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Dirty Bird – Jayden Grey’s House of Sex

Jayden Grey is a gracious host, filling the rooms of his house with hot young guys having sex! Includes four sex scenes, a super hot solo of Jayden with a dildo, bonus naked swimming footage, plus nine trailers on a long dual-layer disc! Includes a double penetration!

Jayden Grey has a house, and in this house there is one activity that goes on day and night: sex! As Jayden sits at his computer in his bedroom, there’s a knock on the door. In walks David, who learns the two of them are alone. So what do two hot young men do when they find themselves with some privacy? For these two, the activities involve kissing, getting naked, sucking cock, eating out assholes and fucking. Sure, they could have surfed the web or popped in a movie to watch, but when you’re young and horny, sucking a big fat cock is so much more fun. David gets his big dick worked on first, and then he gets his ass eaten before he returns the favor by devouring Jayden’s stiff rod, rimming and fingering his ass, then shoving his massive dick into Jayden’s ass. David wants Jayden’s cock up his ass too, and Jayden obliges until he has to pull out and squirt his load on David. Jayden goes back inside David, and when that happens, David shoots a steady stream of cum clear up to his neck, covering his entire body before Jayden sucks the last bit of cum from David’s cock.

As DJ sits in the living room reading a “picture book,” Jason casually strolls in and begins to make out with him, reaching up into his shorts to get DJ excited. It isn’t long before the pair has iron pipes protruding from their shorts, ready for the other guy to use as a throat cleaner. DJ uses his mouth and tongue like a pro before sitting back and letting Jason return the favor. When he’s done sucking DJ’s cock, Jason perches himself on the chair, ready for DJ to spread his ass cheeks and rim his hole like a plumber cleaning a drain. It doesn’t take long for DJ to get so worked up he has to shove his cock into Jason’s freshly eaten hole, first standing doggie style, then sitting on the chair with his legs propped back. Jason pumps a hefty load all over himself and the chair, shooting to the left of his face and giving the leather chair a nice coat of cum. DJ pulls out and unloads all over Jason before making out with him again.

When you’re in the house of sex, it isn’t surprising to see two hot young men standing in the middle of the room making out, and that’s how this scene begins between Jayden and Justin. Jayden really wants Justin, and it shows in the foreplay as well as the hardcore sex. After trading blowjobs, Justin rims Jayden’s throbbing asshole before ramming his cock deep into the waiting cheeks. After getting his ass pounded hard, Jayden turns Justin around, sucks his balls, licks his ass, spits in his hole and slips his cock into Justin’s warm ass. After a couple of positions, Justin lies on a footstool on his back and pops off a hot load of cum while Jayden’s cock is sliding in and out deep inside him. Jayden then decorates Justin’s chest and stomach with his own cum icing.

The living room of Jayden’s House of Sex hosts DJ and David, who have come for a visit. As Jayden and David sit on the sofa arm in arm, Jayden invites DJ to come join them. After some face sucking and crotch rubbing the clothes come off and Jayden kneels on the floor to worship both cocks. The trio explores several positions before Jayden gets athletic by climbing on the sofa, his ass in David’s face and his mouth on DJ’s cock. As host, Jayden asks his guests what they like, and he readily complies with their wishes. Eat your ass? Suck your dick? Want to fuck me? The gracious host treats his guests to whatever they want, letting them fill every orifice of his body any way they wish. Jayden loves David’s big dick ramming his ass as DJ forces his cock down his throat. Then DJ decides he wants some of Jayden’s ass as well, so he moves him over to the chair and buries his rock hard cock deep into the tight, warm hole of the host. After a good long fuck, Jayden sits back on David’s meat and takes both sizeable cocks at once! David and DJ force both of their cocks into Jayden’s ass at the same time, giving their host a double dick ass-warming present. Jayden’s and David’s loads wind up on Jayden’s stomach, but DJ’s is all over Jayden’s face. Who knows what you’ll find in the next room.

When he’s home alone, Jayden doesn’t let his house sit As he pages through Freshmen magazine, he asks, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Of course your thoughts are that you either want to see him vacuum the carpets or you want him to get naked, stroke his dick, shove a dildo up his ass and squirt a hot load of cum. Which is it? The vacuum cleaner never comes out, so you can guess what he winds up doing. For nearly 40 minutes, Jayden shows off every inch of his tight body and explores every crevice until he explodes with a dildo still stuck up his ass. The shower of cum goes everywhere, and Jayden signs off by inviting you to his website.

Year: 2009
Country: US
Studio : Dirty Bird Pictures
Cast: Jayden Grey, D.J., David Townson, Justin Jamison, Jason King
Director: Grant Roy

Duration : 04:12:31
Resolution : 848×480
Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 898 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 1.6 GB

This video has been removed.

BuckleRoos Part I (2004)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Straight Men, Muscle Men, Daddies, Intergenerational, Uniforms: Cops/Rangers/Security Guards, Beautiful/Model/Stunning, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cum Eating One’s Own, Cumshot, Double Oral Penetration, Uncut Cocks, Group Sex, Latino Men, Interracial, Outdoor Sex, Tattoo, Threesomes/Threeways, Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking, Theme: Drinking/Drug Taking/Partying, Theme: Romance, Theme: Cowboys/Farm Hands/Ranchers
Starring: Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Owen Hawk, Edu Boxer, Chris Wide, Mike Dasher, Diego De LaHoya, Todd Maxwell, Jake Andrews, Brad Benton, Sam Shadon, Ricky Martinez, Arpad Miklos, Josh Hardman
Studio: Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

It’s hard to know where to begin with BuckleRoos; it’s that good. But even more, it’s that much fun! That’s the secret of BuckleRoos: It’s a fabulous, fun fuck flick; a hard-core gay porn western fantasy romantic comedy. There’s nothing to compare it to. While so much gay porn takes itself too seriously, BuckleRoos is a hoot. Hell, it’s a hootenanny! Still, where do you start?
Do you start with the directors? Jerry Douglas has been making gay porn since the 1970s; he helped invent the thing. John Rutherford has practically turned it into an art form, first at Falcon and now as the head wrangler at Colt, where he has here revived its once-sizzling Buckshot production label. Imagine Robert Altman and Steven Spielberg working together and you get the />Or do you start with the cast? Every single man in BuckleRoos is at his absolute sexual peak. The diversity is astonishing: from lean, lithe and barely legal to mighty-muscled hard bodies who’ve seen it all. There are eager newcomers, seasoned veterans and at least one break-out star turn. Most are uncut, and the different ways they fool with their foreskins are worth the price of the video alone.
Or do you start with the production standards? Todd Montgomery’s videography, Andrew Rosen’s editing, plus the lighting, sets and music are impeccable, better than some mainstream videos. The opening scene is a crane shot of a pick-up truck driving into a ranch. A crane shot? Nobody does crane shots in porn!
Or you start with the story? Nobody, but nobody, does story porn better than Jerry Douglas, and this is his masterpiece. Here the sex and story are so thoroughly interwoven that you can’t have one without the other – and each makes the other more exciting.
So, come and listen to a story about a Man in Black. No, it’s not Johnny Cash, but Zak Spears in a non-sexual role – though this man is more sexual fully clothed than most men are buck-naked. He plays a mystical figure – ghost, spirit, fairy godfather? – who dispenses magical belt buckles. While most belt buckles keep pants on, these keep pulling them off. He stays to watch what happens and even helps things along.
Right now he’s looking after the owners of the “Beefland Ranch,” Kick (Dean Phoenix) and Jed (Marcus Iron). These two guys live by one rule: no sex a second time around; it’s “hello,” then “goodbye.” They had sex with each other once but vowed never to do it again. Luvin’ can trap a man, so now they’re just best buddies.
There have never been two more well-defined characters in gay porn than Kick and Jed – ever. They even do their sex in character! Kick is the head man, and an easy going kind of guy. Dean Phoenix came out of retirement just to make BuckleRoos. His body has a hardened maturity and his hair is now long and curly, making him irresistible in a whole new way.
Jed is the archetypal laconic cowboy best friend who hardly talks and never takes his hat off. And Marcus Iron plays him perfectly. Iron has never really been given his due, so BuckleRoos should make him the star he deserves to be. As good as Phoenix is (and he’s incredible), Iron has the 2005 GAYVN Best Actor award in a lock. You read it here first.
It’s evening, and both guys are horny. They go to the local bar, where Kick cruises a bleach-blond stud (Josh Hardman) he’s been after for months. The Man in Black magically appears, gives him the belt buckle, and Blond Stud suddenly goes after Kick like a wild stallion. At one point, Kick actually moves like the broncho-buster he once was while fucking the stud. That’s what I mean – Phoenix uses a fuck to define his role.
Next, while driving into town, Jed is pulled over by a state trooper, the dark, hairy and very beefy Todd Maxwell. The Man in Black suddenly appears and replaces Jed’s belt with his own – and bam, the cop is now a voracious bottom. Jed can’t even get all his clothes off before he’s fucking the pig like a pig, even using the billyclub as a dildo. And when the cop tries to take off Jed’s hat, the cowboy interrupts his cocksucking to yell, “Don’t ever touch my hat.” Shee-it, you just don’t see that kind of acting in gay porn.
Back together at the ranch, the doorbell rings, and it’s Kick’s teenaged nephew Jimmy Joe (Owen Hawk, another star in the making), whose parents have thrown him out for doing one too many football players. He talks about hitching to the ranch – and with that we have a flashback to a voracious threeway with Hawk, Brad Benton and Diego de La Hoya. The scene is done in a parked convertible in an open field, several hundred yards away from a busy freeway. You can see and hear the traffic as they’re screwing their brains out.
The highlight of the scene – and something that this reviewer has never seen before (and has always wanted to) – is a revolving daisy chain: The three line up to fuck each other, and in time the man on the receiving end pulls his ass off the middleman’s cock, puts on a condom given to him by the Man in Black, moves to the other end and plows into the end guy – who now becomes the middleman.
I dare you not to cum during this scene. I just dare you!
Now it’s time for a solo scene, BuckleRoos style. Ranch hands Ricky Martinez and Arpad Miklos are bored. There are two full-length mirrors in their barracks, so each guy starts making out – with his own reflection. This usually flops in porn, but here it’s pure perfection. Martinez and Miklos couldn’t be more different – a younger, taut, smooth-skinned Latino and an older, beefy, hairy Hungarian. Still not satisfied, they finish with the mirrors and start sucking themselves off. Yep – two guys self-sucking at the same time, ending in massive dual facial cumshots and scarfings.
I ain’t never seen nuthin’ like that before!
The only way to end this is an orgy. Kick and Jed head back to the bar. The Man in Black waves his hand – and everybody suddenly gets naked. Kick and Jed sit back and jerk off as they watch five guys go at it. As before, each guy has a different look: Jake Andrews just gets hotter as he gets older; Colt Exclusive Chris Wide’s chest is as wide as the Texas horizon; fellow Exclusive Mike Dasher is dark and mature with thick lips; Sam Shadon has a biker look; and Edu Boxer is compact, hairy, Latin and insatiable.
Everybody goes at each other, with Andrews and Shadon taking the bottoming duties, and it is a testament to the camerawork and editing that you always know exactly who is doing what to whom. Eventually the Man in Black lures Kick and Jed to stand up and press against each other as they jerk off. At the moment that they start to cum, they start to kiss – ravenously. They then pull back, stare at each other in astonishment, and… fade out. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:59:35
Resolution: 576×432
Size: 1.55 GB

File size: 1.4 GB

Granddaddy spire young granddaughter

The gray-haired grandfather porit his flaccid penis pussy his young granddaughter, with longish legs and an attractive figure.

About this video:
Prodolzhitelnoct: 00:20:49
Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 860×486, 1700 kb / s, 25.00 fps (r)
Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 80 kb / s
Size: 266.96 MIB
File size: 266.9 MB

Technical ecstasy

Year: 1999
Genre: Cyber Sex, Group, Interracial, Leather
Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes.
Directed by: Wash West
Studio: Men of Odyssey
Starring: Brett Ford, Chad Kennedy, Dean O’Connor, Dennis Lincoln, Derek Cameron, Joe Romero, Jon Erick, Marc Hamilton, Rob Hirk, Sam Crockett, Sandy Sloan, Tony Donovan

Description: Virtual reality gets the gay porn treatment, and it’s virtually and visually awesome. Pairing some of the hottest superstars of sex with some spirited newcummers was a great Wash West gets the most out of his performers, both sexually and acting-wise. The script is witty and the photography rivals that of big budget Hollywood films. The plusses – anytime Derek Cameron gets plowed, it’s a scene to remember, and here he gets slammed twice, once by cutie Dean O’Connor, and once by über hunk Jon Ashe. Add to that the barracks orgy, and the intense fucking Sam Crockett gives Chad Kennedy, and the heat quotient ratchets up big time. The minuses are that the Lincoln / Donovan scene fails to ignite many sparks. Bottom Line? Changing into Jon Ashe isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is highly recommended.
Size: 763 MB

File size: 762.8 MB

Father Figure 2

Year: 2002
Country: US
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Daddies / Men, Hairy
Length: 1:25:15
Directed by: Casey O’Brian, Peter O’Brian
Studio: All Worlds Video

Starring: Thomas Bond, Cameron Fox, Anthony Holloway, Paul Johnson, Kyle Richards, Stonie, Park Wiley, Parker Williams
Description: When two fathers and their sons stay at the All Worlds Resort, a hot time is had by all! The action begins when “the straights” check in only to find out it’s an all-gay resort.
Cameron Fox’s uncle Thomas Bond stops by to say hi and get his dick sucked. The uncle and nephew kiss and rub crotches. The two stroke each other’s boners and uncle goes down on Cameron’s stiff cock. Nephew then fingers his uncle’s butt before going down on Thomas’s dick. Uncle Tom then bends over and gladly gives up his love pucker to his horny nephew. Thomas then lies on his back for Cameron to get deeper penetration. Thomas then shoots his cum in his mouth while his nephew shoots on his face and chest.
When the two straight sons come out to each other, they get all hot and bothered. Son Park Wiley gets it on with the other son, Anthony Holloway, in their room. The two smooch and Park sucks on Anthony’s cock. Both move into a 69 and work each other’s throbbers. Dad Paul Johnson listens at the door and finds himself getting a hard-on. Park then sticks his dick in Anthony’s virgin ass and fucks him doggy style. Park cums on his buddy’s back. Anthony fucks Park and them cum, while dad spies on the two sons.
Stonie reminisces about his dad (Sam Crockett) getting sucked off by his buddy. Stonie then spies daddy looking at Kyle Richards poolside, and it isn’t long before the two move into the video library where they begin kissing. Stonie goes down on the mature man and works his stick prick. Dad Parker Williams sees the two and finds himself getting hot and bothered. Kyle then returns the favor and sucks on Stonie’s cock before eating out his smooth bubble butt. Kyle proceeds to fuck Stonie in front of the fireplace. The two sons see Anthony’s dad getting excited and make plans for their fathers that evening. Stonie sits on Kyle’s man meat and goes for a ride. Stonie spills cum on Kyle’s chest while Kyle shoots his own load.
Later that night, the two dads are trying to get some sleep, only to be surprised by their sons waking them up by sucking their cocks. Only to find that they are sucking off their own dads’ dicks. The dads and sons proceed to a cock sucking and butt fucking fourgy, with both sons giving up their assholes for their dads’ big cocks.
Father Figure 2 is sexy fun, filled with daddy-looking
and youngish guys who know how to get it on!
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MP4
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG1 Video 352×240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1246kbps
Audio: MPEG1 – Layer 2, 44.1 kHz, 2 chn, 128.0 kbit / s
Size: 850 MB

File size: 850.3 MB

This video has been removed.

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