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Deep in the Woods

In Part I Mark Evrett and Dean Maxwell head into nature to escape life’s urbanity. While hiking, the two amiable tree huggers come across a venerable oak that seems to know their very need. Spreading his nine massive branches from a crotch that could hold four, Daddy Oak holds the perfect spot for a little afternoon delight! Before you can say “How deep can my limb go?” the two are going at it like holy water to baptism…it’s full immersion.

The noisy fuck attracts backwoods hunk Buck Phillips who joins in for a three way. All that fresh air has Mark’s hairy hole open wide for fisting novitiate Dean Maxwell’s first ever handball experience. He goes in and puts down roots.

After lots of good, deep punching the oak is drowned in loads of hot cum – the most action Daddy Oak has seen in 400 years. And anybody that knows Mark Evrett can imagine that was merely an appetizer to the main course.

Heading back to the cabin, Mark takes time on the deck, where minutes later his hungry hole is devouring the thick muscled forearm of Steve Hurley (“That’s Tit Pig to you, boy!”) Grounds worker Tit Pig does double duty as deep-hole therapist, working Mark inside out in what those of you into hairy muscular studs will agree is a match made in heaven. On horse blankets, on the railing, or swinging from trees, they bark and shake with animal abandon. The energy between the two is explosive. Woof!

Marco feels a hunger of his own and heads into the kitchen where he feeds his sausage and finger sandwiches to Eddie Moreno. Always hot and smelling of sex, you’ll feel Eddie’s picnic. Italian hard-body Marco is a smooth tasting compliment to the spicy nature of Eddie. It is quite a spread.

As night falls, resort guest Ryan Lexington gets a little lost on his way back and wanders into the worker compound. Innocently asking for help, he soon realizes he has come to the right place. With his mid-western charm he strikes up a rapport with Daddy Tit Pig who puts Ryan in good hands. With an enormous zero-guage Prince Albert, Tit Pig’s thick dick puts a groove deep into Ryan’s ass. And that’s only the beginning… you’ll have to see it to believe it. Just know this: Ryan is a houseguest who never wears out his welcome!”

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The Kidnapping Of Heather Vandeven

Heather Vandeven isn’t a bad person — she’s just the victim of exaggerated self-esteem. So when she spends a few days visiting her one-time college friend Claire Adams, Heather naturally spends most of the time talking about her favorite subject: Heather Vandeven! Already irritated by Heather’s shameless egotism, Claire snaps when the babbling blonde boasts about her numerous male conquests during her short stay in Claire’s hometown. In fact, Heather pointedly informs Claire that Brad, the hottest guy of all, will be picking her up in a few minutes for an exciting night out — while Claire will obviously be spending yet another evening in front of the tube!
Unfortunately for Heather, Claire is both a powerful young woman and a mistress of the bondage arts! Determined to quiet her mouthy guest, Claire pins Heather to her chair, gags her, and restrains the shocked glamour girl with an impressively demonstration of ropecraft! Knocking at the door signals the arrival of Brad for his date, but Heather’s feeble cries through her gag fail to reach his ear and he departs while Claire continues to bind her captive tighter and tighter!
And Claire’s revenge has just begun! During the hours that follow, Heather undergoes a nightmarish lifetime of rigorous nude bondage: the shapely blonde doll becomes a spinning ornament when Claire suspends her and uses an ankle rope to give her a lesson in flight; she’s punished with a strict hogtie spiced by a taut rope connecting her blonde tresses and bare feet; then Heather’s forced outdoors where Claire snares her into a kneeling bondage with breasts exposed for teasing and legs spread!
But it’s the surprising conclusion to Heather’s predicament that may finally win her your sympathy! Let’s just say that as the sun goes down, the naked beauty’s gagged and bound to a palm tree while Claire’s looking happier than she’s been for a long time!
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