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RandyBlue: Andrew Stark & Travis James 06/2011

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Anal, oral, rimming
Length: 00:20:13

Description: For pure animal lust and passion you can’t beat the scene between Andrew Stark and Travis James. They start out deep kissing. They have been waiting to do this scene and decided to enjoy every second of it. Then Travis does more than just suck Andrew’s cock, he worships it. Lovingly lapping at the tip with his tongue and working all around the shaft, engulfing it down his throat and back out again so he can work every inch. Then Andrew dives deep on Travis’ rock hard cock and swallows it whole. His tongue is better suited for the other side which becomes evident to Travis once he feels the soft warm wetness preparing his hot horny hole for the invasion that is to come. And once Andrew drives it home it doesn’t take much for Travis to blow his load. But don’t panic. If you’ve never seen Travis at work before you might not know that he just doesn’t stop. Andrew goes in for more with some hardcore ass fucking and Travis shoots a second load. They flip and finally Andrew gets his, and you can tell he’s been waiting all day. He shoots such a load that some of it almost flies past his head and the rest pools in a little lake of jizz pooled in between his pecs. Not to be outdone, Travis jerks himself off and shoots yet a third load making him a triple threat.
Video Quality: SiteRip
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Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
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Tendres Adolescents

Year: 1980 Country: France Length: 30 min.
Genre: GayPron, romance Oral + Anal
Director: Kadino / Cadinot Studio: French Art
Starring: Ange Dominique; Jan-Paul Deval

Description: Harvest time, the gentle heat of summer, the end of the day.
For the two farm-boys, it’s time to go home, but the smell of straw warmed by the sun is so intoxicating. Their play fight in the golden brushwood quickly becomes slow and sensual.
Back at the farm it’s the harvest festival. In the shed, the two adolescents clean up. Naked, they splash about, soap each other up and let the gentle movements awaken their senses.
With Tendres Adolscents, Jean-Daniel Cadinot portrays an atmosphere of complicity out of time … what does the countryside have to offer these two young men in their quest for pleasure?

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Video: Resolution – 704h512, 29.97 fps, bitrate: 1115 Kbps; Quality Factor: 0,11 b / px; Codec: XviD MPEG-4
Audio: sampling rate: 48000 Hz, bitrate: 128 Kbps; Codec: MP3
Size: 203 MB

File size: 203.1 MB

McDowell – Loads (Only) (1980)

Curt McDowell’s LOADS (1980) is a 19-minute black-and-white gay porn movie that is so hot that it makes KANSAS CITY TRUCKING COMPANY feel like a three-hour Marguerite Duras film projected at half-speed. It is also a lot more than that, though this “more” amplifies the turn-on rather than legitimizes it.

Like most great works of eroticism, LOADS is intensely personal, autobiographical, even confessional. The diary form tends to achieve a mixture of everyday images and fantasy overtones that is highly potent. As in the first-person anecdotes of Straight to Hell, the authentic ring of, “This is really true. I was really there,” brings a vibrancy to even the tallest tale. The diaristic form also has a documentary graininess to it that enhances the impact, the spontaneity of camera twitches, the fragility of flares. McDowell’s format is the low-budget independent non-sync-sound short film, an alternative form, borrowing from both documentary and experimental vocabulary, that knits well with an alternative eroticism. Slickness takes away from desire, Hefner’s airbrushes notwithstanding.

With San Francisco-based McDowell, a cock is a cock is a cock. His landscape is the concrete of the streets, the filtered light of his non-residential-zone studio. But his physicality doesn’t belong to the Castro, except for the overtones of camp, it belongs more to the Mission. Unlike Hammer, McDowell is usually alone. The faggot fellowship is nowhere in sight, the clone ghetto somewhere over the horizon. His love-objects are the Other, the Straight Man.

In LOADS, it’s six Straight Men who swagger through the frame. The film narrates the filmmaker’s encounter with each of them, on the street or in parks, his offer to film them jerking off. They all consented (though of course the filmic record doesn’t include those who refused nor any real or threatened violence incurred), and the six intermingled episodes/ vignettes of the film are built from the resultant posing and sex sessions in McDowell’s studio.

File size: 163.7 MB

The Boys From Riverside Drive (1980)

Year: 1980
Genre: Bareback Sex, Pre-Condom Classic, Anal Sex, Average Lookers, Big Cocks, Bondage & Discipline, Facial Cumshots, Gang Bang, Horsehung, Hustlers, Muscle Men, Oral Sex, Orgy, Rimming, Romance, Solos, Story – Plot, Straight Guys – Gay Sex, Threeways, Uncut Cocks
Duration: 01:05:34
Director: Jack Deveau
Studio: Bijou Classics
Cast: Jack Wrangler, Luke, Marcello, Lee Marlin, Malo, Buddy Preston, George Brown, David Dion, Tom Stillwater

This early 70s offering from master director Jack Deveau is decidedly tamer than most of his later work, and at just over an hour it’s also a shorter than his epics from the later part of the decade. There is an anonymous flavor to some of the sex, and a little kinky bondage enters the picture courtesy of some very loose rope midway through, but this is mostly a straightforward, romance-inflected film.

Porn legends Jack Wrangler and Malo start things off in a dreamy sequence worthy of Antonioni, but the real spice here may just be the intro. Deveau introduces the picture as an “anthropological” study of early ’70s New York City, replete with diagrams of Central Park’s cruisy hotspots and ruminations on primal instinct. The conceit is soon lost among the sexploits, but it still adds a campy flavor to the feature, which is outstanding example of early queer porn.

Things get off to an atmospheric start with a red-lit scene between legendary superstars Jack Wrangler and Malo as “the couple.” The men strut their considerable stuff on a blacked out stage bathed in a rosy glow, with big hard ons and lots of kissing and cocksucking. The titles don’t roll, in fact, until these guys suck and slurp on each other for a full 12 minutes. When the movie does settle down to reality, however, there’s a shift from the surreal to the mundane replete with Father Knows Best music introducing us to a young fellow who arrives at his apartment building with flowers to celebrate his 1st anniversary with boyfriend Buddy Preston.

After being entertained in the elevator by doorman George Brown, who provides an amusing tirade concerning the virtue of “jugs,” our hero presents his blossoms to Buddy only to have the party devolve quickly into a lover’s quarrel. Undaunted, Buddy’s boyfriend is soon back in the elevator swallowing Brown’s sizeable cock. Distraught, Buddy telephones his ex for support, only to discover that he’s “all tied up” – literally so – he’s on the bed sucking the cock of a ponytailed dude who has him in bondage! After some doggy humping on the bed, the ex gets a slo-mo jizz shot to his back while he milks one off onto the mattress.

After drowning his sorrows in more bubbly, Buddy wanders the hallways of his building till he comes upon Latino Marcell who is jacking off watching some super 8 porn. Buddy sucks down Marcell’s meat, then gets a fuck on his back while the straight porn drones in the background. Meanwhile, back in the elevator, the “straight” doorman has a heart to heart with Buddy’s lover, who soon excuses himself and meets Buddy back at the door to their apartment. In a fuzzy twist, Buddy’s ex has since arrived at the pad (I guess he had retained a key) and is in their bedroom engaging in suck and fuck with a trick!

Mellowed and aroused by the sight of the man-passion in their boudoir, our couple falls to the couch where they 69, with the action intercut with that of the guys in the adjoining room as both sets go for doggy style, culminating in spewshots from all parties.

File size: 485 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 640 x 480 (4:3), 29.970 fps
Audio: 44,1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~119.00 kbps avg

File size: 485.8 MB

The Cruiser (1985)

Year: 1985
Genre: vintade, pre-condom, masturbation, twinks, threesomes
Duration: 00:59:49
Studio: Bijou Classics, Nova
Cast: Bo Richards, Ken Fox, Dale Arnold

The Cruiser is a wonderful compilation of five nut-busting features! The Cruiser, Tool Box, Shivaree, Mr. Fixit, and Track Meat all represent the best of 1980’s gay porn. Get ready to see the hunkiest men like Bo Richards, Ken Fox, and Dale Arnold dig right into some of the sweetest asses! Enjoy the show!

File size: 296 Mb
Format: AVI
Video: 320 x 240 (4:3), 25.000 fps
Audio: 44.1 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~122.00 kbps avg

File size: 296.5 MB