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Punishment in Russian Bath House

In the first part of this video we see how three girls are punished by two boys. While the two boys decide to go to a bath house, the three girls will wait for them in their room. The girls have to promise not to be naughty, but they don’t like that and start kissing each other and playing lesbian games with sexual toys. As the boys come back, they are angry about the girls, so they will be punished. They have to bind each other on a low table, after which their asses are whipped really hard with a belt.

In the second part, the scene starts in a house. The mother is angry about her daughter and her brother suggests that she needs a good whipping. Mother thinks that’s a good and tell her to prepare her butt for punishment. After that, she asks her son to give his sister a good whipping, like her father used to do when she was young. He takes a carpet-beater and starts to hit her lazy ass. She cries a lot, but he doesn’t care and gives her the severe beating she deserves.

Genres: bdsm, spanking
File: wmv

File size: 377.5 MB

Das Tagebuch der Mia Magma

Language: German
Size: 1,08GB
Duration: 01:46:25
Resolution: 576×320
Format: .avi
Quality XviD

Street Date: 2011
Title: Das Tagebuch der Mia Magma
Genre: Hardcore, Legal Teen, Threesome, Oral, Lesby, All Sex

This morning have I’s my first concern itself. Then I will have my brother and his girlfriend, secretly watching the Poppen. When I was just in the kitchen, I saw my father, my best friend on the kitchen table by nailing violently. Later, in the bathroom, have I the horny bitch self again and wrecked. After I my brother with two girls caught in the living room, I was finally so horned up that I crashed uncontrollably in a hot four with my friend and a friendly couples …

File size: 1.0 GB