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Caddy Compson (22 Jul 2010) SocietySM

Release Date: 22 July 2010

Caddy is a true darling of the LA BDSM scene…Beloved and longed for by all…such a charmer…a teaser…and on this day, a giggler…quite annoyingly, but the Pope makes sure we get an extra dose of screams on this special day…special? yes…one of our members contacted the Pope about attending a shoot…they worked out the details and PROVOST showed up in the afternoon…PROVOST has been a member for some time and his comments can be found on many updates…in many ways, he and a few other members have really lobbied for more foot treatment…or as PROVOST would call it, attention to the model’s soles…and foot focused scenes have become some of our most entertaining…So PROVOST walks in the front door of our office and I jump down his throat for “no soliciting” as I had forgotten that he was making a visit…silly me…I quickly realized my error and apologized…His visit turned out very well and definitely altered the energy of the shoot a bit…everyone was happy to have a guest and PROVOST made for great company…But it probably made Caddy’s day a bit rougher…in honor of PROVOST’s visit, the Pope unleashes inquisition levels of foot play…He starts with a wicked spread and crotch rope…I should mention Caddy’s body…tight, fit, thin, feminine, delicious…and her pierced pussy looks quite amazing cinched together by a tight crotch rope…a single point, inverted suspension…then more foot focus…Caddy takes it all like a pro.

Genre: Machines, Hardcore, Extreme
Studio: SocietySM
Duration: 00:57:36
Starring: Caddy Compson

Quality: SiteRip
Format: AVI
Video: 1280*720, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 63 kbps
Size of archive: 453 Mb

File size: 453.2 MB