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9.5 Inches / Midnight Men / 1986

Studio : Midnight Men Video
Cast: Chad Hensen, Chris Allen, Chris Thompson, Cory Monroe, Dane Ford, Dave Somers, David Ashfield, Shawn Peters
Director: Stephen Lucas
Year: 1986
Duration time: 76 minutes
Country: U.S.
Meet Bobby Davis. Today is his nineteenth birthday. He’s made his wish and blew out the candles. But, Bobby isn’t happy today. His one true wish has not been granted. Bobby wants 9 1/2 inches. Join bobby on his quest for the 9 1/2 inch cock that can fulfill hall of his desires. Along the way, a few well-equipped young cocksmen stop in to help celebrate, and end up getting their wishes granted too. 9 1/2 inches – every boy’s wish.



File size: 417.1 MB