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My Three Twinks

Country: USA
Duration: 01:39:03
Genre: Anal Sex, Bareback, Cumshots, Group Sex, Oral Sex,
Starring: Shane Harmon, Sudsee Barnes, Chip Lawson, Ernie Kelly, Bo Scott, Mike Sanders, Benny Sanchez, Louis Stefan
Studio: Phantom Pictures
Video: 480×360, WMV, 1000 kbps, 29 fps
Audio: 48,0 kHz, WMA, 2 ch, 64.00 kbps

Description: 1- These two horny college gays sneak into the dorm room for some steamy man on man loving. One guy is an experienced ass fucker, while the other is more submissive and hasn’t had much gay action before – he’s only just got to college, and he was too scared to come out in the small rural community where he is from. They lay a blanket out on the floor, because the bed squeaks, and then the submissive guy takes his dominant partner’s penis in his mouth and sucks it to the base. He loves it when his friend shoves his dick a little bit more than he is comfortable down his throat, making him gag and that little bit of vomit shoot into his mouth.
2- A young and innocent twink is picked up by two older studs and taken home for a rough fuck session. This horny guy hasn’t sucked many cocks, but the two older studs are more than happy to give him pointers and to teach him how to take a fat cock down his throat as far as he can. He hass also hardly ever been fucked in the ass before, and the guys breaking their younger partner open. He alternates between getting doggy style reamed and riding the cock, keeping the other guy’s dick in his mouth the whole time. Both guys eventually spray his face with a torrent of cum and he almost drowns in the deluge of creamy liquid.
3- Shane Harmon invited Chip Lawson over and he brought Mike Sanders and Bo Scott with them. All the guys knew what they were there to do so they didn’t waste any time and got naked fast. All the guys started sucking each others dicks. Two of the guys wanted to fuck so Chip and Bo bent over and let the other guys cram their hard dicks into their asses. They fucked those guys deep and slow and first then built up speed and really got into it. The guys swapped so each guy could fuck the other then when they were ready to cum the pulled out and let their bottoms suck their balls dry.
4- Two horny jocks hook up after football practice one day. They have to keep their gay love secret from their teammates, but in the privacy of the bedroom all of their passion for one another as revealed. The muscle bound and shaved head studs take turns sucking each others’ cocks and then the more submissive of the two gets on all fours and begs to be ass fucked. His generous teammate gets behind him, easing his prick into his friend’s ass while he reaches around and strokes his penis. It’s too much for either of them to bare and soon there’s cum flying everywhere, splattering their faces and all over the walls and ceiling.
5- Shane Harmon and Chip Lawson were fooling around on the couch. They were so into each other that they couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough and soon were naked and Chip has his cock in Shane’s mouth. Shane sucked on his long meat pole until Chip was throbbing, hard and ready to rock. He bent Shane over and slid his thick prick into Shane’s tight ass and fucked her hard. Shane loved every inch of that hard dick slamming in and out of him and begged for more so Chip flipped him over and fucked him harder until he was ready to cum then he pulled out and dropped a load in Shane’s mouth.

File size: 757.3 MB

Fucking Ethan 2010

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Cumshots, Oral Sex
Duration: 00:23:14
Ethan’s returning to give guy / guy action a shot made for all kinds of great opportunities. He’s packing a big, thick dick and so being able to film him burying that hot cock in to some of his fellow CF Studs was going to make for lots of fun! He also returned looking even hotter and more ripped than he did his first time down, so being able to see him get fucked was sure to be a treat!
Here, with Connor, Ethan finally finds himself on the receiving end of a hard cock, coming so long after his very first appearance at CF! It was definitely worth the wait, as he looks truly incredible while getting fucked, and the action is hot!
It’s fascinating hearing Ethan talk about his first couple of experiences with guy / guy action at the start of this video. For one thing, he has quite the sexy demeanor and voice and so just his talking is enough to turn you on and get your attention! As he shares how it all felt, what was going through his head, and the impression everything gave him, it’s pretty interesting to find out just what’s been going through his head throughout all of it and how it all felt to him! Further, the knowledge of what’s to come in this one makes it all that much more interesting!
What’s to come is Ethan getting treated to some incredible and entirely new sensations! No doubt, Ethan’s used to being on top of things (no pun intended!) And just oozes dominant masculinity, yet find himself being taken along for the ride by Connor here! It’s all he can do to hold on tight and let Connor do what he will!
Early on, Ethan uses his mouth and those great lips to work over Connor’s cock, sucking on it and getting it hard and wet. He then gradually raises his own legs up in the air, presenting his hole to Connor so that Connor can tongue it deep.
After Connor’s thoroughly rimmed Ethan’s hole, he begins to slide his cock into it. Deep grunts escape Ethan’s throat as Connor pumps his hole, and Ethan jerks his own big cock while getting fucked by Connor’s! Ethan has a hot face and an incredible pair of eyes, and those eyes stand out like never before as he stares at Connor while getting fucked. I have to say that Ethan had one of the hottest looks on his face that I’d ever filmed on a guy getting fucked – intense, lustful, and all-out hot!
As he squats down on Connor’s dick and starts to get fucked from underneath, Ethan’s dick just gets harder and harder until it’s standing straight up, pointing skyward. He can’t help but moan about how good it feels, reiterating the point his hard dick is already making! Then, as he’s getting drilled on his side and starts to shoot cum all over the place, he shows us all how good it must be feeling even more!
Having just given his hole up to Connor and blown his own big load, Ethan then presents his mouth to Connor, moaning as Connor shoots a big load into it!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 30.000 fps VC-1 at 1180 kbit /
Audio: 2 channel (s), 44.1 kHz WMA2 at 64.0 kbit / s
File size: 207.9 MB

This video has been removed.