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Sexual Fantasy Kingdom All Volumes

Year: 2007, 2008
Genres: 3D Animation
Developer: GalaxyPink
Publishers: GalaxyPink
Platform: PC
System requirements: 512MB recommended
SVGA 800×600 or larger display
Sound card for audio/music
Windows 98+, XP, Vista
Language interface: only english

All versions uncensored

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol.1: Sex with Creatures

Girls concern with with sex with different magic creations. The Girl-cat, angel, giant, îðêè, goal, vampire. Devochki with member, òðàõàíèå bosoms and ìíãî another. 6 animation scenes and more than 20 CG picture.
Excellent 3D animation with sound and music.

Sexual fantasy kingdom vol. 1: Anniversary edition


The original sexual fantasy kingdom, updated and upgraded with multiple camera angles, improved art quality, and an ALL NEW scene created especially for the 1-year Anniversary Edition. 7 animated scenes and 70+ CGs, for the same low price as the original.
GalaxyPink animations and artwork have improved a great deal over the past year, and now the original “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: sex with creatures” has been updated and recreated on the 1-year anniversary of its original
For fans of the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series, or anyone who hasn’t yet discovered “vol 1. Sex with Creatures”, the ANNIVERSARY EDITION GalaxyPink’s first work, and includes improvements and techniques learned over a busy and successful first year

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol.2: Futanari Elves


All elfs in kingdom – a beautiful girls with member and greater bosom in 7 animation scene! 25 animation sex position with different of the camera and more than 70 CG picture from sex bosoms, double penetrations, finishing inside girl, masturbation, pose 69 and others!
New in the second part: perfected animation with big amount cameras and scenes of the high permit, realistic hairs, perfected by 3D modeling of the cloth and intimate places, more scenes and more sexual position.

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol.3: Black Magic


7 animation scenes:
-Blackenning cat takes the human form for seducing villager.
-Puteshestvennicu have seized the dark elfs.
-A Man meets the spectre its lost loved.
-A Sorceress creates the crock as its sex-toys.
-An Angel of the Light meets the Angel of the Darkness.
-Supposed witches are subjected to the torture by chapter of the city.
-A Vampires have caughted beautiful Huntergirl on vampire in its den.


File size: 417.2 MB