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[3D Game] Ararza 1-14

14 games in 1 pack

Year: 2000-2004
Genre: Violence, Torture, Horror, Tentacles, Rape, BDSM, Animation, Flash, 3DCG
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (Genuine)
Language: Japanese / English
System requirements::: Flash player:: Codecs:: Multimedia Player
The main themes – violence, torture, rape.

Vol.1 / Rene first episode of torture secret organization Tyrian Sailor Senshi

CG × sheet 25 (JPEG highest quality) × 40-digit line 120 novels. Pretty Supairena also tail the man of the enemy, they caught the contrary. Lena men fed-up respond to cross-examine the issue is put to torture and cruel bloodshed Lena … There is no description.

Vol.2 / Lena 3 Episode 1 Pretty Soldier torture

Lena was a high school girl secret agent prisoner. Lena was now a hideous torture tentacles will attack. Lena’s fate to be hard to blame a toy? Bloodshed, cruelty is no other description. CG30 photos and stories

Vol.3 / Lena 2 Episode 1 Pretty Soldier torture

Lena was a high school girl secret agent prisoner. After the terrible torture, torture officer It shall cover the Lena Moteasonda body. The next room was taken violently raped by tentacles became DIRTY …. Bloodshed, and cruelty is no description. CG39 photos and stories

Vol.4 / Episode 2 Episode 3 – Pretty Soldier torture

The fourth series Pretty Soldier shot torture. Keiko has learned that torture is a high school girl secret agent Rene towards Single rescue! But fell into a trap … Keiko is bound to be criticized Iyarashiku basement. Bloodshed, and cruelty is no description. CG54 LHA decompress with photos & stories please click on the index.htm in the directory.

Vol.6 / Torture Episode 3 Pretty Soldier 3

6th series Pretty Soldier torture. Keiko captivity and had been every day of intense torture. We will master the “ torture as far as undressing and humiliation, Keiko was still in tatters. CG50 photos and stories. 300 frame movie two newest services! LHA decompress with the directory, please click on index.htm.

Vol.7 / Senshi torture VOL7

Pretty Soldier seventh edition series of torture. Keiko Tyrian fled. But turned to Lisa was captured, tortured and were tortured in a cage tentacles. Keiko was to escape pursuers, planet colonization “of the coastal forest,” go. But What I saw there was a mysterious girl in uniform … … CG74 Itabura World: mollusks terrible photos and stories

Vol.8 / Senshi torture VOL8

“Coastal Forest” Serra is in insult to Karon. Kiyoshi Keiko three prisoners and they also failed attempt to rescue grit. Tied up in the enemy’s hideout at last, be blamed on severe torture. This movie is full of unprecedented size and quality. 1350 total frames in the form of animation loop (equivalent to 45 seconds) how the VGA display! Please enjoy scenes of humiliation of the Senshi. 58 still images and stories

Vol.9 / Feature Movie VOL9 Senshi torture

Space Pirate Caught three Kiyoshi Keiko.聞Ki出Subeku password encryption communication device mounted on the floater, severe torture. Keiko horse to blame men, blame tickling, Keiko committed to humiliation that many times and in between. This time frame, 8100 audio into the movie (4.5 minutes!) Is a blockbuster as well. 82 still photos, and of course with a rich story. We are proud and always satisfying. 8100 audio frames into a movie (4.5 minutes!), Chicken curry and 82 still photos, and create a rich story with confidence.

Vol.10 / VOL10 torture movies real Senshi

Is the tenth anniversary of this series. Expanded the range of expression this movie more than the past, and a new character, “Kumiko Tokiyasu” is to pay attention. 04 minutes movie, is still 96 pieces, which Tappuri stories about this time that I’ve got 50MB too large, proud and sure to satisfy Idakeru quality worth the download time We are.

Vol.12 / Ararza vol.12 – Young female fighter

Tokiyasu Kumiko is a special agent who has infiltrated Gaidar Valley, in an attempt to destroy the code machine. However, she is captured. Will she be able to endure the assault by the special life form known as the Nutamushi? The movie lasts 6 minutes and 18 seconds. There are 61 still images. Includes voices and sound.

Vol.13 / Ararza vol.13 – Young female fighter

Tokiyasu Kumiko is a special agent who has infiltrated Gaidar Valley, but is captured by hunters and given prey to sex monsters who attack her until she faints. The tentacle organism Nutamushi and the octopus-like monster Karon continue to assail her, and she is repeatedly submerged in a barrel of water. The voice acting and the BGM increase the punch of this movie. The movie’s length is 7 minutes and 26 seconds. There are 75 still images. Includes a soundtrack.

Vol.14 / Ararza vol.14 – Young female fighter

This is a movie about Tokiyasu Kumiko, who has been captured and is now suspended upside down for water torture. Misumi Keiko is restrained by an X shaped cross and plunged into a torture hell. This is is an animation of that event. With 13 animations this is a massive production, and it is fully loaded with voices provided by voice actresses.

File size: 286.0 MB