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I’ll Stick It In, Just For A Second (2006)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Straight Men, Twinks, Cumshot, Cum Eating, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoo
Starring: Rick Waters, Dalton Hollister, Damian Green, Jake Brentwood, Roman Rego, Zach Peters, Dylan Jacobs, Rian Winterz, Alley Dude
Studio: Street Trade Studios

These guys don’t want to admit that they are a little bit gay! We promised that our guys would only stick it in for a second but they liked it so much they let our guys stick it in for a lengthy amount of time! Enjoy these first timers giving head and boning ass! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:20:15
Resolution: 480×480

File size: 1.6 GB

Details for Longhorns.2011.DVDRip

Director: David Lewis
Writer: David Lewis
Cast: Jacob Newton…Kevin
Derek Efrain Villanueva…César
Dylan Vox…Steve
Kevin Held…Justin
Genre: Comedy
Time: 74min
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Beers, steers…and a couple of queers. The Eighties come roaring back in this risqué and sexy comedy involving a group of Texas frat-boys, a remote cabin in the Hill Country and lots of beers, that will give “ride ‘em cowboy” a whole new meaning!

This raucous sex comedy manages to blend true romance with comic raunch as it tells the story of a Texas college boy who realizes that maybe all his man-on-man fantasies – as well as going down on his buddies, and falling for the only openly gay student on campus – means he just might be queer.

File size: 695.7 MB

This video has been removed.

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Brent Corrigan’s Summit DVDRip

Produced in: 2008
Country: USA
Genre: AnalSex,Oral Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks,Young guy`s
Duration: 01:40:48
Director: Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Reese Reynolds, Damien White, Kodie Payne, Brooklyn Ray, Adam Wells, Keegan Kemp, Jacob Powell, Justin Tyler

E Active Duty Productions and its porn guru Dink Flamingo have long been successful in filming amateur, straight military men having man-on-man or at least hand-on-man sex, providing those fantasies for the gay male audience. Last year, that success led them to branch out and start Dirty Bird Pictures, producing gay erotica with feature length plots and hardcore sex. This new production came from the friendship built with Brent Corrigan during the filming of The Porne Ultimatum. The collaboration resulted in Brent starting his production company, Prodigy Pictures, and this premiere production of Brent Corrigan’s Summit, filmed on location in the winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AC3
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 852×480 29.97fps 2184kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 224kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

This video has been removed.

Shounen Maid Curokun

Release Year: 2010
Genres: Yaoi, Anal sex, Maids, Shotacon, Nyotaimori

Previous by the eponymous manga Hiragi Masaki OVA “Kuro-kun – the boy-maid,” the story of a boy, for the debts of his father sold into sexual slavery and forced to perform the role of girls in maid despotic master.

File size: 374.9 MB

Yoshizuki 2

Year: 2011
Genre: All sex, Action, Violence, Doujinshi video, Various
Duration: 40:02
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Subtitles: Built nondisconnectable (hardsub)
Studio: Tsujimo ga Machi ni Yattekita!!!
Description: Continuation of reypa Iori Yoshizuki launched tut.Bolshaya fan of the Black Bible was very disappointed that no longer continue to show. Well, decided to concoct their own skits. Here you see my, pokamist beginners rezhiserskie sposobnosti.S south on him from time to time attacked by a wild boar Doribanisu tribe, to which are rich in valuable minerals lands of the kingdom.
In order to avoid military intervention, Illyana princess married the King of boar Dorma …
Video Quality: DLversion
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: 1280×720 24bpp 30.000 fps
Audio: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 160.0 kbit
File size: 100.0 MB

This video has been removed.

Azasuke Wind

Azasuke Wind – a popular artist in the genre of Hentai. In his drawings he uses most often the female characters from popular manga, anime and video games. For example Tekken, Final Fantasy, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Black Lagoon, Bleach.
Genre: Straight, Blowjob, Bukkake, Anal sex, Group sex, Rape, Fucked Silly, Titfuck.
Language: Japanese.
Format: jpg.
Censorship: Present.

File size: 2.7 GB

Catherine De Sade

Year: 2010
The name of the actress: Catherine De Sade
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Length: 00:59:06

Description: Catherine de Sade joins us at The Attic. We sit down with her and find she is sexy, lively and energetic – ready for bondage. First we get to know her. Learn about her loss of virginity and when she started to actually enjoy sex. How she learned cock sucking skills and whether she likes women or men exclusively. We discover when the first inkling of bondage appeared in her mind’s eye and what she did with her Barbie dolls as a child. The basic stuff.
It’s time for the Luther Meet & Greet. She told us she likes to suck cock & swallow. She also mentioned something about Luther being sizable. After placing her in an elbow harness and securing her wrists to her waist she was ready for the get-together. I let her know if she did a good enough job sucking him off he would cum. When she got on her knees the room grew silent and she took him in. After working him back and forth to the 3.25 mark I asked her to choke on him. Sexy red hair fell around her face as I heard Luther hit the back of her throat – that deep sort of gut sound, a distressful sound. And then she started working him in a deliberate fashion. Luther filled her entire face hole up. She got enthusiastic. Slobbery. She’d work it vigorously and then stop, holding him deep in her throat and then she’d wiggle her head back and forth trying to nudge it a little deeper. After awhile of heavy face fucking she grew fatigued. But with encouragement she would get right back to the machine like face fuck she was giving Luther. So much slobber was present it left a high water mark on Luther’s shaft. As she grew tired again she was directed not to stop. Not to slow down. She would whimper at times as she kept up the pace of that big shaft going in and out of her face hole. She grew more and more fatigued as the pace she was keeping was indeed high. But I didn’t want her to stop. She was only now getting really distressed. I have her yell out while not removing Luther and not stopping the face fuck – “I LOVE TO SUCK COCK!!” Repeat it over and over …. don’t stop! Speak the words clearly! Her whole face is covered in slobber. Trust me, it was awesome.
As I do every morning, I watch and sing along with cartoons. It just so happens I have Elise roped to my bed with a strap-on dildo. After finishing another sing-along song on my favorite cartoon I flip the TV to the video feed from the old out building. Its Catherine. She’s bound to the Bang Bike. Ring gagged, completely spread open and waiting there, alone. After watching her live video feed its back to the cartoon and more fun singing along. After my morning routine I visit with Catherine. I ask her whether she likes women. She lets me know it isn’t her preference. That servicing one would be humiliating – kind of like making a guy who isn’t gay suck a man’s cock. ELISE! Get out here! In walks Elise wearing red panties, black heels and a strap-on. She is instructed to place that strap-on in Catherine’s mouth so she can get it wet enough to go into her cunt. While Elise is stuffing that strap-on dildo through her ring gag and deep down her throat I have Catherine carry on a conversation with me like nothing is even happening. After she sufficiently lubricates the dildo Elise is instructed to get behind her and fuck her like a man. Which she promptly does. She lays into Catherine sending her abruptly forward with each down stroke. A line of drool swings back and forth from her upper palate. Then I have Elise fuck her slow and hard. Pulling that cock out to the end and then stuffing it home like a battering ram. One jarring motion. She’s given a short break where nipple clamps are added with heavy two pound weights and her thumbs are tied up to the ceiling from her already bound wrists. Then it’s back to the jack rabbit style hard fucking. Her heavy weights swing like pendulums from her nipples as Elise rams her home from behind. After several minutes of vigorous fucking Elise is instructed to have Catherine clean off that dildo she been fucked with. Elise shoves it past her ring gag and Catherine gets busy with clean up duty. Afterward, Elise is told to go right back to fucking her. And to do so as hard and as fast as she possibly can. Without any mercy. And that’s exactly what she does. When the hole in Catherine had been properly used I had Elise stick her feet in Catherine’s face, shoving her toes past the ring gag, so that Catherine could lick each and every toe of Elise’s foot. All of this activity left Elise and her red panties quite wet and soiled. I stuff those panties into Catherine’s face hole and taped them in with clear tape. Only then was she allowed a vibrator onto her cunt.
We find Catherine in a chair. She’s nude. Her ankles are pulled up higher than her head and tied off. Tied to the ceiling and then again outward. Her wrists and arms are also drawn upward and tied off. Her breasts are bound until they show a bright red color. They too are bound to the ceiling. Soon two bowling balls are sat before her. She asks what they are for but she doesn’t get an answer. She’s just left there for a while, exposed. We can see that her cunt is swollen. Occasionally she shakes her feet as though she’s nervous. A gas mask is tightly secured to her face. One that has three tiny holes for her to breath. She’ll have to work for each breath she takes. And as she breathes, on each intake we can see the mask collapse a bit inward, she sounds like Darth Vader. A thick stream of cunt juice is making its way out her hole and into the seat of the chair. Suddenly she ejects a hot stream of urine from her cunt that washes out onto the floor beneath her. It shoots out in a stream that arches well past her body. The smell of urine fills the air around her as the last of it runs off the chair seat and splatters onto the floor. Just as unexpectedly, I take the White Boy fuck stick and stuff it into her cunt. Then I vigorously fuck her with it. At a very fast and hard pace. The abruptness of it all alarms her. It’s like it is trying to fuck her as quick and as fast as possible. It works every corner of her orifice as it is shoved in and out. She pulls her ass off the chair to deal with it. Then after several minutes, just as abruptly as it started, it finishes. It pulls out and leaves the hole with a void. We see the lips recede and return to their original positions. Her cunt is wet and messy now. And still she has to try hard to draw each breath. It sucks to have to work so hard for what the rest of us can get so easily. A 16lb. bowling ball is tied off to her big toe and hangs there now. The pace of her breath, the sucking, the collapsing sound grows much quicker. She’s in her own little environment behind that mask. The weight of that bowling ball leaves her moaning out. She’s made to tell me what her holes are good for as the Hitachi hits her cunt. It doesn’t take her anytime before she is screaming behind that mask for permission. She rocks the chair about, the bowling ball swinging. I swing it harder as she yells out. She literally begins to beg for that permission. Desperate in her voice and need. But she is denied. She pleads to me with demeaning statements about herself in an effort to persuade me to let her cum. I love watching her try to draw that breath.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 160kbps [Raw Audio 0]
Video: WVC1 960×540 29.97fps 1412kbps [Raw Video 1]

File size: 666.9 MB

Falcon Studios 35th Anniversary Limited Edition 1970s (1970)

Year: 1970
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, anal, oral sex, muscles, big dicks, group, pre-condom
Duration: 01:57:48
Director: Bill Clayton, Chris Steele, John Rutherford, Steven Scarborough
Studio: Falcon
Cast: Aaron Osborn, Addison Scott, Al Parker, Alec Martinez, Anthony Shaw, B.J. Slater, Bill Henson, Billy Brandt, Bo Summers, Brad Benton, Brad Hunt, Brennan Foster, Brian Dexter, Brian Reed, Bruce McMaster, Bryce Colby, Buster, Carl Erik, Casey Donovan, Chad Douglas, Chad Hunt, Chance Caldwell, Chase Hunter, Chuck Hunter, Cliff Parker, Clint Williamson, Colby Taylor, Danny Somers, Daryl Brock, Dean Monroe, Dean Spencer, Dick Fisk, Dylan Reece, Ed Wiley, Enrico Vega, Eric Hanson, Eric Manchester, Erik Rhodes, Giorgio Canali, Hal Rockland, Jackson Phillips, Jason Adonis, Jeff Converse, Jeff Palmer, Jeff Turk, Jim Bentley, Jimmy McGuire, Joe Foster, John Rocklin, Josh Stone, Josh Weston, Ken Ryker, Kevin Dean, Kevin Jensen, Kevin Williams, Kristen Bjorn, Kurt Marshall, Lane Fuller, Lee Ryder, Leo Bramm, Leo Ford, Lindon Hawk, Luke Perry, Mark Hunter, Matt Cook, Matt Cook, Matthew Rush, Max Grand, Michel Mattel, Mike Branson, Mike Flynn, Nick Harlen, O.G. Johnson, Pete Gable, Rob Cryston, Rod Phillips, Roman Heart, Scott Baldwin, Scott Matthews, Sky Dawson, Spike, Steve Henson, Steve Marks, Todd Gibbs, Tom Chase, Tom Steele, Tony Bravo, Travis Wade, Trent Reed, Trey Rexx, Ty Russell, Vince Ditonno, Will Seagers

In celebration of more than 35 years of delivering the standard for gay erotic entertainment, Falcon Studios’ Limited Collector’s Edition anniversary 5-disc box set is an essential collection. It contains the hottest scenes selected from 35 years of their finest films. 90+ men. 11+ hours. 35 scenes. 5 discs.

Disc One features vintage pre-condom action from the 1970’s, including scenes from The Other Side of Aspen, Johnny Harden & The Champs, The Crotch Watcher, Weekend Lockup, Take It, Upperclassman and Dirt Bikes.

Format: AVI
Video: 720×480;29.970 fps;1496 kbps
Audio: 44.100 kHz;128 kbps avg
File size: 1.35 GB

File size: 1.3 GB


Year: 2010
Country: Russia-Russia
Genre: Big Dicks, Oral Sex, Cumshots, Twinks, Anal Sex
Length: 2:07:39
Director: Uncredited
Studio: AWT Video
Cast: Panya, Putin, Igor, Ivan, Solaris, Andrejez, David, Nicolaya, ArchieOpisanie: From the makers of the best-selling BAREBACK RAMPAGE … 5 scenes of hot Russian teens (18 +) in fithy gay sex action, with 3 of the scenes being bareback, every scene contains cum eating / cum in the face … the star of this film (to us) is the lad on the front cover .. not the super handsome blond boy (though hes definitely fucking gorgeous!) but the one fucking him (great scene this by the way, that blond boy is just sooo pretty and is a total bitch for cock up the ass, he just wants it harder and harder and deeper and deeper) … he’s a cute young guy with a dick of death … a good 8 inches plus and really thick: he uses it to great effect buggering the blond boy stupid! Later in the film hes back .. this time with a super cute young lad whos just gone 18 … hes totally sweet and smooth and you think theres no way he’ll take big dick’s out sized tool, but big dick boy is merciless , just holds back the other lads legs and bangs his cock up the other lads ass, stretching it wide, before giving the lad the fuck of his life. Elsewhere theres more extra hot action … check out the cute lad lad whos fucked bareback then takes pump after pump of semen in his face and mouth .. or another lad having his tight, smooth tenboy ass deep fingered by his sexy mate .. .5 scenes, eight great looking lads and top notch sex make this a must-buy! Extras. Information: This DVD MY ARSE WANTS FUCKED

Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Video: 720×544 (1.32:1), 25 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x, 1990 kbps, 0.20 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, 192.00 kbps
File size: 1.7 GB

Pink Narcissus DVD

Year: 1971
Country: United States
Genre: Vintage, Erotic, Theme movie
Duration: 64 minutes
Translation: No (musical accompaniment)
Director: James Bidgud
Studio: Les Folies Des Hommes
Starring: Bob Kendale / Bobbie Kendall

Pink Narcissus is a 1971 drama film by James Bidgood visualizing the erotic fantasies of a gay man.
Between visits from his keeper, or john, a handsome male prostitute (Bobby Kendall), alone in his apartment, lounges, fantasizing about worlds where he is the central character. For example, he pictures himself as a matador, a Roman slave boy and the emperor who condemns him, and the keeper of a male harem for whom another male performs a belly dance.
The movie is mostly shot on 8 mm film with bright, otherworldly lighting. Aside from its last, climactic scene, which was shot in a downtown Manhattan loft, it was produced in its entirety (including outdoor scenes) in Bidgood’s small New York apartment over a seven year (from 1963 to 1970) period and ultimately without the director’s consent who therefore had himself credited as Anonymous.
It was not widely known who had created the movie, and there were rumors that Andy Warhol was behind it. In the mid-1990s, writer Bruce Benderson, who was obsessed with the film, began a search for its maker based on several leads and finally verified that it was James Bidgood, who was still living in Manhattan and was working on a film script. In 1999, a book researched and written by Benderson was published by Taschen about Bidgood’s body of photographic and filmic work.
Bidgood’s unmistakable kitschy style has later been imitated and refined by artists such as Pierre et Gilles.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: XVID 704×480 29.97fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 206Kbps
File size: 631.9 MB

[Gay MANGA]Selected drawings yaoi and manga

Type: Images / Manga
Format: JPEG / GIF / BMP / PNG
The amount of material: 3323 figures
Genre: Yaoi, hard yaoi, shotacon

Description: My collection of drawings and yaoi manga. Most Uncensored)

File size: 1.5 GB

The House of Morecock

Year: 2001
Genre: Cartoon, Comix, Fantasy
Length: 55 minutes
Director: Joe Phillips (Joe Phillips)
Studio: Greenwood Cooper Home Video
Cast: Joe Phillips (Joe Phillips), Jason Rodriguez (Jason Rodriguez)

Description: In October 2001, Studio Greenwood Cooper Home Video has the world’s first full-length gay cartoon for adults (except for Japanese anime). The film “The House of Morecock” (“House of large member), also known as the animated adventures of Jonas Large Member” – a series of 9 episodes, with strange creatures, boys – geishas, ​​online sex adventures in the woods and with the sailors. The action begins with the fact that Jonas cums on two guys potsuchavshihsya at his door, after which he started his sex adventures. Jonas then goes in search of the Loch Ness Monster, where he meets a redheaded krasavtsika and the Beast. Jonas has sposobnostb not only to find adventure in his ass, but nice guys on the road. Jonas is engaged in group sex with the sailors, meets with the “Big Foot”, and even fuck with historical figures. There is an episode for fans of “The X-Files”, also ending orgy.

Quality: DVDRip
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: 640×480; 30 fps; 1304 kbit / s; DivX
Audio: 48000 Hz; 2 chanels; 159 kbit / s; MP3
Size: 617 MB

File size: 616.8 MB

My Sexual Harassment / Boku no Sekuhara (1994)

Year: 1994
Genre: romance, drama, yaoi, anal, blowjob / oral sex, rape
Duration: 01:49:29
Director: Yousei Morino
Studio: Triple X, Sakura Momo / Biblos. BBN Video Project

Mochizuki is a young business man who works in an office. While doing his job, his boss, Honma, comes in and starts to fondle him. Honma says that Mochizuki should be expected to do stuff so he can climb the ladder to become a successful business man. Mochizuki then starts to sleep with other men so he can become successful. Some men think Mochizuki is sexy, so they then force themselves onto Mochizuki.

File size: 779 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 512×384 px (4/3), 29.97 fps, 718-842 kbps, 0.122-0.143 bit/px
Audio: 32 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~96.00 kbps avg

File size: 779.0 MB

Magazine – QXMEN – â„– 7

Genre: Gay Magazine, QXMEN, Gay Porn
Pages: 80
Magazine: QXMEN
Released: February 2007

One of the most popular magazines for gays

Format: PDF
File size: 10.1 MB

File size: 10.1 MB

[3D VIDEO] Machinery Assault to the Beloved Maidens 2 – Extreme Anime! FXX -

Release: 2010/12/17

Two junior high schoolers sneaked into a facility, unaware that it’s the secret experiment lab for a major electric-appliance manufacturer’s hardcore assault machines.
The girls are instantly trapped and snapped into dual pussy wet f**k machines as double teen slaves of a “Prison King” who will tease their perky tits and red-raw swollen clitorises until virginhood is a long lost memory.

Sana and Miki are the two girls who plummet into assault hell as test subjects of the perverted machine.

Amazingly erotic animation fusing 2D and 3D with dynamic effects using with a new technology named “AE3D-Advanced.”

* Lust bed stimulates the clit and nipples to max sensitivity
* Pleasure revolver + machine gun is a nonstop genital violator
* Obscene penetration from a machine called “the fist”
* Buck on the horsey, snatch milker, oral vibe pump, chair TGG…
Then both girls are cum inside by the King himself…

File size: 351.2 MB

N2 Anita C.

We started with a little ‘roasting’ by connecting the electricity to the bed itself. The slut seemed to try dancing while laying on the metal slatted frame as we gave the electric shocks and we can easily imagine she could do her job well as a prostitute having sex winding and lolling in her filthy bed at home with her customers. Later we connected the cables with clamps to her intimate body parts, her nipples and her labia, to intensify the therapy to adjust her perverted sexuality also…

But our organisation beared the challenge of Anitas re-education and punishment with mercy. Even the delinquent still refused our help, the Reverend Mother started to convince her. She is very experienced in oratory, but also in additional and more convincing physical arguments. In the first lesson these arguments are in the shape of her small cigar, which is lit, hot, and used at the ‘witches’ body – especially at her tits, but not only there…

“Physical arguments” which should be helpful for the slut to keep her head and her thoughts more cool. Her head is dunked into a big barrel of water again and again, while the Reverend Mother is giving her a cane. Without having any permission, the deranged slut started swallowing the water from inside the barrel. To avoid this undesirable behaviour, the guards were pissing into the water. But she was swallowing the filthy urine water as well – what a vile and dirty slut she is!

But our organisation beared the challenge of Anitas re-education and punishment with mercy. Even the delinquent still refused our help, the Reverend Mother started to convince her. She is very experienced in oratory, but also in additional and more convincing physical arguments.

Next morning she was brought to the Reverend Mother to be interrogated. The lady was just about to rest and having breakfast, so she was not amused to be disturbed by the dirty appearance of the new delinquent. In her rage she doused the slut with the fresh hot coffee salutatory. The Reverend Mother told her about the accusal and the suggested therapy, but as suspected, the delinquent denied.

Not acceptable was the way of living of this redheaded slut. Several cohabitants of the house she was living in had reported us about her dirty and immodest behaviour. She was also suspected to work as a prostitude, as she received visits of several different men, also by day and night. We are glad this report.


File size: 339.7 MB

Poor Boy – Rich Boy (2010)

Year: 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Bareback, Cumshot, Sucking, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Twinks
Length: 2:32:05
Studio: Vimpex – Street Dancers
Description: “Hot bareback fun with lovely Latin twinks raw fucking and drinking spunk … a beggar boy wins the lottery and enjoys his new fortune by surrounding himself with gorgeous boys who want it up the arse!”

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: 624×352 (1.77:1), 25 fps, XviD Final 1.0.1 (build 35) ~ 1567 kbps avg
Audio: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 / 0 (L, R) ch, ~ 256.00 kbps avg
File size: 1.9 GB

This video has been removed.

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