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Beautiful girl violation fight FINAL

This is a 2D fighting game in which the player assaults a beautiful woman.
This is the final volume and you can choose from six characters as the player. The game can be played with a game controller.
The player can choose to fight for justice as the female character, or to thoroughly sexually abuse her, or even to tie her up and take his sweet time with her.

* Realistic and smooth animated movements in 3D
* A wide range of combos
* Brutal attacks that live up the game’s claim of being a girl assaulting game
* A variety of hit animations when attacks connect (more than 6000 graphics)
* 6 characters are featured and each has about 40 attacking actions
* You can violate the defeated character. The male character can rape another man.
*Bonus: a battle of 5 persons versus 1 and a torture movie of 1 minute

File size: 309.6 MB