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Trinaga Yoga Studio

The passion and pleasure of forbidden yoga.
Torinaga devours female customers through sexual yoga practices.

Now he’s ready to teach the gorgeous Chizuru Fukami.

You play Torinaga of Trigana Yoga Studio. Your gameplay is the thorough ravishing of Chizuru. Pester and fiddle and continuously impose upon her!

Full animation, full voice stage-clearing adventure game.

Artist: Kusatsu Terunyo
Voice actress: Shiho Bubaigawara
File size: 1.0 GB


Year: 2008
Genre: Twinks – Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Cum eating, Facial Cumshots, Horsehung, Oral Sex, Snowballing (Cum Kisses), Story – Plot, Straight Guys – Gay Sex
Length: 01:38:55
Starring: Andy, Matt Hughes, Lucas Layton, Zak Hazzard, Shane Stone, Bailey Onice, Jordan B., Justin D’Angelo, Dan Roberts, Nathan Cox, Ollie Richards, Brett Carter
Studio: Eurocreme
Directed by: Simon Booth
Description: This plot driven presents a stable of big-cocked British boys trying to entice the super hung straight boy into some action.
Adorable twink Andy awakens with Shane Stone after a big night out along side a couple of other buddies. Morning woodies lead to each pair trading blow jobs on some big bones, then switching partners for a variety of hole drilling positions. The long-lashed Andy, who looks like he should be on his first date, takes several of the guys up his ass but winds up with Shane pumping away bringing both to shoot on the smooth torso. The look-a-like brunette pair unload big, spurting wads on the bottoms chest. Andy announces he must leave to meet his new roommate. Shane is disappointed.
We get the big teaser when Matt Hughes shows up at Andy’s to move in and asks to take a shower. Andy can’t help but notice the weapon softly dangling from Matt’s crotch, rolling his eyes in wonder.
Andy next phones friends Ricky and Nathan Cox to share his discovery. They become very interested. Ricky has a job interview at a bar where two hotties working there conduct the interview without filling out an application, just filling up tight holes. Again, big dicks on young, smooth guys highlight this threeway as the youngest takes his co-workers and applicants loads on his chest.
Ricky invites Andy and Matt Hughes out with him and Nathan. Andy declines but Matt goes ahead and meets the boys for drinks. He goes home with them where some straight porn gets the hormones racing and the cocks out of pants. The boyfriends put on a show for Matt, then get him into the action by fellating the big pipe. Cox, as usual, is the hot bottom, throating as much as he can then taking it all the way up his stretched hole. All three shoot their juice on Cox’s prone torso. Ricky, the bitch, calls his “friend” Andy to brag.
Andy phones his ex for advice, who’s in bed with his new lover. He gets the “be honest” routine. The two lovers continue their pursuit of happiness by sucking, fucking and pleasing each other to orgasms. The ex is the top and winds shooting a nice facial and oral load on his BF. Kissing ensues, they eat it up.
Matt then suddenly busts into Andy’s room to tell him he may be moving out as he wants to live on his own. (No way, dude, with that cutie ready to give it up.) Andy confesses he’s got a crush on Matt and is jealous that Ricky bagged him first. Matt confesses that he’s horny now and asks for help. Finally, Andy gets his dream and makes every effort with tongue, mouth, and ass to please his flatmate. While Andy tries valiantly to get that cock in his mouth, it’s really how the young lad is going to take that dong up his hole that you want to see. Our boy performs courageously as Matt slowly builds up momentum to a full on, balls deep drilling. Andy even takes a ride on the fence post, working Matt up to a nice face and mouth glazing followed by some post orgasmic sucking, leaving him with more than a memory.
While that ends the sexual activity of this well filmed movie, there is a closure to the story that’s best left for the viewer. Directing kudos for having each bottom blow a big load while being plowed, almost as if the cum is being forced out of him. No easy trick but very hot to view. Let’s hope they’ll be a sequel.

File size: 1.3 GB

Brazilian Cum Ons #3

Eight horny uncut Brazilians show how a bit of simple conversation can lead to hot hook-ups for man-to-man sex! First, Mateus Fernandes reads through a gay porn magazine when his friend Diego Lozano drops by. Diego insists that his dick is nicer than any of the other dicks pictured in the pages of the magazine, leading to Diego topping Mateus on the floor, and then Mateus gets his turn to top Diego from behind! Next, Rico Vidal cruises for sex online and gets horny when he sees a picture of Llucas De Donas. Llucas comes over for the two to take turns topping and bottoming for each other. Then, Leon Pavia comes home from school to find Darien Leon waiting in bed for him. Leon proves his love for Darien by plugging Darien from behind. Finally, Leonardo Carcia tells Juan Pena that he’s horny, and Juan helps his friend out by topping and bottoming for him!

Starring: Mateus Fernandes, Diego Lozano, Rico Vidal, Llucas de Donas, Leon Pavia, Darien Leon, Leonardo Carcia, Juan Pena
Categories: Anal, Athletes, Big Dicks/Hung, Brazilian, Feature, Latinos, Masturbation, Muscle Men, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos, Twinks, Uncut
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Total size 1.1 GB in 4 files