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Best of Militaires – Vol. 6

JNRC America’s titles are always eyebrow-raising affairs, usually replete with heavy cumshots and straight-trade soldiers on leave.

Genres: military, oral, anal sex cumshots
File: mp4

File size: 1.6 GB

Parashooter / 2003

Year: 2003
Genre: Black Men, Europeans, Gang Bang, Horsehung, Interracial Sex, Latin Men, Muscle Men, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Facial Cumshots, Fantasies, Oral Sex, Orgy, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Rugged Men, Story – Plot, Threeways
Length: 02:23:38
Starring: Jed Willcox, David Barthory , Rafael Alencar, Luis Alonso, Jason Kingsley, Daniel Santos, Roberto Giorgio, Victor Cowboy, Edu Boxe, Ricky Martinez, Huessein, Bruno Carrosa, Tadeu Novais, Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes, Pietro Rosselli, Max Veneziano, Paul?o Do Pic?o, Henrik Toth, Sergio Del Castillo
Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Directed by: Kristen Bjorn
Description: In a controversial genre often justifiably called trash and smut, there are those few porn directors who genuinely strive to produce works or erotic art. Kristen Bjorn is the best of them all. As porn consistently elevates itself in the view of the public as an art form, the name of Bjorn seems destined to ranks with the great masters. Fellini, Bertolucci, Hitchcock, Bjorn. Just take one look at “ParaShooter” you will discover a lyrical, epic, erotic masterpiece of the grandest scale and most rhapsodic sexual heat.
You know Bjorn’s style instantly. He established his dream world of perfectly groomed, ethnically diverse, international musclemen in lush exotic locales in his earliest works in the 80’s, such as the Carnival in Rio and Call of the Wild. He originated the concept of the self-exploding cock, multiple cumshots and minimal, surrealistic story lines. His photography was always fluid and artistic and he pioneered the style of posed tableaux with choreographed sex. His action ranged from tender to fierce, but never without a sense of affection between his angelic, even godlike models.
“ParaShooter” shows that Bjorn has grown to levels of production and artistry that one doubted would ever happen in the gay medium. This is a mammoth, 2.5-hour epic with a huge cast of incredibly gorgeous, international studs. His fetishes have evolved. The cocks seldom seem to gush automatically in this film the hand action is now shown more often than not and Bjorn has grown fonder of partial nudity. His boys were often known to keep a hat on, or boot, but now they’ll sometimes fuck with in their pants, or wearing a cowboy hat and vest. He has also evolved his editing technique, switching fluidly between the lengthy scenes to perk up the interest in the long evening of pleasure. And the titling effects rival the best of Hollywood s.
The action takes place in one of Bjorn’s favored locales, a South American jungle, a landscape appropriate to explore mans most primal urges. The tale is of a drug war, both the cultivators and the soldiers endeavoring to thwart them. Viewers who like to see their porn from start to finish will enjoy the subtle plot, but if you’re like me you’ll stretch out your viewing pleasure a half hour at a time, and enjoy it for five days running, and then again and again from the beginning.
It is difficult to pick out the one best scene or actor, but I did especially enjoy hugely endowed Rafael Alencar and his facial blast onto scrumptious Luis Alonso, which Rafael then licks clean, kissing him. But then I also loved the 5-stud orgy among Edu Boxer, Huessein, Bruno Carrosa, Tadeu Novais, and Ricky Martinez that starts off in a hot tub, moves to an outdoor patio and seems to last forever. There’s also the sensational stunt 69, where powerful, brown skinned Tadeu lifts Edu up from a handstand and holds him up while they mutually suck and Bruno licks Edu’s ass, a conceptual masterstroke, brilliantly realized.
I must confess my favorite scene of all features delicious, interestingly inked cover boy Max Veneziano, whose parachute gets caught in a tree, dangling him at just the right height for his cock to be sucked by the fabulously gorgeous Black superstud, Paul?o Do Pic?o. A surrealistic tryst commences, with Max repeating the same few lines over and over, Help me! Get me down! I’m stuck! These two men are as close to perfect as is humanly possible, with beautiful faces, jewel-cut muscles and breathtaking cocks, as taken away with one another as we are watching them. (More of both these guys please, Mr. Bjorn! And please give Paul?o his own movie!!)
Bjorn shies away from fisting and S&M (thankfully!) but offers as much if not more fucking, rimming, sucking and fucking and kissing as you could possibly ask for. The extras, include a 20-minute, three man scene (Norbert Somlay, Octavio Fuentes, Pietro Rosselli), a photo gallery and an illustrated index listing 20 amazing scenes.

File size: 695.0 MB

Star Trick (1976)

Year: 1976
Genre: Classic, Muscles, Bareback, Pre-Condom
Duration: 01:10:05
Director: Tim Knight
Studio: Bijou Classics
Cast: Clay Grant, Tim Christy, Verne Mitchel, Rick Reyes, Taylor Benson, Carl Simpson, Jay Salazar, Tom Manna, Mary Lou Hopkins

This Hand-in-Hand stars twin Tim Christy as the sexiest go-go stud in Hollywood, where the pros and cons of the business are explored through sex and numerous orgasms.
Handsome and blond Clay Grant, star of The Dreamer, is featured as a scraggly, yet handsome, UCLA senior who falls for Tim’s smooth body and lithe demeanor. Tim strips and gyrates his lean body in a bar, drenching himself with sweat as he dances in skin-tight trunks, and then nude. There is extensive footage of Tim shaking his cock and balls, alternating long shots with close-ups.
Rick Clay and Verne Mitchel end up kidnapping the stud and having their way with him and Tim blows three times in a row (with Rick Reyes, the first Chicano to be cast in a gay film of this nature)!
While Verne is out getting the captive food, the other kidnappers have sex in the living room on the floor. A sympathetic Verne later Tim and becomes his lover, taking his asshole hard and deep.
Also includes an endless parade of several different men stroking off in and out of public toilets, showing off their dicks and waiting for glory hole pigs to suck them off.

Format: WMV
Video: 640 x 480 (4:3), 29,970 Hz
Audio: 48000Hz stereo 192kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

ChaosMen – Micah & Rush ‘Raw Flip-Flop’ (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal, oral, ,bareback
Duration: 00:16:01
Studio: ChaosMen

Rush had done a solo and an oral a while back. His wife wasn’t too keen on him doing gay or straight porn, so he kind of laid low. He did try doing some straight porn, but the pay was lousy, especially given the travel time. I think he did work for another gay studio, but realized my rates were higher, plus I am actually driving distance for him. So that is basically why Rush hasn’t been on the site…and is making another appearance. We talked a lot about him doing a scene, but was adamant that he was only going to Top.
I can “sell” bottoming to the straight guys if they think other guy will bottom too. It evens things out. Rush wasn’t ready to, but I guess bills caught up with him, so he was back saying he would try getting fucked but, “Not too much” Enter Micah, who excels at topping or bottoming. He just goes with the flow, and is a complete joy to work with. He has his limits still, but he can fuck like a jack hammer, and take it up the ass till he cums. Very versatile of guy. Before the shoot, Rush mentioned the best way for him to cum was to fuck till the last minute and pull out and nut. Whereas, I think Micah wanted to try to cum while being fucked again. Cool.
That led us to the final position of Micah riding Rush’s cock until he busts a massive load all over Rush’s chest. And I gotta give props to Rush, he fucked him a bit longer and sure enough came in no time- Micah’s load still wet on his chest. He polishes it off by fucking him some more with his cum. This video is surprisingly awesome given how narrow Rush’s limits were to start with when we first started working together.

Format: WMV
Video: 1024×576 29.97fps 1552kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 188.7 MB

Cadet / 1998

Year: 1998
Country: USA
Genre: Muscle Men, Military – Uniform, Hairy Men, Straight Guys, Oral, Anal
Length: 01:28:52
Starring: Mark Slade, Chris Steele, Nick Savage, Brenden Keith, Jon Eric, John Ross, Ethan Marc, Derek Michaels, Marcus Caine, Matt West
Studio: Studio 2000
Directed by: John Travis
Description: gnn (the Gay News Network?) reports that military cadet Thomas Girrard (played by Ethan Marc) is being court-martialed after he was found “under suspicious circumstances” in his room, with some semen in his rectum (partaking in a little barebacking, huh Thomas?). Apparently, all of Thomas’ fellow military cadets are afraid he’s going to name names at the trial, and they’re afraid of being outed.

Lovers John Ross and Chris Steele discuss the impending proceedings, with Chris being reassuring to a concerned John. The men share a tender kiss, and John expresses his happiness that at least he has Chris. John is a muscular smooth guy with a preppy haircut, and muscular and hairy Chris is obviously the dominant partner in this They engage in some more torrid kissing while John removes Chris’ white shirt and pulls down his trousers to reveal Chris’ large soldier standing at full attention. Chris facefucks John before Chris removes John’s trousers and plunges tongue first into John’s fuckhole. Chris’ rimjob is well shown, and Chris himself remains hard throughout. John gets on all fours as Chris fucks him silly with his thick dick. There are some great shots of Chris’ muscular body as he fucks, as well as some underneath close-ups of his hairy ass as his cock plunges into the depths of John love canal. Chris then continues his aggressive pounding missionary, and John shoots a nice load onto his belly as his ass is ravaged. Chris pulls out and delivers several spurts of mancream onto John’s pubes. They end the scene with John in Chris’ muscular arms, talking about how they’ll always have each other. Chris’ muscular hairy chest with dark quarter-sized nipples is awesome here!

As the news reports continue, discussing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, Mark Slade walks to the garage. Woof! Mark is huge! thick arms, muscular chest, and broad back, looking like a fucking hulk! As a formerly straight pornstar Frank Towers, the new gay pornstar Mark goes off about how he likes sex with men, not women, and that being kicked out of the military for this is not something he can take. Cutie Nick Savage is listening to this, and offers to take Mark’s mind off this issue. Mark plunges his tongue down Nick’s throat, before Mark is stripped and Nick is sucking on his thick cock (while Nick’s straight brother Jon Eric briefly spies on them). True to expectation, a naked Mark does not disappoint. His huge muscular chest is covered with a light dusting of light-colored fur, and his cock is thick with a huge cockhead! Although Mark moans and groans out of proportion to the blowjob, Nick’s expert mouth does make Mark fully hard. Mark fondles his own chest and nipples as he’s being blown. As hot as Mark is to look at, his acting sucks. He goes to go down on Nick, and it appears that he forgets to lick Nick’s torso a little, as he kneels to suck his cock but then quickly gets up again to lick Nick’s chest. Nick is fully soft as the underwear comes off, and Mark’s robotic blowjob does make him hard, however, Nick’s very average in the cock department, though he does have a full hairy ballsac. Mark gives what appears to be adequate head before he bends Nick over and fills his hole with his thick meat. Again, the fuck is somewhat robotic on Mark’s part, and Nick appears a little bored, although it is a nice sight of a heavily muscular man like Mark plowing ass (and it would’ve even been better to have such a muscular stud on the receiving end of some cock!). While missionary, Nick and Mark both deliver good-sized loads onto Nick’s pubes. The size of Mark’s huge thick cock and large cockhead are very evident as his cock lies against Nick’s much smaller dick.

Dark haired and handsome Jon Eric says he’s Nick’s straight older twin brother, and that he doesn’t understand what’s so good about gay sex. As blond Brenden Keith explains to him, only another man knows what a man wants. Jon’s willing to try letting Brenden show him. Despite Jon’s excellent delivery of lines, his straightness is less believable, given how quickly he engages in a kiss with Brenden. Jon has a decent dick and a full, slightly hairy ballsac. Soon it’s Brenden’s turn to receive a blow, and Jon’s “novice” mouth manages to make Brenden hard in a hurry. A very average fuck ensues, with Brenden taking Jon on all fours initially, and then missionary. Unfortunately, Brenden appears somewhat bored for part of the scene as Jon fills his hungry hairy hole. Both men deliver great cumshots onto Brenden’s belly and pubes, with Jon delivering a larger and thicker load that shoots farther.

Thomas Girard, played by Ethan Marc, returns from his trial and he has news. He hasn’t revealed any names, and the damage will be limited to himself. All men are The delivery of lines in the scene needs some work, but “straight” big brother Jon Eric is upset that men who like men can’t be themselves. Nick appreciates his brother’s concerns, and soon the men split up and pair up to go their own separate ways.

Marcus Caine and Nick Savage pair up and go to their corner, while Derek Michaels and Matt West pair up in their own corner. Dark-haired Marcus removes his shirt to reveal a very muscular, slightly furry chest and his cock, while soft at first, grows to his full size with Nick’s expert mouth. Unfortunately, Marcus shaves his cock hair, at the top and around his balls. Marcus then slurps on Nick’s smallish cock. Meanwhile, in their own corner, Matt fills his mouth with Derek’s thick cock. Marcus plunges his cock up Nick’s willing ass, and Matt does the same to Derek. The men deliver their loads in sequence, with Derek shooting an especially large, thick glop of goo onto his belly. Nick’s load is not as large but very thick.

Well, the secret’s finally out! It was Mark’s thick dick that delivered the semen in Ethan’s tight ass, and the men discuss their family since this whole incident came into the open. Of course, they have sex. They start slowly with a kiss, and Mark removes his shirt to reveal that delicious chest of his, which Ethan eagerly licks. Ethan removes Mark’s briefs to reveal his thick monster, and Ethan gives him what appears to be a great blowjob. Ethan strips as he’s servicing Mark, and Mark plows Ethan’s tight little hole with Ethan bent over the couch. Ethan’s a great bottom, showing us how pleasurable a thick cock in one’s asshole can be! Like his other fuck, Mark is somewhat robotic, but it is nice to see his dick spreading Ethan’s asshole wide! They fuck missionary before both men deliver good loads onto Ethan’s pubes, with Ethan shooting up his stomach. The scene ends with a fully clothed Ethan saying goodbye to a still naked Mark. Mark again does his overacting, and asks deep philosophical questions like “Why does life have to be so hard?” Young Ethan has all the answers apparently, and knows what’s best for the both of them. Mark cannot call Ethan, and he must give up sex to avoid getting caught. Mark’s obviously not happy as Ethan leaves to go home.

This was a very enjoyable video. Although heavy on plot, the sex was nevertheless arousing. If for no other reason, watch this video to see hulk Mark Slade and his thick dick and large cockhead (that is, if you like men with football player builds). The sex is average, but the bodies are fantastic, with few unnaturally shaven bodies. The acting and delivery of lines varies from forced and fake to very natural. As would be expected from Studio 2000 and John Travis, production values are solid throughout this video. While the names with pictures at the beginning of the video is appreciated, the small picture size and the hats that the men were wearing make very difficult. Otherwise, former straight pornstar Mark Slade has potential to become more than the typical gay-for-pay actors if he loosens up a bit.

File size: 809.0 MB