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Going Down & Cumming Out in Beverly Hills (2001)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Balls, Big Cock, Dildos, Double Anal Penetration, Fetish, Uncut Cocks, Masturbation, Piercing, Cumshot, Threesomes, Spying On/Voyeurism, Humor, Parody/Spoof
Starring: Eric Wood, Kevin Kramer, Logan Reed, George Fleece, Jack Ryan, Matt Sizemore, Kurt Wagner, Michel Mattel, Pete Davos
Starring Non-Sexual: Brandon James, Dino Phillips, Jazmine, Kitt Marlowe, Rob Franklin, Stephanie Blake, Vivian
Studio: Great Dane Productions

2002 GayVN Winner:
Best Supporting Actor – Kevin Kramer
This is an ambitious undertaking directed by Dane Preston and written by porn star Dino Phillips, who also appears in a non-sexual role. Assembled here is a giant cast of porn vets and newbies to tell the story. The movie even begins with a clever albeit slightly cheesy theme song (with lyrics whispered by ‘La Kane) to the tune of the old 90210 theme.
The story itself is a cute take-off on the similarly-named 1986 Richard Dreyfuss/Bette Midler/Nick Nolte flick. Although Wood and Kramer are the main lovers, the story is set as a romance between Wood and Reed. Lots of scenes with dialogue and overacting interrupt the sex flow, but you can always fast forward if need be.
Logan Reed plays a homeless man who somehow finds his way into the backyard and lives of some dysfunctional residents of the posh California community. The first scene is one of light bondage with cutie Mattel blindfolded and tied up, gagging on a giant black dildo while his lover (tall, cute Wood) works him over. In a bit of product placement a Great Dane Productions poster hangs over the bed and is picked up in many of the shots. Mattel’s lover humps him while wearing a leather bikini and chain mesh vest. He then fucks Mattel with said black dildo, which Mattel’s greedy ass engulfs easily. Soon, another larger dildo is used on the boy before he eagerly sits on his lover’s cock and rides it. Both guys shoot nice gooey loads as the scene comes to a close.
This is where the plot really kicks in, with queeny Kramer flitting around like Charles Nelson Reilly in a fit of anger. The story is set-up that Kramer (a queeny shopper, apparently) hit Reed with his car and then finds him on the doorstep of his fabulous abode. Mattel, who is the houseboy or something, sets about giving the homeless man a bath. Unfortunately these two never have a go at it. Instead, Reed appears back in the kitchen completely groomed and looking great – like Logan Reed.
Lots more exposition before the second sex scene begins in the video storeroom. This scene is indeed hot! It features another tall cutie, George Fleece. He makes out and bumps and grinds with his dark haired, petite paramour. These two men really seem to dig one another, swapping inspired blowjobs and rimming before the fucking commences. Fleece’s friend (Wagner) has a tight little body and a nice thick bone. Fleece places him on one of the storage racks to suck him and ultimately to fuck the hell out of him. Fleece shoots a thick smattering of man juice all over his buddy’s gaping asshole while the bottom boy makes a semen deposit into one of the plastic video box liners. (While they are fucking an extra walks into the stock room, sees what is going on and steps out. Later, when the two have cum he walks back into the stock room, picks up the cum filled plastic box liner and quietly exits. Pretty funny stuff.)
The next sex scene begins with Kramer practicing yoga or something on his floor. Two men enter who are supposed to help him get in touch with his spiritual self. Of course, instead they rip off his track pants and just begin to fuck him. The scene jumps from the ripping of Kramer’s pants to the actual fucking (no frottage or foreplay here); the brunettes who fuck him are both very hot.
The assistant (Ryan) is young with a smooth body and a nice cock surrounded by a dark bush. The “master” (Sizemore) is a bit older with a hairier, more sculpted body, and a long cock. As the master feeds Kramer, the assistant fucks his hole. Kramer, meanwhile, moans and groans and slaps his pierced dick all around. After a few minutes of fucking this way Kramer straddles the master so that his assistant can push his cock into the blonde also…the double penetration is pretty hot. Hotter still is the way Kramer deep throats the assistant’s gorgeous prick while the master is pumping his hole.
The guy who plays the assistant could easily become my new favorite, just need to see a little more of him. He has an adorable face that reacts in all the right ways to what is going on with his great cock. Both the assistant and the master shoot nice loads of thick white sperm onto Kramer’s tanned torso. In fact, Kramer is so into it that he puts both wet cocks back into his mouth – a no-no, we know!
Turns out that Reed set up the yoga session as a way of loosening up Kramer. It apparently works because we then see Kramer (not the queeny stuffed shirt of yore, but a man with renewed verve) hop into bed with Wood. As they begin to go at it Mattel finds Reed in his quarters and they begin a sexual adventure. At the same time, Wagner watches and jerks off from the patio. Unfortunately, none of these acts are fully seen by the viewer. Instead, we jump to another part of the story.
Now we are at a video party where all of the drag queens listed in the credits appear. This part is poorly lit, appearing yellow and orange. However, the party gives us our first full on sex scene featuring the ever-dependable Reed. He and a guest retire to a bedroom (where the lighting is better) for some privacy. After some extended frottage the clipped Reed and his hirsute friend exchange pleasantries and blowjobs. Finally, Reed places a condom on his friend’s schlong and slides himself on for a fuck. They fuck in several positions, and switch batting order, before spraying gigantic amounts of jizz loud enough to give the downstairs partygoers reason to give pause. Of course, there is an ample amount of denouement. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:53:46
Resolution: 512×384

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Lucas Entertainment – Hunt & Plunge

Year: 2000 – 2003 г.
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Orgy, Piss, Rimming, Interracial, Cumshot, Hunks
Length: 3:19:07

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Starring: Chad Hunt, Zach Jayden, Marco Rochelle, Carlos Morales, Damion, Chris Bolt, Richie Fine, Anthony Ferrat, Erik Martins, Mario Ortiz, Tag Adams, Brandon Roo, Mitch Ryder, Lucas Preor, Daniel Estevez, Raul Tasco, Jay Black, Alejandro Cosme, Felipe Eller, Jack Simmons, Michael Lucas

Description: Michael Lucas interviews Chad Hunt one-on-one, and interspersed with snippets of their conversation are flashback clips of the hungry cocksuckers and insatiable ass clowns he’s conquered with the Thor-sized hammer dangling heavily ‘twixt his legs. Yes, it’s mostly a compilation, but these are some steaming, savory leftovers.
Chad chats about his initial interest in doing porn, recalling his early torturous years of being dubbed “Donkey Dick”. He espouses on his favorite designers, discusses his myriad tattoos and even cautiously dishes some snooty diva-struck actors he’s been paired with before (and whom, in some instances, he’d prefer not to work with again).
We begin the sordid sexual antics with Chad breaking in newcomer Zach Jayden, whose fantasy it was to do his first porn scene with superstar – and super hung – Hunt. (Editor’s note: This scene is new, and was filmed specifically for this His fantasy fulfilled, Zach chokes down as far as he can on Chad’s pulsating throat plug, then we see both feverishly eating and fingering each other’s undulating hair holes. Naturally, Chad punch-plows the squirming, moaning, grunting daylights out of Zach, assuring the sated bottom that every subsequent cock he takes henceforth will be inherently smaller.
Zach even gets to do more with Chad’s ass then most bottoms do. To wit: in addition to the rimming and fingering, Zach bumps a bare grind against Chad’s ass crevasse before feeling the grueling stretch and sting of Hunt’s invasive plunge rod crammed into his tight porn-virgin boy pussy.
A tasty clip from Fire Island Cruising follows more conversing: out on the pool deck, Chad eats and fucks Anthony Ferrats’ hole every which way but loose (well, considering the sheer girth of Chad’s fuck rod, I suspect Anthony’s hole was plenty loose afterwards .) A golden shower and an ass-spouted beer enema are particularly memorable signature images.
Also included are a few clips from Fire Island Cruising 2: Boys on Fire – the rowdy six-man poolside orgy scene as well as the bit where Chad throat-chokes and ass-crams cock-starved Chris Bolt in the Pines.
The mucho caliente nine-man orgy scene from Lifestyles is also recapped here. With its diverse cast of chocolate, caramel and vanilla hotties, this could be the most glorious United Colors of Benetton ad ever conceived. Would that their ads featured pried-open corn holes being slathered by tongues and rammed by incredibly big dicks.
The reminiscing continues with a rigorous throat-cramming, ass-marauding threeway from Vengeance, during which Chad plunges 11 “deep into both insatiable Carlos Morales and baldini daddy hunk Erik Martins, and during which an eye-opening arsenal of ass toys – and greased -up latex-wrapped fists – gets administered to intrepid Carlos’ man pussy, just before his face gets splattered with a dual dose of man yogurt, followed by a golden spritz in the shower. (FYI, this scene nabbed all three players a 2002 GayVN Award for Best Threesome – deservedly so!)
It’s all capped off with a multi-racial eight-man orgy sequence from Vengeance 2, during which Mister Chad gets to plunge three hungry bottoms, and after which there’s a splattery mess of spilt man goo to clean up, as well as another brief water sports fling.

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Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps

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Cum Suckers 13 (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Cumshots, Cumeating, Blowjob, Outdoors, Masturbate, Anal, Fetish, GloryHole, Twinks
Duration: 01:59:13
Director: Leo Greco, Kevin Chain, Joe Serna
Studio: Factory Video Productions
Cast: Shawn Cohen, Ryan Raz, Jay Mar, Buck Wilde, Holden Slayer, Tapher Blaze, Cory Woodall, Marc Sterling, Scout Hayden, Nick Capra

The hottest cum eating and cock sucking from all of the Factory Video studios – that’s what our best selling Cum Suckers series is all about!
Cum Suckers 13 starts with clips from Blue Alley Studio’s Toronto Cum starring Shawn Cohen where he eats cum from some of Canada’s hottest men and gets fucked by one of them, too.
In the second jizz-fest, handsome Ryan Raz swallows a beach-load of Fire Island spooge in Cum Pig Men’s Coat My Throat, toasting his achievement at the end by drinking a shot of his own juice.
Factory Bareback’s Sit, Cum, Stay has Jay Mars and Buck Wilde starring with a cage full of raunchy guys looking for some hot, leather action.
Gay Amateur Spunk Volume 7 has Holden Slayer and Tapher Blaze playing not-so-nice with the boys from the neighborhood. The cum eating continues with Cory Woodall and his sperm hungry pals in Street Trade’s Fuck Money. Stunner Marc Sterling’s book of love has no rules in Gay Guide to Getting Laid. Alex Cross and Marion Lorenzo waste no time in Street Trade Studio’s Cock Watchers and St. Louis Cum is where we first saw Ryan Raz swallow.

Format: AVI
Video: Windows Media Video 7 720×480 29.97fps ~ 875 kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 64Kbps

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Falcon Studios – 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set

Country: US
Studio : Falcon Studios
Cast: Aaron Osborn, Addison Scott, Al Parker, Alec Martinez, Anthony Shaw, B.J. Slater, Bill Henson, Billy Brandt, Bo Summers, Brad Benton, Brad Hunt, Brennan Foster, Brian Dexter, Brian Reed, Bruce McMaster, Bryce Colby, Buster, Carl Erik, Casey Donovan, Chad Douglas, Chad Hunt, Chance Caldwell, Chase Hunter, Chuck Hunter, Cliff Parker, Clint Williamson, Colby Taylor, Danny Somers, Daryl Brock, Dean Monroe, Dean Spencer, Dick Fisk, Dylan Reece, Ed Wiley, Enrico Vega, Eric Hanson, Eric Manchester, Erik Rhodes, Giorgio Canali, Hal Rockland, Jackson Phillips, Jason Adonis, Jeff Converse, Jeff Palmer, Jeff Turk, Jim Bentley, Jimmy McGuire, Joe Foster, John Rocklin, Josh Stone, Josh Weston, Ken Ryker, Kevin Dean, Kevin Jensen, Kevin Williams, Kristen Bjorn, Kurt Marshall, Lane Fuller, Lee Ryder, Leo Bramm, Leo Ford, Lindon Hawk, Luke Perry, Mark Hunter, Matt Cook, Matt Cook, Matthew Rush, Max Grand, Michel Mattel, Mike Branson, Mike Flynn, Nick Harlen, O.G. Johnson, Pete Gable, Rob Cryston, Rod Phillips, Roman Heart, Scott Baldwin, Scott Matthews, Sky Dawson, Spike, Steve Henson, Steve Marks, Todd Gibbs, Tom Chase, Tom Steele, Tony Bravo, Travis Wade, Trent Reed, Trey Rexx, Ty Russell, Vince Ditonno, Will Seagers
Director: Bill Clayton, Chris Steele, John Rutherford, Steven Scarborough
Videographer: Max Phillips, Todd Montgomery

Thirty-Five Years of the Best Gay Sex Scenes in One Limited Edition DVD Box Set? WOW!
DVD Box Covers

In celebration of more than 35 years of delivering the standard for gay erotic entertainment, Falcon Studios’ Limited Collector’s Edition anniversary 5-disc box set is an essential collection. It contains the hottest scenes selected from 35 years of their finest films. 90+ men. 11+ hours. 35 scenes. 5 discs.

Disc One features vintage pre-condom action from the 1970’s, including scenes from The Other Side of Aspen, Johnny Harden & The Champs, The Crotch Watcher, Weekend Lockup, Take It, Upperclassman and Dirt Bikes.

Disc Two features 1980’s pre-condom scenes from The New Breed, Spokes I, Splash Shots I: Memories of Summer, Night Flight, The Other Side of Aspen II, Giant Splash Shots II and In Your Wildest Dreams.

Disc Three showcases legendary hardcore action from the 1990’s including scenes from Command Performance, The Abduction Series Part II: The Conflict, Flashpoint: Hot as Hell, The Other Side of Aspen III: Snowbound, The Other Side of Aspen IV: The Rescue, The Renegade and Code of Conduct I: Stripped.

Disc Four showcases smoldering hardcore action from the 1990’s including scenes from Cruisin’, California Kings, French Connections, Absolute: Aqua, Absolute: Arid, The Crush and No Way Out.

And Disc Five showcases smoldering hardcore action from the new millennium including blockbuster titles Bad Behavior, The Other Side of Aspen V, Deep South: The Big and the Easy Part 2, Drenched Part 1: Soaking It In, Cross Country Part 1, From Top to Bottom and The Farmer’s Son.

Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 500 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

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Neil Stevens, Lucky Daniels and Billy Berlin

Bad Boys Neil Stevens, Lucky Daniels and Billy Berlin in hot gay scene!
File size: 289.1 MB

This video has been removed.