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Straight Hunks Scott and Zack Playing Around with Each Other

Production year: 2011
Country: UK
Studio: Englishlads
Genre: Masturbation, Muscles
Length: 00:23:15

Our handsome Scot finally put a pair, yeah, and to the same “natural. ” This 23 minute video about Scott and Zake. Well Scott to represent in my not necessary, but Zack … Zach I remembered the fact that among all models Englishlads if we choose a filter and sort by heterosexual penis size from small to large, the first in the list is Zack, but, but this is compensated by a cute attractive face and well trained body. And generally it is only slightly inferior to cattle.
Guys will have fun together, but together they only have the space and the presence of each other (it seems to me not a bad influence on orgasms Scott). The first is not even bad finish Scott (Yahoo, he finally finished in itself, even in his mouth got), and Zach zatavit not long in coming. After that, our handsome Scot again showing their talents to finish the second time. Not much, but still what you expect after the first (see for yourself understand).

File size: 424.4 MB