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Some Pigs – Jackson Price

Description: Two would-be bicycle thieves are tied up, flogged, pissed on and in, catheterized, bare-backed, fisted and used as cum and piss holes. Forced retention, boot work, 69 fisting, barebacking, rimming, flogging, dildo work and oceans of piss are the order of the day. Cum see five scenes of action packed pigfest!

Puts Jackson in a sling. Puts a catheter on his penis and he is forced to drink his own piss.
Starts fucking Jackson. You can see Jackson’s piss going through the catheter tubing and into his own mouth.
Takes the catheter out plays with Jackson’s ass a little bit and Jackson just starts pissing into Top #1’s mouth. Jackson has a LOT of piss to share. Suddenly a tattooed #2 appears from nowhere and is fucking Jackson while Top #1 is feeding him poppers. Suddenly out of nowhere is Top #3 appears. Within about 5 seconds he has is hand up Top #2’s ass while he is till fucking Jackson.

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Duration: 00:46:44

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