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Call Girls De Luxe

Year: 1979
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Classic, Feature, Foreign
Length: 1:08:08
Language: French
Directed by: Gerard Kikoine
Studio: Alpha France

Description: The summer is coming, the weather is nice, Want to travel also has one, only – lack the wherewithal. To quickly but still sensational story and to get the necessary foreign exchange, Richard hatches, from a journalist from Paris, an ingenious plan. His girlfriend, Brigitte is a member of a persecuted call-girl ring, and Richard and shaded them in their meetings with the perverse and sex-starved customers. In a few days, the world gets to know Richard and the perversions of love for sale. Dolores, Denise, Marianne, Claudine, Catherine, Francoise, Sylvia, each one is unbeatable in their respective fields. Customers simply dial the number 666 is already the most intimate, most unusual, most refined and most shocking desires satisfied. Richard, who secretly watches everything, writes a hell of a story that strikes like a bomb.

“Paris-phone 666”, a film that also strike at you like a bomb.
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