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FIGHT GIRL -Key to a Broken Hart-

Resistance member T*fa Lockhart stood deep within the Corporation.
She’d managed to infiltrate her way to the core, but it was a devious trap.
The trapped heroine was drugged and, in a drunken stupor, was tortured
sexually. Her breasts heaved as her p*ssy began to glisten with desire,
a vibrator violating her hole as she was forced to service her evil
captors with her breasts and mouth. Finally she gave in.

With a c*ck in every hole, her pride collapsed in a depraved AVALANCHE…

* Amazing FFVII 3DCG anime
The high quality restraint / assault / slave MOVIE series
returns with richer story, multiple camera angles and finishing
cumshots than ever before!

* Next generation QD8 System rendering
More beautiful skin, more sensual motion, more anguished facial expressions!
EVERY technology has been revamped, upgraded or newly created for
this film: erotic ver. 3.2, skin system ver. 5, love liquid ver. 3.5 +
sex scenes animated with the all new 3S SYSTEM. (Hot!!)

File size: 924.9 MB

This video has been removed.

B&D Pleasures – The Break In

A burglar invades an apartment looking for valuables but comes across the two women who live there and their kinky toys. The intruder binds the girls and starts using their own toys against them. As Riley is bound in her bed Alice is taken and beaten first with floggers, metal claws, whipped and caned as her mouth is uncomfortably clamped open. With tears in Alice’s eyes from her beating she is bound into a chair so she can watch Riley’s trashing, her flesh is marked as she is flogged and caned up and down her back, ass and legs. Beaten into submission the girls are forced to fuck each other with a dildo on top of their pool table, as the vile prowler makes his exit he tells the frightened marked uo girls
“He will be back!

File size: 611.9 MB

B&D Pleasures – Bondage With Ryah

Ryah submits to be Sir B’s bondage play toy, trusting her body to his brutal hands. She is suspended with clamps pulling her nipples, a razor sharp knife is raked against her flesh as she begs Sir B not to cut her and she is tied to a gurney as Sir B plays with fire across her body. Needles are applied to her breasts
also Sir B takes needle and thread and runs it through her breasts multiple times as she is forced to orgasm on command. This is one of Sir B’s most vicious videos to come from B&D Pleasures!

File size: 561.5 MB