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Total Submission

Year of manufacture:2011
Genre: bdsm, Bondage, Fetish
In roles:Tory Sinclair, Jessica Eden, Andrea Neal, Kelly O’Dell, Brittany Andrews
Description:Nude, except for black 5″ pumps, curvaceous Tory is bound to a post with a thick beam between her thighs. One leg is frog-tied, a harness ballgag frames her face, and strict ropework encircles her breasts. Jay clamps her nipples and ties her other leg up to the cross-beam, her weight now supported by her most delicate flesh. Kneeling on the girlie-go-round, a bar holds Tory’s arms back and a red ballgag fills her mouth. Jay changes her gag to white cloth and sticky tape. Jessica wears blue lingerie and a white ballgag, perched backwards on a rotating slave-chair. Jay changes her gag to white cloth and med-wrap, then exchanges her pincher clamps with heavy C-clamps. Nude, except for gloves and heels, Jessica sits cross-legged on the platform enduring tight breast bondage and crotchrope. Jay squeezes her full tits and changes her gag to cloth packing and blue med-wrap before clamping clothespins on her vulnerable nipples. Clad in red and black lingerie, statuesque Andrea is elbow-bound and tied to a post on the spinning platform. She whimpers sweetly through the chin-strap ballgag as Jay whips her tits and belly before rewarding her nipples with butterfly clamps. Kneeling on the platform and wearing weighted clamps, Andrea drools past her bit ballgag as Jay pleasures her with a leather slapper and the red whip on her tits, belly and hips. Winsome blonde Kelly kneels on the spinning platform, a black ballgag fills her mouth and ropes bind her fleshy tits. Jay briefly toys with his captive and then clamps her nipples. Next, she’s perched on a stool, a white ballgag stuffed in her mouth and her tits still tightly roped from the previous scene. Jay clamps her nipples and changes her gag to cloth packing and white med-wrap. Blazing hot Brittany wears only white gloves and high heels for her two scenes on the girlie-go-round. First she’s kneeling, elbows together, with her ballgag locked to the post in front of her face. After Jay clamps her nipples, he removes her gag and places the rubber dildo before her. She eagerly fills her mouth with the dildo, easily sliding it all the way down her throat. Brittany is then standing, a thick wooden bit gag jammed between her teeth, as Jay places clothespins on her nipples and adds a dildo to a short post between her spread legs — just a few inches below her aching body.
File size: 565.2 MB

Paragon Video – White Slavery Captive

Fans of erotic girl-on-girl bondage with lots of fondling will LOVE this video! Blonde beauty CJ makes her living kidnapping cute girls off the street and selling them on the black market. She loves her job since it allows her to bind, gag & fondle innocent young damsels while training them to be good little slaves for their new masters.
Cute brunette Mary is walking home from work when she’s stopped on the street by CJ and asked for directions. When she tries to help, Mary is suddenly grabbed and chloroformed by the cruel blonde who hungrily gropes her plump breasts and taunts her as she slowly passes out.
CJ throws the unconscious girl over her shoulder and carries her through a trail in the woods to her truck. She ties up Mary, ballgags her, gives her a nice groping and drives away. CJ talks to the bound and struggling brunette while driving. She taunts and teases her about being so helpless, as Mary intensely “Mmmmph”s and struggles in the back of the truck.
As soon as they enter the house CJ begins fondling and sucking the breasts of her lovely captive. Mary squirms and moans through her fat ballgag as she’s heavily fondled and subjected to CJ’s kinky comments. Soon Mary is tied to a chair and gets lots of hand-gagging and breast fondling by CJ before she is gagged over the mouth with a long white scarf and fondled even more intensely! Mary proves to be a defiant girl in need of discipline when she tries to escape. She unties herself and sneaks over to the front door, but when she opens it CJ blocks her way and chloroforms her again as she tries to make a run for it.
Mary undergoes many bondage ordeals including a spread-eagle tie on a bed, more chloroforming, forced feeding of baby food, a humiliating shower while gagged, and lots of cruel fondling! During one scene she is ordered to strip naked and is forced to stuff her mouth with her own panties. CJ gags the moaning girl with one of her stockings and lets her roll around the bed in bondage, while she liberally smacks Lisa’s plump ass and fondles her entire body.
loves to taunt her captive and tells her that she loves to see her gagged & helpless. She tells the girl about her job as a white slaver while she fondles the innocent gagged damsel. She talks on the phone to her buyer about her little captive while Mary squirms and moans next to her.
Later, the buyer shows up and CJ leads him to the closet where Mary waits bound and gagged. The buyer decides that he’d like to have CJ as well so he double-crosses the blonde slaver and chloroforms her. Mary gets chloroformed yet again and both beauties become his drugged captives.
The final scene has both girls bound together with Mary waking up to her mouth being stuffed and duct taped. The bound girls squirm and “Mmmmph” together as the male slver tells them of his plans. Their reactions to his comments are great! There are great gagged protesting scenes all throughout the video.
File size: 473.1 MB