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Fetish Kitsch – Part 2 (2011)

This humorous two-part video was created by our friends at FetishK1tsch and captures the playful interaction between a couple who shares a strong fetish for rubber and bondage.
In Part-2 of this video we watch as Miss Kitsch and her partner attempt some intimate moments in thee bedroom – while hindered, or inspired – depending on the way you look at it – by dealing with the logistics of her inflated suit. With a lot of effort, tender moments are finally achieved. This video captures the fantasy that many of us have of a partner who we can enjoy our fetish interests with. The that Miss Kitsch and her partner have is priceless and we thank them for sharing this video with us.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280×720
Runtime: 33 min.

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This video has been removed.

Fetish Kitsch and the Inflatable Rubber Bag (2011)

In this sexy video from our friends, we see how Mr. and Miss Kitsch include their attraction to heavy rubber during their intimate This is a unique look into the lives of a couple who enjoy wearing latex and playing with all of its fun and erotic permutations. In this video they spend some quality fetish time playing with their inflatable rubber bag from Studio Gum in Austria.
I had a conversation recently with Nurse Laurel of MedicalT0ys about fetishes. She pointed out that creatures in the animal kingdom don’t mess with fetishes, they simply screw and move on, whereas Humans seem to require an elaborate assortment of gear during their mating rituals. This is a great observation. The variety of fetish tastes and gear is endless. However, I guess if humans didn’t need to fulfill their fetish interests, neither Med1calToys nor this web site would be in business. C’est la vie!
A special thanks to FetishK1tsch for sharing this unique video with us.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 960×540
Runtime: 26 min.

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Fetish Kitsch – Part 1 (2011)

This humorous two-part video was created by our friends at Fet1shKitsch and captures the playful interaction between a couple who shares a strong fetish for rubber and bondage. Seldom do we see real fetish play between partners that doesn’t include another person in the room like the camera operator. This video starts with Miss Kitsch being sealed inside a heavy latex suit, hood and helpless mitts. Once her partner inflates this bizarre rubber gear she finds herself completely helpless and looks like a beached whale when she tries to sit on the living room couch. Between laughter you will enjoy the squishing and squeaking sounds of the rubber as she waddles around the house and navigates sideways through the doorways. Finally she is subjected to a Hitachi vibrator which is inserted through a zipper opening between her legs. We can see the pleasure she is experiencing by watching the unmistakable melting of her eyes through the small round holes in her unique hood.
This update includes Part-1 of this humorous video and a sampling of 14 full-resolution promotional clips highlighting their other sexy rubber and bondage videos available on FetishKitsch. Part-2 of this video will be available in the future, capturing their attempts to have intimate in the bedroom with Miss Kitsch still enclosed in her inflatable suit. Unbelievable!
A special thanks to Miss Kitsch and her partner for sharing their highly unique and entertaining experiences with us. This is a real as it gets folks, and for those who are already into rubber I’m sure you will appreciate their unique fetish play.
Miss Kitsch’s inflatable suit is from a UK company called ‘Latex Catsuits’ which no longer exists, and her inflatable hood with eye holes is from StudioGum. Her inflatable mitts and toe socks are from Blackstyle, and her partner’s catsuit is from Libidex.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 960×540
Runtime: 28 min.

File size: 524.8 MB

This video has been removed.

FetishKitsch – Boxes DVD

Watch as FK and I are forced to take punishment as I am chained to the floor and FK’s head is trapped in a box with his hands locked behind his back. My! It was such a thrill to watch FK become vulnerable as another women commanded and whipped him around…that was my biggest thrill of all! But while FK got his own punishment, it was now my turn. Watch as I am put into, as I so lovingly refer to as the ‘Blow Job Box’. And if you wanna see this badboy in action, well you are just going to have to watch the video…poor poor you! 🙂

File size: 536.3 MB

Maid Service 2

After my cleaning duties are done and my master inspects my work, it is on to my last chore of the day. But I do not consider this a chore; I like to be used by my master and make him happy.

My condom sheath hood keeps my mouth in a very compromising position as I cannot close it; the opening forces my mouth to stay in a big, round O-shape…which is the perfect shape for my last duty.

I cannot see a thing, I can only respond with sound and touch. I feel my master pull my head back and soon I feel a cold liquid fill the latex sheath in my mouth.

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:19:13
Format: WMV
Studio: FetishKitsch

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