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Taken – To The Lowest Level ( Director’s Cut ) / 2009 [ Rascal Video ]

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Gang Bang, Muscle Men, Mutual Masturbation, Hunks, Anal Sex, Ball Slapping, Big Loads, Big Balls, Blonds, Bondage & Discipline, Cum eating, Dildos – Toys, Deep Throating, Dirty Talk, Fantasies, Fisting, Horsehung, Hot Wax, Interracial Sex, Kink, Kissing, Live Sound, Leather, Older Men – Younger Men, Oral Sex, Orgy, Rimming, Rough Sex, Rugged Men, S&M, Sandwich Fucking, Slaves, Spitting, Threeways, Water Sports
Length: 04:11:39
Starring: Adam Killian, Phillip Aubrey, Johnny Hazzard, Jeremy Bilding, Mitchell Rock, Diesel Washington, David Taylor, Luke Cassidy, Derek DaSilva, Tyler Saint, Lucas Knowles, Josh West, Dominic Pacifico, Chad Manning, Zane Jacobs, Zack Jamison, Shane Risk, Blake Riley
Studio: Rascal Video
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Description: Phillip Aubrey is the blonde cutie who is “Taken to the Lowest Level” by the scruffy, dark haired hottie, Adam Killian. Phillip is seated watching Adam writhe and touch himself in a small room with broken mirrors. Adam puts on quite the show by hanging from chains and thrusting, jerking his big cock and shoving a lit candle in and out of his tight, smooth ass before using a huge black dildo. He ends up pissing a never ending stream all over himself, in his mouth and everywhere before jerking a big load all over the floor. The next 5 scenes feature Phillip either being a voyeur, participant or both.
The movie has 6 scenes with most ranging from 30-45 mins, and the final one being a full hour. So, it’s impossible to get too in depth with this review. I’ll hit some highlights.
Scene 2 features Johnny Hazzard, 2 of the guys are on their knees while the 3rd pumps his cock between both their lips, precum oozing. One of the guys bends Johnny over and fucks him while he’s being fucked by the 3rd. Johnny’s placed in restraints and whipped. Then one guy pours hot green wax down his torso while the other pours red wax. Johnny is covered as one of the guys jerks a shower of cum from his aching dick. The other guys all shoot wildly spurting loads.
Phillip is locked in a cage and gets his mouth assaulted by black stud, Diesel Washington. Diesel is very aggressive and verbal. After abusing the boy, he lines up 3 white guys doggy style and takes turns rimming and fingering them. Phillip climbs up on Diesel’s pole and takes a hell of a pounding. More watersports between the 2 before the cum flies. Diesel licks up his load from Phillip’s body as the other 2 guys blast him with their cream.
Muscular, tattooed David Taylor has a scorching, sexy scene with lots of intense kissing and cock/ball worship. He is very verbal and passionate and jackhammers the hell out of the other. At one point, David shoves a hose up the guy’s tight ass and turns it on. Then both guys engage in the other watersport. It ends with David holding the hose over both of them until they cum.
Another very hot scene has cute Shane Risk on his knees being the bitch for 4 studs. He devours their huge cocks, sometimes 2 at once. They lay him back and take turns fucking his throat. Phillip enters the room and joins the guys in rimming and fingering the boy’s pink hole. They all get their turn eating his ass. After some hot fucking, the 5 guys stand over Shane and drench him with their jizz.
Adam and Phillip join Luke and Mitchell in the final scene. Again, the action is intense and hot. Mitchell takes a huge glass dildo up his ass, and you know it hurts. The cum shots are incredible.

File size: 2.8 GB