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[Eagle Video] Bareback Beginners 9

Release Year: 2005
Studio: Eagle Video

Watch more fresh new Euro dudes as they experience some hot and raw gay sex action. They really put their heart and soul, and cocks into it! Tongues are wrapped around tongues, cocks and assholes until they get to the good part-sweet, young & tender … be gentle … it’s my first time … (“Gentle”? NO fucking WAY!)
Hairless European guys makes you think of innocence, which is something none of these bareback boys can lay claim to. Watch as these smooth hunks suck each other’s long uncut cocks in and out of tighty whities and take huge facials. Plenty of first time raw ass drilling action leaves you and these dudes begging for more!
They pound ass like they’ve been doing it for years!

Format: asf
Duration: 2:10:17
Video: 720×480, Windows Media Video 9, 976kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 996.4 MB


In this are 2 clips from Sloan. At first he made his debut in a solo album and second it with Eli.
1 I thought I would start off Monster Cock Week with a lean hippie-style dude. His look is not for everyone, but you gotta give the guy props, he is packing some big meat! Mico is a bi guy, leaning more to the gay side. He does have a pretty big dick, and he finds not many guys can take it, so I think he sleeps with girls to get some penetration. I told him he isn’t looking hard enough for guys willing to take on the challenge! His look is granola and well, like I said, hippie-style, and that is exactly who he is. Conservation, being green, organic, you name it, if it is a nature cause, you can be sure he will be into it. So his look really matches interests.Mico is not shy about showing off his cock either. He was hard the moment he sat down in front of the cameras, aching to pull his cock out to play with.It ‘s a big one, that’s for sure! He handles it with skill, like someone who has spent a lot of quality time with it. He showcases it nicely, so it is nice to have a solo that isn’t all motion-blur super-fast jerk-off.Like I said, he was turned on from the get go, so getting him to nut was super easy. He is more than willing to swap oral with a dude, so stay tuned later this week to see that ginormous cock in someone’s mouth!
2 During Mico’s solo, he confessed that a really big fantasy of his was to have two guys fighting to suck his cock.I had Ransom up for sucking him, and well, I was on hand, so I thought I could step in and do a little sucking to make his dream come true. Not too much ‘Bryan’ – just a ‘Guest Appearance’. I know, I am giver.Ransom was pretty much in awe of how big Mico’s Monster Cock was and totally got off on trying to deep throat it.Mico enjoyed both of us sucking him too. He was most happy when he was sucking on Ransom’s cock, and I was down on the ground blowing him. His dick got REALLY hard at that point! We did this Serviced video tanding, and Mico wanted Ransom’s cum to land all over his own cock to use as lube to jerk himself off. There was a bit of distance for his load to travel, but ansom’s aim was accurate! And that certainly did the trick, as gobs of jizz poured out of Mico’s ginormous cock.I think Mico left the studio that day feeling very satisfied! Hope you will too!

Year: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Oral Sex, Big Dick, BlowJob, Cumshots, Masturbation, Trio, Muscule, SiteRip
Duration: 00:36:52

File size: 435.3 MB

Vintage 8MM. Vol. 1 (1968-1970)

Year: 1968-1970
Genre: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Vintage, Retro, Bareback, Pre-Condom
Duration: 01:29:53
Director: Gary “Chris” McKay
Studio: L.A. Heat Video
Cast: Dakota, Bill Eld, Ray Fuller

LA HEAT VIDEO and Director Gary “Chris” McKay return to the days when sex was dirty and air was clean as they proudly bring you their most special presentation to date– “8MM Vintage male/male, 1968-1970,” the first in their new series of “vintage” videos designed especially for those who long to see adult entertainment the way it was back in the days before home video. As the brief prologue at the beginning of the tape explains, with the birth of the sexual revolution in the late 60’s, came an increase in adult oriented entertainment–most notably, adult films. While more urban communities often included “movie houses” specifically designed to show these films, far more often than not, such venues catered exclusively to a heterosexual clientele, while theatres designed for a gay audience were few and far between. None the less, such “All-Male” films were produced and ,helped largely by newly postal codes which, up until then had severely prohibited the use of the US Mails for the delivery of “adult oriented materials”, this once forbidden kind of entertainment became widely available for home viewing, mainly through mail order companies specializing in such films. Often less “slick” or “formulaic” as their modern, video counterparts, these “loops” as they were called usually shot on 16mm film, then transferred onto 8mm, making them compatible for showing on the average home movie projector. Usually 10-15 minutes in length, by today’s standards their content often varied from what would eventually be called “soft core” or simple “beef cake” films, to more “hard core” features, and they presented viewers with some of the most naturally attractive men of the time, engaging the most incredible scenes of sex-“Mano Y Mano” ever to be preserved on film. integrity of their authentic “reel to reel” viewing experience. Even going so far as to include the sound of an authentic film projector on to the video’s soundtrack which was mastered by Spectrum Music especially for this video.

Format: AVI
Video: 240×180 (1.33:1), 25 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~393 kbps avg, 0.36 bit/pixel
Audio: 22.050 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~96.00 kbps avg

File size: 323.2 MB

Gemini and Andrew – London Britches

Gemini is one cute yet unfortunate dude. He just lost his minimum wage job, and is having a difficult time to find another job and to make things worst he has to pay an expensive college tuition. Luckily Gay Mobile Porn is here to give him a simple task and get paid and that is to experience his first time on camera. He agreed to have the raunchy gay sex.

Genres: twinks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 777.4 MB

Nick Leblanc Enjoys a Ride on Yuri

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Cumshot, Masturbation, Duet
Length: 13:51

Description: Actions speak louder than words as we learned when this scene came together. Yuri Gurganov contacted Nick Leblanc about doing a scene with him for Videoboys. At first Nick turned it down, he wouldn’t do a duo, he was not into guys. Then he said maybe but he would be top only and he didn’t want to kiss and he didn’t want to suck. Finally Yuri got him to just promise to do the best he could and set date for the scene. We braced ourselves for a very uncooperative model and a very passionless scene.
I don’t know what happened between that discussion and the day of the shooting but when Nick arrived he was so full of positive energy that Yuri decided to press his luck and ask Nick if he would want to be the bottom in the scene. Nick accepted immediately and so our plans switched. As for kissing and sucking, forget about it. We just sort of turned on the camera and said “ok start” and Nick was sucking face AND cock with a reckless abandon that we rarely see even in full-on gay boys. I think Nick’s enthusiasm caught Yuri off guard a bit but he adapted quickly. The biggest surprise came when Nick took Yuri’s boner in his ass. Though he told us this would be only his second time as a bottom, Nick took the cock with ease. Yes it was clearly a bit painful at first but Nick never complained or asked to stop or slow down or gave any indication that he wanted it to stop. He seemed to be on that borderline between pain and pleasure.
Then when Yuri flipped him over, rather than entering Nick slowly, the way he did the first time, Yuri slammed it into Nick in one quick stroke prompting Nick to blurt out, “Oh Fuck!” But note he didn’t say “Stop!” or “Take it out!” and so Yuri just kept on pounding until they were both ready to cum. Talk about a pleasant surprise! Nick Leblanc has become our new favourite str8 bottom.
Size: 213 MB

File size: 212.7 MB

This video has been removed.

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