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Tokyo-Hot n0210 – As A Secretary – Mizuho Hamasaki

A discernibly lascivious beauty leg secretary MIZUHO HAMASAKI is caught in this time. Mizuho is a president secretary of TOKYO HOT Ltd. Immediately after having done confirmation of the president’s schedule, she is requested her body by the president as usual. Relation with president is man and woman that exceed work. However, on the other side she is a lover of the chairman of TOKYO HOT trading company. In such a situation, the love affair with president is come out to chairman and Mizuho is cornered. The employee is immediately gathered and cruel punishment is made to Mizuho. Mizuho is judged by force and thrown at the bottom in the hell as a penalty for love affair. At the beginning, Mizuho handles work as the secretary. The body is groped immediately after the president was told the schedule. Mizuho also positively put down president’s trousers and fellatio begins. Then, pussy appears when the president put downs the panty of Mizuho and violent skull licking starts. It begins to ooze the love juice that has already become cloudy out in the ostium of the vagina. And, the president inserts the cock at the standing posture. More a large amount of cloudiness love juice gushes from the pussy. While the piston’s keeping at the backward woman on top, standing back and woman on top posture, the cloudiness love juice increases the amount and makes the cock dirty. Then it is vaginal cum shot at the end of the piston at the back posture for a long time. The ejaculation still continues from the cock that pulled out and it is inserted in the pussy again. The semen that flows backward is pushed to the pussy again. The image scene is continuously placed and Mizuho embraces each other to the chairman of the TOKYO HOT trading company. The employee appears with the photograph of the love affair of Mizuho there. Then, chairman’s attitude changes suddenly at once. The chairman who raged has made employees to attack Mizuho. It is beginning of insult. Though Mizuho opposes, she is made open leg pose and stocking is ripped from the compulsion deep kiss and hips are had spanking and finger fuck. The love juice makes the pussy soggy immediate. The inside of the vagina is congested in red by the too violent finger fuck. Then, it is vibs toy attack. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy one after another and it is more cruelly congested in the vagina. A large amount of love juice gush, too and the cloudiness love juice stays in the vagina when it is peeped by the Cuzco. The insult continues further and they move to the bed and the compulsion fellatio is begun. After fellatio, it is fucking start from missionary posture. The cock is inserted at the bending, back and woman on top posture one after another and it stimulates violently in the vagina. Her mouth is closed with the cock and the compulsion fellatio is forced at the same time. While cock is inserting, it shifts to the backward woman on top from woman on top of M-leg and vaginal cum shot is made then. Semen with the viscosity flows backward when the cock is pulled out. Another cock immediately inserts by backing and the backflow semen is pushed back into pussy. And it is vaginal cum shot again after a strong piston. The finger is put in the yawning pussy and semen is raked out. The chairman who gets excited by the scene from which the mistress is fucked intrudes into there and makes fuck at the missionary at once. The cloudiness love juice gushes from the uniting part when it shifts to bending posture and inside of vagina is stimulated. When cock is pulled out, semen flows backward mightily. The next insult is a compulsion semen pour play. Semen is poured in the pussy that expanded much at the lift hip up posture one after another. In the vagina is become muddy by the thick semen of seven brute. In addition, she is took up in the arms is made compulsion excretes. The backflow of semen doesn’t stop. In the next, compulsion group cum shower party is made to Mizuho who is exhausted and sat down. Immediately before the ejaculation, she is compulsory opened mouth and received cum shot on the tongue and in the mouth. Mizuho is astonished at a large amount of launching of 11 total people that far exceeds the capacity of the mouth. The last is PISS SHOT at the bathroom. Urine is powerfully excreted from the pussy of Mizuho who is sitting at open leg pose. Mizuho feels seriously shy to unexpected amount of urine and lewd sound. Mizuho is fucked by all employees after this. Mizuho whom kept being fucked truly reflects on the mistake and is transfigured to the fucking animal that unabashedly holds any cock in her vagina. The concept of fickleness disappeared in Mizuho because it was launched to many and unspecified cocks. The pussy of Mizuho is everyone’s ownership thing. Let’s fuck happily by all together in the future.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:13:34.440
Video: XviD 1 366 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 128 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: JPN
File size: 842.0 MB