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Flower’s Squirt Shower # 5 Part 2

The AVN award winning series, Flower’s Squirt Shower, returns with the fifth volume, starring the goddess of gush, porn super star Flower Tucci. Volume’s 2 & 3 have both been recipient’s of AVN editor’s choice reviews, and at this year’s AVN awards the series won for Best Specialty Series – Squirting. Squirt Shower 5 is bigger, better, and wetter than ever. Featuring a squirt drenched bevy of beautiful starlets including Brianna Love, Britney Stevens, Sindee Jennings, Angela Stone, Sasha Grey, and Chelsie Rae. While there are many imitators, Elegant Angel is the company that porn fans can upon for squirting movies that celebrate female orgasms with camera work that doesn’t stay wide when you want it to get up close and intimate. Director William H.’s camera lens is once again squirt soaked, as Flower Tucci subjects us to a onslaught of female ejaculation. Flower’s Squirt Shower 5 is arguably the best edition of the series. Be sure to check it out.

Released: 2011
Genre: Blowjob, Cumshot, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Orgy
Starring: Sasha Grey, Brianna Love, Flower Tucci, Britney Stevens, Sindee Jennings, Chelsie Rae, Angela Stone

File size: 698.7 MB

Last Train to Gropesville

Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Genre: All sex, oral, rape, chikan, female students Duration: OVA, 2ep ~ 30min
Subtitles: Angliysike
Censorship: No
Studio: Y.O.U.C, Vanilla, Anim
Translation: English dub, Japanese original
Description: In a crowded train in the morning, the sound of flowers to witness the molestation. A level not scuff. That is GA clothes, pants and heavy rail Molester be brought down. The only sound was the pick of the flowers, but also other people did know was just watching the scene. Molester after the ejaculation, down from the train going to look at each other flowers and sound of molestation. Molester sound flowers had seen the face of fear and emotion were expected to learn ZE. At home that day, none of the popular car at dusk. Flowers sit on the seat in front of the sound shape of molestation in the morning. The sound of the voice without getting flowers, the man will be at the mercy. “Well, I is Molester this man …” buttocks, chest and groin. Flowers sounds, is BA peak, it had yet to urinate. The collapse of flowers left to the sound man. Molester sued and lost all of man’s revenge does not stop! Of revenge against the three sisters out of three women succeeded in breaking the sound of the flowers. Nao’s second daughter, Kyoko’s daughter began to revenge! Unattended in the furniture department of a department store, are bound by Nao fainting. And the first thing I know, the guy next to the flowers and the sound is strongly involved. “Flower sound, Honey, what are you doing!” “Oh application, the application is, quite oblivious to sis … … get to the destination …” wing man coldly, “you are next! In a mess Help!” Before the hole in the back of the hole to continue his attack … Nao in the fall of intense pleasure. Next go to the eldest daughter Kyoko! Be achieved Revenge of the man?
Quality: DVDRip
Format: MKV
Video Codec: MPEG4
Audio Codec: Vorbis
Video: MPEG4
Video (H264) 704×396 29.97fps 989 kbit / s
Audio: Vorbis 48000Hz stereo [Japanese (Audio 1)] Audio: Vorbis 48000Hz stereo [English (Audio 2)]

File size: 500.5 MB

Multiple uterine orgasm

Multiple uterine orgasm
Description: This uterine orgasm with the so-called “female ejaculation” is that in most video squirting genre simulated normal urination. Here – everything is real. Capture a live broadcast from the site Smotri.com.
It is highly recommended to reduce the playback speed in the player at least twice.
Fun starts on the 10th minute.

File size: 99.0 MB

Lil’ Gaping Lesbians 2 (2010)

Categories: Lesbian, Anal, Girl-Girl, All Girl, Toy Play, Rimming
Starring: Angelina Crow, Alysa, Debbie White, Lara Page, Kream, Sonya, Miss Sixty
Studio: Evil Angel

With his playfully dirty mind, vivid camera work and hot girls both morally and anatomically flexible, Jay Sin is showing the world the wide-eyed wonder of athletically gaping assholes. Lil’ Gaping Lesbians 2 lets bi girls be bi girls, and the cast of horny hotties can?t keep their faces, fingers, tongues and toys out of each other’s openly gaping business. Ferociously sexy Kream, Jay’s Canadian anal muse, joins him in Russia; they expand and corrupt the minds and buttholes of young Eastern European porn novices in every scene. This movie is chock full of big toys and girl-girl ass licking, and accented with drenching female ejaculations. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 03:49:05
Resolution: 576×320
Size: 2.1 GB

File size: 2.1 GB

Baker’s Dozen 9 CD1

Original title: Baker’s Dozen 9
Released: 2006
Genre: group, oral, anal, bukkake
Categories : Anal, Ass to Mouth, Bukkake, Cumshot, Deep Throat, Female Ejaculation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Hardcore, Squirting, Swallow
Studio: Platinum X
Director: Brandon Iron
Artists: Aubrey Addams, Brandon Iron, Brandon Iron, Brandon Iron, Brianna Love, Claudio Meloni, Isabel Ice, James Deen, Juan Cuba, Karina Kay, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, D, Snoop, Dick Nasty, Face Blaster , Jeremy Steele, Jim Beem, Joe Blow, Joe Rock, Joey Lawford, Johnny Fender, Justice Young, Kris Roc, Kyle Stone, Marco Philip, Mike Hash, Robbie James, Steve James

For those of you not familiar with the of the genre – every girl starts with the usual sex scene, ending with a group of guys and completely otglazirovannym face. The first scene between Kareena and Manuel Ferrara Kay is nominated for the category of best sex scenes in a pair. In this scene, Karen Manuel sprinkles his hand during an orgasm while he is working on her G-spot, then a dozen guys end up on her face. This the same “processing” are spoiled Isabel Ice, Aubrey Addams innocent newcomer and Briana Love.

78 Frosty Facials!

Format: AVI
Quality: DVDRip
Video: xvid, 512×384 (1,33: 1), 0,16 bx, 29,97 fps, 960 Kbps
Sound: MPEG Layer 3, 48000 Hz, 2 ch, 128 Kbps
File size: 699.1 MB

[Flash game] Libido treatment Warriors defeated Serena

Defeated in battle … the castle was occupied, the female warrior Serena was in jail, our flock of Oak 襲Ikakaru 持Teä½™Shita libido!
And life begins now … Muchimuchi bikini busty sex slaves of the warrior!

A female warrior was overtaken trained â—†, we have to figure stained oak ugly, full voice female characters, smooth animation with sound effects developed in H!
â—† Blow Job, Tittie Fucking, fondling, vaginal insertion, anal insertion, gangbang, fucking thick with warts, etc., varied play!
Squirting â—†, Facial, Bukkake, Cum Eating, Cum inside the vagina, the difference also provides a short movie adventure movies such as ejaculation anal finish.

File size: 168.2 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0416 – The Slut Teacher – Arisa Kanzaki

ARISA KANZAKI is a female teacher of a preeminent style with dynamite tits. However, she enters about the campus at every step recently and a strange action such as search of one’s lost article stands out. Is she the criminal in case of theft that happens frequently? The humiliation play is immediately made in order to confess. Then, body of ARISA reacts immediately. It spouts a large amount of love juice and joy juice that becomes cloudy, also a large amount of urination and she becomes half mad. ARISA who was made acme many times drives recklessly. The appearance that she become lewd and entreated vaginal cum shot and to want to drink semen is must see. The principal who doubted ARISA who looks for the lost article in the school calls her to stop. ARISA who was treated like the criminal of the robbery declares that caretaker’s man is a criminal. It unclothes the clothes of the janitor and examine, but the thing like the evidence does not come out. On the other hand, the body of ARISA is examined, too. ARISA reacts gradually when she is made taking off clothes and is examined in the pussy by the open leg pose. The finger fuck was made, and the finger is put in anal also and she ejaculates greatly. Immediately aftermath, ARISA who gets excited sucks principal’s cock. It is a way of lechery unworthy of a clergy. It is a problem greater than the theft. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The cock is also inserted in the anal after the following woman on top posture. ARISA entreats cock into the pussy while panting. Other teachers are called and the cock is put in the pussy & the mouth and three holes are closed. The pant of ARISA becomes intense and the ejaculation continues. And, the cock is put in the pussy while anal is skewered at backward woman on top posture. Cock is thrown in the mouth, too and ARISA cry in a body lean back for three holes fuck and is driven in immediately before the faint. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. In addition, fellatio is made after other teachers gather and they touched and licked body of ARISA. She sucks the cock one after another by standing fellatio. It is finger fuck at the same time and she is made female ejaculation. Immediately aftermath, semen is poured one after another in the mouth. ARISA who poured semen of five totals joyfully drinks everything up and got great satisfaction. She made PISS SHOT while sucking on the way. Afterwards, ARISA who exposed the disorder shamefully will be treated as teachers’ slave. After the image scene, it is a pussy attack by teachers. It is a finger fuck & clitoral stimulation by the open leg poses. In addition, rotor & vibs toy attack. ARISA ejaculates by the shrill voice, goes into convulsions the whole body, and blows a large amount of love juice. Then, ARISA was put her panty in the mouth and the mouth is closed with the packing tape. And, it is electric massage machine attack by the lift hip up pose. Immediately aftermath, a large amount of love juice gushes. The power as the actor of veteran surprise is a masterpiece. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. ARISA spouted the cloudiness joy juice and faints in agony when she was poked at bending and back posture. The groan voice is raised in the continuing back posture and she got acme and vaginal cum shot was made at side posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock inserted and semen was injected and semen injected at bending posture after she was poked at back posture. The third cock inserted at missionary posture at once and semen injected at bending posture. In addition, other teachers gather and fucked ARISA one after another. It is not easy play that inserts only the stick and injects semen but it is devil play that stimulate inside of vagina many times after insertion and pours semen into uterine ostium is made. Eight shot at missionary posture and two shots at back posture. The pussy is drenched in the semen of ten totals. Immediately aftermath, Cuzco inserted by the open leg pose. It is exposed in the vagina that is smeared with semen. In addition, a splendid parabola is drawn and it a large amount of incontinence while joyfully licking Cuzco that semen drips. Immediately aftermath, she was hold in his arms and it a large amount of urinates again with the backflow semen poured away. The public morals of a campus are disturbed when there is such a lewd female teacher. ARISA is recommended the retirement after she is made the cleaning of the floor made dirty by her urination. It was the ARISA in the pet house at the school the next day. There is a sign that the janitor who was doubted with a criminal by ARISA made in the cage. The sign indicated gMeat Slave, Slut, Bait is Semenh. ARISA might be loved forever by not only teachers but also students and is likely to keep being made vaginal cum shot.

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:36:12.906
Video: XviD 907 Kbps 720×406 16:9 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 96.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: Japanese
File size: 734.9 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0208 – Her Lovely Smile – Eri Nakata

The sacrifice in this time is ERI NAKATA who hunts in the town. Her lovely smile is attractive, however she might be weak-headed and followed immediately. She seems not to be by really thinking about anything though there are a lot of women who do not think about anything recently. ERI took off clothes as said without knowing how she is insulted after this. The body such a foolish woman by natural is made tattered more cruelly than head has already broken. The image starts form place where ERI comes to the room. The scene that change clothes to bathrobe and make-up are continues. The panty is taken off and she often laughs while the hair around the pussy is shaved with the shaver. It is opening of the making style where foolishness of ERI is strongly transmitted. Clothes are changed to race queen costume and after taking a picture, the video is turned on. Three men who were covered stocking from head suddenly appear there and insult to ERI is just begun. They finger body of ERI from beginning to end silently. Peaceful atmosphere in taking a picture blows off and expression of ERI is stiffened. ERI is violently spanked hips by standing backing style and in addition, is being obstinately licked the anus but she seriously dislikes it. It continues, both hands are bound to the hand in the back and careful pussy licking service and finger fuck is made at the open leg posture. The violent finger fuck goes off and she is made female ejaculation compulsorily. ERI who put on the Race Queen costume is blindfolded and is push down to the sofa. And then, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and compulsion fellatio is made. In addition, the cock is inserted by standing back posture. It shifts to backward woman on top with the cock inserted from back posture and a man make to piston intently with keeping silence. Only the voice of which the woman faints in agony sounds in the room. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes at the woman on top posture and lascivious sound sounds from the joining part. In addition, ERI is violently poked at missionary posture and sweats all over the face and show dimly expression. Though she screaming “Don’t put out inside” immediately before the ejaculation at the bending posture, the vaginal cum shot is forced in pitilessness. The semen overflows slowly when the cock is pulled out. They move to bed on the next scene and three cocks surround ERI and fucking beginning at the missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. Three people change to fuck one after another at the side and missionary posture. A large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy drip from the pussy after ERI is fucked at the backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture. The inside of the pussy and the circumference are congested in red by the violent piston of three people and vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture at the last. The pussy after the cock is pulled out is stirred by the finger, semen blows the bubble, it drips and falls. Another cock is immediately inserted and after the pussy is strongly poked, it is vaginal cum shot again. The muddy semen overflows and goes out from the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly. In addition, another cock is inserted in the pussy that impoverished to a continuous vaginal cum shot and it is vaginal cum shot after violent piston. A large amount of semen gushes momentarily at the time of be pulled out the cock. ERI finds the semen that flows backward from the hole on the sheet after the fact and begins to laugh. It seems to have become crazy seriously. Then, next is attack of vibs & rotor toy. The vibs toy is casually inserted in the pussy of ERI of the open leg pose in the sofa. She is made acme compulsorily and bubble semen drips. ERI is made acme again by continues attacking of the electric massage machine. The last is cum shower party. ERI of the open leg pose is thrown in the vibs toy to the pussy and has been stimulated the clitoris with the rotor toy in the sofa. Semen of total 15 is splashed to face of ERI who sticks out her tongue. In addition, the splashed semen is absorbed by the injection syringe and the villainy play that injects it in the vagina is forced. Afterwards, pussy is stimulated with vibs toy and semen overflows mightily and goes out from there. ERI broke splendidly mentally and physically by fuck that followed fuck. The broken woman degenerates and becomes a mere female. In the future, she will become a splendid female that semen suits and is absorbed in the genital activity till the death.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:37.632
Video: XviD 1465 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 64.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: JPN
File size: 850.6 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0202 – Abnormal Patient – Rumi Nagase

The super lewd beautiful woman doctor RUMI NAGASE appears in this time. There are only abnormal patient in hospital of RUMI. RUMI is exhausted every day due to in the correspondence of the patient who suddenly puts out the cock in consultation room and says, “I want to see teacher’s panty”. The stress builds up and the frustration. Therefore, masturbation that she made after returned from the hospital became a daily work. It will get rid of her frustration by the insulting play of TOKYO HOT at a dash. RUMI who comes back to home from the hospital immediately begins masturbating at the sofa. RUMI violently stimulate clitoris by the open leg pose and get heaven seriously. The boyfriend comes there. RUMI entreats the spank to hips with both hands is bound by the backing style. Then, she is finger fucked at the lift hip up pose, and she faints in agony and made female ejaculation while shouting as “Destroy it to the interior more”. In addition, RUMI sucks the cock, saying that “Please give the cock to me”. And, RUMI voluntarily inserts the erected cock in the pussy at the backward woman on top posture. When the piston is done while being fingered the clitoris from the back, she called repeatedly “It is pleasant”. Next, she is fucked at the standing back posture. The spectacle that vagina rolled up and adheres cock by the violent piston while one leg is lift up gets excited and it shift to bending posture. RUMI shouts “Please put semen out inside” and semen is injected into RUMI who entreats vaginal cum shot. Semen overflows slowly momentarily at the time of be pulled out the cock. The cock of immediately before the second launching soon inserts afterwards and all semen are injected in the vagina. RUMI is said to put on the remote control vibs toy because of he said that “I am going to hospital tomorrow” and was passed it by the boyfriend. And the next day, one patient comes to RUMI who installed remote control in the pussy. There is a telephone from boyfriend that he cannot come to the hospital. It is remote control of the remote control toy on the hand though the patient calls RUMI who seems to be regrettable. It was a patient who was asked by the boyfriend and came to a hospital. The patient throws down RUMI to the consultation seat. Another four abnormal patients also join and insulting beginning. RUMI seriously opposes the continuation play as the compulsion fellatio, finger fuck and vibs toy attack. The clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine while the thick vibs toy put in the pussy at the backing style and a large amount of joy juice are gushed. In addition, RUMI is made acme compulsorily by the attack of the electric massage machine at the open leg pose. Then, RUMI is pushed down to consultation seat again and make hand job service to two cocks compulsion and two abnormal patients make ejaculation to her bust one after another. After this they move to the bed and fucking begins. The inside of the pussy is congested in red by the strong piston at the missionary and side posture. In addition, another cock is thrown in to the mouth at the same time as being inserted by backing, backward woman on top and woman on top posture. Men who were walking in surroundings the hospital are brought in the middle of fucking and the group cum shower party starts. One person pours semen on the face while being pushed up from the under at the woman on top posture. In addition, the cock explodes accidentally in the vagina by the unexpected pleasant feeling of inside of vagina. Semen begins to permeate through the ostium of the vagina when the stick is pulled out and the string is pulled. Immediate after, other cock is inserted by backing. RUMI gets to the face the launching of semen of total 13 while being fucked. The scene of facial cum shot is caught with another camera and it is an image that can be enjoyed at the same time as fucking. And it is vaginal cum shot at the back posture as well. Then, another cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture. RUMI pants calling repeatedly the argot while being made the face and the groin dirty with semen. RUMI shouts distraught as “Please put out much in inside” and a large amount of semen is poured in the vagina at the last. Though the cock comes off while ejaculating, it is put again and the semen that flows backward is deeply pushed in the vagina. The boyfriend is dumbfounded for the too cruel appearance and RUMI is thrown away. RUMI is decides to work for the fucking department in the TOKYOP HOT hospital where examines severe abnormal patient after this. In this moment, the day of night duty that she is made vaginal cum shot by the in-patient until the sense in the vagina is paralyzed is continuing. (This is a complete fiction.)

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:42.299
Video: XviD 1362 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 45.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: JPN

File size: 783.8 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0194 – A Relegation – Ryoko Fujiki

Nice tits & slender neat slut RYOKO FUJIKI appears. RYOKO is career woman in this time. RYOKO appears in pants look unusual for TOKYO HOT. A black suit feels adult amorousness. RYOKO is called in director’s home on Sunday and directed to deliver completed document to the company. However, the director comes into rut to body of RYOKO and attacks her. It is the beginning of insult. It will be excited to see the development that the body and the spirit of career woman are insulted. The director attacks RYOKO who tries to go out of director’s home and her dynamite tits is grasped and nipple is caressed. When the panty is taken off, the pussy is already wet. The spectacle that joy juice pulls string and falls is sensational. RYOKO faints in agony to mercilessly finger fuck. The clitoris is also stimulated and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed. RYOKO shouts “I’m coming” and is made acme compulsorily by obstinate finger fuck. Then, director inserts the cock that is erected by compulsion fellatio at the standing back posture. RYOKO who ejaculates to sudden insertion is lifted one leg up and the piston is done more violently. Director enjoys the fucking at the woman on top, missionary, bending and standing back posture and a large amount of joy juice begins to overflow from the pussy. A pitiless vaginal cum shot is made though RYOKO shouts “Don’t make” immediately before the ejaculation. The thick semen flows backward slowly from the pussy when the cock is pulled out. In a later day, RYOKO who goes to the office is changing clothes in the locker room. The uniform of office lady that skirt and blouse is also attractive. It is three seniors who was watching for chance to play with her before waited for RYOKO who went to work though it is holiday. “Please stop it”, the mouth of RYOKO who seriously dislikes it is closed with the cock. In continues scene, RYOKO to whom masturbation was compelled sits on the sofa and groped pussy at the open leg pose. In addition, violent finger fuck is begun to RYOKO who keeps masturbating is stimulating the clitoris at the same time. And vibs and other toy attacks are made as well. RYOKO is inserted vibs toy into the vagina deeply. When it peeps into the vagina interior in Cuzco after finger fuck by the backing style, the opening of uterus is full of the liquid that becomes cloudy. A man who gets more excited to see the obscene inside of vagina moves RYOKO to the bed and begins the gangbang. The joy juice that becomes cloudy sticks to the cock in insertion at each time at the missionary posture. In addition, the compulsion fellatio continues while being fucked at the bending and back posture. RYOKO is driven in to the situation in which the whole body is shaken and the cock is not licked by a violent piston. Man enjoys the fucking at the side, woman on top and backward woman on top posture and the pussy cannot restrain excitement and flushes. The much joy juice gushes by the strong pushing up from the under at the woman on top posture. RYOKO is made vaginal cum shot by force though ejaculates and withstands for it. Semen drips and drops momentarily at the time of pulled out the cock. Then another cock is inserted at the missionary posture and made vaginal cum shot. Other cock is inserted immediately at the back posture and it is vaginal cum shot again. Semen in the vagina mixes with the joy juice and flows backward to a continuous vaginal cum shot. In addition, it rushes into the group cum shower party in which directors in the company including the executive director are gathered. Original pour pant of TOKYO HOT is installed and semen of total 14 is splashed into pussy of RYOKO. Semen powerfully flows backward by the compulsion excretion while she is taking up in the arms. In addition, RYOKO is made expanding the pussy by her self while standing up and made to excrete the semen of the remainder. The last is compulsion PISS SHOT. A large amount of urination is excreted powerfully. The between groins is closed up and the appearance of urinating can see very clearly. And it is compulsion female ejaculation. The appearance to shout while pussy going into convulsions and to blow the love juice is must see. RYOKO is ordered to transfer to the factory of the dry riverbed after this. Elite’s career woman became a mere factory girl at the end when the mind and body was gnawed. She will reside at the factory as one of the injection holes where the employee who gets tired of a tedious assembly line operation made vaginal cum shot at the resting time as a in the future.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:22.108
File Size: 800.4 MiB
Video: XviD 1420 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3 96.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 44.1 KHz
File size: 840.5 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0184 – A Loan Shark – Akane Matsubara

AKANE MATSUBARA who fall a prey this time is a girl who is devoted her father very much. She came to the office of TOKYO HOT Loan Company that famous at high interest as she was said by father. Father was taking out heavy loans there and he was not deeply in debt and presented the daughter. Though it is the one that there are cruel parents in the world, the more cruel one was a violent insulting of the TOKYO HOT loan done to AKANE. AKANE who came to the office though she is not made hearing anything is requested to offer the body to the mortgage of the debt of father. The president of the office compels masturbation. AKANE begins to finger the pussy in the expression to be sulky. In addition, the beautiful shape tits is made demonstrative and the love juice with the viscosity gradually begins to blot from the pussy. Then, three cocks appear and circumference of AKANE is surrounded and fellatio is compelled. Mouth of AKANE is closed with one cock and hand job service is made for the two of the remainder. The president inserts the cock that stiffened by the compulsion fellatio at the standing back posture. When the cock is deeply inserted, AKANE violently resists. However, the piston increases violent further. The fucking is continue at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture, the joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to all over the cock. The vaginal cum shot is made mercilessly though AKANE refuse s to ejaculate to the vaginal cum shot in poked deeply at the bending posture. Your eyes are glued to the spectacle that cock is pulled out and semen flows backward comparatively after a while and appears to ostium of the vagina. AKANE shows an expression that seems to be sad to the fucking and vaginal cum shot of compulsion for the debt of father. Anyway, to make fucking and vaginal cum shot to the woman who resists is so wonderful. AKANE is made change of clothes to the school uniform in the continuing scene. It may be hobby of director. AKANE who was made open leg pose in a sofa receives insulting of vibs and rotor toy attack by two men including a director. The pussy is enhanced with various toys and a king of vibs toy is inserted in the vagina. In addition, two rotor toys intensively stimulate the clitoris. The joy juice gushes from the slippery pussy one after another and there is the deluge. It is peeped to the interior of the womb in Cuzco after the attack is added to the pussy by the backing style. The cloudiness joy juice adheres in some places of the inside of the vagina where faintly discolors to the pink color and it is lascivious. The cock is violently inserted in the AKANE after moved to the bed. AKANE is made to say, “The cock is pleasant” and another cock is thrown in to the mouth of AKANE who is made the piston. It is closed in the mouth with another cock while it is repeated for a violent piston as back, backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture. Then, vaginal cum shot is forced to AKANE who shows the resistance immediately before it. The semen of the vagina is raked out by the finger and another cock inserts immediately. A painful expression with resignation mixes of AKANE who shows it at piston is impressive. After vaginal cum shot was made at the bending posture, semen flows backward with noise while blowing the bubble from the pussy. In addition, she is made to say, “Please put out inside” immediately before fucking at the back posture. Semen to stay with a violent piston in the vagina is raked out to the outside and the uniting part is slippery and it is vaginal cum shot. Female ejaculation is made compulsorily at the same time as semen’s being raked out by the finger. However, it doesn’t end by this, next insult is cum shower party. Rich men who may pay money for AKANE are gathered. AKANE is installed original pants of TOKYO HOT that is automating pure semen into vagina and became lift hip up pose. She is made to say, “Please put semen in my pussy” many times and semen of total 14 is poured in the vagina. And it is semen compulsion excretion at taking up in his arms. The fact is that AKANE is a daughter of not the daughter of father who has the debt but the chairman of the TOKYO HOT loan comes to light at the end and it ends. A woman is only an object of vaginal cum shot even she is the daughter of a chairman. It is necessary to let woman learn that it be likely to give semen like giving food and man is owner of woman. (This is a complete fiction.)

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:45.184
File Size: 746.3 MiB
Video: XviD 1361 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 45.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 783.6 MB

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Tokyo-Hot n0177 – The Class President – Misa Terada

Though the president has the image of excellent result and leadership, however nobody wants to do it because it is person in charge of miscellaneous duties actually. It is general to make the president suitably recommend person who doesn’t complain. MISA TERADA is recommended by naughty and took the position of the president Thought MISA undertook, she does not understand what she should do at all. Though MISA consults her teacher, but the teacher only aimed at the body of MISA. Furthermore, naughty aim to insult MISA, too. Can slender body of MISA endure many of the vicious play developed in the “Consult me, I will help if you have embarrassed”, MISA is said so by the teacher and made to wear glasses as seeming the president and looking wise. And, the tits are suddenly grabbed from back. In addition, teacher’s finger stimulates the pussy. The liquid that becomes cloudy drips and is thrown from the pussy immediately though MISA is surprised at the teacher’s unexpected behavior. The finger fuck becoming violently and it is compulsion female ejaculation. Then compulsion fellatio is made continuously. Thought MISA vomited cock many times with to say “It is painful” for unexpected cannon cock, the cock is twisted in every case by force. In addition, cock insert in pussy where being wetted by the joy juice. Quantity of love juice becomes more intense to a piston with it being lifted a one leg highly. It gets excited by the image in a detailed joint part that inside of pussy swelling up in red and gushes joy juice. Then, vaginal cum shot was made after MISA is poked violently at the missionary posture on the desk. Semen scatters momentarily at the time of be pulled out the cock and the surrounding of the pussy is made dirty. Next, it is insulting of boy wait. MISA is asked about a problem of a textbook, and she is at a loss for an answer. If the head cannot be used, she is said that use the mouth and is sucked the cock. MISA is made mouthful cum shot by force and to vomit semen to the text book compulsorily. The teacher is pressed oppositely by three total boys whom the other two boys also joined and he apologizes easily though the teacher comes to help there according to the promise. They can play with MISA by teacherfs official recognition and boys drive recklessly further and start attacking by the various toys. The giant vibs toy inserted into pussy deeply and MISA ejaculates as like she went mad many times and splash joy juice like a flood. The appearance where a wet pubic hair entangles around the pussy by joy juice is so lascivious. The pussy enhanced in Cuzco dyes the vagina wall and the uterine ostium in red and is miserable. Then fucking party starts by the continuously. MISA is fucked one after another after compulsion fellatio. Other cocks are thrown in to the mouth while fucking continues at the woman on top and missionary posture. The first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after they move on the mat and other cock inserts at once. All boys of the gather there before one is aware and it begins the cum shower party. MISA are suppressed both hands on the head at the time of fucking. Semen of ten is splashed aiming at the face of MISA who cannot move and semen is poured by the face and the mouth and MISA is made to vomit the semen that remains in the mouth in the glass. It is a compulsion injection of semen in the glass into the vagina at the lift hip up posture after consecutive two vaginal cum shot. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and it stimulates violently afterwards. Semen like the yogurt that blows the bubble overflows from the ostium of the vagina. The last is compulsion PISS SHOT. It ends by the scene that bit urination drips and falls from pussy that get exhausted by violent piston. It is already foolish to go to the teacher to consult what should do though she was suitably elected to the president. It devotes foolish slut to the role that man’s semen is hung down in the vagina without using the head. A new pussy is scheduled to be recommended for the president again when getting tired of this fellow after severely insults.

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Tokyo-Hot n0170 – Semen Storm – Miki Takahashi

MIKI TAKAHASHI who is very sensitive and preeminent style was got caught in the trap in this time. It seems that MIKI has considerably confident for her style, she is done reader model of the fashion magazine though she is a female office worker. In addition, the magazine staff is called to the company where she works and taking a picture of the magazine is started. The president of the company rages for it during working. Such a woman who behaved like a baby should be scolded severely and necessary to have hard painful time by hard punishment. TOKYO HOT undertook this punishment. Taking a picture of the magazine in the company is found by the president and MIKI receives the scolding. MIKI is blindfolded while standing and three colleagues who fitted a mask made to take off clothes and compulsion fellatio starts. In addition, the joy juice that becomes cloudy is gushed from the pussy when finger fuck is made from the under. Then she puts to sleep on the desk and made female ejaculation for the violent finger fuck, what a sensitive slut she is ! And, fucking begins at once. MIKI ejaculates to a strong piston at the standing posture to put the hand on the desk. MIKI is made to acme compulsorily keeps being fucked at the woman on top posture further. The whole body goes into convulsions several times while fucking. It gets excited by the seriousness in which the whole body is flushed in red in every case. And it is vaginal cum shot at the bending posture on the sofa at the end. After vaginal cum shot was made, MIKI is violently stimulated pussy immediately by rotor toy. In addition, three colleagues made cum shot toward the bust of MIKI to whom the compulsion masturbation was ordered with the toy. She gets the acme many times by the violent stimulation with rotor toy after compulsion masturbation. The president who marked down sensitive body of MIKI decides it to the use of the body as the entertainment post to the client. Later, two clients visit office and teases MIKI. She is made to sit on the sofa and is stimulated the pussy by the finger. Also pussy was attacked by the rotor toy and was shuddered. The cloudiness liquid stays in the vagina interior when the pussy of MIKI who pants loudly is peeped in Cuzco. A lot of folds stand out in the vagina wall and seems that it is an owner of an excellent hole wrapping up a cock comfortably. There does not know that an intense piston as a fold wears out is developed afterwards. Then, the open leg pose is made and semen is splashed aiming at the pussy that expanded by the finger. Semen of five is splashed and it is pushed with the toy in the pussy. MIKI goes into convulsions as soon as she wiggles the while body for the piston of the toy. And she is made ejaculation and acme though she is rejecting. The cock is made raw insertion to the pussy where reverberations of the toy stimulation remain and vagina fold still moves. MIKI is made acme while going into convulsions while she is fucked at the bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot simultaneously. And, semen mightily drips and drops from the pussy. Later, two new client visit and MIKI serves them. The client who already erected moves MIKI to the bed and the gangbang starts. A sensitive pussy is already wet. The love juice that becomes cloudy is gushed when inserted cock at the back and backward woman on top posture. The stimulation of the pussy that has well folds cannot be endured and first vaginal cum shot was made while piston was made at the woman on top posture. Then, the second cock inserts at once. MIKI goes into convulsions the whole body again at the bending posture and made acme. In addition, the employee who is working overtime is gathered while MIKI is fucked at the woman on top posture and the group cum shower party begins. Semen of total 13 is splashed to her face and tits. Fucking continues meanwhile and the cock pulled out from the pussy make mouthful cum shot at the end. And it is finished with close up of a face of MIKI who cannot open eyes by the full of semen. She seemed finally to have noticed her foolishness due to the face is made dirty by semen. She is better to stop the model of the fashion magazine in the future in order to take steps in the right direction, she will become a nonresistance further for the thing that likely to become in the presence of insertion of the cock in the pussy and to be made vaginal cum shot.

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Love love wedding

A wedding in the daylight with the fiance.

Standing before your girl in the white dress, you cannot wait until the night falls!

Smooth 3D animation!
You can edit and play the animations in order that you choose!

Features foreplay, female ejaculation, fellatio, back, missionary position, ejaculation on face and more!

Total 50 kinds of animations.

File size: 293.8 MB

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Tokyo-Hot n0144 – A Cute Idol Face – Naomi Akita

Summer is coming !! But isn’t it cheesed with this heat? Such a hot day wants to cheat and confine a lovely girl to blow off the heat. Only the woman who says as wanting become famous seems to be caught to sweet words easily. By this reason, we get NAOMI AKITA who wish to become model. She is a cute face and a girl of feeling that seems to be pure heart. However, atmosphere that seems to be forgiven anything can be felt. It is said it will be taking a picture of the swimming ware model and confines NAOMI to studio of TOKYO HOT. NAOMI visited some studio to taking picture of swimming ware. However, it is TOKYO HOT to wait there. There is no will to take the model picture at all from the beginning, and of course fucking party will be waited NAOMI after suitably take a picture of swimming ware. It is made change of swimming ware from the bikini to a transparent swimming ware, and water is poured suddenly to swimming ware. The body and pussy of NAOMI is played with slowly. She may get to be felt in compulsory finger fuck, joy juice drips down and made female ejaculation at the end. When to be sure taking a picture of swimming wear model in begins, it is such a situation. It spurs in the insult sprits because she is lovely. It got wet from the hole to the anus in soup. Then, Cuzco attacks made to the vagina that got wet from the pussy to the anus in joy juice. Cuzco inserted deep in the pussy exposed womb that violently stimulated by finger fuck. Exhausted NAOMI turns into men’s toys. And, compulsion fellatio of cock that put out in front of her face. It is standing fellatio play that stiffening cock inserted in mouth against her will though Naomi shows pretense disliked a little. NAOMI begins sucking though she is puzzled to the size of the cock. NAOMI is made to lick the other side of the ball bag politely according to the man’s detailed instruction. Saliva hanging down from the mouth that cocks is pulled out and sloppily opened. Then, fucking start from woman on top posture. The part between groins of a white swimming wear is rolled up and the cock skewers the pussy. NAOMI gradually feels it in the cock violently attacked and her joy juice is becoming cloudiness by the piston action. It is an animal that pants feeling it if the cock is inserted even if the woman dislikes it after all. NAOMI may become pleasant feeling and the large amount of love juice is splashed. NAOMI who felt it too much raises the crying pant voice. In addition, raw fuck is developed after the spank to hips at the back posture. NAOMI who throws down in the bed has done the humiliating treatment by brute. She seems to give up and not to have the resisted energy either. Men crowd NAOMI and fuck her as like as they want. She faints in agony to the attack of a violent cock though she made steep expression with disgust sometimes. Then other fucking is made while get wet in the pussy after toy play. Three cocks that stiffened by the compulsion fellatio are sequentially inserted. The load to the pussy is the maximum in the continuous piston attack. NAOMI endured it while becoming a watery eye. After made first vaginal cum shot, other cock inserts again no time to catch her breath. It is tears of gratitude in the labia of swimming wear model with face that expansion completely. Then, last is cum shower party. The semen of 15 men is collected and the compulsions pour in the vagina with the special equipment. Semen is injected into the vagina wall driven in to a continuous piston immediately before destruction at a dash. Soup that disappears in vagina deeply soaks into the vagina that is damaged. Though it ends by the appearance to turn her gaze to surroundings by the face covered with semen, how did she become afterwards ? It was prey that might debut as a pop in his time. However, to play, such a woman is significant. It is likely to have become a wonderful bonus in everybody of the Tokyo heat fan. I gripped cock too much in this time and therefore the wrinkle of the cock has been made on the palm.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:15:51.151
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Audio: Vorbis 80.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
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Tokyo-Hot n0141 – Become A Girlfriend – Hikari Hayakawa

Wonderful body shape slut appears ! HIKARI HAYAKAWA who has an ambition to become dancer fall a prey to TOKYO HOT in this time. If someone get girl friend, she will be the one of best. To wonder to go to a fashionable club together and wanted to boast of it to the friend, however, the delicate body strengthened by the dance is made confused by brute of TOKYO HOT. HIKARI should be the erotic and wonderful dancer, but she was bound, fucked and the end became a cruel appearance. This will bring much excitement that the many treatment that are extreme in brutality. HIKARU wish to become professional dancer who loves reggae will go to the dance school. However, TOKYO HOT dances school there famous for villainy. Anyway let’s see from lesson 1. HIKARI is made change of clothes to disagreeable clothes and dance being compelled at the start, she is made female ejaculation by hard finger fuck while bound to the hand in the back and hung from the ceiling. In addition, she is attacked with the thick vibs toy and the electric massage machine while being had hip meat in the spank. The love juice drips and drops from the vagina and hip meat swell up in red. In continues, she was fucked suddenly at the standing back posture. Her love juice that becomes cloudy drips from the vagina when the stiffening cock is violently put in and out many times. One foot is lifted and a man rots away at once in the pussy by a violent piston action. The place where a large amount of semen gushes at the same time as the cock’s being pulled out gets excited. HIKARI is mounted on the vibs toy that installed on the desk and masturbation is compelled at lesson 2. HIKARI is made the open leg pose in the sofa and the pussy is blamed with two electric massage machines. A transparent joy juice begins to blot in the vagina and made whole pussy wet and she reaches at acme. As for the last lesson, four vicious teachers made fuck to HIKARI with the cock in inculcating an ultimate dance. Four canon cocks inserted into her mouth deeply. It is deep impression to see HIKARI who made service while sobs. Teachers insert the cock in the pussy where got wet disagreeable in the cloudiness love juice and opened completely. The cloudiness joy juice that transmits and dripping from pussy in the anus is the evidence of how she got acme. Then, teachers who get excited begin to bully her body. As 3P&4P play, Teachers put the cock in the pussy and the mouth and are soaked as reaction of HIKARI is confirmed only in pleasure. Love juice is in the state of pouring away to a violent piston that changes the posture as missionary, back and woman on top. The labia pleat roll up violently, expression of HIKARI becomes hollow and the focus of the pupil is not stabilized. Saliva drips down from mouth as well as vagina and cock shines by it. Then, last is continuous fucking party of fear. A hollow expression a little while ago changes into a painful expression if the cock that stiffened hard is inserted. The pussy that received total five vaginal cum shots and two facial cum shot are in the state of slack. HIKARI seems tired out and not to be able to move by strong insult. When it is peeped in the vagina in Cuzco, it was astonished that a large amount of vaginal cum shot semen is remained and overlapped in inside, and to become pure-white. Be at the end of getting up in the state barely though HIKARI who showed active dance. It ends by the PISS SHOT scene of the extra that urinates while happily standing. The crotch is swelled much though it is sad that HIKARI became meat slave and her looks was changed. Though it was thought that it passed to the dance school and got close to the girl like HIKARI, it knew that training cock and make fuck is quicker. Thus, I submit the application to the TOKYO HOT dance school where make meat cock lesson that can make cock stiffen even country boy like me. And, I want to master the devil way by all means.

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Tokyo-Hot n0139 – A Teacher Slut – Aya Sugisaki

Sometime don’t you dream to fuck with disgusting and affected female teacher? The TOKYO HOT achieved such dream. AYA SUGISAKI who put on the red suit wonderfully fall a prey to TOKYO HOT in this time. Beautiful teacher AYA is very popular among the students. Students can’t concentrate their study because of her pheromone is too strong. In this situation makes a student fall. Teacher AYA, how do you take responsibility? For this reason, AYA is tied, inserted dirty cock and made vaginal cum shot and have made AYA as toy. A picture of the state that a female teacher falls is content as a cock becomes uncontrollable. Lascivious AYA who has attractive slender body and under hair was shaved is being trained by the principal in the staff room. First of all, she was bound, blindfold and spanked hip. AYA is compelled to have a lesson with the remote control vibs toy installed. AYA has sunk down in by the movement of vibs toy. Hot blooded students know the vibs toy is installed in the pussy make the cock stiffen and begin to train AYA. AYA is bound the legs by the open leg pose and is stimulated the whole body with two or more vibs and rotor toys and the huge vibs toy is compulsorily inserted in the vagina. It becomes impossible for AYA who gives a loud voice and reacts to do by special apparatus’s is being installed in the mouth when the groan voice is raised. Next, the spank starts by the backing style and the meat of hips swells up in red in a moment. The students’ attacks drive recklessly further and attack her pussy with the electric massage machine. The joy juice gushes in the vagina to the merciless attack. AYA made female ejaculation by powerful finger fuck, and a bubble joy juice drips and is thrown in the vagina. It got excited to see the pussy that pulsates after made female ejaculation. In the continuing scene, one of the students compels the stretching exercise and fellatio to AYA who put on the leotard that the nipple and the crotch are transparent. Other students also intrude into to the place where student’s cock is sucked and then the compulsion fellatio party to AYA by four students is begun. Then, cock of pupil that completely erected by the fellatio and hand job is inserted in her pussy. AYA who was violently rubbed in the vagina by four cocks discharges a sticky joy juice from her pussy. Though AYA is puzzled to the indecent behavior of raw fucking with students, she tunes into the slat pig and begun to greed for the cock avariciously whether AYA become pleasant if the several cocks are inserted. AYA is fucked by the students at the missionary and back posture as like as they want. Cock become enlarge and hard attacks in the pussy lasciviously and it is vaginal cum shot. Her pussy was covered semen by continues vaginal cum shot and face also covered by the dirty semen which made by facial cum shot and such AYA receives the impact of not raising the voice and stupefaction. Cuzco is inserted in the vagina that temporarily liberated from enhancing with canon cock and the inside of the pussy is made dew. A large amount of semen remained in the pussy and the inside of the vagina has been made dirty pure white. The last is insult to the face by 13 students of the and semen is splashed to her face one after another. AYA who insulted by the semen that scatters to the hair and the hole of the nose alias of semen toy is more suitable than the female teacher. AYA is to be going to bring the entire together as not the standpoint of female teacher but toy that get rid of sexual desire of student in the future. My life had changed greatly, if there was a teacher like AYA when I was a student. It is not play truant school and always concentrates on the and made vaginal cum shot in the when cock stiffens. There was not what spent vernal years in the agony either. Who told it to emit by sports in the sexual desire? The semen that was not able to be discharged at that time is still collecting in the ball bag. It is not too late now, I want to tell to put me in of AYA by all means.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:45.866
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Tokyo-Hot n0138 – An Aki-ba Girl – Mai Kawana

This is the second series of MAI KAWANA who has been becoming our first exclusive model. You are so happy for the second series to be seen so early. She appears with the housemaid clothes this time. How pretty she is, the housemaid clothes are the best in a lovely girl like MAI. Additionally, cock gets excited because lisp way to talk of MAI sounds in the crotch. Even a very lovely slut, TOKYO HOT made the merciless villainy play and it is deeply impressed. It is likely to be surprised for a content from which power is improved more than last time and hard play. Her pussy is stirred and inside of vagina has been destroyed. The appearance of MAI who endures it though a lovely smile is distorted is the best to see. MAI is getting the salary at some home of richness as a living in housemaid and hardly scatters smile to her master every day. From the beginning, the way of talk that just read the dialog and the glance is not decided with the expression of perplexity will bring much expectation and cock is swelled. Master’s sons appear there and they begin to play a trick. The big brother who suddenly occur bully mind to wet pupil begins bullying with younger brother. The brute brothers are elated and made attack MAI by the malicious bullying. Though MAI who is perplexed consults father, but father who is more vicious than his suns tells MAI beforehand and begins fuck at the standing back posture. MAI ejaculates every time violently pierced and rejoices. Cock pokes the pussy many times and her love juice is discharged from the vagina. MAI may be felt the presentment of cum shot because the piston action became violent, she entreats many time to say please do not make vaginal cum shot. The master may desire due to hear the voice over which she cries and he made vaginal cum shot. It is so wonderful to see the semen that flowing between the cock and pussy. After throwing in the finger in the vagina of MAI who dislikes it and having begun to grub semen, it is the female ejaculation show. My cock has stiffened to the scene where her pant voice changes into the cry. The brute brothers made MAI who amazed for vaginal cum shot to begin to suck their cocks. MAI becomes M-leg posture to expose her pussy and to be sucked the cock forcibly and she continues serves though she chokes. MAI keeps sucking the cock while she becomes an absence of mind for powerful fellatio service. The third younger new-half brother appears there. He made a mouthful cum shot after compulsion fellatio play and her mouth is occupied full of semen. Attack of brute brothers to her pussy continues further. MAI was played a trick with various vibs toy and she pants in the voice that seems to cry. It peeps into a wet vagina inside by semen in Cuzco after the pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and MAI made to go heaven. The appearance where the joy juice that becomes cloudy begins to blot from the opening of uterus that opens greatly and the vagina wall of the convulsion feeling is fresh. Then, it is a start of fucking party by the master and his suns. MAI sucks and made hand job service for the other cock at the same time as being inserted at the missionary posture. MAI is closed the vagina and the mouth by the cock against her will and the expression is crooked. The appearance to follow with submission as housemaid is so wonderful. The vicious parent and child continuously made vaginal cum shot mercilessly into the pussy of MAI who refuse it at scene of compulsion vaginal cum shot. The cum shower team appears in front of MAI who became lift hip up posture and a large amount of semen is splashed. After concentrated cum shower to her vagina, her both legs are held and semen spills compulsorily without stopping from the pussy with lascivious sound and that’s scene tells terrible. However, we shed tears of gratitude for great of TOKYO HOT that dissatisfied only to fuck to such lovely MAI and fills in the pussy by the semen. It makes a big profit if there is a coffee shop where such a housemaid exists. Please make such a housemaid coffee shop by all means.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:13:01.592
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Tokyo-Hot n0128 – A Saleswoman – Remi Oomiya

The target of insult in this time is REMI OOMIYA of sexy sales lady of insurance. The contract of insurance cannot be taken as thought though externals are erotic atmosphere. REMI who has not get good results for the business was received guidance from her supervisor who asked REMI to use her body to get contact, however, faced destination was a den of insult, called TOKYO HOT Corp. Though the contract was to have been taken by the taught technique, she was fucked by the brute who save up semen and her character is destroyed. If semen is not refreshingly discharged so that the customer may consent to sell the commodity of high priced, it is useless. The devil brute of TOKYO HOT Corp say not carrying insurance if there is no privilege, and compels insult play to REMI. Both legs are bound after compulsion masturbation and many of brute’s fingers are pushed into vagina hole. In addition, the finger is pushed also into anus hole and REMI only groans for hoot of brute like forgot to get contact of insurance. The wall in the anus rubs obstinately by the anus attack with vibs toy, and the vagina jar stir and also clitoris attack with rotor toy was made, She is looked down in the woman who has act only as for the reproductive system and erogenous. In addition, the strange, disagreeable color love juice has begun to blot from the pussy and the anus in the attack with a fat vibs toy. In addition, the toy attack to tow holes by the vibs toy while hips meat was slapped at the crawl o fours extended over a long time. Next, after the vibration of the electric massage machine overcomes the clitoris that a lax attack, female ejaculation is drained off by a high-speed finger fuck. The muscle the inside of the vagina and in the anus slackens like having become no use and finishes expanding a violent two hole attack that goes out of the ordinary groove. It is the compulsion fellatio that bound to hand in back in the next scene. Four men surround REMI and cock is inserted in the mouth by turns. It gets excited by the appearance sucked hard though the throat seems to be closed by a fat cock and to be suffocated. In addition, REMI was made fucked while rubbing wet vagina meat in urine after it compulsion urinates. The attack of the vibs toy and the electric massage machine might be effective, vagina jar reacts to the piston of the cock as rubbery elasticity. The pussy discharges mucus into consecutive insertion. A large amount of mucus discharged by the pull of the string to the cock are the proofs of the learning of making a man pleased by the body and the progress of the technique as sales lady of REMI is shown. However, the anus attack by the backing style begins because the service of the anus is still insufficient. The three cocks are inserted in the anus one by one. Whenever it feels humiliation in abnormal Anal fuck and the cock is pulled out, the waist is dropped to the floor and she is not drawn up the knees, brute compulsorily completely opens the anus and the anus fuck continues. The mucus that became cloudy began to blot from the anus hole though REMI ejaculated to insertion. In continuously, they moves to the bed and fuck at the woman on top posture. Then it is vaginal cum shot after backward sitting, and missionary posture. After semen of three is injected in the vagina, then they made cum shot directly into anus by anus fuck. In addition, the love juice compulsorily blown became impure yellow. It is glaring as human dignity collapses. The last is cum shower party. Semen of total 13 is discharged into the mouth, in addition, the semen is collected with the injection syringe and gives a compulsion enema. It gets excited greatly for anal of REMI who blew the bubble of semen. Though REMI was success to contract by the pussy, anus and the mouth in this time, it will expect it in the future of REMI who finds the new land as the vaginal cum shot slut at the same time as knowing something about the world. I will cancel insurance in which it is joining now and apply for the insurance of the high priced one as pussy/anus simultaneous insurance of contract all one’s life. The chest and cock swell with the expectation from now on.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:39.306
File Size: 740.8 MiB
Video: XviD 1317 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 80.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 777.9 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0126 – The Kinbaku 6 – Yoko Sakashita

The neat and dynamite tits holder of YOKO SAKASHITA appears as office lady in this time. The superior’s obstinate sexual harassment is repeated in the company every day though it is natural because it is an attractive dynamite tits. Though YOKO who has become accustomed to the sexual harassment of the boss recently, the insult play of TOKYO HOT is more than sexual harassment. Our elite force that takes charge SM play especially in our company made polluted her body perfectly with a strong SM attack and a large amount of vaginal cum shot. The excitement level is an at a dash power-up to the appearance of the elite force that tries to regenerate all women as a masochist domestic animal. YOKO became tired very much after she returns from work to home and clothes is changed to sexy lingerie and sleeps at once in the bed. However, she has a nightmare to the bad dream every day and wakes up. YOKO who is suffering from insomnia visited hospital confesses that restricted with the rope in the nightmare and being insulted by the SM play. However, Special SM team that waited in the hospital and YOKO is restricted as much in the dream. YOKO is made it sit on a chair by the open leg pose and gets the pussy bullied with the finger violently. Both legs are bound with the rope hung from the ceiling and it is not shut in own power. The toy attack to the pulsing vagina by a sudden bullying is repeated Furthermore, compulsion female ejaculations of disgrace by finger fuck attack that violently stimulates mucous membrane wall of vagina. Following, two meat pillars appear in front of YOKO in the state bound to the hand in the back and compulsion fellatio is started. YOKO is hold the head and just like as ultra fresh doll. The attack of the meat pillar is more violent than the expectation and the interior of the throat is hit directly, then YOKO sometimes shows a painful expression. Thick semen is splashed to the tongue that hung down sloppy from her mouth. YOKO who was filled in the mouth with the semen remembered one art where it lived as a masochist domestic animal with the face without the expression like the mud doll. YOKO still restricted by the hand in the back is defeated to the bed in the next scene and she is inserted by backing. Breeding is continued to YOKO who is no freedom of both hands and most no freedoms of the body, and three people violently put in and out meat pillar to her vagina jar one after another. YOKO having been untied afterwards receives the attack of three pillars by various postures like woman on top, side and so on. The mark of the rope remains in red in her skin, and it is fresh and gets excited. After first vaginal cum shot was made, a lustrous semen begins to powerfully overflow from her vagina jar and the surrounding of the vagina was made dirty. The second cock is inserted at an instance. The second cum shot is facial cum shot, the semen is splashed to face of YOKO who fell to one of masochist domestic animal that only pant intermittent. The third cock is inserted from the back. Meat pillar is put in and out in the pussy where filled with compound of semen and her joy juice with powerful stroke, and made vaginal cum shot as it is. The semen that overflowed from the pussy flowed without becoming interrupted and dropped because extremely high cohesiveness semen was injected. The appearance that YOKO excretes the semen is the proof of the masochist domestic animal’s slut. The fourth cock made row insertion at the missionary posture and made facial cum shot afterwards. The cock after it made cum shot is inserted in her mouth by force and semen of the remainder is poured into her mouth. It is a closing phase of the manufacturing of the lust masochist domestic animal. Last is expanded the pussy by the cuzco and made raw fucking. After the inside of the vagina that discolors in red like telling violent is exposed, it ends by the scene that pours the white milky juice with which semen mixes from the head to whole body. It was heard that the masochist domestic animal ranch where the female office worker and the college woman had been gathered was in Japan though one woman made in one masochist domestic animal by this again. I will think that I will go out to travel with to drag the swollen ball bag by semen and searching for the ranch tomorrow.

Format: Matroska
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Tokyo-Hot n0124 – Meat Slave – Yui Aizawa

YUI AIZAWA who remains innocence is serious vocational school student. However, YUI is fascinated in a lewd thing. YUI mimicked that the friend is doing and she also access the online dating Web site today. Though a thing happy to meet handsome might have been expected, however it is not sweet so much at the world. The brute team cannot wait very much there when YUI went to house to meet handsome of mail. An inexperienced daughter body has the insulting effect. YUI is flattered and is made taking off clothes, and the photograph is taken. She becomes squat by the men’s inducements and inserts the vibs toy that put up in preparation for on desk into her pussy. She is a state with which there is only fascinating in a lascivious thing, and her joy juice overflows from the vagina meat at once. YUI is made to sit a sofa by the open leg pose, and toys of various shape are inserted in to pussy that expanded greatly by the finger. It is very lascivious to see that big labia move as cramp. The part around the clitoris is violently stimulated with the electric massage machine, the vagina jar is made violent by the finger fuck in addition, and YUI made female ejaculation. The play of brute continued further and made female ejaculation many times though YUI ejaculates by the surprise and shame. YUI who ties to the collar and became a pet slave sequentially make fellatio for the cock of two people on crawl on all fours. A ferocious cock rages, the interior of the throat seems painful and saliva always hangs down from the mouth and the cock is covered with saliva. The cannon cock rushes into from back posture in the continuing scene. The milky love juice begins to drip from the vagina jar of YUI who receives merciless pushing up attack of cock at the backward woman on top posture, and her love juice adheres to all over the cock. YUI shows the expression that can be taken either ecstasy or shame, In addition, her vagina hole is in the state in which it enhances to its maximum, and even the shape of the anus is transformed to a violent pushing up attack by changing posture. YUI becomes a hollow expression in the following posture of bending and the glance sees the distance much. It is a moment when YUI reduced to the new kind of pet as called pussy doll that always opens the vagina jar in front of the cock. Then, they move to the bed afterwards and it begins raw fucking with cannon cock. Fucking is continue with changing posture from missionary, woman on top and back, then other cock come to force fellatio service to YUI and the gong 3P play is just rang. The first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. The semen that has overflowed from the pussy stays for a while between the vagina and the anus afterwards and doesn’t drip below easily. The soup of the strong viscosity pushed back in the vagina again by the insertion of the second person. The joint part gets wet further by the violent cruel villainy insertion in the vagina jar and it is vaginal cum shot again at the missionary posture. A large amount of semen stays in the vagina. Insertion of cock of the third person beginning to the vagina jar that opens greatly and semen was splashed powerfully after violent poke. It inserts in the vagina again before everything is ended completely and semen is sent back to the womb. Next, the pussy is enhanced at the lift hip up posture. The semen splashes force begins to make cum shower aiming at the vagina jar. Semen of three to ejaculate around the vagina is raked up and it is injected again in the vagina in a cruel thing. Her pussy that saved up a large amount of semen received the stimulation of the electric massage machine, and the group cum shower was executed aiming at a faint face. Her face was covered cruelly by the total ten cum shot at the end. The woman will be bred as a meat doll in the future and owning the meat doll with a good condition of the pussy becomes status. The spectacle where it walks putting on the collar to the pussy slave in the town might become general. Isn’t it a little bright in the future of Japan? Let’s honestly save small change to own pet of meat slave in the future now.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:36.576
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Tokyo-Hot n0127 – The Race Queen – Rena Moritaka

What on earth occupation is the Race Queen? They bathe in men’s glances in the racing circuit and the photo session, and the photograph is taken by a shameful pose. Even if they are shameful, they endure it because the Race Queen is made a street point of step up, and they want to take an active part as an actress and a talent in the future. However, a man who is taking the photograph gets tired and is not worth only by taking the photograph, thinking wanting see the chance, the take-home of the Race Queen to the house, and the confinement is usual. The slut collection team of the firearm of TOKYO HOT that burns to the mission of deeply clarifying the race named the Race Queen takes advantage of feelings of the Race Queen who wants to become famous, they caught RENA MORITAKA who has good looks and style, insulted her and made her to one of their slut collections of them. RENA who is taken photograph by the photo session is made to take off the costume one after another according to the cameraman’s demand. Fellatio and rub service by slender leg is compelled and RENA shows an unsatisfied expression with a villainy demand different from a usual photo session. However, the mania team sees the expression of the woman and increases the villainy degree further. After compulsion mouthful cum shot was made, it rushes into gangbang play according to the invitation of cameraman’s as “Drawn out your charm more”. The vagina jar is obstinately attacked with various kinds of toys and joy juice begins to ooze out in the vicinity of the entrance of the vagina jar. The clitoris is stimulated at the same time with the electric massage machine and the amount of joy juice increases further. The sticking joy juice that becomes cloudy adheres to the uterus and it is so erotic. When RENA is made female ejaculation compulsorily by the continuing play of finger fuck, power doesn’t enter and she is in the state of the whole body laxity. Two meat pillars attack RENA who put on black race queen costume in the next scene. After simultaneous fellatio service, RENA is inserted at the standing back posture. Her beautiful leg is highly lifted up and the mucus that becomes cloudy adheres to the cock put in and out in the state of an open leg. In addition, appearance that the other leg highly up to over head likes the player of the taking rhythmic gymnastics on the head and made insertion is a one of viewpoint. It moves to the bed and the raw fucking is continuing while changing posture as back, side and so on. The labia of the congestion feeling is expanded right and left greatly, even if the meat pillar is inserted deeply into inside of vagina, the pupil is hollow though she tries not to forget work as the race queen and to correspond by the pose that she is looked beautiful. The blood of the whole body had to concentrate on the vagina and to have been discharged as joy juice. The first cum shot is splashed besides the pussy and the meat pillar rushes into again. The second cum shot is vaginal cum shot and large amount of raw semen was injected in the vagina. RENA lies on the bed as like as sealed while fully open her leg for the powerful vaginal cum shot and its appearance is exactly slut body collection. The second one inserts in the pussy that keeping greatly opened. And it is vaginal cum shot after violent piston. The mixture milky juice of semen and her secretion liquid of vagina jar is a little high liquidity, and it gushed from the inside of the pussy at once when the cock was pulled out, and fell down. Then third cock inserted from the back. The first cum shot was made beside vagina and cock was returned to the vagina jar at once and semen of the remainder was injected into the interior of the vagina. In addition, after vaginal cum shot of forth cock, it is the powerful and disgrace finger fuck play as shape of pussy is transformed. Last is group cum shower play while attacking the pussy by the electric massage machine. The last scene is RENA who was poured cum shower of 13 brute to the face and tits made a standing pose as race queen. TOKYO HOT adds a superlative race queen to the collection and satisfies it. To tell the truth, though I go to trip to see the body collection of the boast where race queen are mainly gathered, surely drinking beer might be delicious with body collection as dish. Spreading as a new poetic event of Japan among dilettantes and being acknowledged socially are not far either.

Format: Matroska
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Tokyo-Hot n0125 – A Maid’s Tragedy – Miyo Kasuga

MIYO KASUGA with cute looks is waiting for master’s return with the housemaid clothes. In addition to naivet? atmosphere, MIYO has owner of the character that thoroughly devote anything if a man is pleased. It is the one that the woman of the lovely neatness made fashionable with the housemaid clothes being insulted gets most excited. The brute devil team increases their level more than usual in this time and extraordinarily cruel fuck has been done. Housemaid MIYO breaks the mirror that the master values. The master is angry to MIYO and she entreated to say “Please forgive me, I will do anything you want”. And, having been called was our brute team. The cannon cock of brute approach MIYO and she is made compulsion fellatio for three cocks with housemaid clothes. Three cocks powerfully approaching to MIYO, in addition, vibs toy inserted deeply into vagina jar of MIYO who became crawl on all fours at the sofa. Sticky her love juice begins to overflow from the interior of the vagina by the various kind of vibs toy attack. Labia of pussy are enhanced with apparatus and she faint in agony by the insult plays that uterus in the interior of vagina being peeped. In addition, it is female ejaculation was made compulsory by ginger fuck. In the following scene, MIYO who put on the housemaid clothes of the pink color is fucked at the standing back posture. The piston of the cannon cock with changes the posture as woman on top and backward woman on top and is put in and out extends over a long time. MIYO underwent a transfiguration the mass of the meat only of originating the groan for the strong insertion that cannot be known to be an end when. Then it is the vaginal cum shot after violent cock made enough pistons at the bending posture. The second cock is inserted on the bed. The master of the woman who was looking at the appearance is asking to make my friend pleasure as well and made insertion. Then it shifted to 4P play to such simultaneously two other villainy cocks. When she was fuck at the posture, her white milky love juice drips from pussy of MIYO who became a meat jar that serves to a man. The second cock forces insertion disregarding the movement of such a vagina though the peristaltic motion of the vagina jar starts pushing soup out to the outside after vaginal cum shot was made. When MIYO was violently poked from back, her smile of opening scene vanishes completely and it change to angry brow. After second vaginal cum shot, the third one rush into at once then made cum shot into service vagina jar of MIYO at the back posture. When the villainy cock in the state of having kept the erection after made cum shot pulled out from the pussy, a large amount of semen of three mightily flowed from the vagina jar and dripped down. A fat cock of the fourth person inserts it in the vagina jar that became empty after semen is poured away. MIYO was became lift hip up posture after injecting a large amount of semen into the service vagina jar. The groups cum shower start toward the vagina jar that enhanced with apparatus. The powerful semen of total four brute poured in the vagina jar while making it stand from steam and it disappears. Did feelings remain in MIYO who had become the mass of the body only of service? MIYO has clouded the face by seeing such demon appearance. The last is cum shower party to her face. MIYO who was not able to permit the cracking mirror not to have returned to the origin is made cum shower to her face by the maniac brute team. Her face is covered fully by the thick semen that maniac brute patient to ejaculation for long time. The end of MIYO who was able to put the semen of eight total people from not only the face but also the head is painted a large amount of soup on the face and neither the face nor the vagina jar are discernible. Though I am generally admitted to be mania as most of the salary is used for the housemaid caf? there is no housemaid who carries out even here to the master in the housemaid caf? of my resorting. The housemaid cafe of the future is the one that it wants to put meat jar & semen jar in the black menu.

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Tokyo-Hot n0121 – Splashes Of Pussy – Yukari Sawada

The prey this time is YUKARI SAWADA who is intellectual and has beautiful leg though saucy. Though YUKARI seems to be aiming at the woman president, it doesn’t though it might be an employee though it might be a woman president for brute men, yes she is just mass of body. As if value is decided the woman’s how much it being vaginal cum shot, brute made vagina cum shot of angry waves. And, brute is too forward and thick and ripens semen is flow heavily. Neat pussy of YUKARI was filled fully with the semen bubble and to see the powerful vaginal cum shot immediately before suffocation. The president Yukari who put on the navy blue suit sits on the sofa, folds one’s arms, and scolds the employee. Slim leg that expands from miniskirt, the expression that glares from the interior of glasses proliferate man’s anger and sexual desire. The employee rages at Yukari’s utterance, and they changes suddenly to the demon mode. Cock is made exposed and it attacks YUKARI, cannon cocks pry Yukari’s mouth open and fellatio is compelled. And, it is female ejaculation from unscrupulously finger fuck. Brute inserts cock into YUKARI who exhausted from the back with her love juice remains in the vagina. The place are changed to the sofa, a saucy pussy is violently poked and it is disgraceful vaginal cum shot at the end. The semen flows backward from the vagina and YUKARI rots away. Next, masturbation is compelled to YUKARI. Brute intrude into with the electric massage machine to the place in which the pussy is completely opened and made masturbation on the sofa. When the pussy is stimulated by force with the massage machine, YUKARI entreaty to say “please stop it, please”. It is our employee’s veterans to accelerate stimulation without loosening the hand here. It goes forward until YUKARI got acme, after she reaches acme, pussy is thoroughly bullied by the vibs toy, rotor toy and the finger. White joy juice stayed in the interior of pussy when peeping at pussy with cuzco after she got acme again. To the following, it is a start of the raw fucking party on the mat. YUKARI is made fellatio while other cock is inserting to YUKARI at the missionary posture and YUKARI splashed a large amount of joy juice from her pussy at the pleasantness of the great statue. The saucy slut become like this when she is fucked by our team. YUKARI who has been used for the men’s sexual desire fucking at various kind of posture as side, woman on top and so on, and she got much pleasantness for this attack. YUKARI might get other acme when she was poked at the missionary posture, splashed large amount of joy juice again. Large amounts of joy juice us blowing to the second female ejaculation further as high as urination. Time taking a rest is not given to the pussy that is convulsion after female ejaculation and the piston is done violently. A man made a vaginal cum shot while shouting. The 2nd and 3rd cock gets on YUKARI one after another and the continuous fucking feast play is done. The pussy gets so wet by the cannon cock of devil employee’s and they made vaginal cum shot one after another. Saucy YUKARI will live new life as devil employee’s meat slave in the future. The beginning of meat slave life is the group facial cum shower party as a ceremony. YUKARI is end up receiving thick and smell semen from the 13 employee. YUKARI who became meat slave & meat urinal is compelled to open leg and piss shot on the sofa. It differs from externals that seem to be intellectual, it is interesting awfully yellow piss describing a parabola. Any saucy slut who is taken in our hand becomes an obedient female pig at the end. Hope to slip out the base life that variously ordered by colleague’s woman every day and keep several slender sluts as special meat urinal.

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Tokyo-Hot n0117 – A New Employee – Maki Matsumoto

MAKI MATSUMOTO who performed this time is a slut of self-styled as fifth rank hand job service and first of fellatio. Many of you may think that it is joke that such a beautiful woman doing desire. Well, it makes it omit by the seen thing of enjoying it. Anyway, the state from which beautiful MAKI is made dirty by devil brute makes you charmed. How on earth does it become it at the end? Though MAKI seems to perform a neat woman but performed a little hussy slut in this time. MAKI who graduated from TOKYO HOT high school and is working part-time in sexual club receives the interview of the TOKYO HOT Trading Co.,Ltd. MAKI who looks like little hussy girl with pose that fully exposed panty answered question of interviewer. As for this scene, MAKI performed the position that is, and it undertook it very much to the special skill and the motive of the personal history. MAKI temporarily employed on the assumption of probation and puts away toy etc. that casually put on the desk. She then is finding as for one prototype. MAKI who desire for it starts to lick for this prototype after she confirmed no one in the office. The panty is moved after licking it and pussy is exposed. MAKI inserts the toy while voluntarily rubbing tits. MAKI raises a bold pant voice, makes the toy soggy made, and reaches at acme. The employee comes back from business and a toy that soggy is discovered. When questioning closely to MAKI who pretends not to know…. MAKI who exposed pussy fully at the M-leg posture lies on the sofa and toy insult play by devil brute starts. Pussy is opened by the finger fuck like the tear and inside of vagina is stirred. Two rotor toys are inserted in the vagina and it is made to ejaculate. When pull toy with verruca out after it is inserted and moves violently, her thick white love juice comes out from the vagina. When the other various toy is inserted and she is made to faint in agony, the electric massage machine appears at the end and EXPLODES. Female ejaculation begins immediately after making MAKI being made acme. It applause to MAKI who scatters loves juice. After that, office life not to understand whether it is her heaven or a hell starts. First of all, fellatio service is started with office costume. MAKI is made holding cock to the interior of the throat and is a treatment like the slave. MAKI make fellatio service again when clothes tears up by scissors and became tattered. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and each company staff’s cock is held in her mouth. Raw fuck begins at the sofa after four people surrounding MAKI and inserting cock forcibly, and making it suck at the end. It enters sitting posture from missionary posture, her love juice drips down from her pussy when being piston by gripping hip meat. Does it display her skill of MAKI absorbed in the pleasure by the seriousness full mode ? 4P play starts at woman on top posture, it is remarkably understood more and more that the lewdness mode increases. Moreover, because the piston action is a super-high-speed, MAKI cannot also endure it. COCK is put in the mouth that pants violently and closes it, the appearance in which it enjoys to insult MAKI gets so excited. There is no interval and a man who keeps fucking dares mouthful & vaginal cum shot at the end. A selfish action that made vaginal cum shot is so enviable. Because they are the people who do not think it is poor when it gets pregnant at all. After seeing in a vagina where remain enough semen by cuzco, dirty white semen is bedaubed for her body and keeps attacking until reaching acme with the electric massage machine. Please see the awful appearance of MAKI who mixed ejaculate, faint in agony, and rejoice. MAKI who was performing a saucy slut by the first interview found no word for this attack, too. The last miserable appearance is likely there is TOKYO HOT here. PISS SHOT scene of the extra can see the natural MAKI and is very good.

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Tokyo-Hot n0116 – Miss Look-Like Y.S. – Yumiko Shaka

The woman who appears in the content presented this time is just like well-known actress’s debut of those days. Yumiko Shaka, even the name is just like. The expression sometimes has shown looks like her. Yumiko is more pretty, young and erotic rather than such actress. The devil brute made a hard attack to Yumiko who is spread well and bright and made cum shower to her face at the end. Her face was fully covered by them semen. No one can win exactly to TOKYO HOT who walks in devil royal road. Yumiko desperately teaches studying to a foolish who has lower grade level of primary school. It is useless of the effort that no matter how YUMIKO teaches for the foolish boy who pays no attention for her lesson. Then, why does YUMIKO teaches to this foolish boy ? It is because he has the cannon cock. Anyone would have some merit even if he is foolish. The boy who just thinks only fucking while YUMIKO is teaching begins to take off her panty. Her pussy that was shaved exposed and clitoris is already erected and his tongue is approached there and stars caress. Serious YUMIKO collapses little by little and made female ejaculation of our favorite at standing position from finger fuck. There is something to feel the glimpse of lascivious for the volume of love juice that drip down from his hand. Then YUMIKO who exposed her tits starts fellatio. YUMIKO smiles and begins to suck the cannon cock. Head of cock is stimulated by her skillful tongue technique. It is impressed much by lewdness that suck the cannon cock while hanging saliva down. Then it is fucking time in the place in which cannon cock is erected. It is inserted into YUMIKO at the standing back posture. The voice to groan is heard, and the cannon cock is violently move as piston. Fucking with appearance of school uniform gets excited whenever it sees. When making fuck at the backward woman on top posture on the chair, tiny pussy that hold the cock feel pleasure while hangs love juice down and feel the pleasure. The scene that her hip meat is griped and cannon cock putting in and out is so wonderful. Please enjoy seeing YUMIKO who satisfied the cannon cock to shake her hip voluntarily. Then brute made vaginal cum shot as it is after enjoy the fuck at sitting, bending and missionary posture. Now then, foolish boy starts the boastful talk to his devil Devil who hear a happy story send foolish boy on an errand and have insulted YUMIKO during it. First of all, it begins to play with her pussy by the various toys. After it kept attacking the pussy with the toy, fellatio is compelled in the group by surrounded YUMIKO. The cannon cock is grasped by her both hands and tongue is extended to the cock and sucking it. The third brute cannot endure and semen is splashed onto her tongue. It is possible to laugh in the expression of YUMIKO of the absence of mind. Devil brute who cannot conceal getting excited begin raw fucking. Two cocks participate even if becoming entering woman on top from missionary posture and 4P gangbang party starts. YUMIKO who seriously feels it while hanging love juice down from the pussy at the backward woman on top posture can be seen. They violently push up YUMIKO at the doggie back posture and four continuous vaginal cum shot was made at the end. Then it is appearance of devil brute junior as cum shower party. They made vaginal cum shot one after another. Devil brute juniors who get excited to see that begin cum shower to her face one after another. Please appreciate enough YUMIKO who is covered her face by semen and fucked. After all, YUMIKO supposed to teaches study to foolish boy, but finally YUMIKO was taught health and physical education by the devil brute conversely.

Format: OGG
Duration: 01:10:30.593
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File size: 683.2 MB

This video has been removed.

Tokyo-Hot n0115 – A Lovely Girl – Momo Kitagami

Moreover, we have scouted the wonderful slut of MOMO KITAGAMI who has the lovely face. Such a slut having still remained, world is still so wide. Anyway, our devil brute make punishment to this MOMO. Well, what will be happen to MOMO?? The teacher calls student council president MOMO who neglect study recently and preaches. MOMO seems to cry with distressed face because her promotion is in just borderline. The teacher who saw such MOMO starts sexual training that called education. When masturbation is compelled, MOMO responds obediently. When the panty is taken off and the pussy is exposed, yes, she has no under hair. When major labia are opened, the oral of the pink color greatly opens the mouth. MOMO gets wet little by little while panting when just touching clitoris only. Though it was thought that MOMO was a virgin, however it was proved that MOMO is little lascivious girl. The enlarged clitoris swells when the finger is put in the vagina and it begins to move it violently. The lascivious sound is sounding and she got the acme. Next, other teacher appears and fellatio play starts. The erected cock is grasped dearly and MOMO lick it from head with her skillful tongue. The scene that MOMO suck the cock till root is excitement level 95%. Why do you sometimes feel the guilt with a smile of showing toward the screen? Then it is mouthful cum shot after violent piston. The teacher who cannot conceal the color of the excitement calls other teachers and it rush into group fellatio party. Three cocks are sucked and push into the interior of the throat and slaver dripping down from her mouth. It is hard teachers’ cock attacks to MOMO who requests permission. It is excitement level 100%. Devil teachers who get the switch on mode do not satisfy only fellatio and starts pussy training to use toy. At the first, split bar inserted into her pussy at the lift hip up posture and juice bottle and vibs toy inserted afterward. They insert toy into vagina without mercy at the lift hip up posture and clitoris is attacked emphatically at the M-leg posture. MOMO keeps enduring teachers’ severe attacks though she faints in agony. However, when MOMO is attacked with the electric massage machine, she ejaculates and reaches acme. Then cock attack is waiting after female ejaculation and transparent cuzco play. At the first, raw cock is inserting at the standing back posture. When the cock is inserted in the pussy, MOMO made a sweet expression unlike the toy play. It goes in and out so that the cock may run over and tear the pussy and is very erotic. Two more cocks rush into and they occupied her both hand and 4P play is started. They treat MOMO as their toy and enjoy her as like as they want at the back, banding and lift hip up posture. And then, the end of the fucking is continuous vaginal cum shot. Each one splashed semen into vagina of MOMO at the missionary, doggie back, modified side and monkey back posture. The scene of the continuous vaginal cum shot that seen by the non-stop is must see. Hat is taken off to cruelty that stirs the semen by the female ejaculation afterwards. Someone who does not think it is satisfied by this, yes, there is some more. Of course, it is cum shower party. Cock is squeezing and semen makes MOMO to become dirty as bedaub to the face. MOMO is intoxicated with semen packing that contain much protein might have the silky skin and becomes a beautiful skin nymph. It is only semen packing that creates beautiful skin after all.

Format: OGG
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Tokyo-Hot n0112 – A Lovely Slut – Miyo Kasuga

MIYO KASUGA who is the best selection of in this month is appears. Even she is young Fellatio is shown from the beginning to the in the locker room at the school. Moreover, her sucking is so lascivious. It gets excited by the appearance to suck the cannon meat cock violently while sounding a lewd sound. It is made the suck teachers’ dirty cock in the group at the and it gets excited again. Moreover it get excited for the appearance of MIYO who put on school uniform and is put raw cock and writhe. And then, MIYO was made continues vaginal cum shot at the end. It is jealous for the brute who handles such a lovely slut like the toy. MIYO perform modern high school student who behave serious student but actually she is naughty student. Even the school, MIYO called to place where is not popular and start lick play. Cock that has been erected is sucked by MIYO who sit upright with her legs folded under her. Head of the cock is violently sucked up and keeps licking deliciously. It will invite excitement that MIYO turn her eyes to camera sometime while sucking the cock. At the end, it is interesting when she urged kiss to the brute who just made cum shot onto her tongue. When the teacher who connived at the site afterwards calls MIYO in the and ask her to suck his cock. MIYO who wants to avoid suspending from school begins to suck as hearing what the teacher says. It is a so impossible thing in the reality that such a lovely slut sucks a different cock at once. Cock is erected to this unreal situation. And, a few cocks participate and the fellatio party starts. MIYO services to suck the teachers’ dirty cock eagerly. When MIYO made fellatio for all cock in general, then it is time of masturbation show. When he caresses her tits and exposed her pussy then rotor toy is inserted in the vagina and then MIYO violently shakes the body and is absorbed in pleasure. Other teachers who saw it get excited greatly and begin to play with her body. When her tits is rubbed and pussy is attacked by the finger, her voltage goes up, too. They insert various kind of toy one after another into her vagina and enjoy to see the reaction of her pussy. The place where tiny pussy hole is shivering by the big vibs toy is must to see. The female ejaculation begins when pussy is dampened moderately. Her love juice drips and falls from hips. The teachers can not off their tension against MIYO who reflected some tune into the demon. Then they insert cock to her pussy at the standing back posture. In order to get self pleasure by them self, they made hard piston against MIYO who raises the groan voice momentarily of inserting. Cannon cock is inserted to MIYO who is in agony for it at the sitting posture and condition of pussy was checked. Because her body is small and light, fucking with lift her body is no so difficult and hip meat is violently gripped and her hip is made piston up and down. Though MIYO is screaming every time trusted, devil teachers fuck her while laughing. One more cock participates when putting down a mat and becoming woman on top posture and 4P play in which two more cocks participates starts at backward woman on top posture. It cannot be without desire for MIYO who was sucked two cocks in the same time while frown and to pant. The devil teachers enjoy their pleasantness to close her both hole by their cock at the doggie back posture. The end of fucking is continues vaginal cum shot. Four devil teachers splashed their semen to her pussy by the non-stop. It is impressed by semen which swims in the vagina seen with Sakurai of cuzco. The play for the final is continues facial cum shot party. MIYO is made pouring the smell and dirty semen on the face and has a cramp the face. After all, exact punishment is necessary for the slut who is making light of the people. I think that she also lives honest life by this.

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Tokyo-Hot n0110 – A Slender Slut – Ai Ookubo

Slender slut AI OOKUBO appears this time. It seems that she was broken when embracing closely is unbearably good feeling. AI is made to Race Queen and the entertainment world of the horrible society was taught. Please see the reproduction of scary insult play of TOKYO HOT just like always as raw fuck, fellatio party, gangbang, vaginal cum shot and so on. The pattern that the of the BÂ¥C goes into raptures at beginning make much of by surroundings when popularity begins to appear a little and there is not having ability either and is conceited is abundant. AI is the typical example of this. In the place where taking a picture ended, AI puts up her anger very much in the manager who do not work well and complains to the president of the office. The president who was calming her first gets anger at her arrogant attitude and the law of the show business world will be taught. The president who became naked surrounding AI with staff and fellatio party is dared. AI who was doing with an air of superiority also entreats scary of the president and the staff and starts to suck their cocks. Though it is a prohibition that puts out the hand to the commodity in the show business world but the named training of guidance is another matter. The president oneself tries to forge the commodity. The president and staff who turn into the brute insert their cocks into her mouth and guide the fellatio technique while ordered her to not put up tooth. Afterwards, it is a start of president’s individual guidance. He touches her tits and bullies her pussy by the finger. AI gradually wets the pussy though she has a cramp the face. One of the staff challenges the standing female ejaculation and her lover juice scatters splendidly and one of the staff orders AI to make mouthful cum shot by fellatio. Her head was hold and forcibly pushes cock into the interior of the throat and make hard piston action as his masturbation. And, he made cum shot on to her tongue at the end. The following staff lays AI down in the sofa and starts raw fuck. A cannon cock is inserted in the pussy of the bristle and made vaginal cum shot as it is. It is a crucible of the excitement in the dropping semen from her pussy. And two staffs start toy pussy insult play with various toys to AI who became crawl on all fours. Being surprised here is that the walking stick is inserted in the pussy and bullies her pussy. It is not possible to say anything for AI who panting and reacting to such a stick. When AI is made M-leg posture, chopsticks are put in the pussy, and clitoris is picked, the pant voice is heard. It runs in the additional blow and it stimulates with the electric massage machine. Do not forget when you can see a beautiful opening of uterus in a transparent cuzco. Guidance after the toy might be still the cock and cock of president inserted AI at standing back posture. It is a quite common thing that guides the law of the show business world with the cock while confirming the shutting condition of pussy. It violently attacks by backward woman on top posture at the sofa and the technique for making the cock of two brute pleased at the same time is guided at 3P play by the back posture. Then, they shift to 4P play to suck a right and left cocks at the backward woman on top posture again and enjoy gangbang party. AI is bullied by president’s irregular technique at the side posture and it enters to continue vaginal cum shot for the final. Each staff puts the desire in her pussy and semen is splashed into her pussy. Laughter has a lump in one’s throat when a large amount of semen is shown to come out from the vagina. AI is already no value as the commodity though guidance ends by this. AI was put Meat Slave’s label and road of Race Queen was completely shut. AI will go through one’s life as a staff and a meat entertainment worker in the future. As she has no skillful ability at the show business world either, the end that got self conceited is really scaring.

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Tokyo-Hot n0109 – Samurai Spirit – Serina Natsui

Sorry for keeping wait longtime. In this time, it is appearance of the best insolent slut in the history of our company. SERINA NATSUI who has skillful English conversation is 21 years old. The high-handed is felt from the appearance. I love such slut who has much pheromone though the favor divides. The atmosphere not allowed an unskilled brute will invite more excitement. The brute should be the one who want to bully such slut especially. Though SERINA said that she likes intelligence man, she was made to be laughingstock by the devil brute team who has not any intelligence at all. SERINA who wear black suit works as a manager in the foreign company is in the affair with the director. The director came to SERINA who just came back from work in New York after a long time and the love affair started. When it begins to peel off her tits from the sexy black brassiere, how wonderful it is, pierce has put on to the nipple. The sensitivity of the tits seems excellent and a bold pant voice leaks when violently massaging it. He touches her hip with good touching feelings and rub it after put off the panty. After they touch each body, SERINA is made to sit on the chair and boss is ordered her to show masturbation while touching her leg. When the panty is taken off, pussy that shaves the hair is exposed, and her leg is widely opened and clitoris is violently stimulated emphatically. Then her love juice overflows from the pussy little by little. After a few minutes, it is next instruction to SERINA who reached acme. Director orders SERINA to suck the cock of new staff. The skillful suck of SERINA who was grown foreign country is must see. The deep throat starts when her erotic mouth sucks the cock. The lewd sound of sucking cock is sounded and it is very lascivious. SERINA who was not able to endure while making fellatio gripped cock of new staff and inserts it to her pussy at the backward woman on top posture. It is good to see that pussy holding the cock fully. When the stroke is made violently at the standing back posture, it seems that her lewd mode was ignited and she calls indecent word repeatedly. The new staff was not able to endure and made vaginal cum shot. Please pay your attention for the semen that drip from her pussy. The director who did not think it is satisfactory called other staff and orders SERINA to make fellatio service to them. Here it is lascivious 120% as well. The following instruction is toy bully play. SERINA get down on all fours and a lot of toys are inserted in the pussy while sucking the cock. SERINA is attacked by the electric massage machine continuously at the M-leg posture and got acme. Then it is uterus check afterwards, please observe the interior of the tied meat wall. And it rushes into fucking time after she made female ejaculation. Raw fucking attacking is beginning to SERINA who affects a foreign life and have tattoo on the hip. Hat is taken off to SERINA who violently voluntarily shakes her hip at the woman on top posture while sucking the cock though it becomes a 4P promiscuous sex. She calls slang repeatedly in English while sucking the cock. Japanese samurai will lose face if they are loose here. Cock is stabbed in her pussy and attacks it one after another. Then continues vaginal cum shot is made. It is very pleasure to see that the appearance where thick semen of four people makes pussy of SERINA dirty. Not only this but also please stare at the end of a high-handed slut who finishes becoming dirty with the semen shower to her pussy and facial cum shot by a devil cum shower team. It may preserve their honor as a Japanese samurai if they did until here.

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Starring: Serina Natsui
Studio: Tokyo-Hot
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