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Old Reliable 32 (1970)

Year: 1970
Country: USA
Length: 1:56:15
Genre: Solo, Masturbation
Director: David Hurles Studio: OldReliable / Bijou
Cast: Butch, Bill Smith, Mark, Patrick, Keith, Brian, Tom and Stavros

Description:Old Reliable’s celebration of hairy men is a real treat; it also provides an opportunity to ruminate on the sexual power of hair.
Hair holds a loaded position throughout the history of the world. The power wielded by the Biblical figure Samson was manifest in his long locks. Lady Godiva rode naked on a horse but it was the golden mane that obscured her breasts that has become the erotic site of her tale, not her protest. Christian custom requires women to cover their heads in places of worship so as not to distract the weaker sex, men, from talk of scripture. Orthodox Jewish custom demands a married woman to shave her head; this achieves two goals, it makes her unattractive to other men and allows for full immersion in the cleansing baths during the menstruation. History is filled with writings about hair on the head: martyrs have been rumored to grow hair after death, balding men are ridiculed on television as unattractive or weak. The latter is particularly offensive. Baldness is caused by testosterone, not by stress or femininity or so hair loss cannot actually be a flaw in a man’s character. All this focus on the head, what does it achieve? What does it ignore?

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