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Big Dick Skull Breeder (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Sick, Fetish, Mature, Oral Sex
Duration: 01:40:53
Director: Justin Credible
Studio: Knightbreeders
Cast: Damien Silver, Gael De Leo, J. Harness, Nick Maken, Rico Rotti, Joe Cab

Here comes another gay bareback feature from Knightbreeders so grab your cocks and get ready for a freaky ride, because this movie just might blow your mind. And make you blow your wad! Each scene is jam packed with masked men with huge cocks, barebackin’ it up. I particularly liked the first scene where a little devil gets drilled by a skull faced man!

Format: WMV
Video: 640×480, WMV, 1974 kbps, 29 fps
Audio: 44,0 kHz, WMA 2 ch, 128.00 kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

Asian Watcher

Year: 2006
Country: USA
Genre: Asian, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Solo, Duet, Blowjob, Masturbation, Cumshots
Length: 1:16:32
Size: 1,206,824,820 bytes
Directed by: Shohta Sakurai
Studio: Twinkle Angel

A cute guy and a little macho guy fuck like crazy!
The highlight of this video is when we take a model to an escort and let him pick a guy he likes!
The model enjoys tasting the cock with his mouth and ass to his hearts content.
We are sure his sexy body will turn you on! Also includes two couples fucking and two guys masturbation.

Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: 720×480
Format: WMV
Video codec: WMP
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple / Main), 720×480, 1:16:32, 2016 kbps, 29,970 fps
Audio: WMA v2, 48000Hz, 96 kbps CBR, 2 channel (s)
File size: 1.1 GB

Roll In The Hay (2010)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Daddies Men, Muscle Men, Hairy, Black, Interracial, Rimming, Tattoos, Theme: Cowboys
Starring: Antonio Biaggi, David Novak, Derek Reynolds, Justin Jameson, Paul Wagner, Ricky Sinz, Spencer Reed, Tristan Phoenix, Troy Daniels
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

There is nothing as hot as a cowboy! And Raging Stallion is the studio that knows Cowboys better than anyone else. Directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz spent a week filming some of the sexiest scenes of the year, all of which are featured in Roll in the Hay.
Scene One- Spencer Reed, carrying feed bags in for the horses, discovers Tristan Phoenix taking a quick afternoon nap. Liking the of a rest , Reed sits down. But instead of taking a nap Reed needs a quick jerk-off session. Making sure Phoenix is sleeping, Reed glances over before taking out his cock and starts stroking his meat. Phoenix is not asleep anymore! he watches Reed stroke his thick cock and begins to do the same. Reed can hear Phoenix stroking, but this doesn’t stop him. Phoenix gets up and comes over to lend Reed a helping hand and mouth. Phoenix blows Reeds big horse cock, getting it all wet with his saliva before taking it up his ass. Reed first rims then plows Phoenix’s tight ass first from behind, then Phoenix rides Reeds cock cowboy style. Reed fills Phoenix’s hole, nicely fucking him steadily until Phoenix cums all over his stomach. Reed pulls out and comes around to cum all over Phoenix’s mouth and face. A man’s work never ends.
Scene Two- Ranch hand Derrick Reynolds stops to take a break on the barn steps. Shirtless and horny in the heat, he starts stroking his perfect brown muscled torso. His rough workman’s hands start massaging his pecs and biceps… and work their way down to his unzipped jeans. He pulls out his big black meat begins stroking it until he’s rock hard. Licking his lips and disappearing into his own sensual thoughts you are right up in his bulging crotch as a slowly works his tool, edging himself and bringing himself right to pleasure them easing back savoring the moment. The pleasure builds and builds until he’s pumping thick milky loads in your face, the muscles in his legs quivering in spasm and his eyes rolling in the back of his head.
Scene Three- Beefy Paul Wagner is hard at work loading bails of hay into the barn when Super Stallion Ricky Sinz interrupts for an afternoon distraction. With a quick, ‘Hey buddy’ he’s got his shirt off and his pants down, hard and ready for service. Paul is an expert cocksucker and laps up every inch of Ricky’s meat with sensual sucking precision. He savors the flavor and takes his time worshiping Ricky’s chiseled tattooed torso. Ricky returns the favor on his knees before furry Paul fat meat, bobbing his head, opening his throat and jacking and slurping eager to please. Before long he’s got Paul bent over a hay bail and pumping his eager hungry hole from behind. It’s a steady sweet ride. The hungry bottom soon takes over, and Paul gets up on Stallion Ricky and rides that dick like he’s at the rodeo! Even on his back Ricky is a demanding top, screaming to be serviced by Paul’s big beefy ass! Paul pumps up and down both men sweaty and heaving until Paul unloads on Ricky’s rock solid torso, then Ricky blows an aggressive load… just another day on the farm for the boys!
Scene Four- The barn is a great place for napping and this time it’s Antonio Biaggi who is hiding away to get a few winks in. Doesn’t anyone one around this ranch actually work? Justin Jameson comes upon Biaggi, who must be having a nice dream with his thick horse cock pressing against his jeans. Jameson doesn’t wait and he reaches over and begins to rub Biaggi’s hardening cock though his pants then unleashes to take it into his wanting mouth. Biaggi stirs, waking to a sloppy wet blowjob from Jameson. As Jameson works over his man tool, Biaggi reaches around to get at Jameson beefy ass. He fingers eagerly before his has Jameson straddle his face so he could get at his sweet hole. Jameson sucks Baggi’s horsemeat as Biaggi primes Jameson asshole, getting it ready for horse cock. Biaggi then fucks Jameson’s hole, pounding his oversize man cock in Jameson’s gapping hole. Biaggi fucks him in several positions before Jameson shoots a huge load, soaking his chest and face with his own juice. Biaggi shoots all over Jameson’s body then laps it up of Jameson’s body before giving him a salty wet kiss.
Scene Five- Horned up Ranch hand Troy Daniels sneaks into the barn to rub one out. He hands roam over his body, tweaking his nipple before unzipping his jeans. He takes out his long cock. He begins to stroke it. Daniels works his cock , adding some spit for lube. He then sits on a horse blanket to get a load off his feet; he’s laid back so that he can access his ass with his finger. He works his hole open with his finger as he stokes his meat. He picks up the intensity of both the ass probing and meat stroking. His cum filled balls start to get heavy and he switches his position using his legs to prop up his body. Now with his cock over his face his strokes increase, working up his man juice inside his balls until his cock explodes thick white gobs cum all over his chin and his mouth.
Scene Six- Hairy boy David Novak is coiling rope in the barn when in walks trouble: Ricky Sinz. Soon Ricky has his pants down and his cock down his throat. Ricky is an aggressive cocksucker, true to form. He chokes, he jacks, he blows, he sucks as David’s hairy ass clenches. Ricky quickly turns the tables though, so that David is at his feet throat deep in Ricky’s hard crotch. Ricky takes control of the ‘job’ gripping the back of David’s head while he opens up. When David’s pants are all the way down Ricky has him doggy style on his belly. David likes to be dominated by a masterful top! He is all smiles, grunting as Ricky fills his hairy sweaty hole with a good ass pounding. Ricky never taking David from behind until he’s blasting a massive load all over the barn floor. Ricky’s not finished until he coats David’s face and beard with his own whitewash. Both cum shots are colossal! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:18:36
Resolution: 688×384
Size: 2.03 GB

File size: 1.8 GB

Best of All: Matt Sterling #1

Year: 1992
Country: United States
Genre: gay, compilation, jeff stryker, hunks, vintage, hardcore, bareback
Length: 1:51:00
Directed by: John Travis
Studio: Huge Video
Starring: Jeff Stryker, Tom Brock, Mike Ramsey, Joe Craig, Brad Walsh, Joe Porcelli, Mike Raymond, Jeff Pirelli, Brian Michaels, Bill Henson, Jeff Quinn, Doug Cory, Mark Rebel, Eric Ruff, Jim Pulver, Scott Avery , Tom MitchellOpisanie: REVIEWDirector Matt Sterling provides a showcase for some of his biggest (and truth be told) best movies he’s ever done. Pre-condom fucking, massive loads from massive tools, back-alley tricks, body worship, the whole shebang.
Scenes included here are from the certified hits A Matter of Size, Like a Horse, Sizing Up, Inch By Inch, Heat in the Night and the Stryker blowouts Bigger Than Life and Stryker Force. A totally worthwhile compilation for fans and size-queens alike that you’ll go back to over and over. -Keeneye Reeves
From the press notes:
“Best of All is the first in a set of compilations that include trailers, full-length scenes and partial scenes of Matt Sterling’s earky hits of the early 1990’s, and it’s personally narrated by Matt himself!
Opening the video are the preview trailers from Stryker Force and Heat in the Night. Then, from A Matter of Size, a clip of the duo scene jack off between Bill Henson and Mike Ramsey.
Next, from the same video, the full scene of Doug Weston peeping in on his neighbors Brian Michaels, Scott Avery and Don Webber having a threeway! (Brian, Scott and Don make a dazzling trio who energetically perform every combination of sucking and fucking each other they can think of, earning this scene Torso Magazine’s highest honors.)
Then, from Like a Horse, leatherman Joe Craig leaves a bar and finds sex in the adjacent alley with two others; Mark Rebel then rides up on a motorcycle to top Joe Craig on top of an inverted trash can. Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North) bottoms in a sizzling threeway scene from Sizing Up. Next, Tom Brock makes his debut in the window scene and Jim Pulver tops Jeff Quinn in their infamous subway scene in Inch by Inch.
From Bigger Than Life, Jeff Stryker sings the title song on stage. After the show, he fucks Jeff Quinn who’s been waiting for him at the stage door.

Video Quality: DVDRip Format: AVI Video codec: DivX Audio Codec: MP3
Video: DivX 5 608×432 30.00fps 1512 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 1.2 GB

This video has been removed.

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