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CorbinFisher – Aiden Fucks Dru (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshot, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Duration: 00:18:35
Studio: CorbinFisher

Pete distracts Dru so he can sneak up behind our “gentle giant,” Aiden, and tackle him to the bed. Both guys are so sexual and so playful, that there’s no doubt this scene is going to be hot and fun!

Dru kisses Aiden’s stomach and tells him he’s going to suck his cock before Aiden fucks him. He smacks Aiden’s ass and pushes him flat onto the bed. Aiden laughs and says that he likes that Dru is taking control.

Aiden gets goosebumps from all of Dru’s attention to his sensitive nipples. Dru has Aiden flex those incredible biceps for him. Dru kisses his way down Aiden’s muscled arms … but then, wouldn’t you?

Dru’s heard about Aiden’s giant cock. When it comes out from Aiden’s jeans, Dru can’t wait to get to work sucking it. He worships Aiden’s cock with his mouth, licking the shaft and swallowing the head.

Aiden wants to sucks Dru’s long cock as well. First Dru feeds him his fingers. That makes Aiden long for Dru’s dick
even more.

Switching positions, Aiden goes down on Dru. But Dru needs more of Aiden’s huge cock – and almost pulls him off the bed to get to it!

Aiden moans with ecstasy as Dru sucks him. The guys kiss. Aiden fingers Dru’s tight hole, ready to give Dru every inch of his cock.

Dru gets on the edge of the couch. Aiden slides his massive cock into Dru. It’s incredibly hot to see the leaner Dru take all of Aiden. Dru’s cock is rock-hard as Aiden thrusts inside him.

The guys move to the bed, where Aiden enjoys watching himself fucking Dru in the mirror. Dru tells Aiden to flex while he fucks him. There’ve been many amazing moments in my career filming these guys … but that moment was sure to bump something out of the top ten.

Until Dru climbs on top of Aiden’s huge dick and rides
it. That bumps the last moment out of the top ten! The sheer ecstasy in Dru’s voice as he takes Aiden so deeply for the first time is one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. Dru watches himself get fucked and Aiden is almost delirious with pleasure.

Dru is close to coming and Aiden tells him to shoot on his chest. Dru shoots a massive load all over Aiden! Then Aiden shoots … and continues to shoot … his own monster load up and over his chest.

Aiden’s muscled body is drenched in cum. The guys kiss and head to the shower. Dru says he hasn’t come that hard in months. He suggests next time Aiden keep his mouth open and catch his own cum.

Dru starts kissing Aiden and they make out in the shower. It’s clear these two have a definite chemistry – and I’m thrilled we caught it all on camera!

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