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Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best

Country: USA
Genre: “Straight” Guys, Deep Throat, Guys in their 20s, Plot, Real Men / Daddies, Rimming
Duration: 1:33
Directed by: Jett Black
Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures
Cast: Jordan Vaughn, Levi, Nick Marino, Tory Mason, Tristan Mathews, Tyler Riggz, Zackary Pierce

When Gail brings home her new fiance, Steven, her closeted father recognizes him as a gay porn star. As fantasies fly, and sexual tension mounts, will it be true that father knows best?

Scene 1

Frumpy, divorced father Doug (NICK MARINO) is interrupted from a pleasant sleep by a phone call from his daughter (BRIANNA STARR), calling from college. She wants to visit him and introduce him to someone…her fiance, Stephen (TORY MASON). Doug is surprised, but agrees. When the couple arrives, he is immediately taken by the handsome young man, and at dinner, Doug keeps fantasizing that Stephen is coming on to him. Some small talk about fishing encourages his daughter to suggest a fishing trip between the two men, and Doug agrees.

Later that night, Doug catches a glimpse of Stephen jacking off in the bathroom. This leads him to indulge in a fantasy about two men (ZACKARY PIERCE and TRISTAN MATHEWS) having sex. They chide him about repressing his homosexual urges.

Scene 2

Doug suddenly realizes that he’s seen Stephen somewhere before. He gets out of bed and pulls out his secret stash of gay porn and sure enough, there on the cover of FORBIDDEN DESIRES is Stephen, billed as “Jack Mehoffer.” Excited, Doug puts the disc into his player and goes back to the bed, where he watches Stephen have sex with LEVI. Doug jacks off to this scene.

Scene 3

The next day, Doug shaves and puts on more fashionable clothes. Stephen is already having an influence on him. Doug and Stephen drive up to the fishing cabin, passing a hitchhiker (TYLER RIGGZ)
along the way. The next car is driven by JORDAN VAUGHN, who stops and offers a lift to the hunky stud, but says he needs to pee first. Relieving themselves against a tree, Jordan suggests that Tyler “pay” for the ride with a blowjob, and the two men fuck in the woods.

Scene 4

Doug and Stephen arrive at the cabin, only to be presented with a problem: there is only one bed. Stephen says it doesn’t bother him, they will make do somehow, and he suggests they fish.

That night, Doug lies in bed next to a sleeping Stephen. He is horny and playing with his own bulge. Finally, his desires get the better of him and he gently touches Stephen’s body. Getting bolder, he slides his hand into his future son-in-law’s underwear and massages his cock.

“You can suck it if you want to,” Stephen says, surprising Doug. He has not been asleep at all.

“I’d give anything to suck it,” Doug says before kissing his companion, leading to hot, sweaty sex…Doug’s first time.

Afterwards, Stephen wants another round, but Doug stops him. He has enjoyed it, but they must put the woman they love, his daughter and Stephen’s future wife, first. He tells Stephen to go home to her, and Stephen does, with a long last look at his future father-in-law.

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