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Jet Set Men – Muscle Mountain

Cast: Derec Stone, Marcus Steele, Patrick Bateman, Chris Thomas, David Dakota, Derrek Diamond, Jason Pitt, Jeremy Bilding, Lucky Daniels.

“If you’re a handsome stud who owns a ranch high atop a mountain, it only stands to reason that you would surround yourself with equally hot ranch hands to have at your beck and call when you crave some sexual adventures. Cowboys never get so good in John Teagan’s tale of a 21st century ranch, where nine muscled ranchers set aside chores in the Western sun for hot play in the barnyard hay. Watch as rivalries fade, love blossoms in unexpected places, and everyone gets their man.

Early morning at the house, Marcus Steele is fixing bacon and eggs on an outdoor grill. But before he gets to eat, scruffy-faced stud Derrek Diamond comes by to get his cock sucked – their version of early morning exercises. Marcus complains that he didn’t get any sleep due to Derrek pounding his butt all night, but he goes down on him anyway. Patrick Bateman is dozing on a lounge a few steps down in another part of the large open patio. He sees what the two are up to and likes what he sees. He pushes his shorts down to play with his own stiffening dick and jacks off as he watches. Marcus continues sucking on Derrek while stroking his own meat as well. Marcus notices Patrick watching them and goes over to give him a little head as well.

Derrek, not one to be deserted, is right behind him, and jacks off while watching Marcus go down on Patrick. Derrek’s hard-on has done nothing but grow huge, so Marcus goes back to him again, now leaving Patrick to watch and jack off some more. Marcus pulls down his shorts, so that Derrek can service him as well. After a while, Derrek switches to sucking on Patrick, then back to Marcus, once again to Patrick and then back again to Marcus. Marcus indulges in a bit of payback for Derrek’s activity the night before by getting him to kneel on an ottoman and letting him pound his ass. Patrick gets up to watch this and jack off.

It’s his turn next to fuck Derrek, while Derrek sucks on Marcus. Derrek then flips over to take Patrick missionary-style up his ass and at the same time suck on Marcus from below – his head thrust back. Derrek grabs Marcus’s hot ass and pulls his dick into his throat, effectively spit-roasting himself. Suddenly Marcus wants to get fucked again, so Patrick switches condoms and goes up his butt to accommodate him. Derrek, taking it all in, jacks off. Marcus shoots, then Derrek shoots on Marcus, leaving Patrick to propel a long shot over Marcus.

It’s now later that morning and three guys are out under a tree. Derec is watering again (in his hands, a spraying garden hose becomes a sexual turn on), Jeremy is in the hammock and Chris is weeding. Lucky is back peeking over the fence, so Derec sends his hands off to catch him, but he gets away. Derec tells his boys they gave it a good try and offers them a beer. Derec is wielding a baseball bat threateningly, but says that, next time, he will give Lucky what he really wants and grabs his crotch. The guys say that they’ll take some of that! They put their beers back on ice and get down to suck on Derec’s tasty big dick. First, Chris takes him and then Jeremy, finally both together work on his beautiful cock and balls. They truly deserve worshiping – the balls, the head, and the shaft are a work of art. Then they share a threeway oral session of kissing and licking. Derec pours a beer over his body, which they immediately lick off and go back to sharing his dick. Chris sucks on Derec’s nipples as Jeremy concentrates on his cock.

Then Jeremy kisses him, takes his own shirt off and gets his dick out. Chris goes to work on him as well. Chris says, “I don’t need a raise, I just need your big dick.” Derec now fucks Chris who is still sucking on Jeremy across the hammock. “You do what you’re told, don’t you,” says Derec. Chris jacks himself off while sucking on Jeremy and being fucked by Derec. A quick transition finds Jeremy now fucking Chris who is now sucking on Derec. There’s an old tire swinging from a tree nearby which Chris lays through to get fucked and sucked some more. Finally, Derec shoots on Chris with Jeremy following suit. Chris finishes it all off by cumming on himself.

It’s early afternoon, and over at the ranch gym David Dakota is lifting weights and working out. Blond, shaggy-haired Jason Pitt, a new ranch hand, comes by to work out. David is immediately attracted the slim new arrival, and is eager to give him some instruction. The attraction is mutual. David gets Jason’s shirt off, and they start to do some deep knee bends. David grabs him from behind and tells him to push his butt back into his crotch. “You gotta take your shorts off, too, if you want to fit in around here.” He does so and David grabs him to kiss him as David massages his hot ass.

Jason sucks David’s nipples and then works his way down to his beautiful big balls and dick, stroking his own all the while. David then goes to work on his new friend, sucking his dick and then eating his ass. David then shoves his dick into Jason’s tight hole, fucking him doggie-style. After a long time in that position, Jason sits on David for a stiff ride. Eventually, they drop to the floor, so that David can fuck him from the rear, with one of Jason’s legs high in the air. To get Jason to shoot his load, David reaches through Jason’s legs to massage his balls as he fucks him into cumming. Then David kneels to jack off and, with a little assist from Jason’s left hand, shoots over his chest.

It’s now late in the day, and Derec Stone is alone, finishing up work at the stables. He’s moving some bales of hay around, when Lucky Daniels reappears. Derec feels his presence and sneaks around behind him to finally have it out with him. “Came to check me out like you came to check my boys out earlier?” Derec asks. They scuffle and Derec threatens to hurt him physically, but Lucky confess he’d enjoy it too much. Derec tries to maintain his stern behavior, but at this, he breaks down and smiles. They both smile and share that kiss that was elusive in the movie’s prologue.

Derec’s shirt is off and lucky sucks his nipples and licks his chest. Lucky gets Derec’s pants down as he sits on a hay bale, and then his shorts, so that he can suck on his big dick. Lucky’s shirt is now off and he sucks more, tweaking Derec’s nipples at the same time. Derec reaches for his butt. “I want to fuck that ass,” he says. One gets the distinct feeling that Derec realizes just what a hot body Lucky had. Lucky is more than ready to take anything Derec has to offer, and soon they are going at it doggie-style.

Lucky moans, “Fuck me harder,” and we get to see Derec pounding his ass from the side and underneath. Lucky turns over to jack off and take Derec fucking missionary-style, his boots held high in the air. Derec finally shoots a big thick, creamy load over him, followed by Lucky jacking off and cumming as well. Afterwards, the two ranchers watch the sun set as Derec playfully whispers, “Guess today’s my “lucky” day. Welcome to the mountain!”

Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: avi

File size: 1.0 GB

Up for Grabs

Year: 1999
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Oral / Anal Sex, Masturbation, Rimming, Group, Muscle
Length: 1:20:39
Directed by: Jeff Russell
Studio: Falcon / Mustang
Starring: Nicholas Clay, Colby Taylor, Mitchell Stevens, Jason Branch,
Blake Harper, Zak Taylor, Rick Matthews and Doug Jeffries.
Description: Up For Grabs is regular top Falcon fare – tot, hunky men combined with dynamic sex. The premise centres around Colby Taylor, who is having a garage sale where literally everything is Up For Grabs, including himself. The first scene has Stevens showering outside on the patio while Branch is still asleep in bed. Branch soon awakes and decides he wants a little morning nookie. After teasing and sucking each other through the window, Branch shoves his enormous club up Steven’s eagerly waiting ass. They both shoot their loads, giving window washing a new meaning. Back at the garage sale, Taylor reminisces over his college roommate Zak Taylor. He specifically remembers a basketball game where the winner really did take all. The two buddies do some heavy slobbering and sucking before Colby decides to claim his prize, which is Zak’s ass. After quite an adept ramming, Colby flips Zak over and sits on his raging hard-on. This is flip-flopping at its best. After purchasing a blue cop T-shirt at the sale, Jeffries arrives home and gives the shirt to his very sexy boyfriend Harper, but not before Harper is forced to show his gratitude. Jeffries peels Harper out of his shorts and begins slurping on his huge manrod. Before long, Harper is spread-eagled in a chair and smiling from ear to ear as Jeffries plows his hungry hole. They both shoot their loads and use the T-shirt to wipe up their mess. For the finale, Mike Branson look-alike Nicholas Clay is haggling over a camera with Rick Mathews. They soon decide on a compromise that has Mathews sucking on Clay’s growing dick. Colby soon notices and closes the garage door so he can join the action. The three then lick each other in every possible orifice. Soon Colby and Clay take turns trying out Mathews’ bubble butt. If only all threesomes could be this hot. This is one garage sale where everything and anything goes!
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 480×320 29.97fps 767kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 123kbps
Size: 521 MB

File size: 521.4 MB

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