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Penis Pounding to Porn

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Futanaria
Cast: Franchesca & Lauren
Genres: Strapon, Fake Cum, Big Cock, Ladyboy, Dickgirl
Video language: English

Dear Diary, Franchesca and Lauren jack off to hardcore pornography in the new video: Penis Pounding to Porn. Franchesca is in Lauren’s room masturbating to Lauren’s new porn. Right in the middle of cumming, Lauren walks in on her! Franchesca tries to hide her cumming cock under her dress but it’s too late. Lauren see’s and scornfully reprimands her, but quickly gets distracted by the porn that’s still playing on the TV. Both girls start timidly stroking their cocks under their dresses, trying to hide their horny actions, but after a while they whip out their schlongs and jerk off without a care. They even help stroking each other off. They moan loudly over the moaning sounds of the porno creating a cacophony of female pleasure. The cum at the same time and rub their dick heads together as they blast jizz on each other!

Format: asf
Duration: 13:19
Video: 720×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1442kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 150.1 MB

Sperm Soaked Bed Sheets (SiteRip 2011)

Release Year: 2011
Studio: futanaria
Cast: Traci, Crissy & Lana
Genres: Strapon, Fake Cum, Big Cock, Ladyboy, Dickgirl, Shemale, Transsexual, 3some, Threesome

Description: Dear Diary, Traci, Crissy and Lana passionately fuck each other and shoot loads of jizz in the new video: Sperm Soaked Bed Sheets. The three horny dick-girls come into the room kissing frantically. Lana gets down and sucks the other two off. They jump in bed where they take turns double teaming sucking and stroking each other off. Lana opens her legs and gets fucked by Traci while Crissy feeds her cock. Traci gets fucked by Crissy while Lana sucks her huge dong. Traci climaxes while being fucked and shoots load all over the bed. Crissy pulls out and blasts her cum on Traci’s chest. They smack their cummy dicks together as they giggle and moan. Lana ejaculates both of her dicks at the same time on Traci and Crissy’s tits while they lick and taste her cum!


Duration: 00:21:50
VIDEO: 720×480 at 29.970 fps, VC-1@ WMV3, 1477 Kbps
AUDIO: English (US) 48.0 KHz, WMA, 2 ch, 96.0 Kbps

File size: 247.1 MB

Raging Erectile Attraction (SiteRip 2011)

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Futanaria
Cast: Sabrina,Mandy
Genres: Strapon, Fake Cum, Big Cock, Ladyboy, Dickgirl, Shemale, Transsexual

Description: Dear Diary, Sabrina and Mandy have an amazing fucking date in the new video: Raging Erectile Attraction. Sabrina and Mandy meet each other in a bar and both of them are horny and hard. They both notice each other’s boners pitching huge tents under their dresses but neither of them inappropriately mention it. Instead they flirt and tease, poking each other with their protruding wood. It’s obvious they have a lot chemistry. Eventually they can’t hold back any longer; they passionately kiss, hump their dicks together and eagerly suck each other dicks. Sabrina rams Mandy’s monster down her mouth as far as she can take it. Then Sabrina pulls down Mandy’s panties and puts it in Mandy’s mouth before she furiously fucks her. Right before she’s about to cum she pulls out and nuts all over Mandy’s ass! Mandy returns the favor by fully penetrating Sabrina with her thick cock, ramming it in & out without restraint! Sabrina savors every moment she’s being fucked with euphoric moans, words and facial expressions! Sabrina helps Mandy stroke her dong till she blasts cum all over Sabrina’s erect cock! Sabrina gets some goblets and fills them up with Mandy’s spunk which they both drink and cum swap while sloppily kissing!


Duration: 00:32:23
VIDEO: 720×480 at 29.970 fps, VC-1@ WMV3, 1477 Kbps
AUDIO: English (US) 48.0 KHz, WMA, 2 ch, 96.0 Kbps

File size: 366.4 MB

Dick-Doll Naughty Play (SiteRip 2011)

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Futanaria
Cast: Abby,Chelsi
Genres: Strapon, Fake Cum, Big Cock, Ladyboy, Dickgirl, Shemale, Transsexual

Description: Dear Diary, Chelsi’s favorite doll Abby cums to life and robotically jerks her off in the new video: Dick-Doll Naughty Play. Chelsi is looking at her doll collection, but she gets bored and takes out her life-sized doll Abby. Chelsi moves Abby’s limbs around like a mannequin. She bends her over and shoves her cock in her face. She sucks Abby’s cock and plays with her perfect tits! She takes a nap on the couch but when she wakes up Abby has come to life and wants to play more. Abby is one aggressive, horny doll. She sucks and licks Chelsi’s titties and dick while stroking her huge choad. She skull fucks Chelsi then mechanically jerk herself off. Chelsi presses the fast forward button on Abby which makes her doll jerk off super fast until she cums. Then Abby robotically jerks off Chelsi till she spurts her load all over Abby’s big boobs!


Duration: 00:23:55
VIDEO: 720×480 at 29.970 fps, VC-1@ WMV3, 1477 Kbps
AUDIO: English (US) 48.0 KHz, WMA, 2 ch, 96.0 Kbps

File size: 270.6 MB

Young bitch!

Exclusive porn game (Flash/BDSM/Rape)
Year: 2010-2011
Genre: Flash, Animation, 3DCG, BDSM, Rape, Big breasts, Futanari, Group sex, Lolicon, Tentacles, Doujinshi, Anal sex, Blowjob, Futanari, Straigh
Publisher: Japan
OC: PC Win Xp and others Best in this genre!
Software requirements: web browser (EI, Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Opera, etc) or Flash player
Description:Young bitch! Rare games in different genres, the most interesting. BDSM, and other violent genres. If you’re fed up with office-game you must look at this erotic game. It will help you Great sex game in the best Japanese tradition. Beautiful girls moaning orgasms guaranteed. wet pussies are waiting until you’re on them you press! A good way to
Translation: Japanese / English
Censorship: Partial or No
Format: swf, html
Size: 202 Mb

Click on the screen they will open:

File size: 202.2 MB

Futanaria School Girl Sausage Fest

Title: Futanaria School Girl Sausage Fest
Released: 2009
Directed by: Futanaria

About movie: Cute girl with a huge dick.

Length: 00:12:50

Format: WMV
Quality: SiteRip
Video: 984 kb / s, 720×480
Sound: WMA, 64 kb / s
Size: 97 MB
File size: 97.0 MB

27 year old Ryan starts

27 year old Ryan starts the day off having her torso, arms and one leg tightly bound to a wooden post. The other leg is tied off and raised toward the ceiling. Once she is bound securely in place the rarely used Fucksall makes an appearance in her cunt. Once it gets started, and we get a look at her face, one can’t tell if that’s a look of disgust or…..and then, I think, resignation sets in. The Fucksall hard at work pumping that pussy while she just grits her teeth in compliance. Occasionally, she leans her head back and shuts her eyes. Other times she has a look that tells you she wants this to be over with. The Hitachi comes out and starts to work her clit over. This brings more of a reaction out of her than the Fucksall did. She starts to squirm a bit now, testing her bindings. I was barely able to get a confirmation out of her that it “feels pretty good”. Yes, this is a chick who loathes speaking to you. About her body, what feels good, being vulnerable in anyway. We start to see these full lips close and purse. Wet lips. Lips that are easy to imagine on your cock. Just every once in awhile, just for a second, you can see pleasure on her face and then it’s gone. Fleeting. She can’t let go. She just can’t let herself enjoy the moment. It does start to get the better of her for a moment though. We start to hear some moans, some murmurs. Except for that one leg pulled up to the ceiling, she’s severely bound to the post like a board lying atop another board. She has no movement. Her eyes are closed and her head is titled back. Little sounds escape. Vulnerable sounds. But soon it turns into pain, a distraction. Her face is not one of pleasure but of discomfort. She’s now squirming to get away. The sounds she makes are those of pain. She really wants to get away now….or does she? Next up for Ryan is a strappado on the floor with her legs spread outward. Her big toes are tied off to keep her legs well spread. Her elbows are brought very close together and her wrists are then pulled up high and tied off to the ceiling. The riding crop comes out and whips her ass. And I whip that thing pretty darn hard. I make certain we get things right up to her limit. At one point I stop and ask her to look at you, The Viewer, and tell you that “my ass looks so good it must be punished”. This just throws her into a tailspin. She cannot understand the thinking behind this. It also goes right at the heart of something she is very self-conscious about –talking about her body, her sexuality. It takes Ryan a good three minutes of constant encouragement with the riding crop to finally accomplish this task. And when she did it she was terribly embarrassed to do so. After punishing her ass a bit more the Hitachi gets popped onto her cunt. I make her tell me how it feels. Again, something she abhors doing. The whole process of being used in front of strangers leaves her almost paralyzed with fear and embarrassment. So I punish her even more with the riding crop in her prone position. I whip her until she has to suck in air and grit her teeth to keep from screaming out. When I place a vib on her clit she tells me it doesn’t help one bit. But I leave it on there anyway –and she looks fucking gorgeous with her arms in this strappado. And that’s how I leave her. Now we find Ryan in the Objectification chair. Bound in an ultimately exposed position, arms and legs spread out, breast tie and bit gag. She has her upper thighs beaten with the riding crop. Her thighs are whipped until she begs for it to stop. Until her hands are fists and the grimace on her face finally and she asks me to stop. She hates that. I pull out the Hitachi and work her cunt over. I make it so sensitive she’s squirming for I pull out the Eroscillator and target that clit. The Hi-Def camera gets right up in her box and shows you her cunt. It shows you the Eroscillator working that clit over in fine detail. And we also see she’s having a reaction to it. Shoulders all heaved upward, hands opening and closing sporadically, eyes closed, head titled back again, a look of painful discomfort on her face. Her torso bucks around and her head flops back and forth. She tests her bonds and we see a bit of drool run down her lower lip. There is exasperation and pain on her face. Her foot rocks back and forth in some unheard rhythm. I’m not sure if she likes this at all… Finally we see Ryan out back, in the garden. She’s there, bound into a yoga position, elbows and wrists closely brought together. A rope around her neck requires her to lean forward slightly, placing a great amount of pressure on her back. I like to think she’s Zen-ing out. A ring gag insures copious amounts of drool. Ryan is simply left in this position. To endure it until she states the safe word. As we watch her we hear chickadees singing in the background. A plane high above streaming by. Bugs and birds out and about on this early September morning. A nice day to be bound up and left in the garden. She looks fucking fantastic out here in nature. Brown skin that beckons your touch. It’s so smooth and silky. Whoops, a bug just flew by and we see her freak out a little as she turns her head to follow it. She can’t turn all the way around, however. Now she’s a little on edge. After a few minutes her back starts to bother her. She can’t lean backwards and leaning forward doesn’t the pressure. It’s beginning to weigh on her now. We can see her tongue through the ring gag moving about; I suppose in an effort to sop up all the spit in her mouth before it runs out onto her lovely brown body. She tests her arms in the tie and tries to gain some form of comfort there; attempting to rearrange the configuration without success. Drool is running out now, copious amounts from both the upper and lower lips. We hear her breathing pick up. She starts to rock one leg and then the foot as well. Yes, things are beginning to weigh on her now. She struggles to gain some comfort. She is as stoic as she can be though. Very quiet in her discomfort. It’s delicious, this of quiet, reserved longing. Her stoic struggle. How she handles it all by herself. It’s bad enough that we’re all watching her…..did she just say her safe word?

File size: 405.6 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0419 – Soak in Semen – Chisato Morikawa

The new face announcer exceeded the narrow gate and has entered a company this year. It is dynamite tits slut CHISATO MORIKAWA who seems to be delicious. She aims at the lovely announcer who is loved by everyone with a smile cute though it is the lisp animated cartoon voice that despite a news reporter. However, the report mistake of the superior and she makes a mistake in the manuscript reading. It was a little too cruel though the failure is indispensable to new face. CHISATO who is removed from site in the front was assigned special work as an pussy announcer in charge of the treating semen. After she joins a company, CHISATO immediately greets the senior superior. It replies with a smile to the question on being sexual harassment as like lost virgin and erogenous zone, etc. The basic of announcer’ is a smile. And, she faces the greeting to the chairman afterwards. The chairman is at the height of the cards game with the friend. CHISATO is immediately defeated and clothes will be taken off though she also participates in the game together. The rule seems that defeated person is taking off clothes. The game continues and CHISATO becomes stark-naked. In addition, she is being defeated and the pussy is stared at and the whole body is groped instead of taking it off. Chairmen get excited greatly by body of CHISATO. The chairman becomes trivial cards game and thrown cock in to mouth of CHISATAO. CHISATO who is made to do various things as double fellatio, tit rub service compulsorily is inserted cock at woman on top posture. The woman voluntarily does the report with smutty word the state that it is attacked a vagina. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes while she is poking at backward woman on top and back posture. The connecting part is drenched. And, CHISATO who stimulated the interior of the vagina many times at back posture ejaculates and she was made acme. However, men poke her by missionary posture without mercy and made vaginal cum shot. The second cock inserted immediately and semen injected at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, CHISATO is made the lick of the taken backflow semen by the finger and swallows. The medicine of the throat of a professional specification that the announcer drinking every day is presented from the chairman to CHISATO who is continuousness played as incomprehensible and makes it to blank surprise. And the semen is launched one after another to mouth of CHISATO who wait with opening the mouth by instructions. CHISATO is poured the semen of five totals and swallows it in addition at a dash. CHISATO challenges the first work after the image scene. It is a newscaster of the report program. However, the result is the worst. It arouses the sponsor’s anger and the two superior in the bureau apologizes instead but they cannot get out of control. CHISATO takes the responsibility and will offer her body to the sponsor. CHISATO who is made taking off clothes immediately is made to take off stockings and the panty and pussy is opened by standing backing pose. Two superiors in the bureau also take advantage and they join the caress and made finger fuck. Then it was rotor & vibs toy attack. CHISATO who was ransacked a vagina intensely pants and got acme. Immediately aftermath, thick vibs toy is inserted in the pussy that widely opened. After it is stirred many times, the clitoris is attacked by the rotor in the open leg pose. CHISATO ejaculates while dripping the cloudiness joy juice from the vaginal orifice and she is made acme again. Immediately aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The uterine ostium to which the cloudiness joy juice sticks is exposed. And, after polite fellatio by the six nine, the cock is inserted by missionary posture. She is made doing the compulsion tit rub service at the same time. The cock wrapped in a soft & beauty dynamite tits seems to be pleasant. Then first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after she is intensely pierced at bending, side, back and M-leg backward woman on top posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock inserted and semen injected. The third cock inserted at once. Immediately aftermath, men who gather launch semen to face of CHISATO one after another. And, cock is put in the mouth after ejaculated. Also cleaning fellatio was made. The face of CHISATO who was poured the semen of ten totals at the same time while being fucked becomes muddy. Immediately aftermath, it was third vaginal cum shot. CHISATO cannot open eyes and being exhausted. CHISATO became the erotic weather forecaster of the program of midnight after this. She amuses oneself to the masturbation after the weather forecast was made by the stark-naked. But there are many complaint from the sponsor and programs come to discontinue immediately though mania’s popularity was high. It is decided that CHISATO takes responsibility, and she is sold to the business world of Adult Video.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 01:32:16.630
Video: WMV 4000 Kbps 1280×720 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA 361 Kbps VBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 3.0 GB

Super Girls – Dec 12, 2010 – Taylor and Tati Russo, Duchess Scralett

In an effort to separate herself from her twin super-hero-sister, Taylor attempts a dangerous mission alone and ends up rope bound in the dungeon of Dark Scarlett…Does Tati even know where she is? Scarlett’s thug unties her and they command Taylor to strip in front of them…Scarlett removes Taylor’s mask to reveal her knowing that Tati must be close behind, Scarlett has Taylor bound with a vibrator stuffed in her crotch…Tati does arrive, but not before Taylor succumbs to intense, and what must be humiliating orgasms for a woman of her stature…and Scarlett’s thug is waiting to snatch up Tati…to be continued..
File size: 131.5 MB

Up for Grabs

Year: 1999
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Oral / Anal Sex, Masturbation, Rimming, Group, Muscle
Length: 1:20:39
Directed by: Jeff Russell
Studio: Falcon / Mustang
Starring: Nicholas Clay, Colby Taylor, Mitchell Stevens, Jason Branch,
Blake Harper, Zak Taylor, Rick Matthews and Doug Jeffries.
Description: Up For Grabs is regular top Falcon fare – tot, hunky men combined with dynamic sex. The premise centres around Colby Taylor, who is having a garage sale where literally everything is Up For Grabs, including himself. The first scene has Stevens showering outside on the patio while Branch is still asleep in bed. Branch soon awakes and decides he wants a little morning nookie. After teasing and sucking each other through the window, Branch shoves his enormous club up Steven’s eagerly waiting ass. They both shoot their loads, giving window washing a new meaning. Back at the garage sale, Taylor reminisces over his college roommate Zak Taylor. He specifically remembers a basketball game where the winner really did take all. The two buddies do some heavy slobbering and sucking before Colby decides to claim his prize, which is Zak’s ass. After quite an adept ramming, Colby flips Zak over and sits on his raging hard-on. This is flip-flopping at its best. After purchasing a blue cop T-shirt at the sale, Jeffries arrives home and gives the shirt to his very sexy boyfriend Harper, but not before Harper is forced to show his gratitude. Jeffries peels Harper out of his shorts and begins slurping on his huge manrod. Before long, Harper is spread-eagled in a chair and smiling from ear to ear as Jeffries plows his hungry hole. They both shoot their loads and use the T-shirt to wipe up their mess. For the finale, Mike Branson look-alike Nicholas Clay is haggling over a camera with Rick Mathews. They soon decide on a compromise that has Mathews sucking on Clay’s growing dick. Colby soon notices and closes the garage door so he can join the action. The three then lick each other in every possible orifice. Soon Colby and Clay take turns trying out Mathews’ bubble butt. If only all threesomes could be this hot. This is one garage sale where everything and anything goes!
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 480×320 29.97fps 767kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 123kbps
Size: 521 MB

File size: 521.4 MB

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