him suck their dicks and encourages everyone in a nasty game of dodge ball with the tied up naked stud. The GM takes Adam into the shower room and fucks him good. Everyone blows their loads all over the used up stud.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: MKV
Video Codec: Flash
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: FMP4 848×480 29.97fps 1330 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128 Kbps
File size: 510.9 MB

HotGuyswRestling – Restling (16-20)

Genre: Gay Photo, Wrestling, Russian, Gay Porn
Number of set: 1-5
Number of photos: 80
Studio: HotGuyswRestling

A selection of photos with the Russian guys from the site hotguyswrestling. Permian young guys wrestling. Enjoy!

Photo Size: 800×533
Format: JPG
File size: 8.7 MB

Unleash The Beast 3 – Leather Kings

Year: 2004
Genre: Europeans, Leather, Muscle Men, Hunks, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Oral Sex, Orgy, Rugged Men, Threeways

Description: Sitting at slot machines probably isn’t how you would expect to find two muscular Euro-studs dressed in leather harnesses, but who’s complaining? All four scenes of this movie start with a hokey setup, so this probably isn’t the movie for you if you’re looking for an Eastern European gay porn movie with a great plot and fully developed characters. All fourteen studs in this movie do however have well developed gymnast bodies, big uncut pricks, and range in age from early 20’s to late 20’s.

Not to say they aren’t hot, but the first three scenes all start out the same way: two guys are sipping drinks, and they quickly seduce the bartender into having a threesome.

Each scene is hotter than the one before. Young muscle boy Ted Colunga plays musical dicks by impaling himself on first one hung rugged stud then the other in the third scene. The three eventually cum on one another while kissing.

Instead of being a threesome like the first three scenes, the fourth scene has six hot guys fucking their brains out on pool tables. At one point, four guys engage in a tandem rim job, while the other two suck dicks. The scene ends with a six-man lineup jerk off contest. Fred Goldsmith is the only man in more than one scene, bottoming in the first, and proving his versatility in this one.

The lighting and direction is great in all four scenes, and everyone appears to really be turned on (in contrast to some lesser Eastern European movies.) Even though everyone starts out wearing a leather harness, there isn’t much kink to this movie. The sex is always hot in each scene from beginning to end. There is minimal dialog, and it is captioned.

Format: avi
Video: DX50 720×544 24bpp 25.000 fps 1300.5 kbps (158.8 kbyte/s)
Audio: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 224.0 kbit/14.58% (ratio: 28000->192000)
Duration: 01:33:33

File Size: 1.00 GiB


File size: 1.0 GB

Bareback Football Orgy (2010)

Year: 2010
Genre: Gay Porn, Bareback, Twinks, Oral, Anal Sex, Raw, Muscle Men, Big Dick, Sport, Locker Room, Group Sex
Duration: 01:42:32
Director: Vlado Iresch
Studio: SauVage, Staxus
Cast: Sam Brooks, Caleb Moreton, Brian Nash, Johny Bravo, Carl Baxter, Mark Lee, Rob Levin, Ian Samson, Kyle Davis, Alan Craft

It’s Premier League action all the way courtesy of Sauvage, as a team of the horniest players in the business strip off their shirts and shorts in this cock-crazed fuck-fest. From the club gym to the post-match shower-room, the likes of Sam Brooks, Alan Craft and cute main cover-boy, Kyle Davis, love nothing better than to team-bond in typical Czech twink fashion – with lots of meaty, uncut cocks fucking tight hungry holes and spurting over eager, sweet young faces!

Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 848×480 29.97fps 2049Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

Gym Rat and The Gay Mafia – Adam Knox

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Orgy, BDSM, Cumshot
Length: 00:53:42
Description: This week, Adam Knox is a straight boy who shows up at the local gym. He’s ripped as ever and he walks into the locker room with all eyes on him. Adam is pissed at all the gay stares and complains to the management. Ready to explode, he harasses a gym member. The gym member can no longer take his attitude and calls in the Gay Mafia. Within minutes, the GM shows up and takes control of the situation. They cuff Adam and strip him naked. The entire gym joins in and smacks the asshole down. The GM makes him suck their dicks and encourages everyone in a nasty game of dodge ball with the tied up naked stud. The GM takes Adam into the shower room and fucks him good. Everyone blows their loads all over the used up stud.
Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: MKV
Video Codec: Flash
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: FMP4 848×480 29.97fps 1330 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128 Kbps
Size: 511 MB

File size: 510.9 MB

Randy Blue – rb2165 – Brett & Nick

When Nick Sterling cums it’s like his whole body collects every ounce of it’s sexual energy and shoots it out through his big thick cock, leaving his sweaty muscular body looking like he’s just had the most intense workout. The light plays off of the light sheen of sweat, outlining every muscle which has just been worked to the maximum in summoning this earth shattering orgasm. His breath comes in quick bursts as he comes down from his endorphin high, ready to hit the showers. It all started while training with his workout buddy, Brett Swanson. With his recently transformed muscle jock body, Brett has been spending a lot of time at the gym and gave Nick a little flirty incentive to up his workout a bit. Always up for the challenge, Nick went for it but it didn’t take long before his hormones kicked in and he was rimming Brett’s hot bubble butt, getting it ready for a really hardcore ass pounding. And really, who doesn’t wish they could act out their own gay porn in the middle of a gym? Brett’s cocksucking got Nick so hard he couldn’t wait to tap that ass. And tap it he did until both of them were shooting their loads all over Brett’s smooth muscular chest.

Length: 359 MiB Duration: 24mn 14s 464ms
Video: VC-1 at 2 024 Kbps, Aspect: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 23.976 fps
Audio: WMA at 32.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 32.0 KHz

File size: 359.0 MB

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