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Tokyo-Hot n0193 – The First Anus Fuck – Yukie Shinozaki

This the debuts of the police woman on the TOKYO HOT by the first anus fuck play of impact. The sacrifice is YUKIE SHINOZAKI who was scouted and brought to the office. Though YUKIE is not made hear anything and is refused to become naked, the scout compulsorily attacks and uses violence by force. However, YUKIE was a police woman who had done the sneaking investigation in order to expose men’s crimes. Men drive recklessly to a sexy appearance of mini skirt police further. Please enjoy the appearance that pussy and anus of sexy police woman are made tattered by the extreme play. YUKIE doesn’t try to return for some reason though she refuses naked work. The president of the office leaves the persuasion to the scout and goes out and the scout immediately attacks YUKIE. He intends to persuade by force. YUKIE is made to take off clothes and is rubbed tits violently. In addition, when the pussy is stimulated at the open leg pose, it begins to soak the joy juice to the panty. When the panty is taken off and made finger fuck violently, her pussy is already got the wet like a flood. Then, fucking is made at the standing back posture after compulsion fellatio and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy. A violent piston stirs the pussy deeply while enjoy the fucking at the woman on top, backward woman on top and bending posture. Thought YUKIE desperately resists but vaginal cum shot is forced in pitilessness. The stick is pulled out and the ostium of the vagina with which semen began to overflow is red congested. And, YUKIE brandishes the Japanese sword in police woman’s uniform and rush into the office on another day. She reveals that it is the infiltration investigation and is going to arrest men. However, she is suppressed oppositely and is made sucking men’s cocks. The head is suppressed and the cock is thrown in the throat deeply. Three men made the compulsion fellatio one after another and much saliva drips and drops from mouth of YUKIE. The cock pierces in mouth of YUKIE who is made it sit sofa and turned her face to ceiling and made cum shot on her tongue. It is full of semen in the mouth of YUKIE. YUKIE is tears eyes for surplus pains and humiliation. Next is a converging attack to the pussy. It is toy attack by the open leg pose. YUKIE who seriously dislikes strong stimulation is inserted vibs toy into anus at the backing style. In addition, the original spirit stick of TOKYO HOT appears. It is inserted compulsorily in the pussy that cannot be waited. And, the clitoris and pussy are stimulated at the same time and she is made acme compulsorily. It can be seen that the vaginal wall has gotten excited and become in red when pussy peeped by Cuzco. In continues, they moves to the bed and fucking is begun. YUKIE is violently poked at the missionary and bending posture and endures in an expression that seems to be painful. In addition, the cock is inserted in anus. When the head of cock inserts compulsorily, YUKIE desperately resists it as saying “I have never done, don’t put cock in anus. However, the stick is deeply inserted in the root as it is and it is made violent anus fuck at the side and backward woman on top posture. A white liquid gushes from anus and the cock is made dirty. YUKIE rejects the fucking of the pussy and the anus simultaneously while ejaculating but it is ineffective and anus fuck by back posture is made. When the cock is pulled out in the middle of the piston, the anus hole is widely opened. Then, fucking to pussy at the back posture is made immediately after strong anus fuck and it is vaginal cum shot after violent piston. Anus fuck is made again and cum shot is made into anus at the bending posture after violent piston that made to change the shape of anus. Semen flows backward from the anus. And last vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture. The anus and the pussy are exhausted by cum shot that happens one after another. Last is group cum shower party by the young employee of office. 14 semen made to splash to her pussy where widely opened by her finger at the open leg pose. To tell the truth, the president of the office is a person to the police. After this, important work of the police is left to YUKIE though her investigation ended quite meaningless. It wants her to hold out in the front of the sneak investigation with body entertainment as a police woman who can inject semen into both of the anus and the pussy.

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