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Raging Stallion – Humongous Cocks #2

Down Right Dangerous – Rick Hammersmith and Matt Sizemore
Rick finds his way into the hands of Matt Sizemore for a fuck that will make your eyes pop! This pairing is a match that gave director Chris Ward a rare chance to become an erotic artist. Beautifully filmed and right down to business, Sizemore delivers the finest fuck of his long, hard career, and Hammersmith takes the ride of a lifetime in what certainly will be one of the most talked about scenes of the year. Other video companies take note – Raging Stallion shows you how it should be done!

Sexpack Six: Heavy Equipment – Mark Evrett Solo
The scene isn’t a long one, but it’s every bit as fulfilling as the others, given how deep tangly haired Mark Evrett can take a dildo all by himself. The dildo is perhaps twice the width of Michael Brandon’s dick and certainly longer. Mark positions the dildo squarely on a simple wooden chair and with no time or effort wasted, he slides right down it, right down to the balls. This is an ass that knows no fear. The camera remains on Mark’s ass for most of the time, but you do get glimpses of his face just to show how much it all means to him. There is no hint of timidity in Mark continually impaling himself on the scary piece of latex. When he’s fully down it, you wouldn’t even know he’s doing anything but sitting on a chair, that’s how deep in his furry beautiful ass it is. He has a nice upward curving cock of his own and for the end of the scene he jacks it off for us, with a spurt that proves how much this dildo meant to him.

Sexpack Nine: Fire in the Hole – Michael Brandon and Matt Fuller
Cutie brunet Matt Fuller is in a sling and Michael Brandon is busy eating his ass and blowing him. Michael fits in a tongue and a few fingers with total ease, and the better part of his chin. The intensity spills off Michael, as always. The blow job is wonderful as well, Michael deep throating as if there’s not such thing as the back of a neck. Michael then insists Matt suck his cock, and Matt, still in the sling, manages the better part of it to his own amazement. Michael unfairly tries to face-fuck him before he’s really used to it, but once Michael grabs the sling and rocks Matt’s face into it, Matt becomes the hero of the scene, swallowing every last inch without so much as a gag. Michael finally gives the scene what it wants, and he fucks Matt, helpless in the sling. Michael is up to all of his usual tricks, starting off slowly but in total control. Matt’s ass spreads for Michael and as Michael gets harsher and falls into a terrorizing frenzied speed, Matt doesn’t so much as whimper. It’s a great fuck from both guys and Michael cums at the end of it, not too tired to blow Matt into cumming next.

Sexpack Ten: This End Up! – Tom Vacarro and Mike Soldier
Hairy Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With Vacarro around you can bet there’s gonna be gallons of fertilizer, especially if insatiable Soldier is on hand. The two take their al-fresco adventure to the highest level.

The lens captures every second of the duo’s erotic interplay in the first of four furnace-hot vignettes. A spit-heavy deep throating session leads to Vacarro using his unprotected prick to tease the entrance of Soldier’s hole – dangerous in a way but great to look at (you’ll see even more of this dodgy-dipping in Nexus). Soldier’s hole is screaming to be filled, so Vacarro rubbers up and launches into a Rodger Ramjet, with Soldier taking it all on a pile of Green-All grow-bags. Watching this scene you’ll realize there was little doubt the Man of the Year award was well-and-truly deserved…

Passport to Paradise – Ivan Andros, Carlos Morales, Miguel Leonn
This, according to Chris Ward, is the finest scene he has ever filmed – especially when combined with the third scene. As Ward says “This is the best erotica I have made.” What more can be said?

As the scene unfolds, Carlos Morales is topping Ivan Andros – these two world-class studs have never looked better and the pairing is one made in porn heaven. Carlos, usually a bottom, told us that he is actually just as much a top. When he showed us his 10 inch cock, thick as a beer can, Ivan’s eyes bulged, and within minutes his ass was straining to take Carlos all the way to the base. Carlos fucked him silly, in some of the most dramatic positions possible. This scene is so well-filmed that you will rewind it over and over again, enjoying the juicy cum shots each and every time. Okay guys – here is the bottom line: this scene is a sure bet for award consideration at next year’s porn Oscars!

After Carlos and Ivan cum, Miguel Leonn joins the fray for an entire second round of stunning fucking. Believe it or not, this scene actually outdoes the previous one as the three world-class superstars demonstrate to everyone that they are the best porn stars on the market today. Without a doubt these guys are pros, and with the Raging Stallion film crew, under the tight direction of Chris Ward, they deliver the goods in a way that is rarely seen in adult film. Add to this the stirring romantic music composed by JD Slater and you have an award-contending scene for best three way of 2005. Don’t miss the final moment, when Miguel pulls out of Carlos’s cannonball ass, leaving the condom behind as he shoots his hot Latin load across quivering bubble butt…

Arabesque – Cory Coons and Remy Delaine
Deep inside the palace, in a small chamber decorated with colorful carpets and stone columns, Raging Stallion’s Man of the Year, Remy Delaine, stands in embrace with Cory Koons (who looks like a little Palestinian slut!). The two caress each other as their cocks grow to full attention, which in Remy’s case is really something to see! Pants soon drop and Cory goes down on Remy’s huge cock (one of the largest in porn today!) servicing his master with his eager mouth! As Remy’s cock gets harder and harder, longer and longer, thicker and thicker, Cory struggles until his first hole is worn out. Remy flips him over and impales him with slamming long strokes that practically rip Cory in two. Guys, this cock is thick and Cory takes it like a man. It is a powerful moment and a great demonstration why Remy was chosen as our Man of the Year.

Passport to Paradise – Miguel Leonn Solo
Miguel lays down for a quiet solo, the camera carefully documenting his amazing beauty. He is Mr. Raging Stallion and he has never looked better! Nominated at GayVN 2005 for Best Solo, Best Latin Film, Best Three Way, and Best Alternative Release.”

Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: divx

File size: 1.7 GB

Belladonna, Carol and Nacho Vidal’s

An exciting trio of men, cute girls and trance, the girl is better known as Belladonna comes from the soul.

File size: 315.7 MB

Crossroads of Desire

Year: 2003 Length: 118 min.
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Group Sex, Cum Eating, Facial Cumshots Muscles, Rimming
Directed by: Kristen Bjorn Studio: Sarava Productions
Starring: Cesar Moreno, Domingo Montero, Victor Villanueva (aka Viktor Perseo), Juan Jimenez (aka Antonio Marquez), Craig Decker, Delmo Santeiro, Slava Petrovich, Ze Oliveira, Hugo Peligro, Lucas Andrades, Ivan Andros, Eduardo Valenti, Andres Duranza, Mateo Ferrero, Julio Vidal and Hugo Viera.

Description: Though the exact location of the “crossroads” is unspecified, the title is almost apropos – the studs in the production are from all over the world, and they meet in the same place, but their trysts are better described as fueled by pure animal lust than simple desire. Guess “Crossroads of Lust” would have been too base, huh? Like a few of his other productions, this one brings together Kristen Bjorn men that are gorgeous by contrast – from the creamy skinned European stud to the dark, handsome lusty Latino hunk. The sex is altogether riveting, whatever the national origin of the men.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: DivX 5 720×480 29.97fps 780Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps
Size: 836 MB

File size: 836.4 MB

Made In Xspana 3 (2010)

Categories: Gonzo, Anal, All Sex
Starring: Sara May, Lady Diamond, Naara, Yoha, Sophia Arenas, Nacho Vidal
Studio: Evil Angel

Famed director/porn stud Nacho Vidal is from Spain, and in the five fresh scenes of his new Made In Xspana 3, he works Spanish sluts not only in his homeland, but right in his own house. Each scene showcases an attractive local girl who loves getting off on his thick prick. Lady Diamond, Sara May, and Naara are light-skinned blondes. An anal plowing makes Lady Diamond gasp; Naara is a body builder who looks hot getting nailed in the shower; Sara May is a Spanish porn star whose lust for Nacho inspires picturesque deep-throat cocksucking. Black-haired, white-skinned Sophia Arenas looks like a China doll till she indulges Nacho’s foot fetish (among other things). Striking Yoha, a dark-haired, buxom beauty of Colombian descent, proves herself an enthusiastic ass eater, and her own butt gets prick-pounded. Nacho is an energetic, dominant fucker in all of the scenes, and in four of them he manages to finger his girls to explosive, gushing female ejaculations. Full of deep-throating, hard fucking, and anal drilling, this movie delivers the nasty carnality Nacho’s fans (and girlfriends) demand. The disc includes cumshot recap, photo gallery, cast list, filmographies, and trailers.
Scene 1: Yoha is a striking Spanish girl of Colombian descent. Her dark skin, long and silky black hair, pierced nipples, thick pussy lips and curvy ass look racy packaged in a black corset and fishnet stockings, but this eager slut’s enthusiasm for sex makes her all the hotter. She spreads for Nacho Vidal’s camera, and as she sucks his cock, her dark eyes and deep cleavage raise the temperature. He grips the sexy cocksucker’s hair, and soon the fellatio gives way to a lusty, thorough rim job as he rubs his ass in her face. Yoha masturbates as he cock-whips her jowls, and then that big bone goes straight up her ass without so much as a pussy prelude. Nacho nails both cunt and ass doggie-style (the camera loves that view of her butt), and then she rides his prick, grinding her twat desperately as her sweat ruins her hair. When he can take no more of her heat, he pumps a big wad into her mouth, leaving jism on her upper lip and up her nose.
Scene 2: Lady Diamond’s blonde hair and white skin are set off by her plaid skirt, thigh-high stockings and black G-string. But her most prominent features may be her thick lips, her natural tits and her meaty pussy lips. She gets Nacho Vidal’s attention sucking his cock before teasingly stripping out of her skirt. Not one to be led along, he forcefully fingers her fat-lipped cunt till she ejaculates a wet spray of girl cum. Lady Diamond crawls to Nacho and gives him a rim job, tonguing his asshole earnestly. He tugs her head way up into his crack, whispering to her in Spanish. Her butt looks shapely and enticing as she rides cock, breathlessly grinding her gash into his crotch. Nacho fucks her asshole to gaping, then spits into the resulting black hole. “Si,” the Spanish home girl gasps as he butt-fucks her in a standing position. He jerks his semen into her mouth.
Scene 3: Her white skin, black hair and lush lips make her look like a china doll, but her fishnets and high spike heels show that there’s a bit of hell in Sophia Arenas. Nacho Vidal aims to fuck it out of her. Sophia poses, spreads and makes out with Nacho, soon sucking his cock and sitting on his face. He fingers her to a gushing female ejaculation, splashing the purple sheets on his bed. For foot fetishists: Nacho sucks Sophia’s feet and toes, stockinged and then bare; in turn she strokes his cock between her peds. With her legs bent back way above her head, he grips those feet and fucks her pussy, making her smile devilishly. He fingers her to another squirting ejaculation, flooding her fat pussy lips. She sucks his cock and strokes his jism onto her tongue as he groans. Sophia slurps off the spent sperm, and the blown-away Spanish babe vows in English, “I love you forever.”
Scene 4: Sara May is a beloved (well, at least “belusted”) XXX star in Spain, but until this scene she’d never performed with her countryman, Nacho Vidal. The longhaired, dirty blonde’s ass looks cute in and out of black panties. Nacho spreads her ass and thumb-fucks her pussy. She sucks his big toe and lustfully licks his foot. Blowing his cock, her brown, Spanish eyes make seductive contact with the camera. Nacho grips her hair as she deep-throats his dong till she drools gag spit _ great visuals here capture her animated cocksucking body language and the tongue she wraps underneath his meat. More cool views come when Nacho fucks Sara May against a mirror; her nipples stiffen and she gasps, then chokes with Nacho’s powerful paw constricting her throat. He bends her legs back on the bed and fingers her to a grunting, messy ejaculation. More fucking _ he spreads her legs wide, then cranks them back behind her head, then lets her breathlessly ride his cock. Finally, she grips his big prick deeply in her throat and with her hands, conjuring a spunky load for her tongue and face.
Scene 5: Pale-skinned Spaniard Naara has long, blonde hair, blowjob-ready lips on top and thick vaginal lips below, plus a prominent clit. Most intriguing to Nacho Vidal are her muscular arms, thighs and calves. He bends her over to lick her fat pussy lips from behind. Fingering her cunt deeply, he extracts a contraceptive ring and comments that it’s time to make babies! The combined effects of rimming her asshole, eating her pussy, spitting into her holes and fucking her twat leave her wet, but not so much as after he fingers her to a couple of squirting female ejaculations. The second gusher splashes the camera lens, and Nacho rubs her girl cum into her skin. She sucks his cock and tastes what she calls, “My cunta!” Nacho grips Naara by the hair and crams his fat cock into her big mouth to the balls; her deep-throating produces gag spit that flows onto her round tits. He cock-whips her face and she tongues his asshole. In the shower, Nacho presses the standing Naara into the glass wall, flattening her tits. He sits on the toilet so she can ride his cock. Once more he fingers her pussy to an explosive ejaculation, this time with her splayed acrobatically on the bathroom floor. Now it’s his turn to cum, right in her mouth. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:18:49
Resolution: 608×336
Size: 1.43 GB

File size: 1.4 GB